Suddenly words will not do

Every motion telling tales

Of lovers, friends and Man

Playing the game of make believe

With matter, energy, space and time


Please share a piece of art, music, film, dance – anything that brings you pleasure when you experience it.  Let’s paint Milestone Two, and our own hearts full of beauty this week and invite others to share it with us.

Have a great week.


38 thoughts on “Poetry & Candles – Vol VI

  1. There seems to to something that went wrong with the link. I ment to post the piece “Rumi , Only Breath”, not the collection that appeared instead.

  2. Dear Lana, I give a second try. In case it doesn’t work out and the piece called “Rumi – Only Breath (heart touching poem)” appears, please cancel this and the two above comments, as they are not what I want to communicate. Thanks

  3. I very much enjoyed the dancing. I’d never heard of Pina Bausch before. What an amazing artist!

    That said, I am wondering what is happening with the blog…..

    As an aside, I would like to point out that this is the second “Poetry and Candles VI” post. 🙂

    More importantly, as beautiful and entertaining as art and poetry are, the theme of this blog is supposed to be SCIENTOLOGY.

    So, if someone doesn’t say something regarding our favorite subject pretty quick, I will take it upon myself to initiate such a discussion no matter now non-sequitur it is to today’s posting.

    thousand-one, thousand-two, thousand-three….. times up! 🙂

    Here you are:

    The definition of an instant read is-
    “That reaction of the needle which occurs at the precise end of any major thought when voiced by the auditor”.

    And the question of the day is-
    “How doe that work with solo auditing?? (which is done silently)

    • The Tech is the only way we will establish spiritual FREEDOM and turn this planet into the beautiful place it is meant to BE.
      So all I am saying here is that we just need to get back to what we DO !
      So let’s GET BACK to it. OK Gang? Start!

    • Esp… Thank you for your comment in regards to “this blog.” Perhaps I can help you with that concern. You will notice the model of this blog allows for an almost unlimited number of “posts” on. The “theme” of a post may be “OT Wins or Instant Reads.” That format allows Mary to tune in and participate on the posts of her choice, while Joe’s interests, ideas and communications are quite different. So he follows and enjoys discussions Mary might never even look at.

      A rigid “We only talk Tech, praise LRH and do Qual actions online” format, that then insists that others stay on purpose on “this blog” would be about as successful, pleasant and rewarding as routine dental surgery, for some people.

      You want to talk, comment, exchange views, learn more about the Tech and so on, not a problem here on this blog. I respect that and so do others, I’m sure. But that’s you, one point of view.

      If Mary wants to post, comment and contribute a photograph of her new born, with or without a Scientology twist, quote or Tech reference then so be it. THIS IS HER COMMUNITY. If you don’t like seeing pictures of happy children, or if I’m not interested in Jim Logan’s excitement and informative views on Physics, then fine. Don’t click on it, or suggest that just perhaps, the whole blog is veering terribly off purpose.

      To this I might only add that I have been around since the mid 70s and experienced the Tech, bottom of the bridge to top. And so I need you to remind me of the value of the subject, and define an “instant read” for me about as much as I need to keep a parrot in my kitchen to tell me where I parked my car every morning.

      On the contrary, I like pictures of happy babies and moms with peanut butter all over their luscious, swollen, proud, rosy-red lips on a Sunday morning.

      For me personally: Happy – rosy-red and healthy babies speaks more to the purpose of Scientology than all of the cliché, look-at-me-and all of the Tech I know, and how “on purpose” I am assertions in the world.

      But again, that’s me, intending no invalidation to your or anyone else’s views on “this blog.” Which brings me to the more direct, simple reply to your post. You want your questions answered about “instant reads” and solo auditing, cool. Go do that.

      You want to see someone do a beautiful dance for you, sing a song, discuss art and culture and life and living once in a while, welcome to Poetry & Candles.

      If not, then God Bless you and all of your offspring. May the sunshine on your path to greater enlightenment and every wish you make become a monument to The New Civilization.

      Who knows, perhaps someone might even miss you, when the music starts and the Thetans come out to play…


      • Ren, I really enjoy your Poetry and Candles segment, and the comments that come from them. I learn a lot from this blog and the people who comment on it. Different people know and emphasize different parts of Scientology, and how they apply it to life, so I get to view it from other viewpoints, and learn stuff I didnt know, which is gold to me, so thanks!

    • E:

      Here’s what I would suggest in answer to both you and Ren. I would suggest we move the poetry segments to once a month, rather than once a week. Because of the high intervals of the poetry posts, the percentage of poetry versus Scientology content has gone up significantly since we started weekly poetry posts. While I don’t mind the arts posts, I agree with you that I’d like to see more Scientology content than art content. Right at the moment, Lana is busy and isn’t able to supply as much content as normal. Thus the rest of us are trying to take up the slack with “guest” posts. The present community is not a particularly artistic one. That is to say, we were not chosen to be here because we’re artists. We just happen to be here. While Ren would like (I’m sure) to see us develop more as artists, it still remains that in the main we aren’t and such development may take some time. I haven’t put out anything artistic in decades (though I am preparing to do so shortly).

      That’s my dos centavos’ worth.


      • Paul: Thanks for weighing in on the discussion. I do agree that with content from others being a bit thin that the weekly P&C seems to be rather dominant. If 5 -10 or 15 other subjects were posted each week P&C would be but one choice folks could tune in or tune out on anytime. It’s would there simply as a another choice to visit, or not that week.

        So my only question/concern would be regarding “correct target.” If the greater purpose is to grow our community, add enjoyment and ever more interesting discussions and VALUE for blog followers to participate in then, it would seem logical that the correct action would be to add more articles, contributers, authors, participants – not less entertainment, art and culture.

        We’re short on meat and potatoes, so lets grow LESS vegetables. I can not but wonder if we have thought that “solution” all the way through.

        It’s just a thought.

        Lastly, It is not my intent, or was it ever to urge anyone to Be or Do art, more art, etc. To inspire community members to Be more creative, create more cultural experience to share together, sure. I am guilty as charged.

        But P & C was originally thought of “To be a place where the artistically inclined could gather and communicate.” Add to that some people who just like to tune in and enjoy the scene. That is all.

        Again, it’s just a thought. And it’s 100% open to comments, thoughts, ideas and recommendations. I’m just another sucker for a good love song.


        • Ren:

          Well, I would have thought that you were encouraging us to be more artistic (among other things). And if you’re not encouraging that, I will happily do it. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. If you’re hanging out in life, you might as well try out “arting” from time to time. You might like it. Can’t hurt. You might just have more talent than you thought, and it’s rather easy to get better at your art of choice.

          My thought right now about the blog is that, under normal circumstances, it’s like a never ending buffet. One course is served. We all partake until we’ve consumed it all or all we want of it. Then the next course is served. We eat that until we’re done and the next course is served. And so it goes. P and C would be, if you like, the dessert tray. I wouldn’t want the dessert tray showing up every other course as it seems to have been. I would prefer the dessert tray to show up every few courses. And I suspect there are others who agree. Thus the push-back you’re seeing on P and C. It isn’t an objection to the content per se, only to its frequency (under the current circumstances at least).


      • I hope that Jim Jackson can pull it off too. I have spoken with him briefly on the phone and I am impressed with purity of his intentions. I was surprised that the Tampa Bay News would transmit a message so friendly towards the Tech, but they did. I suggest listening to his appeal and seeing if there is anything we as individuals might be able to do to back him up. I think that most of us agree that deposing Miscavige and reforming the organization has always been the preferable solution if it could be done.
        …..Maybe Jim has a practical idea here for accomplishing that.

        • Absolutely agree with you Espiritu. I have read Jims letters and they are masterful in eloquence and ability to stick with the issues at hand. This news deserves a separate post by itself! (hint) 🙂

          Joe Childs article frankly amazes me. As someone used to my religion just being slammed by mainstream media, I feel like giving this guy a kiss. ( But I dont think he would appreciate the 3 day growth.)

          Great work Jim, trying to communicate with a brick wall must be difficult, but you are at least getting responses, thankyou!

  4. Dear Ren,

    You said,
    “A rigid “We only talk Tech, praise LRH and do Qual actions online” format, that then insists that others stay on purpose on “this blog” would be about as successful, pleasant and rewarding as routine dental surgery, for some people. ”

    I apologize if I gave the impression that I was suggesting something so absolute. I was only expressing my opinion that the pendulum seems to have swung in the opposite direction for quite a few days.
    If you look back you will see that I have quite enjoyed your artistic posts and have enthusiastically participated in them with my comments.

  5. Oh, OK guys. You’re right. We’ll do Tech another day.
    I guess we don’t want to be too rigid.

    …..This guy could teach me a lot about that:

  6. Sorry for the lag, but we’re on vacation!! On the P&C, this is something that is part of the entirety of life, let alone MS2 and its message. I’m very happy that Ren wanted to contribute to the blog and enjoy thoroughly his posts.

    On the other side of the picture, since the posts are weekly and the number of other ones in between is a bit sparce, we’ll look at doing it bi-weekly.

    Life is a lot of living and art and creating is what? Well, it’s expressed on Poetry and Candles so, splurge 🙂

  7. Cinderella’s fairy godmother with her magic wand transforming a horse into a coachman.

    It represents a good, competent and sane auditor with his e-meter transforming a pc into a better, more able and happier person who is starting to positively rein over his or her dynamics instead of the other way around.

    • Mabu,
      The last two images you posted didn’t come through for me…..Nevermind, when I clicked on the little symbol above the reply button it I could only see the link.
      Now I understand your comments.
      Yes, the auditor definitely puts the PC back in the drivers seat!

      On another note…..where is everybody??????
      Chris? Lana? 1984? 4A? RV? Paul? Anybody??
      Are we all alone in this great big blog?

      • WordPress is not showing the Cinderella_Fairy_Godmother_Horse_Coachman_250ms.gif (1.04 MB) animated picture, even though I uploaded it twice to PostImage.org . Maybe because WordPress has a size limit for showing (animated) pictures.
        Here is a smaller one.

      • Hi Espiritu, with the proprietors away, not much to say.

        There you go a short rhyme!

        I have been checking out Mike Rinders latest article, attempting to discredit/ban the purif after his new bffs Ortega and Augustine laid the groundwork.

        Man, and these guys (Rinder, Rathburn) were running Scientology, no wonder we are where we are. But I guess when I think of it, with people like this, violating their own integrity day after day under dave, it shouldn’t come as any big surprise.

      • Lana’s visiting with Jimbo; I’ve been auditing (and going out of town tomorrow for a few weeks to audit a few pcs); Paul’s posting on anothed thread; 4a just showed up here; and that’s all I know, I swear. :-p

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