beautiful day

Success provided by Ingrid Smith

“This is a beautiful day!

“I just completed and attested to being an M-1 release and I feel fabulous.

“Throughout the cycle things just kept getting clearer and clearer for me as we handled subject after subject and I was so excited today when we did the final assessment of the subject list.

“I felt at peace and comfortable with every subject. I feel as though I can confront, communicate and handle anyone or anything. I’ve also noticed that my thoughts become things lately without any effort on my part.

“Finally, one of my cognitions about MUs and the study tech is that the washed out feeling one gets with an MU doesn’t have to occur now.

“I’d like to thank Ingrid Smith for her ROCK solid confidence in Standard Technology and for her tremendous auditing skills. You’re the best Ingrid.”


4 thoughts on “The magic of M1

  1. That’s huge Ingrid. Manny is free from problems with words and I can feel the release in his success. I love the “ROCK steady”. Good job.

  2. Beautiful day – beautiful win. 😀

    The wins from such a seemingly simple action such as M1WC never cease to amaze me. WD all ’round! 🙂

  3. I love success stories where the PC marvels at the skill of the auditor. I’m happy just to know about auditors like this. In Ingrid’s case, I actually have a personal comm line to her. So even better.

    Giving due credit to the PC, VWD Manny. And of course, as always, VWD to Ingrid. Please continue.


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