By our French delivery team

OT III Success Story

This is a new state of being ; at least.

A wonderful rehabilitation of myself ; the true myself, simple, without interference, without alteration, without hidden other determinisms. I crossed the corner, and I went to the point of certainty about my eternity. The future is my present.

I am in ARC with each being, human , vegetable, animal.

My intention is strong, without stop because pure and simple

I am in OT universe now, I am no more in the physical universe.

My responsibility level is really high.

I have done the road on OT I, II and III in total freedom, in the independent field with full responsibility. I am proud and so happy to have done that in the independence because that means each being can go out of the trap. The Legacy of the Tech is available. The road is open.

Thanks to my CS and my eternal gratitude to LRH.

That is adventure !!

Yes, I am free as never before, free of all submersion.

I am out of the trap forever now, I am alive !

10 thoughts on “Free of the trap

  1. Again from the French. VWD to them! To the pre-OT, VWD to you for getting yourself through this level. Please keep going up the Bridge. The world needs your sanity.


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