By Tom O

I can’t say enough about the wins I’ve had on my recent auditing adventure.

To give a bit of the background, I’ve been Clear for the past 30 years. I was not inactive by any means and had LOTS of auditing and other actions – but not the Bridge and not what I, myself needed. (And in Life I was doing just fine as well).

The lack of Bridge progress has ALL been handled in a bit over 3 weeks! I did Grade III and Grade IV and with the freedom I got from that, I was a new person. I had done Solo I already (twice in fact) 20 years earlier, so I did a brush-up on that and did my Solo II and launched into my OT Levels!

OT I was quite a surprise and the best way I can describe it is that I found myself exterior to the human condition – and I was again a new person with a fresh and stable OT viewpoint. And the very best for last, I’m now auditing on OT II and this is not only a whole new ballgame, or even a different stadium, but a different sport altogether! My god! To say that LRH is a genius is a serious understatement as you can combine any 1,000 geniuses from earth’s time track and their achievements would not even come close to what he discovered and CODIFIED THE HANDLING FOR on the OT levels making it possible for everyone willing to put in the work to walk out of the trap. This is truly mind blowing stuff and guaranteed to change your universe for the better. LRH has done the “impossible” in his discoveries – which I already knew to be true – and so have every one of us who’ve had the great fortune (or great postulates) to get on the Bridge and start moving up.

Tom’s auditing and spot on guidance as a Solo CS without question made it possible for me. Linda’s support and also encouragement from Milestone Two also helped.

Don’t pay attention to the noise. There’s enough noise on this planet to keep everyone busy for eternity. Do yourself a favor and carve out the space to carry on if you’ve gotten sidetracked.

Would I want others to have similar gains to mine? Are you kidding? It’s the most important thing to me as I want a better game and one is not really possible in this asylum. I hope this success story helps to revitalize the hope or purposes of anyone reading it.

15 thoughts on “Flying solo

  1. Tom O., I am absolutely thrilled for you! So happy you are on Solo and at the same time I am so very excited about your upcoming journey!


    Two thumbs up!

  2. “Don’t pay attention to the noise. There’s enough noise on this planet to keep everyone busy for eternity. Do yourself a favor and carve out the space to carry on if you’ve gotten sidetracked.”

    You said it all here, Tom. Very proud of you and all you’ve done for YOU in recent weeks. I hope to hear more of these absolutely awesome wins in the future as you move up YOUR Bridge. Congrats!

  3. Great work!
    This part is particularly meaningful to me:
    Don’t pay attention to the noise… Do yourself a favor and carve out the space to carry on.
    We will make it, one at a time.

  4. It is my view that this Level if done complete and per the LRH instructions would have prevented the situations we have observed in the Scientology group. Its resurrection will handle many things on the dynamics. Great thanks to you and all who helped that this is possible. Please continue and cut through any noise.

  5. BRILLIANT success! VWD and I’ve very happy for you. You’ve expressed yourself with excellent clarity. Please keep us apprised of further wins on your OT levels.


  6. OT II was like prying-crobar work yanking me out of the case, loosening and shaking things up quite well. OT III resulted in exteriorization and holding my own space no longer anchored to the body. Regges at AOs way back when used to tell me you don’t want to go out of this life without having reached at least OT III, and I consider that to be quite true. In my book, a very important point on the bridge to reach for.

    LRH is indeed pure genius to discover this tech. Cheers. 🙂

  7. Tom, I’m ecstatic for you. Truly. Thanks Tom M for helping on this and getting this wonderful being on to these Levels. F’in A 🙂


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