red bird

There is so much you could say about this level.

It gives you the secret to what is really happening in the universe. By addressing this and doing the procedure you become more you — really just you.

No more extraneous things smacking you upside the head when you least expect it.

Things are quiet in my universe and people around me are more understandable.

I am much more causitive – much less Q and A with handling situations and just life.

It is absolutely amazing that LRH figured this out and then worked out how anyone could get through it — by following a simple procedure that is very effective.

Thank you LRH — you are the best.

Thank you Tom for getting me onto this level and getting me through (putting up with any Q &A and 8Cing me along).

Thanks to my wife for always being there and being very supportive at all times.

I have new cognitions every day just going forward. Very amazing level that seems to just keep on expanding.

Mark Hamilton

29 thoughts on “OT III

  1. Congratulations, Mark. What a proud accomplishment! OT III is a fantastic Grade, heralding new vistas. VWD to you and Tom, and to your wife.

  2. Congratulations, Mark!
    Thanks for communicating this OT Level win. Your comm inspires me to follow in your footsteps and get through the wall of fire.

    • ESP: I’d love to see you get onto and through OT III. What is your current case level? This is a fantastic Grade to complete; in fact, an essential step this lifetime. What help do you need to make this happen?

  3. Clear. OT Preps complete. Did Solo I. Got lots of great help from Randy Smith sorting out some things on metering. Financially I am fine. I am just so dang busy with everything. To be honest, I am not sure what help I need. That is a good question.

    • Hi Espiritu,

      Ok, well, you’re in good hands with Randy. Glad to hear he helped you sort out your questions on metering. Sounds like you’re set to go and the only help you need is from you – making the decision to go up the OT Grades, and moving from a state of non-beingness to a state of beingness. Clear is a wonderful state, but it’s an island of calm in the middle of a raging stormy sea. If you find you want to chat or comm with me, Lana can give you my contact info. šŸ™‚

  4. This makes me very glad to see. More than a year ago I called and found from Lisa that ASHO-F had taken all your skillful help and yet left both of you personally wanting on the Bridge. Have you know, I shed a tear for both of you. Yeah, the tech works and I am so glad you have cone to this higher level of personal freedom. And Tom, thank you for doing all you do.

  5. OT III is a life changing level. A real eye opener on the road out. Thanks for your post Mark. I love reading III stories and wins.

    Espiritu- I was running one business and getting a second going when I did my OTIII so I understand busy. A one hand paper hanger comes to mind. :>). I did my study in the afternoon and continued working after course time. I will never forget two things about OTIII, opening the pack for the first time to read the materials and my very first session.

    Magical moments both. The ride is of course another. I look forward to hearing yours.

  6. Hello Mark Hamilton. Are you the same Mark who was a supervisor at ASHO?

    If so, then you were one of my favorite supervisors and I had wondered where you went and what became of you. Unfortunately, people have a way of disappearing in the orgs and no one will talk about them anymore. So if you’re the same person then I’m happy for you, that you found a way to continue on your purpose. Best of luck to you.

    • Yeh, that Harold. He’s passed now, dropped his body. Nicole got (last I heard) declared for blowing and having an out-2D. I think with Ivan Oblenski, but not sure. But it was out-2D. I used to help her reg. Harold was a bud to my wife and I. I miss Mike Silverman, too. He’s around on FB, out on the east coast of Canada last I found him. Good times with a motley crew back then. But the best of times. Now it’s all “Yes” men and crap. Like a poor, lower harmonic of something great.

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