by Tom M.

This pre-OT has been on OT III for 6 months and is currently on a win:

Sessions have been going well ……. I am doing very well, very happy all the time and just getting things done and enjoying life.

“No more having to “push through” counter effort to get things done – just decide I want to do something and I get on it and get it done. Much different then it used to be – where it seemed I had to force myself to do things. I would want to do something, but didn’t or had to overcome some counter effort to get anything done. Now I just want to do something and I go and do it – happy all the way.

“Very cool really.

“Seems I am gaining insight into things as I go forward each day.

“Kinda hard to describe, but I understand more about the things around me – why they are the way they are and why they react the way they do – it makes more sense to me. Like I know what is going to happen before it happens.

“That probably doesn’t make sense – but it is the best I can do to describe it.

“It is just an increase in perception of some sort I guess.

“It’s sort of growing each day really.

“Kinda cool”.


8 thoughts on “Wall of fire

  1. Dear MH and Tom M.,

    Very well done to both of you. Similar things are happening here, the other side of the globe. The Tech does make it possible to go free and become more able.
    Keep it up, Dani

    • Thanks Dani. It is way simple now to put someone OT. ALL of the stops and arbitraries are off of the lines and going OT is now just as simple as it was in 1970’s. As you can see from the last two successes, the Pre-OTs are just sailing and really going OT. All we do is apply LRH without the alterations and the OT wins are astronomical.

      Between your group and our group we will be the anchor points for going OT on opposite sides of the globe. Hey – maybe we can call our group “Dror West”? Who knows.

      ML Tom

  2. Totally makes sense, MH. And all the more power to you! Thanks for sharing an excellent win from application of standard tech, Tom. “Miracles as usual…on Earth!” 🙂

  3. MH/TM:

    “… why they are the way they are and why they react the way they do – it makes more sense to me. Like I know what is going to happen before it happens”

    I understand completely. Mechanical engineers go to school for years to learn how to put MEST objects together and to learn how they stress and interact with each other. I’ve put together, taken apart and worked with MEST objects so long that I have gained those abilities without having to go to school to learn them. I don’t know all the math the engineers do, but I have a sort of a sixth sense about MEST and how it will react that most people don’t.

    No, it’s not exactly the same as what you’re talking about, but similar.

    VWD to you, MH on your excellent wins. Please continue. And keep us apprised, if you don’t mind. Wins from the OT band are always welcome.


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