My love is like a red, red, rose

That gently blooms in spring…

Let’s play an interesting game this week, right here at Milestone Two’s Poetry & Candles. It’s a game everyone can win. Here is how the game works, the rules and how you know if you won.

Step 1. Think of a HUGE subject, one that means a lot to you personally. The bigger the better, so long as it is important to you. Example: your career, the love of a child, mate, or friend, playing music, or auditing, or, or, or. The key is HUGE and important.

Step 2. Share “as much information with us as you possibly can” about that subject IN ONE SINGLE SENTENCE NO LONGER THAN 15 SYLABLES.

Step 3: Post the sentence (summary of the subject) in the Comments Section for other to see, enjoy, ponder, comment on, or just to read.

RULE A: If/when you REPLY/Comment on another’s s post, it also has to be in 15 syllables or less.

RULE B: Any subject, no restrictions.

WINNING SUBMISSIONS: When you know that your sentence does NOT have one single unnecessary syllable, provides as much information as possible, and sounds pretty good in your ear YOU HAVE WON.

PRIZES: 1. Personal satisfaction and # 2: You will have CREATED A PIECE OF ART.


An aspect of art that is often overlooked is that it is one of the most EFFICIENT forms of communication there is in this universe. A single painting can contain all of the information necessary for a viewer to understand the insanities of war. A one -hour film can convey the emotions of a lifetime. A beautifully cooked dinner can speak volumes. A book, a poem a dance, a story over dinner can contain massive volumes of information, condensed and fired across distances to receipt points, at super human speeds, and on a truly monumental scale.

My personal observations have convinced me that Art is efficient; great art is a model of efficient communication, demonstrated.  

I’d like to share an example of that efficiency, demonstrated by a friend of mine recently. He and his lovely wife have been together for 50 years. Wow!  that’s HUGE in my books. So he wanted to celebrate and share that “concept,” that idea with others (information) and do so as a gift to her.

He chose a few words, added music, sang and recorded it for her and posted it for all to experience, along with him and his golden bride.

I will leave you with Silk Taylor and his wife Nobue to close this post. Meanwhile, I do hope you enjoy playing the game with us here on Poetry & Candles. I for one look forward to your SENTENCE OF 15 SYLLABLES OR LESS.

Until next week…

35 thoughts on “Poetry & Candles – Vol VI

  1. 15 syllables or 15 words?

    Syl·la·ble: A unit of pronunciation having one vowel sound, with or without surrounding consonants, forming the whole or a part of a word; e.g., there are two syllables in water and three in inferno.

    Word: A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.

        • Or just the postulate to forget, which even if suggested in an implant has to be agreed upon and postulated by the being or it don’t work.

          Not a syllabic response 🙂

          • Obviously, any implant to work is based on previous agreements, postulates, or/and considerations in the first place. I guess, for a being free of implants, there is only a small probability that auto- deterministically will again postulate to forget.

            Not a Rule A comment 🙂

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