By Lana M

I apologize for not being very vocal in recent months. Changes in my household have required a time of adjustment, which has kept me pre-occupied.

For those who never heard, in 2011 my marriage of 26 years fell apart and I found myself as a single mother with young child and a toddler on the hip, a very large mortgage and virtually no income to speak of.

A lot has occurred since that time, including moving from Clear to auditing on SOLO NOTs, opening my home to more than 40 Scientologists to receive services, and auditing some wonderful people. I also met my life-partner, Jim, who like me works to study, audit and apply LRH across his dynamics ( I love having him as part of this family and enjoying Australia with us).

For several years I juggled part time jobs to cover my large mortgage payments and then at the beginning of this year, with my youngest starting school, I applied for a full time position with the most reputable charity in Australia (4 years running). I won the position and I am enjoying it immensely – both personally, financially and professionally. Because of the importance of the position I put virtually everything onto the back burner while I got settled in and from Non-Existence up to Normal (the position is now a permanent one, with a pay raise to boot).

A few friends were disappointed that I had seemingly dropped out of comm and had immersed myself into this new job, but for me it has been vital to get the balance in my life. It relieves me of financial problems (giving me the capacity to get rid of a mortgage in short order) and has also given me a new perspective on how a not-for-profit large organization can operate efficiently, effectively and with community support and engagement. I am auditing on the weekends (I recently travelled to Perth to audit someone intensively), and my home is, as always, open to people wanting to train and audit. And the new arrangement enhances my capacity to learn and apply LRH (not the opposite, as you would presume) and I am more involved in the national and local communities, meeting, working and helping more people.

It is remarkable how my life has changed over these past 4 years. The LRH Grade Chart has been my stable datum, working to honestly take each step (auditing and training), and as I have slowly but steadily progressed, the confusions, problems and unwanted randomities have fallen away.

My day to day life is still crazy-busy — which is how I like it — and it is at a whole new level of productivity across my dynamics.

You will be hearing a lot more from me on Milestone Two over upcoming months, and I will be beating the drum for more contributing authors/articles so that the conversations continue and the larger group continues to grow.

If I was asked what is the best advice I could give to a Scientologist in the field, it would be this:

“Take yourself by the scruff of the neck, regardless of lack of time, money or problems, and get yourself onto the LRH Grade Chart (training and auditing).Β 

“With standard and steady progress, you will find that your capabilities, influence and dynamics expand, and you can achieve a life balance that you had been desiring.”

96 thoughts on “Achieving a balance

  1. Dear Lana,

    I am so happy for you, Jim, and the whole family. It is good to know that good people are doing better in life.

    Much success in all your endeavors!


  2. LM:

    No need to apologize to us. What you do on your time is your business, and not ours, unless you choose to make it so. We don’t expect you to change the world, audit other people, or anything of the sort. It is (or should be) sufficient for you to fulfill the role you’ve chosen with regard to us– moderator and chief representative of MS2.

    Should you choose to do more, we will admire you more and support your efforts. But that’s up to you.

    As I say to all those who achieve wins with LRH’s tech, VWD and continue!


  3. Congrats on successfully moving yourself up the conditions! We can all appreciate that the 1st dynamic has to be in a high enough condition to avail ourselves of the “free theta” to expand.. and yes, money is a vital part of attaining that “freedom”!

    • Tks Chris. πŸ™‚

      How are things up there in the wild North’s summer? And the kids? I am heading your direction in 8 weeks….. (getting excited!)

      • Things are hectic, what with both kids out of school and bored after 5 minutes of being up. I feel like some conductor of a massive Broadway vaudeville show, always having to line something up for the critters to do! Hahah. Also doing some small renos and spruce-ups around the house, as well as continuing to audit and C/S.

        Yes, I bet you are getting excited. I’m hoping to spring free some time to come for a short visit. So keep in touch via email, k?

        • K. I know what you mean about the kids. We have a different school holiday system here, due to the opposite seasons. Our summer holidays are at Christmas (for obvious reasons) and are 6 weeks long, and the school year runs from the beginning of Feb through to mid Dec, broken into 4 terms (each of about 9 – 10 weeks length) and with a 2 week break in between each. So I am in the second week of the mid-year 2 week break, and like you, it is random as. Today the kids go to a local holiday program running from the school where they can take their bikes and tool around all day with other kids, so I can put my head down and get some work done. Hahaha.

  4. No apologies necessary here Lana!

    The source data, information, references, articles and the experience of obviously very capable people on this blog is a gold mine to me.

    So please, do what you gotta do, but keep the blog going:)

    • No question 4a. We have some great friends, companions, associates and trouble makers here. Guess that is why I like it so much and aint planning on closing shop at any time.

      • BTW — would be nice to see you again in the not too distant future… Been too long! You would be impressed with my ever-improving, chainsaw abilities! They are really coming along. In fact this last weekend I tackled my biggest tree yet! Necessity = a very cold winter and a wood fire heater.


        (PS. I have noticed that a female who is expert with a chainsaw tends to unnerve some men. Weird! Haha!)

        • I think the phrase is………… “you go girl”!!

          “Unnerve”??? nah, nothin sexier than a women with a chainsaw, just ask Jim! πŸ™‚ Hope you and the boys have a great time!

        • “(PS. I have noticed that a female who is expert with a chainsaw tends to unnerve some men. Weird! Haha!)”

          Now, I wonder why THAT would be??? :s

            • Yeh, that or being chased around the yard by a wild, chainsaw-wielding woman because you forgot to pick up your underwear. πŸ˜€

                • Depends on where one is…down under one would leave it down; up on top and it would be left up. I’m up here, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! πŸ˜€

                  • I see the conundrum — when a toilet seat is left up down under, is it up or is it down?

                    Obviously this is confusing for those who are not aware that Australia is actually the TOP of the world. It is all just a matter of consideration and the point of view from which you are observing. It does make sense when you just realise you are wrong. πŸ™‚

                    • Yes, I was totally confused about this and often had arguments with my wife about which way was up and what was down; but then I found my MU – I had been looking at the map all wrong! As you say, it made sense once I realized I was wrong! πŸ˜‰

  5. Some tome ago I found the Data Series Evaluators Course from 1990 and studied it. I studied it for application. Whenever needed I went back and studied single references from it again. Then I got a pack of the 1976 Data Series course and studied the additional references that were contained in that one. At some point I started to work with pluspoints: being alert for them, recognizing them and making them stronger.
    Just like the in the example from Data-Series 17, “Narrowing the Target”: “Upset is coming from the camp kitchen. Obvious outpoints. Investigation discloses a 15-year-old cook holding the job solo for 39 field hands! Boy is he. pluspoint. Get him some help!”
    People not accustomed to discover pluspoints could find fault with various non-optimun circumstances in that kitchen and concentrate on them. They would miss the key!
    I have come to realize that the biggest plus-point is the fact that I was alive and could do something. From this I could work out gradients and steps how to handle matters that want to be handled.
    Being alive and able to do something is the mother of all other plus-points. That’s how I see it today.
    And from what you write it looks like you have applied that.

    • That’s a really good point Worsel on pluspoints. The tendency is to focus on what is wrong with things, rather than looking at what is right.

      The organization I am working for has been a legacy in this country for almost 90 years, with 1100 staff and providing a vital service for all those that live, work and travel in rural and remote Australia. The pluspoints so far outweigh the outpoints. And the team I work with have a very positive outlook on the future and on what is possible — which is refreshing and a vast difference to the negative experiences I have had in other organizations. They are passionate about caring for people, and in recent interviews I did with staff they described how fulfilling they find their work. They love to help people, and the average staff member has a longevity of at least 10 years (with many working there for for more than 20 years).

      There are certainly pluspoints in the Scn field that are worth counting:

      1. We have all the materials
      2. We have a number who are well trained and continuing to train
      3. We have individuals who are determined to continue moving up the Bridge, step by step, in accord with LRH.
      4. We have a strong communication network with the internet.

  6. Troublemakers? You bet, Lana!! This place is full of ’em. LOL!

    Thanks for the in-depth sharing of the huge changes and step-ups you’ve been making. Over in the winter of South Africa, we are of course in the same season as you guys. But chainsaws? You’re one scary sheila to boot, mate! πŸ™‚

    Just wonderful progress all round, my dear, and I just know this will further boost your capabilities and production to even more interesting levels.

    You’ve made it very plain to see what happens when you “took yourself by the scruff of the neck, and….”

    It’s a great game, hey, when EVERYBODY wins ?

    Cheers, Calvin. πŸ™‚

  7. Wow Lana.

    You go girl πŸ™‚

    Naw a girl that can handle a chain saw don’t bother me none.

    Fact I find it admirable like anyone raised in the west would.

    I betcha yer a real Anny Oakley and probably ride a Harley too with the tats to prove it πŸ™‚

    Tell us how your squeeze Quigley (Jim) Down Under is adjusting to driving down the wrong side of the road πŸ˜‰

    BTW I can totally relate to your story about actually making some grade chart progress again after leaving that squirrel pit called the “Church”.

    Guess it’s winter down there while we’re sweltering in the summer heat up here.

    Anyone who says I ain’t doing it till it snows in July has never been to Australia.

    • Some years ago the idea of handling a chain saw gave me the heebie jeebies — but thorough study of the manual, reach and withdraw, and lots of practice and I am now quite at ease and “not too shabby” (Aussie slang).

    • Regarding your question of Jim and Australia. You will have to ask him, but at this moment he is thigh – deep in a Cape Breton river, fly fishing…. (it is the dry fly seaon after all!)

      • He’s out fly fishing leaving you and the boy in the Australian Out Back!

        As Jed Clampett says about Jethro;

        “Someday I’m gonna have to have a loooong talk with the boy.”


        • He is fishin, but also working on preparing his idyllic place in Cape Breton for the arrival of myself and the two boys in a short while.

          Gotta get the place in order before the missus shows up – haha

                • Chris when I was a young’un my folks drove up the west coast to Vancouver (from LA) and then up through Calgary through to Edmonton, where we lived for a year. I still have vivid pictures of Lake Louise, of racoon hats, tall trees, glaciers, and forests that were just breathtaking. And the cold! OMG! It was minus 41 that year in Edmonton. I had only ever experienced minus 5, so it was a shock.

                  Looking forward to exploring Nova Scotia and Cape Breton island. Wild rivers, highlands, forests, moose, salmon…. yep… pretty excited about the whole adventure. πŸ™‚

                  • Well, where you’re going will definitely be a lot warmer than what you remember. And some would say prettier (although, having worked on ranches in southern Alberta, I don’t know about that!). I also lived in Edmonton for 6-7 years and was where I was first on staff. I love Lake Louise and Banff. Anyway, you and your kids will enjoy CB. Beautiful country, might even see some whales. And I’m sure Jim will regal you with a whale of a tale of the one that got away on his fishing trip. lol

                    • Speaking of Canada, Lana, I just finished chewing a few chunks of crystallized Australian ginger, one of my fave treats (surpassed only by chocolate-covered crystallized Australian ginger, lol). Lots of good things come from Australia, it seems! πŸ˜‰

                    • “Lots of good things come from Australia, it seems! ;)”

                      Like that big Aussie Duster I’ve got for those bitter winters we’ve got up…..er….I mean down here in California.

                      BTW Lana are Aussies working on getting rid of the phrase “down under”? πŸ™‚

  8. VWD! “What do we expect of you? To become the best Scientologist that can be and to get on the comm lines of the world and bring a big win where it counts. We don’t expect you to hang up a shingle as a doctor and have a private practice. We’ll respect you if you do. But we’ll respect you just as much and even more if you get trained as a pro and go out and up in the world of action and of life.” WHAT WE EXPECT OF A SCIENTOLOGIST, HCO BULLETIN OF 10 JUNE 1960

    • Hey thanks Phil. Good reference that one! Decades ago the push was that everyone hang up a shingle and be an auditor Nowadays, in the C of S being a field auditor is impossible as they keep putting new hurdles, stops and retrain programs onto anyone that tries to hang up a shingle. They just want you to make vast sums of money (that you can then pay into the coffers) – not audit.

      My personal view is that people should do the best they can in the industry of their choice, based on skills and experience – so that they can cover the cost of living and enjoy living with few money problems — and concurrently get a hold of an auditor checksheet and pack (all of them exist out here online) and start walking the training side of the bridge. Hook up with a C/S (there are many out here) to intern and become a great auditor, and then audit family and friends. It is such a blast to learn how the mind works and how to master it as an auditor to help others across the dynamics.

      It is the best of both worlds! πŸ™‚

      • PS. There is a great opportunity for trained supervisors to earn a tidy living by running remote courserooms (similar to the way that universities online operate) and get people through checksheets over a long distance — with several scheduled face to face get togethers over the course of time to handle vital subjects such as metering, TRs, etc.

        I am convinced that if there was a simple Academy that was set up and twinned people up, and provided materials and checksheets and some scheduling/format, that it would work. In Australia there is a famous Air of Sky that has been running for more than 80 years and is how kids who grow up on remote outback stations get their primary and higher school education. They used to operate it by radio and now by the internet. Children get their whole education in a group that is spread out over thousands of kilometres. And now that universities offer whole programs online, with a few visits to campus, distance is no longer a barrier for training and learning.

        • A lot of tweaking would need to be done for this to work standardly, as for one, a supe is not sitting behind his desk but is out on the floor catching MUs and other study phenomena before they happen. It’s possible, but it’s also possible to schedule going to an Academy and just doing it for a few months or a year. Many companies these days offer their employes a sabbatical they can take, usually up to a year. A lot could be done in that time, as you yourself have proven, Lana. πŸ˜‰

          • I agree Chris. I am not talking about patty-cake crap training. It would take a dedicated supervisor who was going to use the comm tools available as well as face-to-face, twinning and other methods to make sure that MUs are found and cleared, word clearing checks are done, drills are done to full product, etc.

        • Lana,

          No doubt this approach could work for Extension Courses. Maybe even co-audits or book auditing.

          As far as Academy, the SHSBC or VIII.

          Might work for theory but not so well for practical and actual auditing.

          You’d need somewhere they could go to get checked out by a competent Supervisor like your bo or Chris or PZ or someone like that and to find out whether they can actually audit.

          This applies to any practical application of any tech.

          I mean would you want some Bozo who studied Auto Repair on the ‘net working on your car who wasn’t ASA approved?

          This is why Ron started the HDA in Elizabeth and then later the ACCs even though there were tons of auditors out there auditing Book 1 and later auditing from the PABs.

          The SO that every time you turn out a bad auditor you make enemies for Scientology still applies.

          As one can see the Org ever since they issued the Golden Age of Tech has made more then enough enemies and very few friends so far.

          There’s is no way around either setting up training centers at some point or taking the Org back at some point. The way I see it.

      • It’s a sane approach, Lana, approaching the dynamics as the tools and game they are, but not letting them get too whacked out of balance.

        • You have given me a chance to rant Chris. It INFURIATES me that the C of S pushes this “3D is all — the rest are nothing” arbitrary! They bleed people of financial assets to a point of complete financial stress and then insist that they ignore, drop responsibility for, or commit overts on their dynamics 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. It is the opposite of what Scientology actually is.

          How can you be OT (cause over the dynamics) if you don’t operate across them to build and expand responsibility and causation??

          I have met “OTs” here who have a long sordid criminal history of tax evasion, rip-off, scams and more, and have it all justified as “the church never had a proble m with it” when I put my foot down and said NO!. That they even think they can make case gain while committing present time overts shows that they really don’t understand the fundamentals of rudiments, let alone anything else.

          • More fundamentally, they haven’t even really cognited on what its all about, the true basic reality of it.

            As to the stress on the 3D, yes it totally got justified and abused; it would have worked just fine had there been real 1D and 2D time as well. Ron says each thetan will stress one dynamic more than the others (this is not a justifier for the reactive aberration associated with the 2D!), but that’s a personal choice. People seem to have forgotten that we are all here only because of our willingness and agreement and or sense of help.

            • Good point Chris! I think about that every time you post those great LRH quotes on FB. You don’t have to, but you continue to spread sanity, theta, truth and stable datums because of your own drive, willingness and caring for others.

              Thank you for all you do!

              • Hey, first off, I view it as a duty as a Class VIII and a fulfilling of a promise to the old man; secondly, you’re right, it’s sanity injected into the anarchy of opinion out here; thirdly, it does a body good to help others; and lastly, I figure if I can hold the channels of standard tech open a while longer, more will have the chance to make it out.

                And thanks for the ack. πŸ˜€

          • “I have met β€œOTs” here who have a long sordid criminal history of tax evasion, rip-off, scams and more”

            They call them “Patrons” over at the Church πŸ˜‰

            And their names are spoken in the utmost reverence over there…unless they happen to be in jail. In which case “the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions”.

            “This tape will self destruct in five seconds” or whatever.

            Yeah I made a similiar rant myself while still on lines and was dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” or “crack pot” or something like.

            I mean how could I say such awful things about their fine benefactors like Mat Flashback (who probably short sold UA and AA after their respective tail sections where spotted sticking out of WTC’s 1 & 2). Never mind Reed Slaphim who we wrote a long report about his get rich scheme that all the regs at Flag were all enthralled with and recommended to their prospects until it was revealed that the “scheme” was really a *scam*.

            But anyway Lana as one of our former Presidents once said “I feel your pain.” πŸ˜‰

  9. Lana, I am impressed! I spent 40 years using a chainsaw in my business as a tree surgeon and then in 1999 trained my wife to use a chainsaw and she became a one handed professional with an Echo trimming saw. Best ground person there ever was.

    You have a real blockbuster in Jim – Staff and Training History: Got in Scn in Apr 75, joined staff in Class V (IV then) org in June, signed an SO contract in Jan 76. Stayed in Class V org until Dec 78. Was Senior Cse Sup, D/ED, Tech Sec there. Went to Flag to be DofT over admin training in Dec 78. Also held TRs Cse Sup post and Cramming Officer. Played in an SO music group that was approved to go on leave to play music in early 80s. Returned to SO in 86 and posted at Int Base on Gold staff as Cramming Officer. Last post held was Gold Musician playing drums.
    Training includes the original OEC/FEBC as the ED FULL HAT, Hubbard Senior Cse Sup with all reqs including Hubbard Consultant and Data Series, full Cramming Officer training and permanently certified on all the above, all Flag and Int training. Case level is OT III.

    You couldn’t have a stronger thetan as a soul mate. Please give Jim my best. We had had some comm back in 2011 when I was considering whether or not to do a comm ev with the co$ and he said “Why the hell not!” He then called me some name I can’t remember but I got the comm ev and got screwed.

    I admire what you are doing Down Under and wish you well. Would love to comm with you guys on skype.

    • My hat is always off to tree surgeons. Climbing trees to remove large limbs while hanging from ropes and wielding a large chainsaw that will remove anything it touches! There is another person reading who has also spent his adult career doing the same (very wise bird too). We will see if he is paying attention and will comment (LOL).

      I will certainly relay your comm to Jim — though he should be back from the river shortly and tune in himself. And you are welcome to Skype us. I will email you our contact details on Skype.

      Your bio is accurate however he is now on SOLO NOTs and in addition to having read the full tech volumes three times, he has been doing a chronological study of all Scn materials (all bulletins, books and lectures) and is now up into the 1960’s.

      • I’ve only read them 1.5 times, the Tech Vols. I’m , yes, up to 61 on the chrono study. So, I’m on Vol VI of the 90s version.

        I couldn’t begin to say enough about what this type of thorough study has done to my KRC and grasp of…well, everything, anything. Scientology IS “knowing how to know”.

        Heck, I even re-wired my 75 GMC pick-up πŸ™‚

        • Jimbo,

          I remember starting the SHSBC back in ’84 and the course admin handed me this big thick pack.

          I said “Is this my course pack?”

          He pointed to the Tech Vols up on the book shelf and he said:

          “No that’s your course pack.” πŸ™‚

          • Ha! What a great line πŸ™‚

            I started reading the Tech Vols when they came out in the mid 70s. When I eventually trained and started as a Cram Off, I’d study them between crams, on crams to get refs, and after crams because I wanted to know what was in all of them.

            Eventually I started at page one and read them, the mid 70s version, end to end. Then I started over, with the Original Thesis and carried on with the R&D Vols. Then I found somebody who had a giant library of tapes and so on.

            There really is nothing like that kind of study.

            “There is a possibility that some Scientologists have not realized the extent of technical materials which exist in Dianetics and Scientology on the subject of the spirit, mind and life.

            “For instance, there are about 25,000,000 words on tape in archives which provide the consecutive path of discovery.

            “When placed chronologically with books, HCOBs, HCO PLs and other issues this gives a nearly complete record of all discoveries and applications in these subjects.

            “The total numbers of words or even the number of tapes and issues to date have not been reliably calculated.

            “From time to time various efforts have been made to transcribe and issue all the materials. The task should be done, especially before the decay of magnetic tape, some of which was of poor quality, eradicates the material.”

            “A chronological study of materials is necessary for the complete training of a truly top-grade expert in these lines. He can see how the subject progressed and so is able to see which are the highest levels of development. Not the least advantage in this is the defining of words and terms for each, when originally used, was defined, in most cases, with considerable exactitude, and one is not left with any misunderstoods. It is for this reason that the Saint Hill Briefing
            Course checksheet should consist only of the chronological materials, studied in chronological order, excepting only the Study Tapes (Primary Rundown) which should be done first if not previously done properly.” Scientology, Current State the Subject and Materials, HCOB 30 July 73.

            Eventually DM released the full list of ACCs and Congresses and that study in chrono order has been the one to bring it all together.

            • “Eventually DM released the full list of ACCs and Congresses and that study in chrono order has been the one to bring it all together.”

              True Jimbo.

              The only problems I have with RTC and RTRC’s more current releases is that many of them are “edited”.

              For example the PDCs:


              Then there are lectures that have been totally omitted like for example “The Role of Earth” which was a very popular lecture at one time among Scientologists.

              Regarding the newer tech volumes and OECs issued in ’91. None of them have the original HCOB or PL that was later “revised” or shall we say *altered* by RTRC which makes it difficult if not almost impossible to apply the HCOB/PL on How to Defeat Verbal Tech unless one has to hand the original Tech Vols or OECs.

              As far as the books. The newer SOS doesn’t have Ron’s acknowledgement to “50,000 years of thinking men” or the original Psychometric testing that was done in Elizabeth NJ.

              In my opinion those who worked on the newer references were obviously familiar with Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four:

              “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

              Anyway it’s good that many of out here have the original books, volumes and the original lectures.

              As Ron says in Scientology Review:

              We bought an awful lot of time with the discovery of the exact nature of between lives implants and how it’s worked. Using this data it is possible to keep any Scientologist from ever getting another one of those implants. As the general course of living is therapeutic, it takes violent implants such as Earth people get at every death to keep people unaware of former lives and aberrated. Just by omitting those implants and using their reporting technology to keep in touch amongst ourselves, we would salvage the lot in a few hundred years in any event. Our data is too widely disseminated to be re- collected and burned.

              Despite the Orgs various Book Barbecues πŸ™‚

  10. Hey guys,
    I just joined the main website and wish to connect with somebody in Australia (preferably Sydney) for an auditing session.
    Could you know how I can do that?

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