sun bird

By Chris Black

Jeff had been off the Bridge since 1998. Before that he was on staff but left after just too much ludicrousness. While on staff, he had attained the state of Clear, but had not progressed since then. Jeff came to see me to get this all sorted out. He left a happy camper, all cleaned up, and with his next Bridge steps all laid out for him. He’s looking forward now to doing his OT levels. It was a hoot to audit him, and help get his feet back on the Bridge.

“Repair Success

I’ve been a bogged/stalled Clear for years!

This action (actions) has totally unstuck my case and cleaned up my space.

The wins from this action I’m sure I’ll be realizing for some time to come!

I got everything I hoped for.

So thank you.


13 thoughts on “Bogged Clear

    • 4a:

      I won’t say staff (like me) were the nicest people. But they do have a special place in my heart for the thankless duty-driven service they put in over the decades. To the extent they can be salvaged, I’m thankful. They do deserve it.


      • I did say “some” Scat πŸ™‚ But actually in my org, I would say most.

        I tend to think of them now, as being underutilized. They, in the main were keen as mustard to get up the Bridge, to train and audit, a bit of well placed guidance and support in the right places would have gone a long way. That would have spread from there.

        I think we have some lessons to learn from this debacle! But I suppose when you look at our history as beings, there is a great deal of confusion to blow off.

          • Chris, the irrational and slanted thinking amongst the anti crowd is a bit hard to take sometimes, but I think you auditors are doing one of the most, if not the most important job right now, which is keeping the application standard.

            The results speak for themselves!

        • 4a:

          I thoroughly agree about the lessons we must learn. Staff must not, can not and should not ever be neglected again. Nor should staff be allowed to neglect their own cases, training and other dynamics. The Staff Section must have a Class VIII staff auditor and C/S, as well as a well qualified supe and SSO. The Staff Section should not be seen as an afterthought or something optional.


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