ned for ots

By Ingrid Smith

Here is a NOTs review Success Story.

One thing I want people to know is that it is not NOTs that isn’t working. It’s the out tech that The Church has crammed down their throats!!

Success Story!

This auditing has brought me to the point of recognizing all the incorrect auditing I’ve had in the past.

I now feel very keyed out from that incorrectness and am looking forward to soloing again.

I now have certainties that I did not have before and know that my auditing will produce much better results!!

Thank you Ingrid and LRH.

11 thoughts on “Fixing out tech

    • I’m not going to get into confidentiality, but one big area I will say are the horrendous over runs that occur.This is done with 3 swing F/Ns and incorrect procedures. Wins are consequently very invalidated!!

      • Ingrid, I had a D of P at Flag several years ago, and told that an incident related to me could not have occurred because I had my dates wrong. I knew I was right at the time, so no damage done, and when I checked those dates later I was right.

        That was just one of many outpoints I came across compared to an earlier Flag that was just a delight to go to.

        Nots is an amazing level, thanks for what you are doing for those screwed around by the out tech!

    • The bias of your assumed identity aside, perhaps you’d get more out of a reading of some of the Vedic based materials on this area: advaita, dvaita, atman/brahman, the nature of being, identity, “ego” et al.

      NOTs is an esoteric aspect of Scientology and to gain its insights fully requires the lead up and a sincere approach in doing the Level. It requires study, application and personal reality on many things prior to NOTs.

      This forum, and your question on it, are not remotely appropriate to a real grasp of the truths self-evident when one is doing the Level with all the prior grades and study accomplished.

  1. Hi Barefaced,
    I have never done NOTS myself, but I do have an anecdote that may provide something more specific for you about the sort of things that Ingrid might be handling from time to time:

    A few years ago a friend of mine who had recently been to Flag to do New OT V told me that in an interview a Dof P had shown her a “bulletin” written by DM, acknowledged to her that LRH did not write it, and said that that they would like to run her on whatever was in its contents.
    She agreed to it and when I asked how it went, said that it was “OK”.

    My unexpressed thought was……..”er, Okay then. ?!!”

        • Right. I had the distinct impression that my friend’s subdued response was about as much approval as could be mustered at the time and was done for purely “PR” reasons. The bigger story was the lack of enthusiasm.
          But the biggest story for me was that a Flag D of P would actually admit up front that DM was “writing Tech”. His rewrite of other Tech is done covertly over LRH’s signature. In this case it was acknowledged by a D of P that DM wrote it. I have never heard of something like that before.
          This person later disconnected from me and I presume is still “in”.

    • “A bulletin written by DM” – probably THE last place to find enlightenment or spiritual knowledge.

      DM’s videos for his events are some of the most ridiculous things ever presented to beings looking.

      Infomercial “awakening”?

      K-Tel cognition?

      Jeepers creepy-ers. DM as a spiritually awake being? Nah. That valence is about as workable as mud.

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