Rhythm and The Aims Of Scientology

If I told you two or three people could introduce 500 – 1000 people a week to the Communications Course at any Mission or Org, would you believe me? Better still; what if I said it could be done without ever saying one WORD to accomplish such a result.

Would you believe me when I said the same could be achieved in any org around the world, regardless of language, economic conditions or cost barriers, resulting in 10s of 1000s of people learning about the Tech on a weekly basis.

Some would say such a result was “Administrative” genius. Others might attribute the results to hard work and both would be off the mark.

It could be accomplished with the simple understanding that RHYTHM is “Communication” and properly engaged in establishes Reality – Reality to Affinity on to Understanding and so forth.

Having achieved that, one might be surprised how willing a person is to listen or read about whatever you chose to share with them.   And it didn’t begin with a sales pitch or a cold stare of out TRs, or demand from a paranoid senior on a mission from god. It all began with “a Rhythm.”

As evidence of such a confident claim I need only ask if you have ever been to a major park on a nice sunny afternoon and heard the sound of drums playing. Los Angeles on a Sunday is a perfect example. But pick any busy street corner in any city and the proof is quickly evident.

I have seen 100 – 150 people gather around a fun group of conga players to listen for hours, while the percussionists did nothing more than offer the crowd and ever entertaining series of rhythms to tap their feet by and enjoy. No words, no talking heads.

A “Seminar” on communication in the same park, on the same sunny afternoon would have “attracted” and maintained the attention of three, barely conscious homeless people listening in.

A few with some drumming skills, a few pieces of wood (drumsticks) or adept hands and a drum of sorts and one is ready to “communicate” at levels of quality and aesthetics the best Public Speakers in the world would be hard pressed to accomplish.

Why that is exactly does not require a Clear Certificate, Class VII Course or OT 42 completion award to understand. Any communications course graduate could tell us.

A communication is: “Any ritual by which effects can be produced and perceived. Thus letters, a bullet, the output of theta “flitter” are all, to us, communication. (PAB 4)

“The interchange of perception through the material universe between organisms or the perception of the material universe by sense channels. (Scn 0-8, p. 83)

What is not so readily understood is that RHYTHM is a series of accented and unaccented impulses, over a period of time. It can impart an emotional tone, a mood, a sense of comfort and safety, or hurried excitement and is easily accepted. It invites participation and thus community experience. In the right hands, like that of an experienced drummer or percussionist, one can bring 5 – 50 – 50,000 people to their feet, get them completely in sync with each other and up and into a state of AGREEMENT, cooperation, enthusiasm and willing to postulate “death to the dogs of war,” or “Let’s party ‘till we drop.”

From COMMUNICATION to AFFINITY: “The attraction, which exists between two human beings …” (SOS Gloss)

One man, two sticks and an old drum: Rhythm is one of the most powerful forms of communication on the face of the Earth.

The verbal, written or insinuated message one adds to such a demonstration of communicative skill is secondary.

So how would you go about introducing 1000 people a week to the local org? Well you would begin by recognizing that under the iron fist of DM Corporate Scientology has descended into the depths of depravity, when it comes to “understanding” artists, and their potential to fill course rooms, auditor’s chairs and spearhead the evolution of a new Civilization.

Corporate Celebrity Centre, once a ray of hope for a new renaissance on the Planet is now the model for what happens when the treasures (the natural, gifted communicators) of a society are turned into cloned PR & Promotions robots, dancing to the rhythms of a death march, cleverly disguised as a campaign song. The perfect corporate church artist no longer represents the ideals of art. The aim is conformity and acceptance, so they sing about standing tall, while their integrity and the artistic impulses they once held dear are reduced to dancing puppetry in The Parade of IAS Materialism.

The drummers, the masters of rhythm are but one example. But a good example of the kind of sheer ‘Power” and skill that goes wasted, insulted and ignored in a community of intellectual and artistically dysfunctional midgets.

Meanwhile it remains true. A few good souls with a drum and a flair for Rhythm could introduce thousands of people to the Tech. By example they DEMONSTATE the communication skills they worked to achieve. People respect that; they are attracted to skill a willingness to communicate freely.

Then when done appropriately the viewers are invited to take a nice brochure, or little info sheet inviting to learn a bit more about communication and how it all works.

And how do I know rhythm is one of the most powerful forms of communication on the planet and can BOOM and good intention to help one’s Fellow Man. Well, it’s because I have done it, successfully introduced 1000s to a local org campaign.

At which time the corporate church, by way of OSA could not stand tall and witness another moment of the wonderful affinity and reality taking place before their eyes and declared all three OT VIIs responsible for the crime. The crime: COMMUNICATING, of course.

But this story is not about me, or any one artist. It’s about RHYTHM and art more generally and The Aims and Auditors and C/Ses and more.

It’s about that pimply little longhair in the corner with a misunderstood on the communications course, or sitting in front of your E-Meter, twirling a drumstick. Because in any “New Civilization” I can imagine that kid will be one of the best damn friends LRH TECH, any org, any auditor or Registrar might ever find.

So perhaps the Independent field should listen to the tap-tap-tap-a ratty-tap-tap with a little more admiration than the corporate church did.

And just maybe, we might all hear something a bit different this time, should he choose to demonstrate his/her communication skills for us. We just might hear what “A civilization without insanity, criminality…” actually sounds like.

And wouldn’t that be something now.



11 thoughts on “Poetry & Candles – Vol VIII

  1. ooooooops – Spelling correction:

    And how do I know rhythm is one of the most powerful forms of communication on the planet and can BOOM ANY good intention to help one’s Fellow Man?

  2. What a great idea, Ren! I’ve done this too on a smaller scale.

    …Once upon a time in a universe far far away, myself and a group of musical friends, with the support of the ASHO chaplain, Eunice Ford, played music in the ASHO reception area every weekend.
    We played mostly classical with a bit of big-band and dixieland now and then. A few of the execs grumbed that it was “off purpose” but most of them liked and supported our efforts. And even the grumblers had to admit that there were lots of “bodies in the shop” in ASHO reception on weekends. 🙂

    • Karl, did James Marchand (pianist) ever join you? When I was early on in my training, he was known to give the odd performance.

      • I don’t remember that name, Chris.
        We did, however, have Tom McMurray (CC), Dwight Mickeleson (public), Jim Warner(ex-SO), and Mitch Esterman (ASHO) among others in our groups. They are all great musicians. Did you know any of them? This was in the early 80’s.

        • That was way before my LA time, ESP. I was still in Edmonton on staff in the early 80s. Sounds like you had some fun times, though! 🙂

      • Ah, that explains it. I was a foundation public.

        Did you know Harold Leibers? I think he was a Qual C/S day for quite a while. He also audited at AO. He was not SO. The COS allowed that at the time. Harold was a good guy and quite a character.

        • Harold (Lieberz) was my Class V and Class VI Intern Super, as well as a host of other internships (FPRD, CCRD, EST, Psych, SMC, etc.). He was outstanding. No one quite like him. Did you know his parents knew Jackie Gleason? Gleason would come over to their house in Brooklyn on Sundays and play cards and drink. Harold would sit on his lap. Harold was also at the NY Org and had stories about Dylan coming in and using the auditing rooms to catch some sleep. Ha!

          Yeh, I miss Harold. One of the best. When he went to the Beverly Hills Mission and helped make it a booming activity, RTC came down on them and comm eved some and basically destroyed the mission as well as Harold. They should be shot just for that.

          Yeh, Harold was a good friend while I was down there. With Red and James on the team (Snr C/S and HGC C/S), it was unbeatable.

          Good times.

          • Small world. Harold was my senior when I was briefly on staff at the NY Org. We called ourselves the Comm Department Commandos. He was a great friend and I know that he still is and always will be. I remember when he did his first auditor training course. He said, “Auditing is so beautiful. It’s so easy. It’s like dancing.”
            I’ll never use the past tense when talking about Harold. He just makes things go right. An ASHO staff member who is still in the COS told me a while back that what she liked about him the most was that no matter what the problem was, he just FIXED it one way or another. I like that and the fact that he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. 🙂

            • “Auditing is so beautiful. It’s so easy. It’s like dancing.” Love this. What a beautiful way to put it. He was adept at programming and C/Sing, too.

              “…he doesn’t suffer fools lightly.” No, he never did. That’s one reason we got along. He was his own man; loads of integrity. 🙂

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