By Dave Soroka

Success on Grade 0 Completion:

I attested to Grade 0 two nights ago.

My main success on this Grade is something I posted about over a week ago, and that is that I’m more in comm with myself than ever in this life.

I’m right here, with myself, and I trust myself. It’s been one of my this lifetime goals.

I look at something, and I say I like it or I don’t like it or whatever, and that’s that.

I’m no longer wondering how I feel about one thing or another.

My mind is certainly changeable,

I’m not solid in my opinions at all, but my opinions are certain and need no second-guessing.

This win happened just over a week ago, and it’s been settling out into a very comfortable new state for me.

I can’t wait to get into Grade 1!

Thanks again to my auditor, Doug Davidson, and to LRH.

5 thoughts on “Grade 0 Comp

  1. What a great win, Dave! Certainty of Self is so priceless!
    Very Well Done!
    I am so happy for you.
    And Doug….well, Dave already said it. 🙂

  2. Yes, grade 0 is an incredible thing to experience. Me too, I had a great auditor, TR’s by the book. Wonderful auditing. The accuracy of the Meter blew my frozen mind off .. and life force knocked at the door ..knock knock .. and entered big. Yes, indeed, thanks to LRH and my auditor ..quite some time ago already.

  3. Marvelous win, Dave! You can certainly keep ‘this’ one in the uppermost tray of your “scn toolbox” – any time you sense the need to use it, hey? 🙂

  4. Hey love the selfie dude.

    I can see you haven’t changed all that much since the last time I saw ya.

    Here’s to more wins on the Grades.

    Also say hi to one of my fave coaudit buds Dougie for me.


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