By Chris Black

The following success story was volunteered by a pc I’m auditing on FPRD. These are some of the wins he is having, and we’re not even done the Form yet! The FPRD is just one piece of LRH’s tech, but it is one that time and again cuts through case and bank and self-generated considerations to bring the being back to BEing oneself, with the ability to self-determinatedly Reach and Withdraw across the Dynamics.

Power of Simplicity

I have had the real pleasure of stumbling onto Scientology in this lifetime in 1991.

Like stumbling on a good book, or a good meal, or a used bike that no one wants anymore — I have had great wins in it and great joys and that’s an understatement.

It very simply saved my life. I mean, I am an immortal being that can’t be killed, but you understand what I mean. My life was just the pits. LOL

Now…now … my experience with SCN was not all roses and chocolates! Let’s not get all excited.

I have had incompetent auditing and bad seniors in the Sea Org – I have seen the good and the bad of Scientology; I have experienced the yelling and crush regging, the violent and negative power of a wrong indication on the meter. Etc., etc … all in the past though. Really.

I don’t know precisely when and where I got this most recent thought in my mind but I started to compare Scientology as a big tool box. A hammer can be used to build a house, fix things; it can also be used to smash someone’s skull in and kill them. Right?

Just by itself though, it accomplishes absolutely nothing. Both the hammer and/or Scientology – by itself – nothing.

It causes no healing or pain.

1. An HCOB on False Purpose Rundown for example does nothing if it sits on the floor, un-read.

2. An HCOB on FPRD studied and mis-used, or mis-applied can cause great damage and spin in a thetan and make him worse.

3. An HCOB on FPRD when read, duplicated, skillfully applied on a clean (lol) and willing PC – miracles happen. Hallelujah, FPRD!

So I am thankful that I stumbled on Scientology because it has helped me re-acquaint myself with myself. Simple.

It is truly a study of knowledge, a gradient self-discovery of the immense power that you have and the power that you potentially hold.

It has made my life more enjoyable, it has helped me look at and erase problems that seemed too incredible, it has made my life simpler, it has given me the ability to be courageous, it has brought me much calm and given me the ability to grant beingness and to respect others.

The auditing I am getting now, the False Purpose Rundown, has helped in making me understand and accept that very simply: “I AM”. I have dynamics but me, little old Thetan #1995748, well “I AM” and I don’t need to know anything else. I can, and I will, but I don’t need to. Does this make sense?

When you say ‘I AM”, it enables you to BE, then DO and HAVE – but without the BE — you’re not going far.

It is a slow and gradient re-discovery of myself as myself – it’s so simple. Simple is not be scary, it’s rather soothing.

So it is only logical that if “I AM”, then my auditor also has his own “I AM”, and so does the cashier at Starbucks (you know the cute blonde that winks at you – lol) and so does the Prime Minister of Canada and so does my mom and every single living thing and every being.

All around me there is simply a collection of “I AM’s” and they are all allowed to “BE”. Imagine if everyone woke up with that simple concept right now! What a change in viewpoints that would be.

So the real joy for me so far in this adventure called Scientology, and very much so during the FPRD sessions, is realizing that everyone is unique, everyone is beautiful, everyone is amazing in their own right and although THEY might not believe it, they really, really are beautiful and deep down, they know it. They do. That little voice that says “I’m great”, that’s YOU.

I am very interested in others, I am more patient with others, I’m more tolerant of others and their shenanigans and reactive mind etc…. I have a better understanding that in this big game called Life — we’re the boss of our own selves.

Scientology can get you back to being your own boss again: CAUSE.

If that’s not power, I don’t know what it.

And it’s really that simple.

The power of simplicity.


10 thoughts on “Power of simplicity

  1. Wow!!! Another example of what Scn actually is and can do. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this. Thanks to SL and Chris!!

  2. For the skeptics, just read the above! Then ‘skept’ no more! 😀

    Wonderful result, SL Great job done there, Chris !! 🙂

  3. Wow, SL. What a great win. And what a great statement of the nature of the subject of Scientology.
    As you said, it really is only a collection of tools which can be used to enhance life …or could be mis-used to suppress it. Fortunately, it is booby-trapped for those who would mis-use it. Those who would chose that path wind up smashing their thumbs with the hammer or worse!
    However, you have also found a master craftsman in Chris Black who really knows how to apply the Tech like a true artisan and does so. Great wins!

  4. Thanks, everyone. I would like to add that this is a case of applying the correct tech at the right time to the pc. Somewhere along our auditing, the pc came upscale in responsibility and originated he wanted to handle a long-standing out-ethics situation in his life on a couple of his dynamics. So, being at a flat point on his FPRD form, he did some conditions in the area with me helping or coaching as needed. As a result, well, his FPRD wins were multiplied and his life totally changed and his wins are reverberating throughout his life. It’s a case of auditing the pc in front of one and applying exact LRH C/S advices to get results for the pc. (This isn’t to say one switches rundowns or processes mid-session or mid-program, in violation of C/S Series 38R and 115; one just applies the right tech needed to resolve the case and get the case moving on the Bridge.)

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