A (translated) success from France:

“I just completed OT III. What an adventure ! Working on other dynamics, we go into a brand new order of magnitude.

“The trap is hard, vicious. And it’s a terrific release to go out of it.

“It’s a new feeling to become so much myself, with such a peaceful space, free of undesired interferences.

“It’s so good.

“I had chronic somatics, heavinesses, stiffnesses and they have disappeared.

“As a being, I will never be like before, and I have difficulties to remember my old beingness. I have crossed so big a step. No — a lot of steps . I feel like on the top of a very high building and I look at the humans emotions and reactions with stupefaction. I find them surprising, nearly understandable, sometimes funny. They are no more in my universe. Now, I can understand others, their so-complicated behaviors, but now all this stuff belongs to the past for me.

“All the counter intention that was restraining my self determinism is gone.

“I feel new, and I discover Life.

“It’s surprising.

“It’s a new game much more interesting than before.


5 thoughts on “So much myself

  1. This is a wonderful write up. OT III changed my entire existence at the core. Gone are things that previously swamped my beingness and what ensued is a basic calm that is unshakeable despite any circumstance.

    It’s very nice to see others have such wins as the one described here.

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