By Dave Soroka

I had a nice cog on Grade 0 last night: Everything is funny.

I originated that a lot of the rubble and debris in my universe fell into place, or just vanished altogether.

I laughed and so did my auditor.

We ended off there.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to see the humour in all things, but I know this: Everything is funny. And that’s hilarious. For whatever reason, this cognition has brought me into comm with myself like I’ve never been in this life.

My last session was about two months ago, and for two months I’ve been aware of something, some cognition, just out of my view, kind of making faces at me through the window, having a laugh, teasing me.

It has bothered me, made me serious, got me pissed off, worried me and distracted me.

The session last night lasted about 5 minutes.

That cognition was waiting right there and as soon as my auditor opened the window it just came breezing in, and that was it for the evening.

Everything is funny.

Thanks Doug Davidson, and thanks LRH.

9 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. Dave, that’s a great win and a wise cognition.

    You’ve got me laughing all the way OUT of the bank! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    No, seriously! 😉

  2. Good on Dave and Doug.

    This is the kind of win which is possible on Grade 0 when done right. Imagine what is possible on the other four grades. And then Clear and the OT levels. You might want to start doing diaphragm exercises now, just so you’re not so sore when the time comes!



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