This weekend I have been continuing my FPRD Basic Form with my auditor Chris.

I had a great morning where we blew two intentions that I can honestly do without from now on. Why? Because they are not me. They are not who I am.

Life is a game, no doubt. But trapping people/beings against their will covertly is not a good game — and there are so many ways to do it (trap) …but those ways are not YOU. That stuff is not YOU. Those intentions are not what you were born with.

Those tricks and traps are essentially the definition of Treasonous and it’s a very low condition to operate from. How can you be truly happy while doing that which harms others – covertly. Knowingly, willingly tricking people. It’s not YOU. It’s not ME – but I have done it.

Betrayal after trust indeed.

It has broad application in life to realize suddenly “THUD!!!” that you HAVE been trapping people and playing them all while smiling and keeping them stupid and confused.

You know you’re doing something wrong and you never quite are able to stop yourself – there’s just something about it that you must continue…what a waste of oxygen and theta. It’s evil. It really is.

In session, and after a break, I was able to clearly observe how I have been on a chain of trapping beings since forever. When first asked the question I was, to be really honest, insulted! My thought was: “Moi? Trap beings? Trap people? Who do you think I am? I’m a good boy. Everyone likes me. They do! They all tell me I’m great!”

Yeah exactly!!! Get them to like you then switcheroo everything and trap them and smile. It’s insidious and cruel and not very nice. There are better things to do with one’s time that’s for them sure. This is life-changing stuff.

I feel released of that compulsion and feel so much better, so much calmer, so much saner. There is no figure-figure-figure in my head, no scheming, no desire to scheme or figure out how I can maybe get her to blah blah … there is more a desire to show up in front of a being and communicate instead of using vias and detours. Wow! Laughing on my bed typing this.

FPRD is definitely capable of giving one a new outlook on life because it gets to the basic of why you’re acting insane while seeming quite sane. LMAO!

You slowly re-discover you and get re-acquainted with the goodness that is you on this rundown — does that make sense? It is so simple. You’re just cleaning off the mud all around you.

I am digging myself out of the mud and feel no desire to go back in it and play.

I blew a lot of mass today.

I can play clean now.

FPRD is the hose and water that enables you to clean yourself. How neat is that.

Thanks to Chris and LRH. Truly happy right now. Truly liking myself and the people around me again. smile emoticon

19 thoughts on “The goodness that is you

  1. Wow! what a great win!

    I have taken to comparing wins, of the standard auditing outside the church, and the wins given by those having auditing in the church.

    I find there is a stark difference. Those having auditing outside the church have wins, and really damn good ones, related to the subject matter they are being audited on. I wont comment on those “wins” in the church, except to say I have had the odd brown nose myself, (for escape purposes), from time to time, and thats what they read like.

    • I have noticed that many of the ‘wins’ from the C of S seem coached, forced or written in a way to say the ‘right things’ that will enable them to get done with their service and home from Flag or where ever they are. They sometimes read like they are said through gritted teeth. Or like there is an MAA they will be routed if they don’t give DM a pat on the back in their success. Just not right.

      • Lana, I’ve heard that also, that if the SS doesn’t include some acknowledgement of DM, it’s seen as a bad indicator. So what with all these pressures on individuals – especially if they want to make it through the routing form and be able to leave – you get these contrived and spurious successes which don’t do anything for the individual but further entrap them. And which read as bad soap opera writing. Blech!

      • I witnessed this first hand. The last time I spoke at graduation I was informed that my verbal success story had to be submitted to the CS prior to the event in writing for approval. When I did so, I was advised that I had to thank the RTC and DM in addition to LRH and was asked to edit it. I complied with the written edit, but when it came time to give my speech I did not follow the text, spoke from the “heart”, and thanked Ron and my supervisors just as I always had done. The senior C/S glared at me as I left the stage. After that whenever I was asked to speak at graduation I always said, “Only if it is agreed that no-one edits my success story”. And so, I never spoke at graduation again.

      • Creating consensus among Scientologists that DM must be a very important and essential component of Scientology to maintain his power and generate confidence in him. All just hot air, smoke and mirrors. It’s also an indicator of the thin ice he’s actually skating on if he has to resort to such engineered PR bluffs.

  2. We have all come across people who are not conducive to various other dynamics. But what else is there that can aid a person to not only see and admit he/she has a flaw, but pull up the root cause of it so the person can blow it.

    As LRH says (paraphrased) If the world gets better it wont be because I write, it will be because the Auditor can and does audit.

    Thanks Auditors, for keeping it going!

  3. Auditing another on the FPRD must be absolutely “AWEsome” in the true meaning of the word. I have never audited it, but I remember after just reading the basic FPRD bulletin I said to myself, “Holy shit, this is what will crack the case of planet Earth. It handles exactly what is ruining this wonderful place!”

    Someone on another blog recently expressed the opinion that there is no auditing action in Scientology that results in someone becoming kinder, more decent human being. Not true at all. Especially FPRD.
    Chris, what you do can be described as God-like.
    Thank you for doing what you do.

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