By Ronit Charny

A recent success story:

“Wow…I am so glad I came out to see Ronit for a review which I badly needed.

“Life had gotten a little rough this past year and I was not in the best shape as a result. However, within a very short period of time I was winning again and feeling so much better.

“Really a lot better!

“We found a life ruin which was hidden and out of reach to a great degree. I had never thought to even mention it to an auditor in all of my past auditing.

“Well Ronit caught it while doing an assessment and with her help I was able to trace down the origin of a loss that was still very much affecting my life. I can’t tell how much relief has come over me for finding this hidden item and taking care of it. I am quite certain my life will be different going forward and I will experience more joy from here on.

“Auditing brings new life and I want to thank Ronit for being there as an auditor for me and others.

“Without auditors with her skill set there is no chance I would ever get free from something like this.

“It takes a meter and a watchful eye to search out these disturbing items which we hide even from ourselves.

“So much love for Ron as well for all he has done to give me a chance to reach for freedom.

ML, K.”

6 thoughts on “A lot better!

  1. Sounds like some precision auditing and metering, Ronit. And great win, K! Sounds like you hit the jackpot!

    By the way, as a funny “aside” here…..I have a little bit of astigmatism and I missed the comma after “ML” and thought that you were signing off as “MLK” rather than saying “ML, K”. 🙂

    • Hey, Esp. Good one! Here’s another, also involving eyesight.

      I had been wearing specs for short-sightedness (myopica) since age 9 years. (Now 68). Six years ago, I was having to deal with an abusive taxi driver in front of our business premises, (He refused to move his obstructing taxi from blocking our entrance.)

      My flash temper took over and I hauled him out of his vehicle. During our scuffle, My specs ended up on the roadway and were smashed under a passing car. I still got the better of him, though and saw him on his way!.

      The upshot was, that I suddenly found myself without specs. Immediately figured I’d have to get a new pair, since I couldn’t see withou —— Huh? Blink! HUH??? WHAAAT? — I CAN see, dammit!

      “Suddenly” – (miraculously) I could SEE — easily! Read number plates at a considerable distance! Whereas, just that morning, — I couldn’t

      I haven’t bothered to do any figure-figure on it, just enjoyed having good eyesight again, for the past six years.

      Oh wait! I do have someone to thank …. the abusive taxi-driver! LOL! 🙂

  2. How profound a statement is that?

    “It takes a meter and a watchful eye to search out these disturbing items which we hide even from ourselves.”

    This is to what the broadest number of inhabitants of Earth, simply have no clue!

    And the now ‘anti’s’ and/or erstwhile ‘therapists’ just trample over, in complete contempt and/or ignorance.

    Brilliant win, K.! 🙂

    Kudos to a job VWD, Ronit! 🙂

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