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By Chris Black

Ian completed his Dianetic (NED) Drug Rundown recently, and had this to say about his auditing:

“I am free of the harmful effects of drugs, medicine, and alcohol. I now feel free of the feeling of drudgery in life and feel that I am in control of my life and environment again. MEST seems to be a lot more “lively” than before, and I like life more than ever before!

“I feel really grateful for this feeling, and I feel everybody deserves to experience this on their own.

“Thanks to my auditor, Chris, and to LRH. My life is better for this!


5 thoughts on “Free of harmful effects

  1. The handling of drugs is one of the most important steps on the Bridge. If one knew what effects drugs really caused, I’m sure no one would ever take any drugs, even aspirin. I’m happy to be able to free someone of these entanglements.

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