by Bruce E. Clark

Something that often comes to my mind when listening to LRH tapes, especially those from the formative years, is: If only we (“We,” being somebody else, of course) had fully applied Ron’s information from this tape! Rue on!

I recently listened to a tape from 1954, Contact with the Public and it hit me broadside that the knowledge given here was never properly made a part of Div 6 training and expectation.

I’ve a lot of Div 6 experience despite the fact of having no innate ability (nor desire) to be a salesman. Yet, when I first joined staff at the Toronto Org in 1971, they posted me in Div 6 as, “Testing I/C.” It certainly would not have been my first choice, but being an inspired newbie, I was up for the challenge.

But that tape! Maybe I’m missing something here; and I know that by virtue of blogdom, there are those out there willing to contribute personal experience, knowledge, and references. But here is my experience: While I sorta-kinda-somewhat got the message from that tape from doing my own hat checksheet, did my senior ever get that knowledge?

As the months went by I gradually learned to rapidly total columns of OCA test scores into graphable dots and lines. And I learned to throw my faith before my fears and actually use such things as 8C and overtness to accomplish what was called, “Bodies in the Shop.” It had to do with my, “stat.”

And I got pretty good at it. I can recall more than once when a public sitting at a testing desk suddenly got up and exclaimed, “Oh my god, how did I get here?” Well hey, I guess I woke them up that much! (a win in itself).

Post contract (2½-year) later, on a pseudo-mission sanctioned by Fred Harris, I was sent to the start-up Mission in St. Catherines, Ontario to…, urm…, make it do better. Starr Lepp, one of the original FEBC’s sent to the Apollo ship from the Toronto Org was not the Executive Director of the London mission, but the Dir Promo. She was the only staff member in the 11-man mission that had significant admin training, (first big outpoint). I’d also noted that despite having a windowed storefront on a well trafficked street, it was mostly devoid of promotion. Long-story-short, they’d spent big money on promoting a public lecture. They’d set up the space and the chairs, and 10 minutes before it was all to begin, the hall was completely empty.

So my Div 6 training kicked in, despite personal inhibitions to do otherwise, and I went out to the street and in a few minutes (yes, minutes) managed to 8C about 20 raw public into the lecture. The lecture was a success; happy people, books sold, a couple course sign-ups.

Many years later, 1988 to be specific, I had the opportunity to be part of a Sea Org Mission and revisit Scientology in Toronto, now a Continental Liaison Office as well as a central org, a downtown seven-story high-rise on Bloor street instead of the old funeral home on 124 Avenue Road.

As the techie attached to the mission I soon found that I had an abundance of free time and eventually gravitated to the ground floor of the Public Division.

It took very little time to realize that while a lot of public walked in curious, most (by far) walked out empty handed. I watched as the two Div 6 staff members  went into lengthy explanations about Scientology to their raw public, hoping they’d buy a book or a course. Fail, fail, fail!

Eventually (painfully watching all this go down) the urge to intervene overcame my mission orders and I approached an elderly woman and her daughter who had just done an OCA. I took one look at the low profile and totally busted her on it. Far from disagreeing, she acknowledged she was in need of change. I used Scientology Zero, recommending she confront her messy storage room by just doing one thing every day. Then I told her to sign up for a basic course. She emphatically agreed saying, “It makes so much sense!” The whole cycle took me less than 10 minutes.

So, not knowing their invoice system I turned the lady and her daughter over to one of the two Div 6 registrars, saying to “sign her up for the PE course.”

I returned more than a half-hour later to find the Div 6 reg busily explaining Scientology. He still had not pulled out an invoice pad and signed her up for the course as I’d requested. Upstairs, the Div 6 course room was empty.

Moving forward to present time, public opinion is at its worst ever; the very word, “Scientology” has become universally synonymous with, “dangerous crazy cult.” L. Ron Hubbard has been positioned as one of the world’s most evil con man who was only out to gain personal power and fortune. The field is further muddied by ex-staff and ex-Scientologists out there who, having yet to shake off the confusion of their departure, make feral grasps for any stable datum as long as it isn’t Scientology.  Some are hung up in the ARC Break and bent on attack; Some are willing to play the victim with whomever they can get to listen, and a few cash in financially on anti-Scientology/anti-Hubbard sentiment.

I confess that I am personally quiet about being a Scientologist; maybe why I found such appeal with the taped lecture. Except for those who follow this blog and a handful of others, mostly from my days on staff, and a very few close friends, no one knows about my Scientology past, on Facebook or in my community. My reason is that by opening up the subject, given all the bad press these days, one no longer gets, “Scientology? What’s that?” You get, “Oh! Seriously?” and maybe some unwanted sympathy. It’s just too big a can of worms to open up, usually without having adequate time/opportunity to talk it through…, and even then, to what end other than to maybe save my local reputation.?

More and more I see the road behind us needs to direct the future of Scientology. The problem is, as recently noted by reference of the tape, “Problems and Solutions” is complex, and therefore in need of many solutions. What we have here is not the same public field that Ron introduced Scientology to.

Hopefully you will find after listening to the tape a bolder you. The road behind is behind. Let’s use what we’ve learned to move on.

“Okay. Here we have some odds and ends, sort of button up the general picture. Several things that we have not touched upon in this Unit so far is (1) preclears, (2) auditors, (3) theory and (4) techniques. And not having touched upon these, I want to cover these in the next few minutes. [laughter]

“The preclear is somebody who arrives, in the category of most auditors. This is not true. A preclear is a preclear because he can’t arrive. We get source-point to receipt-point as a manifestation of starting and arriving. Individuals who can’t arrive and individuals who can’t leave seldom arrive unless you bring them in.

“Trouble with your preclear is communication. Trouble with his communication is he can’t let anything hit that receipt-point. As a result he can’t arrive. So he might think of coming to see you, but the possibility is he won’t be able to arrive. This is also true of some auditors. They aren’t able to arrive at the conclusion of a course or they aren’t able to arrive at an appointment or something of the sort, but this is really better than not being able to start at all.

“Of course, your preclear is a preclear because he’s not able to arrive. So you immediately must assume, then, that you’re going to have to take some unusual steps to get him there into the auditing room. And there’s where the auditor comes in. An auditor thinks he should know about being an auditor at the moment he starts auditing. This is not true. An auditor should know about being an auditor at the time he starts thinking about auditing and the first thinking about auditing happens to be preclears. If one is thinking in terms of preclears, he can actually defeat himself if he has such a scarcity of preclears that he doesn’t believe there are any. Good old Expanded GITA-SOP 8, Step IV-run on “preclears” will do a great deal for an auditor. Run on “money” will also do a great deal for an auditor. Your preclears are very interesting. They can’t arrive so they require a tractor or pressor beam assist from the auditor. He has to do something active about it and he generally is acting in the sphere of scarcity of preclears. And so he doesn’t connect with preclears.

“I once upon a time, oh, some years ago, I told somebody, I said, “Let’s get into motion here,” and-I told a whole Unit this, a whole class-and, “Let’s go out, down the street, and just stop some people and tell them ‘to come around so they can be audited.” And of course hardly anybody did that, but a week or two went by and one of the young hopefuls in the class who was a little more brash than anybody else-he’d graduated by that time-and he found outthat he’d spent two whole days with a brand-new; fresh certificate in his pocket without a preclear, so he simply went out and stopped the first person he met and told them to come on down to the auditing room in order to get audited and they came down and he audited them. And so he finished up this and he sent them a bill and they paid it. And so he went out and he tapped somebody else and he audited them. And he went out and tapped somebody else and he audited them.. Well, he wasn’t saying anything peculiar to these people. I thought maybe he was using some sort of a curve or a come-on. No, it was terrifically overt. He just said, “You can be a lot better than you are and what you need is some Dianetics and I happen to be an auditor and I’m in practice so-and-so. And this doesn’t infer that you are crazy, but if you keep going the way you are, you may be. Now; come on up and see me.” And just about at that overt a line, you know? I mean no pitch to it at all. I mean no covert lineup. And of course, what he was operating on is that preclears will answer a summons. And if it sounds enough like a summons, they’ll come right on down. If you were to put an ad in the paper saying, “Mars passenger 51, report to (certain address),” you would get a lot of people walking up the front steps and they’d say, ‘~ll right, here I am.” You’d also get a lot of people kicking the bucket just because they read the ad. [laughter] “Report back” is a very strong command. So anything that would look very overt and authoritative, very well would work. But something that’s terrifically covert like, “Let’s get around a half an hour later talking something about your health or auditing,” or something like that, does seldom work.

“I have worked this myself many times on preclears. I talk to you about preclears. Well, where did I get these preclears? I didn’t take them off another auditor, which is strange in Scientology. [laughs]

“People fall into the bear trap or the bog very easily, very, very easily. One of them, for instance, luckless enough to drive into my front yard and knock on the door (that’s really asking for it-he’s already arrived and so forth) and he kept trying to talk to me about magazine subscriptions. [laughter] And I was interested in his tale about going through college and that sort of thing and I said, “Well then, of course you’re going to major in psychology.” And as long as the college was a lie, of course he had to add it up with another lie, which was psychology, so I brought him in and gave him some elementary stuff. And he was a preclear right there.

“It’s very, very easy to make preclears. You don’t have to be that clever, truth of the matter is. You don’t have to be that clever at all. Generally you find some disabled person around in the community-you’d think as an auditor that that’s the person you should get hold of to audit. Well, they don’t have an acceptance level of getting well-they’re sick, aren’t they? So therefore they don’t have an acceptance level of getting well, so you could only really get there by convincing they’d be made sicker. No. What you want to do is to getahold of the people that take care of this disabled person, whose acceptance level might or might not be sick people, and convince them that they should do something for this disabled person and then wind up auditing that person who takes care of the disabled person. You follow that? That’s very simple, but it’s the most effective way I know.

“I used to run a child procurement service on this line. Never audited a child during all the time that I was saying I was auditing children. I was just auditing mothers and . fathers and things like that. That’s right. They’d come in and I’d tell them what it could do for the child and they’d say “Well if it’s that good maybe I need some of it”, and I’d say “Well, that is a good step forward for setting a good example for the child. Why don’t you get audited?”.  It wasn’t costing them anything so it didn’t matter. And this is perhaps a little bit covert, but it’s about as covert as you’d care to go on an auditing line. Now; as far as getting somebody to arrive is concerned, an auditor has a difficulty there. He can make the appointment and then tell  the fellow to show up at such and such a time, but the possibility is the fellow won’t ever get there. The number of appointments made in this fashion can be attested to by automobile salesmen. People always come on- – the lot and say they are going to come back. The salesman knows very well they will not come back. They don’t. They might even have intended to come back, but they just aren’t able to do that again.

“That’s a duplication and that’s another arrival and that’s just too tough for anybody to crawl through. However, an auditor who is extremely overt and knows his business and that sort of thing doesn’t have to worry about this factor of their showing up for an appointment. After you’ve procured them, audit them. I mean, don’t let any time lapse come in there at all, don’t show any anxiety about it. If you meet somebody on the street, why, they say they have a big appointment or something like that, why, lead them down to your office. Always stop them in the vicinity of the office and just bring them on in. This sounds very overt, doesn’t it. Hm? But yet, certain people in this country control the clothing business of this country. And the usual practice of selling clothes in the old days was simply stand out on the sidewalk and a fellow came along and the fellow would say to him, “You likely looking young fellow, you look like you need a new suit,” drag him inside, sell him a new suit. Go back out on the street again, stop another fellow and tell him he needs a new suit, push him in, sell him a new suit. I mean, this is the way it was built up. Now they got a monopoly. Anyway … [laughter] … The point is that an auditor can get so confoundedly covert about his procurement that it just never works. The fault is not with getting overt. You think it is. And the reason for that is the MEST universe punishes communication. It punishes people for communicating. That is the main sin. There is really no other sin. People get beat up occasionally for not communicating, but nowhere near like people do for communicating. The mainline sin is communicating. Everybody is suppressed on his communication line. So therefore anybody who is overt on a communication line generally wins. That’s about all there is to that. I mean, you can’t get overt enough, but you very easily can get too covert on procurement of preclears. Oh, but thoroughly. You can get just undirective enough to sort of discuss this thing and say that it might do somebody some good and so on and you make your appointment that nebulously and so on. You just don’t get anyplace as an auditor.”  LRH lecture, 16 June 1954 “Contact with the Public”, from the 6th ACC.

12 thoughts on “If only we…

    • I went to the London, ON mission once, Bruce. It was on Clarence St., upstairs. A small mission at the time. But I recall that I knew someone there. Can’t remember who, though. When you were in St. Catherines at that mission (was it the Niagara Mission?), was the PES or ED Karl Bradshaw by chance? He was seconded from the Mission there and led a garrison mission to Vancouver FDN where he was ED for about eight months or so. He was great to work with. This was 1984/85.

  1. Interesting post Paz and great reference. I knew one of our public who was so blown out by an oca reading everything else after that had a lot to live up to.

    I tell people now about my Scn past more than I used to because it has become a cult, so there is agreement there already, then I go right into how its all Daves fault, and it amazes me how much agreement I can get to that because not only is it true, but people in general have come across this sort of thing themselves. Where “power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely” sort of thing. And I could have this wrong, but I believe Ron predicted he was going to be labelled the anti christ. As I said, I may be wrong about this prediction, but it sure seems right.

    But luckily we have some genius who is now telling me how I have hypnotized myself regarding my wins in Scientology. I am not sure when I did this to myself, maybe in my sleep or during a strenuous bowel movement, but that is an interesting wannabe stable datum making the rounds.

    Excellent tape though! There is so much that could be applied, that when I first got out I thought “great, now we can really get going” so it was a real shame for me to then see so many swallow the propaganda, that it was all Rons fault, when we are so close to getting what we all wanted. Why throw it away now.

    • Thank you. I take this as good advice when I need to broach the subject. And wouldn’t it be nice though, just to hypnotize yourself into another Floating TA moment 🙂

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