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By Jim Logan

One of the difficulties in communicating Dianetics and Scientology, either to someone new or to someone training in the subject, is getting across the concepts that are meant to be expressed by the vocabulary of the subjects.

A word is a “package of thought”. It has a concept or idea, the sort of “out there” manifestation of the thing – how it is, its appearance, the action of it, the parts and how they exist and operate as one would view it. All of this is meant to be gotten across using the words of a language.

The trouble comes in that a person has to get the concept – this idea, manifestation, outward appearance is-ness – right along with the word, or the word is not understood or mis-understood. When you grasp a word you are grasping what it is supposed to represent and if you don’t get that, you don’t get the word nor the package of thought it is supposed to symbolize.

In the early 1970s, Ron Hubbard developed “Word Clearing”. These are various methods of helping a person gain the conceptual understanding of a word and then they have the concept and the package of thought meant to be communicated in that single symbol – the word itself. In order to get the word, they have to get the package of thought or the concept/idea itself. When they do the word is “cleared” of any mis-understanding or non-understanding.

Many words have to be used to get the idea of the one word. Other means exist as well, such as drawings, demonstration with little bits of things moving them about, placing them, cogitating on what is this and how does it relate to that, comparing it to one’s experience, looking around one to see the things and actions associated with the term, gaining new understanding of things not experienced and so on.

In the end, when a person does fully grasp a concept expressed by a word they can then use the word or do what the word is communicating.

For those of us who have been at this for a while, studying and using Dianetics and Scientology, what we have accomplished are conceptual understandings – a mentally visualized grasp of how things are, how they work, what they are – such that we can do what it is that is being described in the materials.

In training an auditor one of the first things they will do in an auditing session is “fly rudiments”.

In that phrase are two words that are packages of thought that if not fully grasped conceptually may lead to a person being audited over “out-rudiments” in which case auditing doesn’t actually occur. Processes don’t bite, gains are not made and it appears that Scientology doesn’t work subjectively and all manner of manifestations.

In order to get the auditor up to being able to fly ruds he’d have to know that “fly” means to “float a needle” and “float” a needle means to get it to move easily back and forth with no patterns or reactions, just lazily drifting around on the dial which indicates the area is clean of whatever “charge” was there. They would have to understand “charge”.

He’d have to grasp what Affinity, Reality and Communication actually are, with a clear mental view of these things in his own life and out there in living.   Then he’d have to understand (grasp conceptually) what a “break” in one or more of these looked like, how it felt, what a person with a break in one or more would feel like, how they would appear and what their state of mind would be.

With the above grasped conceptually, then the auditor would observe in the person he was auditing whether or not they had an ARC Break and his observation, the person’s actual state and the E-meter would all show up this out-rudiment and it could be addressed and resolved.

If ruds are out, then auditing doesn’t occur. If a person seeking to be an auditor doesn’t grasp fully and conceptually what an out-rud is then he won’t get any auditing done. Even the person receiving the auditing must be “word-cleared” in preparation for auditing and has as a very early action the first Case Supervisor instruction a “CS-1” where the terms and CONCEPTS used in auditing are gone over thoroughly, so that auditing will be done and gains made.

In the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology there are words that are the main concepts that are being communicated and with these words are some of the most fundamental truths of life. Clearing them fully on a person, itself, is a direct method of case gain as they begin to grasp their own life and the interactions of their living with other beings and the Dynamics. They begin to become aware that they even have Dynamics when the word itself and the package of thought it is meant to express are grasped and envisioned by the person.

On the other hand, one can see those who haven’t grasped these terms conceptually as they “don’t get it” and have all manner of weird ideas associated with the terms, A=A=Aing, mis-construing and having odd-ball constructions (images in their minds about what they think something in Scientology is about) and the gamut of departures from the actual ideals that are embraced by the actual subjects.

If we are to be more effective and get better results with our practice of the principles and techniques of recovery that are real in Dianetics and Scientology, then we have to take the time to help people grasp conceptually the words and vocabulary of the subjects.

And we ourselves need to make sure WE get these terms fully and can communicate them to others until they do.

Conceptual understanding of the words of our subjects and bringing about a grasp of what Dianetics and Scientology actually are and then getting real results on people they know they’ve gotten are what this whole darn thing is about.

It begins in a very large part with clearing words to conceptual understanding on new people … and even veterans. Like me, having finally grasped conceptually what “conceptual understanding” actually is while studying the Briefing Course and a tape from 7 June 61, Points in Assessing.

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  1. Great topic, Jim. And covered in depth like a true master of his trade. As much a vital action as in crawling before one learns to walk. (you would wobble all over the place, and fall on your head in confusion, if you hadn’t done the preliminary form of motion to begin with! ) 🙂

    As LRH explained; “Words, are the result of man finding out about what the world consists of.” (reference uncertain.)

  2. Hi Jimbo,

    Here’s an HCOB that aligns with what you are saying:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    (Reissued and corrected 26 May 1970)
    The Workability of Scientology

    The “training” of a new preclear (never before audited) has long been a subject of know-how amongst auditors but has not actually been covered previously.
    The conditions of a new preclear are these:
    (a) Doesn’t know what is supposed to happen.
    (b) May be under the stress of being embarrassed to talk to someone.
    (c) May have preconceived ideas of how he is supposed to respond to the auditor (such as psychoanalytic “free association” where he just talks, etc).
    (d) May be waiting for some magical effect entirely independent of his own participation (as in getting a “shot” from a doctor).
    It is too much to ask of a being to:
    1. Talk to another intimately about himself,
    2. Fumbling with a new activity while
    3. Confronting his own bank.
    Possibly he has never done any of the three before and to ask him to do them all at once ………well!
    All cases are started in their lowest ability level since they have not had it increased. Whereas they may be quite well off as human beings, they do not know how well off they might become.
    The wrong thing to do is to enforce their improvement with a sales talk or evaluation on how well they did in the session.
    And it is wrong to go on auditing them while they essentially remain in mystery.
    The correct solution to all these difficulties is to assign the pc to do a PE Course if it includes TRs and to have the pc do the TRs before being audited.
    We probably should have a set of poster type pictures put up in a PE area as follows:
    Picture of an auditor with a meter in front of him, profile view, “This is an AUDITOR. He does not invalidate, criticize or evaluate for the preclear.”
    Picture of an E-Meter, “This is an E-METER. It is used to verify the preclear’s gain and register when each separate auditing action is ended.”

    A picture of a being, a silhouette showing no features, “This is YOU, a PRECLEAR, a spiritual being who is now on the road to becoming clear, hence preclear.”
    Picture of an auditor with a meter and a shadowy preclear. “This is a SESSION. The auditor and the preclear locate, step by step, any mental blocks to increased ABILITY AND FREEDOM.”
    A picture of a down point to the left and a road going up high to the right. At the down point is SUCCUMB. At the up point is SURVIVAL. Some figures are on the line, they are the auditing session interspersed with a small figure of somebody studying. A big arrow parallels the line pointing up. “Scientology AUDITING and STUDY are the road to ABILITY and FREEDOM.”
    A picture of the Grade Chart simplified, modernized to show sub-zeros plainly and including OT Levels. “Freedom is reached by going up through the GRADES of auditing.”
    A picture of the classes of auditors all the way to Class VIII including the PE Course, etc and where taught. “Ability and gain are achieved by TRAINING.”
    A series of pictures of a caved-in person who gets better and better in subsequent higher pictures. “Scientology processing obtains continual IMPROVEMENT.”
    A picture of a body, a thetan. “You are a SPIRITUAL BEING, not a body or an animal, as you will discover in processing.”
    A picture representation of each of the dynamics from I to 8 including the R6 god with an arrow paralleling them on a slant upwards. “There is more to LIFE than personal suffering and trouble.” The picture of the R6 god used is the “Old Man” symbol as used on the covers of various Dianetics and Scientology Publications.
    A picture of a sunburst with Scientology written in its centre, “Scientology reveals the natural laws of life. You CAN know the answers.”
    This set prominently displayed in an org in a long panel from left to right, with a sign over it, “You have come to the right place,” and a long arrow indicating the sequence, will do an awful lot to answer a preclear’s questions. At the end of the panel a sign, same size, saying “See the Registrar, Room ” will also direct the preclear.
    The preclear should be signed up, if he is a preclear, and with the money paid, sent to a PE Course.
    If this is not feasible, he at least should be first assigned to do TRs.
    A preclear information sheet can also be compiled giving him data commonly asked.
    A preclear’s dictionary which includes all terms used in processes and their definition should also be given to him.
    If the preclear seems not to be improving even as early as the TRs, a white form of case and health history should be very carefully done, including narcotics.
    If he is on narcotics he must come off them and have been off them for a while (in Los Angeles they say six weeks), before resuming his auditing.
    If on resuming auditing the preclear still does not gain despite 7 cases, a careful and full medical clinical examination should be ordered as the preclear is medically ill in some previously unsuspected fashion. This is covered in HCO B 12 March 1969, “Physically Ill Pcs”.

    Should this not prove to be the case, or if the pc does not get well then apply the HCO B of 2 April 1969, “Dianetic Assists”, an auditing assist as given in that HCO B.
    Above all, don’t let unnecessary stops occur on this line for pcs who just sail through.
    In a recent glance over the case folders of some stalled or “chronically ill” pcs I found the main sin was simply “No Auditing” occurring in the following ways:
    Case 1—3 case supervision directions carefully and correctly advised but NONE OF THEM DONE. No other auditing was done either. Then a fourth case supervision direction on top ignoring the folder and advising something else but that was not done either.
    Case 2—Preclear chronically doing badly. Was being “audited” but hadn’t a clue. Was not up to talking to an auditor at all. (I ordered TRs and the auditor did them, the pc bloomed and went on up the grades splendidly.)
    Case 3—Pc all crippled up from old injuries. In the folder I found no C/Ses there had been done as ordered. Also found the pc had sneaked his folder and done some wild self auditing before auditing could be done. (Ordered HCO B 12 March 1969, Touch Assists and then medical treatment to set a long time broken back.)
    Case 4—Pc told the auditor in the session she had a secondary sitting right there and was in it. And although had bad indicators in, the auditor just ended the session.
    Case 5—Pc ordered in for a Review, was given the cans, the auditor said “That’s it”, pc went off in mystery.
    Case 6—Pc shaking and fevered but no physical illness according to doctor. Auditor A did an S & D. Pc still not well. A few weeks later illness recurred. I got hold of the pc, asked when the shaking had begun, found an engram where the pc had been withholding being cold, ran it, pc totally recovered. The incident had occurred only a day before Auditor A’s session. Had Auditor A merely asked what had been going on he would have found it at once, run it and that would have been that. It was only an auditing assist that was needed which is why I wrote HCO B 2 April 1969, “Dianetic Assists”. It hadn’t ever occurred to me that auditors wouldn’t use the principle of engram running to handle a pc who hurt.
    So it adds up to the fact that just not doing auditing is a fundamental error. That’s what’s meant by “no auditing” in the 7 Resistive Cases of a Class VIII. Auditing just wasn’t used to handle the pc. “No Auditing.”
    The NEW pc who hasn’t a clue what auditing is is apt to get a lot of “No auditing”. So you teach him what to expect by posters, a PE, TRs.
    The troubled pc who is all introverted with a real physical or mental problem had jolly well better get it handled, as in the “Physically Ill Pcs” HCO B 12 March 1969 or with Dianetic Assist as per HCO B 2 April 1969. You don’t just sail on up the grades and throw them away.
    If you ever get an area that thinks Dianetics and Scientology don’t work (which is about as silly as saying there is no gravity) then:
    (a) You have an area that has been infiltrated and the tech performance perverted; or
    (b) You have a person around who is terrified that it will work and others grown more powerful will now destroy him (which surrenders casewise to “Physically Ill Pcs” or the top Power Process used first followed by sub- zeros and grades); or
    (c) You have a narcotic-silly area and are not making them desist before auditing or handling their past addiction by running out its engrams; or
    (d) You have an area that just isn’t auditing at all; or
    (e) You are not handling new pcs as we used to and as recommended in this HCO B.
    As a final remark, I have seen a person get “audited all the way to the top” who wasn’t ever audited at all. As a comment this is pretty bad but a close check revealed that a large percent did not even know the content or action of a key grade below where they were supposed to have “arrived”. They had zero indoctrination as a pc and had not ever made even the sub-zero of ARC Straight Wire.
    So lay this down, Case Supervisors and auditors all, as a firm cast-in-concrete rule:
    I look at it this way, auditing is terribly simple. Turn me loose with an E-Meter and a pc and up the line he comes. If he doesn’t or can’t respond he’s seriously ill. If he’s that ill that he can’t be audited he needs medical treatment. And when he’s had that, back to the meter and I’ll show you a shining pc.
    You say, yes, that’s you. You know and can do it.
    Sure, sure, sure. But anyone who has studied his meter, his books and bulletins can do it just as easily. If the pc answers his questions and IF HE DOES AUDIT.
    LRH:cp.el.dz.ka.rd Copyright © 1969, 1970 by L. Ron Hubbard
    L. RON HUBBARD Founder

  3. Great Bulletin RV thanks for posting!

    Jim I think there comes a point where ones knowledge of Scientology slides from a theory viewpoint over into a more practical one, or more of a conceptual understanding. Interestingly, for me, ARC becomes a dominant factor.

    That journey, involves a little bit of time. Time during which a being is vulnerable. I believe it is this vulnerability, that was the reason for LRH bringing out KSW1. It took him 15 years from 1950 to write KSW 1, so personally, I dont think the writing of that Policy Letter, was an action he took lightly.

    Dave, of course, has taken the violation of this policy straight up and vertical. In the future, our offspring will be taught how Daves actions made a perfect example of how not to do it. But in the meantime, there are people who equate Daves actions with KSW and by doing this attempt to dirty up LRHs name and thereby the Tech.

    There is a right way to do things.

    I listened to this section from the 3rd American ACC, tape Boredom, Survival Pace, Truth 5 January 1954;

    “And so, we’re not trying to indoctrinate our preclear toward an endurance of anything that comes up, to harden him so that he can be indifferent to life,so that the things which are said to him in anger and meaness will not affect him anymore. No, we want them to affect him a lot more. …….. We don’t necessarily indoctrinate him as to how it should affect him, but we want to give him, at once, the ability not to be affected and to be affected at will”

    • You bring up some interesting points 4a but actually Ron says why he wrote Keeping Scientology Working in the policy:

      In all the years I have been engaged in research I have kept my comm lines wide open for research data. I once had the idea that a group could evolve truth. A third of a Century has thoroughly disabused me of that idea. Willing as I was to accept suggestions and data, only a handful of suggestions (less than twenty) had long run value and none were major or basic; and when I did accept major or basic suggestions and used them, we went astray and I repented and eventually had to “eat crow”.

      On the other hand there have been thousands and thousands of suggestions and writings which, if accepted and acted upon, would have resulted in the complete destruction of all our work as well as the sanity of pcs. So I know what a group of people will do and how insane they will go in accepting unworkable “technology”. By actual record the percentages are about twenty to 100,000 that a group of human beings will dream up bad technology to destroy good technology. As we could have gotten along without suggestions, then, we had better steel ourselves to continue to do so now that we have made it. This point will, of course, be attacked as “unpopular”, “egotistical” and “undemocratic”. It very well may be. But it is also a survival point. And I don’t see that popular measures, self-abnegation and democracy have done anything for Man but push him further into the mud. Currently, popularity endorses degraded novels, self- abnegation has filled the South East Asian jungles with stone idols and corpses, and democracy has given us inflation and income tax.

      Really all Miscavige and the wrecking crew that infiltrated the Organization has done was obscure the “correct technology” with various rewrites and “revisions”.

      Actually a process that started long before Miscavige seized the reigns of “leadership” and Ron himself had to put a stop to it.

      See the various REDs, PLs and HCOBs issued after quickie grades when he reissued KSW and later with the Tech Correction Round-up and later when he re-reissued KSW along with the KSW Series.

      He turned over that hat over to RTC who to put it bluntly screwed the pooch and committed acts of treason.

      Also to CST who as we know has been totally MIA while this was all going down.

      As Ro says in the above HCOB I cited:

      If you ever get an area that thinks Dianetics and Scientology don’t work (which is about as silly as saying there is no gravity) then:
      (a) You have an area that has been infiltrated and the tech performance perverted; or
      (b) You have a person around who is terrified that it will work and others grown more powerful will now destroy him (which surrenders casewise to “Physically Ill Pcs” or the top Power Process used first followed by sub- zeros and grades); or
      (c) You have a narcotic-silly area and are not making them desist before auditing or handling their past addiction by running out its engrams; or
      (d) You have an area that just isn’t auditing at all; or
      (e) You are not handling new pcs as we used to and as recommended in this HCO B.
      As a final remark, I have seen a person get “audited all the way to the top” who wasn’t ever audited at all. As a comment this is pretty bad but a close check revealed that a large percent did not even know the content or action of a key grade below where they were supposed to have “arrived”. They had zero indoctrination as a pc and had not ever made even the sub-zero of ARC Straight Wire.
      So lay this down, Case Supervisors and auditors all, as a firm cast-in-concrete rule:

    • 4a,
      I’m just studying a tape now, 13 June 61, Seminar Q&A Period, where I came across this:

      “Here’s the thing: You’ve got stuck-valence serenity mixed up with the state of Clear. And you do have, practically until you get to be Clear. And you say, now, a Clear would always be serene and would never be the effect of anything. You get the idea? You’ve got the Buddhist definition here. And man, that was wrong-end-to. That was an absolute guarantee of plowing somebody in.

      “Well now, a Clear doesn’t act that way. They are rather responsive. Not reactively responsive in that you say good morning to them and they fly through the roof like aberrated people do, but they have another type of response. You say, “Well, it can’t be done, and it’s all too sad, and isn’t this terrible?” And you’re liable to get almost anything! It’s a grim thing to be around one. Because they are volatile. They react to life, in other words. They are alive. And of course, as everybody knows, that’s very dangerous.”

      On KSW, yes, it was a full view of the circumstances that led to that issue. There was an issue on 6 June 63, Instructing In Scientology Auditing that is a clear precursor to it for example. One of the early BC tapes E-Meter Actions, Errors in Auditing from 12 June 61 goes over the point of an auditor coming to the DofP saying “that process didn’t work” and the DofP response “What did you do?” rather than coming up with some unusual, heroic solution. That is, find out what was done and it comes up the instructions weren’t followed.

      There are numerous examples of the rationale of that 65 Policy and as Robin says, he’s pretty clear in the issue itself how it was arrived at.

      Scientology is real. It wasn’t developed in some Ivory Tower. Also, Ron Hubbard lived. That living includes all that living includes. Not some sort of serene mocked-up perfect monk-like existence in a mountain retreat not getting mud on one’s robes. Nope, LIVE living, which it appears a number of people have a problem with as he didn’t exist in a valence they think he should have had.

    • Here’s a good quote I refer to often, 4a:

      “When you want results you had better use standard techniques and procedures. Most clearing “failures” are caused by use of non-standard techniques and procedures. Also, such failures can be caused by ignorance. An auditor thinks he is using standard material. He isn’t sufficiently trained to know.

      You see, there is a thing called Scientology. It has axioms. It has principles. It has the goal of empowering a thetan to overcome his own problems. This standard Scientology we don’t change every day. The uninformed, not knowing that a standard exists see in each new release a new subject. So they say, “Why don’t I experiment on my pcs?” And they experiment with the standard background, not with a further reach of old, tried, principles.

      Without a guiding central organization Scientology would fall into an anarchy of opinions in a week for there are too many who can go through the motions of auditing who do not know their basics. They think a new thing, Scientology, is an experimental thing. It is not. The basics are inflexible and have been for years.

      We know now just exactly what clears people. And we know exactly what a clear is. And we know exactly how to train and process. These are hard won riches. Don’t waste them and your time, too.

      This is the way out! Are some people so fond of the trap they avoid the flaming beacons which show the entrance? Or are they afraid to set Man free?

      L. RON HUBBARD” (Ability 76, ca. early June, 1958 – “Offbeat” Processing)

      • It is an excellent quote Chris. I particularly think this is applicable, as we are seeing it in action:

        “Without a guiding central organization Scientology would fall into an anarchy of opinions in a week for there are too many who can go through the motions of auditing who do not know their basics. They think a new thing, Scientology, is an experimental thing. It is not. The basics are inflexible and have been for years.”

  4. ” Ron says why he wrote Keeping Scientology Working in the policy”

    I agree with you RV!! I thought that is what I was saying, but in my own words!

    I have no interest in trying to upstage Ron on the humanities, I could probably tell him a thing or 2 about fixing pipes, maybe skiing or diving, but I do know when I am outclassed, and I am definitely outclassed in the philosophy of the humanities!

    • Speaking of the humanities, I’m reading over some George Berkeley (1685-1753) material as I study along and found this shot at describing the Static:

      “A spirit is one simple, undivided, active being: as it perceives ideas, it is called the understanding, and as it produces or otherwise operates about them, it is called the will. Hence there can be no idea formed of a soul or spirit: for all ideas whatever, being passive and inert, they cannot represent unto us, by way of image or likeness, that which acts. A little attention will make it plain to any one, that to have an idea which shall be like that active principle of motion and change of ideas, is absolutely impossible. Such is the nature of spirit or that which acts, that it cannot be of it self perceived, but only by the effects which it produceth.”

      As Ron says, it was a long track of “thinking men” that led to the evaluation of importances that are included in Scientology.

      • Good one, Jim.
        It is good to acknowledge seekers of truth who exist in present time and down through the ages.
        Your comment made me think of two definitions for the word “Spirit” which I found a few years ago in Noah Webster’s 1828 An American Dictionary of the English Language. Here they are:

        5. “The soul of man; the intelligent, immaterial and immortal part of human beings.”

        and also

        6. “An immaterial, intelligent substance.”

        • Ooohhhhh…an 1828 version of Webster’s American Dictionary! Beats my 1904! What a score, Espiritu! Cool quotes, btw. Thanks.

          • Hey Chris,

            I bought mine years ago for about $10. They are currently available on Amazon for about $60 new or $50 old.

            Or….. if one doesn’t want to buy a hard copy, the good news is that it is now available free on line thanks to the dedication of a group of Christians down in Texas. They like Webster since he was also a biblical scholar. Because the original edition was hand type-set, optical character recognition was not accurate enough to do the job. So, as it was told to me in a phone conversation, they spent a year doing the data entry by hand. I have only found two minor typos and I have used it a lot.
            Here is the site for the free edition:

            • Thanks for the link, Espiritu. Much appreciated. Sounds like a lot of dedicated work was done. My dictionary is a real 1904 edition, moldy and dusty. But priceless. Cost me $10. 🙂 But my favorite is Webster’s Third International Dictionary Unabridged, a three volume set. Love using it, although I have to confess I use dictionary.com a lot. So your link will really come in handy. 🙂

    • As Jack Nicholson would say:

      Obviously there has been down in communication here.

      Or was it all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy 🙂


      Anyway as I wrote 4a. You make some valid points. However if you go over the earlier PABs, Op Bulls, Lectures etc you’ll see that for years Ron had been advising Auditors to follow Standard Procedure instead of being ….”inventive”.

      As Jimbo was pointing out one of the things he instructed instructors to do whenever a process inexplicably “failed” was find out what the auditor did.

      If I remember correctly it was called the “LA Handling” since Los Angeles auditors for some reason had a problem with altering procedure then Auditors elsewhere.

      They also had problem with the Students Guide to Acceptable behavior’s edict against having sex with other students while on course.

      Go figure.

      He finally gave up on the latter point and wrote 2D Rules.

      Personally I think Dave is a contributing factor but not the source of alterations of the tech. Number one is I object to assigning that lil’ rodent that much cause and number two it simply isn’t true if you look at the history of the subject.

      In that regard there is a lot of blame that can be spread around like RTR( the “Research” aspect added in the mid 80’s) C who disingenuously transformed various BTBs to the status of “HCOBs” and who seemed more then happy to violate the HCOPL on Drills Allowed when requested to do so by RTC which goes to prove that smaller overts can lead to bigger ones.

      Like for example the “Golden Age of Tech”.

      Again you can’t blame the broad acceptance of that big overt on Dave alone because as Ron again says in KSW:

      Thus each one of us can rise above the domination of the bank and then, as a group of freed beings, achieve freedom and reason. It is only the aberrated group, the mob, that is destructive.

      When you don’t do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten actively, you are working for the Bank dominated mob. For it will surely, surely (a) introduce incorrect technology and swear by it, (b) apply technology as incorrectly as possible, (c) open the door to any destructive idea, and (d) encourage incorrect application.

      Just as an aside. CIA’s Remote Viewing Program was getting impressive results what they called “eight martini results” when Scientologists were running it through SRI but then when they transferred the program to Inscom and eventually the DIA they introduced a bunch of squirrelly new age hocus pocus ( much like so called “Indie Scientologists” have done) recommended by others that cut down the program’s effectiveness then tried to give back to the CIA who didn’t want it back at that point.

      Gee what a surprise.

      But it proves that the problem is more endemic then one megalomanic moron with delusions of grandeur.

      • RV, I agree there are more who should be held responsible. But whose head would look nicest on the pike for failure to adhere to KSW?

        Also, I think, whether the intelligence community are behind Dave or not, is really of no consequence in regard to OUR failure to ensure KSW was applied, as LRH says in KSW1. Dave would not have got a foothold if this had been the case. Sure it would be nice to know, just how deep they got, or are! Study their tactics, and keep a look out in the future for anything remotely looking like them.

        Your info on the Remote Viewing pgm is a fascinating read, thanks!

        • 4a,

          Can’t dispute ya there.

          Hey I can’t say it wouldn’t be nice to see Dave doing quality time as a “bitch” in jail with a cell mate named Bubba 😉

          Getting what he and whomever he’s in cahoots with was doing to us in a metaphorical sense 😉

          Actually I wasn’t getting into my usual “Conspiracy Theories” as Chris calls ’em but merely pointing out that altering the tech can have far reaching consequences that are separate from the Organization.

          Also I agree that it doesn’t matter whether we were infiltrated by the CIA or exclusively by Dick Head Dave that our general failure to apply KSW was behind the destruction of the Church of Scientology.

          Each one of us bear some responsibility for this to a greater or lesser degree.

          Let’s hope that when we eventually get the Organization straightened out that we don’t make the same mistake again.

          And that if someone like Dave comes into our midst that we either *handle* him or fire him from guns.

          • “Actually I wasn’t getting into my usual « Conspiracy Theories » as Chris calls ’em”

            At the time I did comment on them, it was because you were voicing multiple “theories”, not just in Scientology, but in many areas. The issue with DM and cronies and who is behind it is no issue with me; in fact, it’s run its course with me. Although I do reserve the right to use my flyswatter when I see some pesky pest pop its head up. 😉

            • That’s because Scientology like other technologies is picked up and used in other areas like the well *documented* case of Remote Viewing.

              By the way they are not “theories” if they are based on “documented” facts even though they may involve conspiracies of one kind or another.

                • Ron himself has mentioned quite a number of times that Scientology and Dianetics has side stepped into society in various ways since their development.

                  As I pointed out. It was used by the CIA as part of their Remote Viewing Program that at one time was highly classified so it is possible it is still used in other areas that are still classified.

                  The only problem with Remote Viewing in my opinion was that they were asking many of their test subjects to operate at the level of original level of OT V without bringing them up through the lower grades first.

                  Since the most successful Remote Viewers were those who had been processed to that level as the “Grand Father of Remote Viewing” Ingo Swann confirms in the following interview with Advance:

                  INGO SWANN, full OT VII, Class VI Auditor , is a soft-spoken, charming, articulate individual who has for a number of years been startling the scientific world with demonstrations of his “psychic” (OT) abilities.
                  Ingo is an unusual phenomenon himself in the world of psychic research. For one thing, he actually asks for strict controls (unusual for a psychic). When demonstrating his abilities, he does not go into a trance or meditate, but sits quietly, sometimes puffing on his favorite slim cigar or drinking coffee. He

                  Ingo: “Being Clear is definitely preferable to being psychic.”

                  does not claim to be controlled by extraterrestrial beings or “spirit guides,” but takes responsibility for what he does.
                  Ingo first got into the field of psychic research after going Clear and OT in 1969. “I’ve always been interested in science and parapsychology and I started to play around with various laboratories in New York. And pretty soon we had theta interaction with mest, which has attracted the interest of official researchers all over the world.”
                  Ingo’s first experiments were at New York City College with Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler, former president of the American Society for Psychical Research. In these experiments, Ingo caused temperature changes in small graphite targets, a demonstration of PK-ST (psychokinesis — static target) which has been more or less accepted as valid by the scientific world.
                  Ingo then worked with the American Society for Psychical Research in New York on a series of tests of “out of the body” perceptions, accurately describing patterns and colors of visual targets placed high above him and out of sight.
                  In the spring of 1972, Ingo joined Harold Puthoff (also an OT) at the Stanford Research Institute.

                  An Interview with Ingo Swann (from ‘Advance! 53’, [Jul-Aug 78]) 7/18/13 5:36 PM
                  Research Institute in Menlo Park, California, for further tests.
                  One of the most dramatic tests of Ingo’s ability was with Stanford University’s “quark”
                  detector. (Physicists theorize that the proton is composed of three subparticles called “quarks,” and this complex machine was built in an effort to capture one.)
                  Ingo informed SRI scientists that he did not want to waste his time with any experiment that had critical loopholes. Puthoff responded by challenging Ingo to affect the quark detector, a device buried in five feet of concrete under the basement of Stanford’s Varian Hall of Physics, and heavily shielded against all outside influences. Exhaustive testing had confirmed that no magnetic signals could penetrate the complex shielding. Even superpsychic Uri Geller had refused to test his powers against this formidable apparatus.
                  “Frankly, the urge to retreat was paramount,” recalls Ingo, “but I quickly understood that here was an opportunity that should not be flummoxed by a panty waist attitude.” Ingo accepted the challenge.
                  After a few minutes of concentration, the frequency of the output signal, incredibly, doubled. There was an astonished silence, then pandemonium broke loose.
                  One of the scientists giggled, and suggested that this output variation was possibly some sort of system noise. What, then, asked Ingo, would be an unequivocal test?
                  “Stop the trace.”
                  For about 45 seconds, the output recorder penned a flat trace. Then Ingo “let go.” The
                  room was in an uproar.
                  Thus began a long series of experiments at SRI, which included a number of tests of
                  “out of the body” perceptions.
                  In 1973, Ingo gave a presentation on Scientology to an international congress of
                  psychical researchers in Prague, which was very well received.
                  As well as being a renowned psychic, Ingo is also a talented artist and writer. His
                  paintings, which hang in many public and private collections, reflect his unique view of the universe and man. His books include To Kiss Earth Goodbye (Hawthorn, 1975), Cosmic Art edited by Ingo (Hawthorn, 1976), and a novel, Star Fire, just released by Dell in March.

                  ADVANCE!: Ingo, we’ve heard a lot about your new book. Could you tell us a bit about it? INGO: Well, it’s a novel. You might say my first substantial fiction. Several years ago, in 1973, I got interested in what would happen if there emerged a real psychic. Not just the fortune-teller types, the crystal-gazers, the showmen types we are all so familiar with; but a real psychic, someone with vast powers of clairvoyance and psychokinesis. I thought then that the world both awaits and fears the emergence of such a man. It seemed to me that such a man would not be satisfied with the status quo, with the mundane sort of haphazard way the world manages along. Out of these thoughts came the novel Star Fire, which is being published this month by Dell. I don’t want to say too much more, since it might spoil the book for the reader.

                  ADVANCE!: What are you currently working on?

                  INGO: I’ve been involved in the production of Star Fire, just finishing a publicity tour for it in England. This month there is a large American tour. Many TV and radio appearances, and of course hopes for a little success for the book. I have a new novel planned, a new collection of paintings to do. Last autumn the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum took three of my paintings, and this has encouraged me to work harder along this line. Then there is the research in parapsychology.

                  ADVANCE!: How did you first get into psychic research?

                  INGO: I guess I have always been interested in the miraculous nature of man. I read the most turgid, thick and endless books about the so-called “higher abilities” of mankind. It all seemed very beautiful — and unfruitful.
                  Then came Scientology, and L. Ron Hubbard’s astonishing thoughts on man as a spirit; the living, existing spirit; the living, creative possible aptitudes of spirit trying to conquer matter, energy, space and time. But conquest was only possible after the spirit got rid of its reactive banks, those dreadful counter-postulates by which the individual cuts himself down to nothing.
                  Well, after years of auditing and studying in Scientology, I finally arrived at a place where I could level out somewhat. I got interested in something to do in society. For some reason — which escapes me now — I thought it would be a good idea to go and volunteer as a subject in parapsychology experimentation. And thereby lies the long tale. That was almost eight years ago.
                  ADVANCE!: How did your psychic abilities develop in relationship to your auditing on the Advanced Courses?
                  INGO: They are totally the result of auditing. The point of going Clear and attaining the OT Sections is to rid oneself of reactivity and to enable one to confront life better, more completely, more productively. And I view psychic abilities as only a part of that. I feel that the best achievement of OT awareness is to make whatever it is one wants to do, go right; to succeed at the goal, to accomplish, to build, to create, to participate in life and to guide it towards a sane future. OT abilities or psychic abilities are only tools towards all these things. Like anything else, you can develop them by finding out that they exist, by clearing misunderstoods about them and by utilizing them. Many people who are not Clear have substantial psychic gifts, but the bank aborts their proper creative usage.
                  Being Clear is definitely preferable to being psychic, but they can go together. It is the spirit, the thetan, who possesses all abilities, and he must familiarize himself with himself. He does this through training, and especially, for me, the Briefing Course, studying the dynamics of the reactive mind. This is one of Ron’s greatest gifts to any OT who would truly become operational in the psychic sense.

                  ADVANCE!: What reactions have you had from the scientific establishment to your demonstrations of theta abilities?

                  INGO: At first, it was difficult, and probably I should say that it still is difficult. But, too, the years have made a difference. Hundreds and hundreds of scientists have come and looked into our work, and left impressed, if not convinced. We encourage other groups to undertake repeating our own results. This has gained fast in respectability.
                  At Stanford Research Institute, we developed the now world-famous remote viewing techniques, where one person goes to a distant target unknown to the subject, and the subject describes — often very well — what the distant place looks like. This particular experiment is now being tested in hundreds of schools. People are amazed at how often it works. This has been one of my goals: to rehabilitate the understanding that everyone has these abilities, no matter how suppressed, no matter how misunderstood.
                  A long time ago I realized that hardly anyone really cared what I could do myself. What they really wanted was to find something in themselves. The ripples in the lake widen accordingly, whereas if I insisted on being the only superpsychic around, well, what would that accomplish?
                  At any rate, through the years, the general scientific attitude has shifted in the direction
                  of acknowledging that man has — I can’t help but laugh a little — “higher abilities.” ADVANCE!: Where do you feel that current research in parapsychology is leading? INGO: It’s leading to a place most people don’t realize — into the educational system itself. Most schools now teach classes in parapsychology, although a lot of garbage goes down, of course. There are some 170 colleges and universities that give classes. Thus the upcoming generations will have a reality on the fact that psi exists — as opposed to the foregoing generations for whom it was all edited out and suppressed.
                  The time will come — and coming it is — when science will have to open the doors to the spirit/matter hypothesis. And I expect then that Ron’s writings will become standard texts there, as they are already for us.

                  ADVANCE!: What are your biggest wins as an OT?

                  INGO: Gosh, there have been so many! For one thing, right now I think a lot of the future, and that I can exist in it as well as in present time. Another thing is that, while life is tough, I am tougher still. And it’s also a win that I am interested in so many things — too many, in fact! All these are wins.
                  As I said earlier, it’s my reality now that being OT is to make things go right, to grow, to create saner surroundings, or at least to try for that and to get audited and persist until you finally succeed. I can’t see OT as being a superstar thing — it’s just being good and excellent at what you want to do, and hard as nails in getting it done.

                  ADVANCE!: What do you feel is the role of an OT in society?

                  INGO: It depends on what area of the society the OT wants to get involved in. Different social areas and strata demand different understandings and knowledge. Yet there is one thing all OTs working in the society should have in common: Find and validate the upstat wherever you find it, and ignore the downstat. Too many waste time fighting the downstat, trying to change that. You can make miles and miles in seconds by supporting the upstat in any society or social level. I think right now that is a prime role for the OT who wants to work in the field.

                  ADVANCE!: Do you have any advice for Scientologists who are not yet Clear and OT? INGO: Yes. Get trained too. The Dianetics Course and the Briefing Course are so very, very important, not just for auditors, but for understanding and comprehension of the world around us. It is a reactive world around us, and it is through training that you will surmount that reactive world the fastest.
                  And, too, since one must confront the world, don’t be fearful of going back into session to get repaired for all the knocking about you might get.

                  I am so glad you are all here, ever so glad. It seems less lonely in theta space now that there are so many people on the Bridge. As it is said: the Force is improving …


                  The Magazine of the Advanced Organization of the Churches Scientology© – July/August 1978

                  • All well and good, and a nice interview, Robin. Here’s something Ron had to say on the subject (and with which I agree):

                    “If you think for a moment that it is the purpose of Scientology to produce something intensely spectacular like a ghost that can move cigarette papers or mountains, you have definitely gotten the wrong idea. We are interested in well men, we are interested in people with well bodies who think straight and who co-operate on optimum solutions. We are not making magicians.There are a great many things which a thetan or the analytical mind can do, but all these, until you are certain of them, belong in the field of para-Scientology and are only interesting data. We have no interest in their truth or untruth.” (PAB 2 [1953, ca. end May] GENERAL COMMENTS SOP 8 and A SUMMARY OF SOP 8A)

                    • Yes but that wasn’t my point. I’m well aware of what Ron says in this regard. I’m just merely pointing out the fact that there are sectors outside the perimeter of the organization who use or exploit Scientology in some altered form to their advantage which has nothing to do with the actual purposes and goals of Scientology.

                    • To be fair, Chris, Ron also mentions that such things as engrams, prenatals and even Diantetics itself can ALSO be considered to be “para-scientology” …..along with spirits, the immortality of man, the whole track and the existence of God. He says this a month later in June of 1953 in an article in “Scientology” magazine, issue 16G. This essay can be found in Tech Vol II. In the article he also defines what he means by “para-scientology”. What I get from all of this was that while many spectacular spiritual abilities can be gained by applying Scientology, he was trying to focus auditors’ attention on the (perhaps) less spectacular abilities which are the gradient which can lead to the more “spectacular” abilities, like for instance “remote viewing” and that kind of stuff.

                    • JoS Issue 16G, one of my favorites. True, but Ron wasn’t interested in “parlour tricks” but freeing a being to be and do whatever they wanted at a high ability and ethical level. But point taken.

        • “Also, I think, whether the intelligence community are behind Dave or not, is really of no consequence in regard to OUR failure to ensure KSW was applied, as LRH says in KSW1. Dave would not have got a foothold if this had been the case.”

          Bingo! As Ron says:

          “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.” KSW

  5. Earlier alterations of the tech did abound, all through the course of Dianetics and Scientology, from the get-go. True. But also true is that DM is orchestrating tech perversions currently. Perhaps he’s just late on the chain, but he’s the one calling those shots today. Just my obnosis on it.

    • Hey you’re entitled to your obnosis.

      Personally I doubt if he is personally “orchestrating tech perversions currently” since many of these alterations and perversions are also occurring in the Field.

      Also I doubt if he is solely responsible for the alterations occurring in the Org since they began long before he assumed the false position of “leader”.

      Aside from that is the evident fact that many of these alterations and perversion then as in now were authored by RTRC.

      Sure you can say that they made these alterations because they were ordered to by Miscavige but the fact is. It is their name on those alterations (including the Golden Age of Tech) not his.

      What is known as documentary evidence.

      As opposed to rumors and hearsay.

      I’m not saying that Miscavige shouldn’t have been removed from his position of power. One he obtained with the help and support of who are now his biggest critics. But I am not going to assign Miscavige total blame for what is currently going on.

      Per the following definition:

      BLAME, 1 . it’s simply punishing other bodies. (5904C08) 2 . when one individual assigns cause to another entity, he delivers power to that entity. This assignment may be called blame, the arbitrary election of cause. (DAB, Vol. II, p. 233) 3 . blame is the negation of your responsibility. You can blame self, that’s the last stage, or you can blame somebody else. That’s an effort not to be responsible. (5112CM28B)

        • I thought it was great Jim.

          Also shows that Ron’s work is based on his ability to evaluate importances which is on as he says 50000 years of thinking men.

          We’re so lucky to have the Ol’man always a proud member of the Adventurers Club to chart his way through all those philosophies for us.

          Do you remember where where he makes the point in one of the SHSBC tapes that the Encyclopedia Britannica made the observation back in the beginning of the 20th Century that in order to understand the mind we would fully have to understand the concept of time and space first?

          • I well recall that comment on the older version of the Encyclopedia. There’s been lots of thought given to these two areas by lots of thinking men over the ages.

            Berkeley gave it plenty of consideration. Kant “worked it over” in his stylistic writings. I mention these two as both of them considered time to be a mental phenomenon.

            When I studied the PDCs originally this one, time, just didn’t come clean for me. I eventually had to find my earlier grapplings with the area and went to Einstein’s tract, his first paper, On the Electrodynamics of Moving Objects, the one with his version of time and space.

            Getting my Earlier Similar MUs off of that paper took years, literally, since it presents as a very well played “shell game”.( Eventually I cleared up some math for myself and ran across this website, relativityoflight.com, and that along with study of Poincare, Lorentz et al, the whole thing went “poof”).

            When I started studying Scientology from the beginning, again, this one area was a key one for me to clean up. There’s a point in the early R&D vols where Ron says he doesn’t know what “time” is but he’s going to find out. From there he and me tracking right along with him, began to dig this thing out. By the time he got to the series of lectures in London, just prior to the PDCs, he’d resolved it, and so had I.

            Boy, that took some cogitatin’ lemme tole you!

            • Thanks Jimbo,

              I’m sure it was quite a cognition 🙂

              Personally I thought it was interesting that EB came up with that conclusion about time and space and was eventually…shall we say…diverted from the premise.

              My opinion is that Ron dug deeply into these philosophies. Going to the actual source prior to later interpretations and intentional alterations by others.

      • I don’t care about the definition, Robin, as I’m not blaming DM. Neither am I saying he didn’t have help. And as I was watching my son play baseball, I thought to myself, “I should have used the word conducted as I know Robin will take issue with the word ‘orchestrating’, and so it was”. As Jim has said at times, QED. So, conducting might be better, and that he is doing. NO matter who wrote the score, DM is conducting this performance, including in the field. I’m sure there are fifth columns as well, but M is the one directing the tech perversions, regardless if someone else signed it or not. Data analysis looks for full source, not just who signs the checks.

        • “Data analysis looks for full source, not just who signs the checks.”

          Actually according to Ron per Data Series:

          Shallow evals that stop with a Who-Where on the first inspection don’t suc- ceed. Outpoints are usually aberrated and the people there around them usually handle things unless they have depth of mystery.
          You have to have a Who-Where to begin your investigation. Once you find your Who or your area, now the outpoints begin to count.
          Very few situations in actual fact are caused by active Whos. Usually it is inactive Whos, confronted with situations they have not grasped and don’t see any way through. A classic case was a situation that did not resolve for over a year until very close investigation discovered a statistic was wrongly worked out and which targeted an area in the wrong direction. One could have shot “Whos” by the dozen without ever solving it!
          So when you see a Who-Where as a Why, you know one thing: The eval is incomplete.

          Also according to Colonel Haki in The Mask of Dimitrios: “the most important thing to know about an assassination is not who fired a shot – but who paid for the bullet!”

          Also I personally doubt that Miscavige has some kind of “5th Column” perverting tech in the field. As from what I’ve seen there are many who are perfectly capable of perverting or altering the tech without his direction or conducting.

          As far as I can see this fixation on Miscavige has not brought about a resolution of the situation.

          • BTW I forgot to mention that usually the *source* for these alterations are not dastardly Dave and some kind of OSA 5th Column or the CIA or the AMA or anyone else but mis-understoods and false data.

              • Exactly.

                The only problem is that people like Dave, Mike, Marty and those involved in operations involving “Smersh” either wittingly or unwittingly use these factors to destroy Scientology.

                But this use is not just restricted to Scientology but also used to overcome the “restrictions” (such as Habeas corpus for example) of Constitutional Governments.

                In other words to them Ignorance is their strength.

          • RV: First, I was just responding to your comment about whose name was on the alterations, so you’re just restating what I’ve said. I see you agree with me, that’s good. Second, I didn’t mean DM had a 5th column going in the field, although by putting it in the same sentence I can see how that was mistaken. But my thought process was that it was others doing any 5th column activity to destroy Scientology in the field. Not DM. To again reiterate, I’m not fixated on DM, but saying he did nothing or is not destroying the tech at this moment – regardless of who came before or who put him there – is a fixation of a different sort.

            • Chris,

              I’m not saying that Miscavige wasn’t factor and that he isn’t guilty of various High Crimes or Suppressive Acts listed in the Ethics Justice Codes.

              Even if he wasn’t directly involved he still failed to carry out the duties of the post he claims to hold of COB RTC which is to maintain the purity of the tech by allowing it to be altered.

              That he is derelict and negligent in his duties at the very least can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

              Also I never said that Miscavige wasn’t involved but as I’ve said before again and again he is only the most *obvious* suspect and since most aberrations are a hidden factor. In my opinion that can not be the only reason why the Church currently is so god damned aberated.

              In other words there must be other factors involved which could only be revealed by a full Roll Back of all terminals involved or from an exterior view. A full Data Series Eval or Board of Investigation.

              To me it’s like the example Ron uses in C/S 7 of the PC claiming they are upset by such and such but it doesn’t resolve the scene.

              As far as I can see Marty and Mike blame Dave for everything which in my opinion is just a different side of the same coin of “conspiracy theory” but instead of the “illuminati” or some “Zionist” conspiracy it’s all Dave’s fault.

  6. Thanks for writing this article. It is a very timely one for me because I am in the midst of delivering a CS1 to a new person!
    It is so important that PC’s be educated enough to know how auditing works before they get some. Otherwise, they may wind up never actually getting any or have mediocre results.

    The PC I have is curious and asks “why?” a lot (which I consider to be a very good thing.) My job is to make sure that he understands what will be going on in an auditing session and to answer all of his questions to his satisfaction. His latest question is “Why do I have to get 7-8 hours per night of sleep before session? Why not 6 or 9 1/2 ?” Well, I could have just said that “it’s because LRH found that it works out best that way, so that’s the way it is.” (And eventually, that statement may be enough for him to try something new, but he’s not quite to that point yet.) So, I did a little search and I found some interesting confirmation of LRH’s advice on sleep which may also be helpful to other auditors. Here it is:

    • PS:
      Beyond the realm of the auditing session, apparently much of the population is quite sleep deprived. Making sure that the body gets sufficient sleep as defined by LRH has many beneficial health and mental health benefits which are often not appreciated by the world at large.
      And especially not, it appears, in the Sea Org where engaging in sleep deprivation on flows 1, 2, and 3 on a regular basis is often thought of as “being tough”. (More accurately it is an ineffective as well as immoral business plan.)
      Intentionally causing another to experience extreme sleep deprivation is now recognized as a form of torture and is a usual part of brainwashing.

      • Esp,

        Actually sleep deprivation is an integral part of what is known as ‘brain washing” and has been used as part of ‘interrogations” by various members of the police and intelligence community.

        In short lack of sleep is known to make people more suggestible and easier to confuse in interrogations.

        The fact that the Sea Org does it is a total violation of FOs and Policy.

        Even staff who are assigned to the RPF are supposed to get 7-8 Hours of sleep so they can be sessionable for the enhancement that is required as part of the Program.

        Same with Staff in general who are supposed to be either getting auditing, co-auditing, cramming or supposed to be on course either hatting or training in their enhancement time which is supposed to be at a minimum 2 1/2 hours per day.

        As a SSO for a short period of time I used to get in constant fights with “Execs” who “knew best” by running their staff ragged by keeping them up all night on so called “production” targets.

        Because ya know “production is the basis of morale” or whatever. Even though it’s unlikely anybody could actually “produce” anything of value or wouldn’t be considered an *overt product* while they were dead on their feet.

        I figure that probably one of the reasons Miscavige got to where he is is because most Staff were asleep at the wheel when he came on board.

        • Just as a side comment, RV, and not meant to dispute any of what you say here, but just as an additional viewpoint, sometimes these execs got pushed by management (both middle and upper) to get these targets done “or else”, and sometimes they were in such a bind – between a rock and a hard place – it just come out in the tones one would assume of one with out-list phenomenon…just that sometimes it wasn’t “know-best” but was “OMG” I’m f*cked!”

          • True that’s always a possibility as well but the fact is I never had much sympathy for “execs” who accepted unreal targets and then foisted them on their staff.

            • BTW I’m not dismissing what you say Chris as a lot of execs set themselves set themselves up with a catch 22 when they don’t get their own enhancement in and thus never learn how to establish and organize an area and do nothing but try to cope.

              Honestly the best execs I had were the ones who left me alone to do my job.

              • That’s somewhat presumptuous.

                Actually I was posted as Tech Sec of Vancouver Org by a WDC mission back in 1980 and even received a hand written commendation by the Ol’man for having all my GDSes and VSD in affluence for 6 weeks straight.

                BTW I let my HGC auditors audit staff despite the Telex prohibiting the HGC from auditing staff and made sure that my juniors got their enhancement time in.

                So I know it can be done without losing production.

                Any Exec who says it can’t is either being reasonable or suppressive or shouldn’t have been posted as an exec in the first place. Especially those who knuckle under the demands of Senior Management.

                As far as I’m concerned the proper conditions for those “Execs” is either Danger or Non-Existence.

                • WOW! The WDC? Holy Smoley!

                  As for staff auditors auditing staff, there’s policy that specifically addresses this, and a staff member can receive auditing from an HGC staff auditor if he/she gives up their staff pay and the HGC auditor has the time to do it and it fills in production targets.

                  How long were you on the Tech Sec post? And btw, 1980 was a lot different than later years. Not excusing it, but you have a knack of only one reality at times.

                  • Yeah I’m familiar with the policy which was I used when the Telex countermanded it.

                    Per the PL on Seniority of Orders a Policy beats a Telex any day 🙂

                    I was Tech Sec for about a year until I was removed by an “Urgent Directive” issued by some SP.

                    Coulda fought it I guess but by that time I was tired of being an exec. Too much politics involved as far as I was concerned.

                    I find it ironic that you would accuse me of “only one reality at times” 😉

    • Es,
      Clearing those CS 1 terms, and even clearing them again as you go along if you find the need, is a key, key, key thing to accomplish.

      I have found long-term preclears and pre OTs, that just don’t get what ruds are and so you have auditing over out ruds, which gets nowhere. I finally get what Ron was on about on this. It’s so basic, and so easily overlooked. So, good job E on doing that CS 1 well.

      The terms of Scientology are packages of thought that embrace the things we are dealing with as beings in this universe. For myself, I don’t sit with “know it all already” on any study I do, including clearing terms. It’s like that comment on the study tape, Gradients and Nomenclature – it’s the erosive course of a river, working away until there’s a nice strong flow.

      • Right Jimbo,

        Probably why the C/S 1 is called the C/S 1.

        Most of the PC’s and Pre OT’s I audited in review lacked that vital step fully done and it probably would have made my job a lot easier.

        Alas some cases are so deeply dug in with Out Int, Lists or what else covered on the 53, GF or 40X that you just have to do what Ron says in Prepared Lists Their Value and Purpose.

        However aside from repair and review actions. There is no reason why a PC shouldn’t have a C/S 1 prior to auditing if that step has been omitted for whatever reason.

      • Thanks for the validation, Jim. I appreciate your references. I love study tech.
        I find it fascinating that MUs and confused ideas undercut everything from overts to evil intentions. So it is just one more demonstration that beings really are basically good! 🙂

    • Excellent, Espiritu! Hatting is key, key, key to auditing success. That includes clearing definitions and handling misunderstoods as well. But hatting is so key that despite a perfect program and C/Sing, auditing could still fail (or complete gains not be had). Good on your diligence, a mark of a true auditor. 😀

      I remember clearing up the sleep factor as well, and found similar data as you and used it with the 1954 Auditor’s Code (also an excellent reference on eating habits while receiving auditing, and why). Glad you took the time to answer your pc’s questions. He’s in good hands, and now he knows it.

      Standard tech includes using all of the tech – as needed – to attain the result, including wordclearing, hatting, use of ARC, the comm formula, etc.

      “So the net result of all of this is that when it is not standard he will have had some gain; it’s not all bad, but he’ll also have not achieved his full gain.

      And the difference between some gain and the difference between that and full gain, is the difference between wobbly-bobbly tech and very standard, precise tech.” LRH (Class VIII TAPE 2, “WHAT STANDARD TECH DOES”)

  7. Thanks, Chris. This is what I hope to achieve….just building one understanding upon the previous one.
    I’d love to be able to hear the Class VIII tapes. Are they all confidential?

    • Yes, partly because of OT data on them, and partly because the info imitated in them can be dangerous in untrained hands. But they’re around if one searches for them.

  8. Hey Jim,

    remember when we actually cleared the word ‘mind’?

    I understand that this can definitely have an effect on one’s conceptual understanding of Scn. I think as one gets more aware of certain things, words have an actual REAL meaning, rather than a blaze, general, meaning that doesn’t really have much meaning in a sentence.

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