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A recent OT Success from France

“Self-determinated :

“Determinated to :      A new way of life

                                    Assume my new state of beingness

                                    Recover my new me or new I

                                    Be there and to be myself in my whole integrity

“Me, just one, without fight, without constraint, able to say or to say to myself :it’s just me, me and only me.

“Determinated to be an awareness unit of awareness, to be the master of this space and to be able to move in it without barriers.

“I am so happy of this product and I dream about a world where everybody could share this.

“Once again, Ron didn’t disappoint me.

“Once again, Ron has opened the way to freedom for me.

“Once again, Ron has opened my space, he dared open the Pandora’s box and built the road, a wonderful way to go through this muck.

“Thank you Boss

“Thanks to my sweet CS for your help, your know-how and your patience.

“My heart is so big, I can have and give so much love for this universe and anybody in it.



7 thoughts on “OT success from France

  1. Back in the olden days, Ron was tacked on to the end of most success stories, and rightfully so. And I am seeing that here again, thankfully, with the current crop of success stories.

    But not too many years ago, I started seeing Miscavige’s name tacked on to the end of success stories, sometimes with and sometimes without Ron. And every time I saw this, it felt like a slap in the face to me. Like or hate Miscavige, there isn’t a blessed thing he could ever do on this planet to match Ron’s accomplishments on our behalf. So his name included in a success story next to or in place of LRH’s was a complete affront, as far as I was concerned. (Outpoint: Incorrectly included datum).

    In any case, glad not to see DM’s name mentioned in successes out here. And even more glad to see Ron’s right in there at the end, where it belongs.


    • I notice this too, Paul.
      It is kind of a natural thing to thank Ron after one has received the benefit of some standard auditing or training. It rather boggles the mind that he could have figured out all of this stuff that is so beneficial to life!
      It is also kind of natural to thank one’s auditor or wise CS, or course supervisor.
      However, DM or “the RTC” ? They’ve got to be kidding. Maybe thanks for minus nothing.
      I remember when the orgs started “csing” success stories and “suggesting” that pcs and students “thank COB” and “thank the RTC”.
      Unlike Ron, DM is not willing to actually earn our thanks.
      DM tries to steal the admiration that Ron has earned.
      He is a wannabe pretender, a usurper, and a thief.

      Ron on the other hand is a truly great being and a genius who has personally produced amazing products for the benefit of all mankind.

      • Yeah I remember when Tom Cruise’s sister Lee Anne (?) gave her “win” after completing Audited NOT’s about how RTC and Miscavige supposedly corrected any errors that the Ol’man might have made.

        Almost hurled my dinner that night.

        While all the trained seals were clapping on cue me and this friend of mine just stood there in total “shock and awe” of her complete and utter stupidity.

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