wool planet

by Randy Smith

A college instructor in creative writing has previously done the Solo Auditor’s Course, OT I and II with us, and we are very proud to announce her completion of OT III.  Here is her success story:

“Some of the most basic truths in life, the ones foundational to us as spiritual beings, are so simple.

“The genesis of our “complex” lives, the source of our many troubles and travails, is simple.

“We are simple beings. But oh, how we have complicated our lives!

“And how wonderful it is to just BE. I have pulled away the last remaining thread on the “ravell’d sleeve of care,” and I have no interest in knitting on that thing again.

“In fact, I feel like starting a new, maybe even different, art project!

“The world is full of wonderful possibilities.

“I want to thank Randy Smith, for his awesome and patient work with me through my Solo Course, OT II, and OT III courses, and for C/Sing me through OT I, OT II, and OT III. I always received wholly standard tech with Randy’s ARCful instruction and instructs, which always included the corresponding LRH references. I knew I could and can trust Randy. He had my back every step of the way on the long, lonesome road I had to walk.

“Last, but not least, I must thank L. Ron Hubbard. I am in awe of his gifts to us. Words do not suffice to express my gratitude.

“Now I am going to go enjoy my wins as an OT III and see what I can create.

“See you all down the road!

“With great ARC,

“Mary Blackford”

11 thoughts on “OT III success

  1. Mary:

    Very nice success story. And thank you for acknowledging LRH. VWD to both you and Randy. Please continue going up the Bridge and getting better.


  2. Great product, Randy & Mary!
    Randy is a great solo trainer as I know from personal experience!
    This is very inspiring. I’ve got to get back at it!

  3. VWD, Mary. A beautiful success story, and a wonderful win. Glad to have you here with us on this journey. And kudos to Randy as well. 🙂

    • The above image is from Randy’s website.
      I wonder why, in the above comment, the moderator deleted the links to Randy’s websites which have a lot of success stories

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