By Jim Logan

The game I want to look at is being played out today on the media stage and involves, broadly on one side, Dave’s Church of Scientology VERSUS Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, and their side including their media outlets and “team mates”, Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, among various other now “ex” Scientologists.

This game came to the fore some years back when Mark “Marty” Rathbun began a blog and concurrent with a series of articles published in the Tampa Bay Times, the Truth Rundown. I myself had an article published in that paper relating to the cycle involving my self and my now deceased ex-wife, Annie Tidman. I also participated heavily in posting on Marty’s blog for some years and was the subject of OSA sites calling me “bad” and other such activity on the part of the DM Church of Scientology side, in the game called then, “Independent Scientology” vs “Dave’s Church”.

I ceased posting in Marty’s blog in early 2013 when I observed that it was tending in a direction that was no longer following a purpose to handle the departures from Scientology that DM has carried on over some decades and when the blog began to cater to denunciation of Scientology and in particular it embarked on a course of blaming L. Ron Hubbard for things that were and are the responsibility of the actual players in the present game of DM’s CofS vs. M&M and the other now anti-Scientologists.

I am not anti Scientology, anti-Ron Hubbard, or anti-any other being that is honestly espousing the tenets and methods of Scientology. I’m not on the side of the anti-Scientologists. I am not either on Dave’s side. He falsely declared me an SP 23 years ago and has continued to mis-apply Scientology Technology and Policy in the cycle with he and me to this date with malice aforethought and afterwards, to boot.

I am a plain Scientologist, embracing and using to the best of my ability the incredibly workable applied religious philosophy that is Scientology as written and spoken by L. Ron Hubbard.

I continue to study and apply Scientology and have moved on the Bridge up through to Solo NOTs on the auditing side and well into the St. Hill Briefing Course with a full chronological study of all released tapes and materials including now up to the entire series of some 437 BC tapes with the accompanying HCOBs, all the while applying and auditing the materials of the Academy Levels up through and including the full, original pack of L. Ron Hubbard’s NED for OTs series of bulletins.

It is from this viewpoint that I am observing the destructive and fully dramatized game and GPM between Dave’s Church of Scientology versus Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder et al., the “ex” and “anti” Scientology camp as it has certainly turned out to become.

Presently, the organs for these two camps include Mike Rinder’s blog tied closely to one Tony Ortega’s vehemently anti-Scientology site and the Freedom Mag site for the DM side of the dramatizations.

Marty’s blog has long since died similar to the postulate he had for the Church of Scientology.

Today I read on Rinder’s blog of how bad the DM side is, including in that, generous slurs and chops of Ron Hubbard and Scientology as well as supplying the list of articles on the Freedom Mag site.

From Rinder’s blog I went to DM’s and watched a string of videos decrying the anti-Scientologists, including Rinder.

What is apparent when viewing BOTH sides of this game in wild dramo, is the lack of responsibility on either side, for the game (all members agreed at some point to similar goals and purposes, and the playing field, the football they are tossing around – Scientology) for the actions of each side in its own dishonesties, its rampant commissions and omissions against agreed upon codes of conduct, and denial of the initial CO-ACTION necessary as a prime condition for the now wanton perpetuation of destructive acts by one to the other and each to themselves. Both sides are egregiously false in their “reportage”.

The Terminals and Opposition Terminals, the valences locked in the problem over the goal and game, each solving the other with further lies, more overts piled on overts, withholds of conduct unbecoming, and neither applying any of the actual materials of Scientology so they can’t get out of the obsessive games condition and on it goes and goes and goes.

What I find tragic is that the fundamentals of what these beings are locked up in, the persistent, timeless and floating problems and the solidity they build on day by day, is something addressed, defined and delineated with an effective actual resolution, in the very materials they are, both sides, busy trashing in righteous rightness, and if one views it objectively, a marked similarity of dripping sarcastic lying, one to the other and each to themselves.

Scientology will persist after all of this theater of these valences because it is true.

There are enough beings that see that truth and reach and learn and apply the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard to make it available to all these “players”, eventually.

They’ll live more lives.

Someday they’ll forget enough to approach a Scientologist and ask “what is Scientology?” and because of actual Scientologists and Scientology, they’ll have a chance to find their basic agreements to co-action with the subject, their very own violations of those agreements, their very own overts, and thanks to that Scientologist, they’ll have another chance at the freedom that exists with this subject.

The aims of Scientology include a better game for one and all. It sure would be better than the one these two groups of individuals are playing now, methinks.

I am and have continued to be an infinite individuality, further and further along the road to truth, less alloyed by valences, myself and remain a dedicated, educated, practicing Scientologist.

My “experiment” with bypassing the broken lines, from either or both or the “co-terminal” that these two sides have inevitably become, has been wonderfully successful. I’m not a player in their shared Goals Problematic Massy game.

As this whole topic of Goals Problem Mass is not well understood, I wanted to include the exact LRH references and information on this subject:


The component parts of a game, that of one side versus another with a goal, a purpose in playing the game and the members of one side of the game playing against another, in an agreed upon situation, are the basic components of the core of the reactive, stimulus-response, obsessive and irrational mind that Ron Hubbard exposed in the study of the GPM.


“The entire secret of all overt-withhold mechanisms is valences.”

“If the preclear were in no valence, but was himself completely, he would have a perfect test response and would be wholly Clear. In this statement we have one of the background structure points of Scientology.” The Basic Assumptions of Scientology Versus Overts, HCOB 9 June 1960.

In a game, one assumes a category of beingness that is opposed to the other half of the game, the other side, the opposite member(s) of the game, in agreement with them as to the nature of the game itself, which is a fundamental agreement enabling the playing of the game in the first place.


“A valence is a synthetic beingness, at best, or it is a beingness that the pc is not but is pretending to be or thinks he is.”

“A person is himself or in a valence. You see, it’s one or the other. He is either himself or in a valence.”

“Valences are calculated to do something. They are calculated to solve a problem. And every valence picked up is solution to a problem.”

“So therefore, you can say, if you’ll excuse my rough talk, that these identities as they are passed by on the track are old antiquated solutions to confusions. They’re antiquated solutions to confusions.”

“Now, any pc is being dominantly, at any given time, one valence, but may be tortured or upset by other valences which are the – only the concern of the valence he is being.” Rudiments, Valences, tape of 17 Aug 1961, SHSBC.

“An item or identity the pc has actually been sometime in the past (or present) is called a TERMINAL.”

“An item or identity the pc has actually opposed (fought, been an enemy of) sometime in the past (or present) is called an OPPOSITION TERMINAL.” HCOB 17 Jan 1962, Issue II, Responsibility Again.


“The goal has been balked for eons by opposing forces. The goal pointed one way, the opposing forces point exactly opposite and against it.

“If you took two fire hoses and pointed them at each other, their streams would not reach each other’s nozzles, but would splatter against one another in midair. If this splatter were to hang there, it would be a ball of messed-up water. Call Hose A the force the pc has used to execute his goal. Call Hose B the force other dynamics have used to oppose that goal. Where these two forces have perpetually met, a mental mass is created.

“This is the picture of any problem-force opposing force with resultant mass.

“Where the pc’s goal meets constant opposition, you have in the reactive mind the resultant mass caused by the two forces-goal = force of getting it done, opposition = force opposing it getting done.

“This is the Goal Problem Mass. When contacted it raises the tone arm and sticks the needle.” HCOB 20 Nov 1961, Routine 3D.

“The common denominator of the Goals Problem Mass is “no responsibility. This is the end product that continues any circuit or valence.

“This is a deterioration of pan-determinism over a game into “no responsibility,” as follows:

“No Previous or Current Contact = No responsibility or liability.

Pan-Determinism = Full responsibility for both sides of game.

Other-Determinism = No responsibility for other side of game.

Self-Determinism = Full responsibility for self, no responsibility for other side of game.

Valence (Circuit) = No responsibility for the game, for either side of the game or for a former self.

“The Goals Problem Mass is made up of past selves or “valences,” each one grouped and more or less in a group.

“Therefore, the characteristic of the part (the valence) is the characteristic of the whole, the collection of valences known as the Goals Problem Mass.

“The way a being is hung with persistent masses is the mechanism of getting him to believe certain things are undesirable. These he cannot then have. He can only combat them or ignore them. Either way they are not as-ised. Thus, they persist.

“Only undesirable characteristics tend to persist. Therefore, the least desirable valences or traits of valences persist.

 “The way not to have is to ignore or combat or withdraw from. These three, ignoring or combating or withdrawing, sum up to no having. They also sum up to no responsibility for such things.

“Thus, we can define responsibility as the concept of being able to care for, to reach or to be. To be responsible for something one does not actually have to care for it or reach it or be it. One only needs to believe or know that he has the ability to care for it, reach it or be it. “Care for it” is a broader concept than, but similar to, start, change or stop it. It includes guard it, help it, like it, be interested in it, etc.

“When one has done these things and then had failures through overts and withholds, one cycles down through compulsive and obsessive care, reach and be, and inverts to withdraw from, combat or ignore. Along with ignore goes forgetting or occlusion. Thus, a person has occlusion on past valences, and past lives go out of sight. These return to memory only when one has regained the concept that they can be reached or that one dares be them again or that one can care for them.

“Herein is the cause and remedy of whole track occlusion.” HCOB 17 Jan 1962, Issue II, Responsibility Again.


Again, thank you L. Ron Hubbard for all of your work and an incredible legacy of freedom for all who care to reach and work for it.

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  1. Let me tell you about a man named Saul.

    Many years ago, the “high priests” of Judaism had difficulty with apostates. Saul was the Inspector General for Ethics for the Pharisees, so it was his responsibility to hunt down these “squirrels” and handle them.

    It was difficult for Saul because the apostates were smart and remained in the shadows. They met and communicated in secret.

    Then one day, on the way to Damascus to hunt down some squirrels, Saul had a big cognition. Instead of going town to town looking for apostates, he could have the apostates all report directly to him.

    Saul changed his name to Paul and claimed he had seen the errors of his ways. He was now an apostate, too, he said. Paul started a blog and all of the apostates registered with him. Their IP addresses were recorded (courtesy of WordPress) and their identities discovered.

    Saul-turned-Paul not only infiltrated the “Independent” movement, but he ended up taking over as its leader. To this day, the original Saul-turned-Paul’s letters are more revered than the founder of the movement.

    • I should add that I’m not anti-Marty or anti-Dave.

      I believe people are basically good. I’m sure they have their reasons why they do what do. They probably think they are saving Scientology somehow. (Same for Mike, Chuck, Tory, et. al.)

      The fact is, Scientology is cool without the reverse vector flow fireworks. (I first discovered Milestone Two from an article by Marty disparaging the group. I rushed over to Milestone Two because the dichotomy suggested that the opposing terminal to Marty must be really good.)

      I think one of the problems is that as Scientologists go up the Bridge or go deeper into their study, they tend to forget how even a small amount of low-gradient Scientology can mean the world to a brand new person.

      As for games, GPMs and dichomtomies, Scientology is worthwhile regardless who appears to be opposing it.

      • Jonathon,
        As you mention, the “reasons why they do what they do”, that is what is so penetrating about this material on GPMs. It’s about the mechanisms of snapping into a Terminal and obsessively playing this game against some foe. The valence/terminal one snaps in to and identifies thereafter with, has “now-I’m-supposed-to” oppose such and such as part of the whole goal of the game.

        None of these valences, on either side are the actual being. If you recall the PDC theory of the generation of energy, you need two terminals AND a base. In a GPM you have the actual being and two terminals opposed. Freeing the actual being from this locked-up problem related to a goal, noble or otherwise, frees up all this obsessive “must/can’t” and leaves the assumed to be basically good thetan.

        It is my own truth that beings are basically good, too. Valences are the keys to clearing away the “dust” that has accumulated and coagulated into these masses that have overwhelmed the power of choice of those basically good thetans.

    • I like your analogy. So true that evangelicals are followers of Paul, as are most Christian church-goers. The fact that there are absolutely NO written records/words from worshiped Jesus is perhaps the biggest outpoint of all. Omitted data? Wrong Source? Dropped Out Time? Altered Importance? (and more, I’m sure)

      Sourced Lao Tzu and Buddha has been much muddled and alter-ised. Why should we expect less counter-intention to LRH?

      Fortunately, we do have original LRH data. Perhaps in the long run, that is what will make the big difference.

      This planet! And as Jim has outlined, the little understood GPM’s that dictate our society are an influence that only be dispelled by many individuals over time promoting the road to truth.

      I like to think that Ron knew all of what I am saying by reason of hindsight and had set a impetus in motion that would knowlingly defeat a MissCabage.

      We’ll see. Huh!

      • Actually the way to “defeat MisCabage” or anyone else who strays off policy and starts altering the Tech has been long since covered in Policy.

        Ron knew what would happen if *we* allowed something this to happen. This is covered in various earlier lectures such as the PDC, the Phoenix Lectures and the Spirit of Man Congress to name a few and various DABs,PABs, Op Bulls, HCOB/PLs REDs etc.

        In fact there are two instances when the Organization was seized right from under the Ol’man. The first time was the original HDRF in Elizabeth followed by the one in Wichita.

        What did he do?

        He appropriately went to Phoenix and resurrected Scientology from the ashes created by Winter and later Purcell.

        Here we have a different situation where the Church of (the) Scientology (Religion) has been seized and granted false legitimacy by the Government as Ron predicted would happen back in 1963 in the policy Politics Freedom From.

        Mostly what it does like other Tax Free foundations like say the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Human Ecology Fund etc. is go after for donations from the elite and elitists.

  2. Great analysis, Jim. And fantastic LRH quotes, which define the basic mechanisms in play. This describes the anatomy of the conflicts and antagonisms one can get submersed in, but it’
    s entirely unnecessary, especially when one understands it. I will continue to audit, train and CS daily, happily, instead.

  3. Great post – summed up thoroughly in Scientology terms. I’ll venture to put it into other terms, from my current understanding of data of (more or less) comparable magnitude: Both sides of the GPM are acting out their karma and being their egos instead of their true beingness, which they have lost the knowingness of.

    • I’ll join your venture into other terms. Karma is variously understood by various religious philosophies. The basic meaning of the word is “act/do” and embraces action in all respects. Acting out the ego’s purposes, one runs into life’s problems and chooses an act to resolve them. That act is “good” or “bad” depending on the viewpoints involved. Those “views” as they are referred to in Buddhism say, are part of the groups of things that accumulate and make up the “mind”. Separating the being from the mind is the aim.

      Separating the being from the mind is the tricky bit. How did the being get stuck in the “view” and thereafter resolves his problems with actions that cause a persistence of the problem?

      Not until the work done to uncover the mechanisms of the Goal, the Problems and the accumulated Mass has there existed a workable way through that maze built up over ages and ages by the being.

      Part of that technology includes freeing the person up from their acts. The key to that is contained in the theory of the tape I’ve referred to, Moral Codes: What is a Withhold?. Getting the initial co-action, the initial mutual action, the co-survival with others is essential. There had to be prior ARC to have the later ARCX. The ARCX persisting is based on the truth of the primary ARC.

      • P.S. Marildi, the primary ARC involves identifying with the others in the beingness of “group member” as part of carrying out the original mutually agreed upon co-action. Following that initial mutual action, co-survival, one violates that agreement somehow or other. Since they have identified with the group and are being it, they have now done something to harm “themselves”. That causes suffering. It’s “instant karma”. Denying that act as being a violation of the original agreements, one denies themselves and their primary postulate and you’ve got a postulate with its counter-postulate and a problem. It persists.

        Karma is explained fully in Scientology. One can as-is the mechanics and free oneself . Cleaning the “ledger” so to speak. The HCOB Clean Hands Make a Happy Life from 5 Oct 61along with the materials of the Clean Hands Congress from late Dec 61 into early Jan 62, go over this as well as the tape Moral Codes: What is a Withhold?

        • One last thought on this; the scale referred to in the Opening Piece mentions “no contact” at the top. Going forward to “contact” entails some sort of agreement, recognition of beingness, communication, affinity. When one comes to a game and the GPM starts to form up, there is agreement by both sides that is initial ARC. They have to agree there is a goal to either achieve or oppose. ARC precedes the eventual bitter fighting.

          • Jim, thanks for all your thoughts. I really appreciate you sharing them.

            An LRH reference you reminded me gives another good way to understand that karma is action. And, to me, it refers to the most basic “group member” – i.e. a member of the 7th dynamic “group” of beings. I think it’s also a reference for “Oneness.” From Scientology 8-80 (note: I’ve put in all caps the words that were in italics in the book):

            “One believes he can use ANY facsimile he has ever received. He has been hurt. He uses the facsimile of being hurt to hurt another. But since one survives as well as everything else survives, to hurt another is WRONG. One REGRETS the injury, seeking to turn back time (which IS regret). Thus the facsimile he used becomes interlocked with his facsimile of trying to use it and both facsimiles ‘hang up’ and travel with present time. One even gets the PAIN he seeks to inflict on another, this being the action against him of the facsimile he sought to give, by action, to another. It startles the preclear, when run through a boyhood fight, wherein he hit another boy in the eye, to feel the pain in his OWN eye at the instant of the blow. And so it is with ALL inflicted injuries.” (Scientology 8-80)

  4. Excellent article and explanation Jim.

    I recently had the opportunity to meet an old Scientology friend of mine, just discovering the mess, that is the Church and its “apostates”. He trained on the 1978 checksheets and I told him he should just brush up and start auditing, he has a good little group there, and some of them have problems Scientology could really help with.

    He said to me, “wouldnt that be squirrelling”. At the time, I just felt sad he should feel that way, and later it struck me, and I remembered KSW 1, that it is up to each of us to apply the 10 points and that includes, “Knowing the Tech” and “Applying the Technology.” Probably the most read of every Policy Letter, and yet here was a Scientologist afraid to apply it because it would be “squirrelling”,, and it occurred to me just what a complete mind f—-k dave with his rtc scumbags has pulled off. He will come around, I will see to that!

    Thanks for keeping it alive Jim!!

    • I also find it incredible that the definition of the term “squirrel” has been redefined to be anyone who is using Scientology outside of the perimeter of the C of S. I have been told I am squirrel simply due to the fact that I have continued to train and audit. Just the idea of applying LRH tech without the “oversight” or permission of the C of S is deemed wrong, evil, etc.

      Fascinating as it is so different from the LRH definition and his original intention on the use of Scientology in society.

      • Exactly Lana. I believe LRH writes about redefining words as a part of infiltration by enemy forces to overwhelm the opposing group. I havent read the issue in years, but it seems that is one of the counter activities those wanting to practice Scn are hitting up against, courtesy of dave and his rtc goons.

        • Dave is overwhelmed and stuck in valences “for and agin” sundry others in the obsessive game of “save the world even if I have to wipe them out” or some such. He is dramatizing. As are the “rtc goons”.

          Funny enough, the other side has some kind of similar game “to save the world” only they think they are the ones really saving the world by wiping out the other side saving the world.

          Neither side can see the mechanisms at work. Both sides dug in in this obsessive “must/can’t” games condition, piling up more destructive acts as solutions to the problem they both are creating.

          Both sides preventing the actual resolution now sunk to the bottom of the scale and valence with no responsibility for their acts as they tumble further in to the mass and solidify in the identities.

          For how long? Till they can again allow themselves the help that will dig them out of this which they currently are committing continuous present time destruction towards and can’t be effect of that “help” as they can’t be effect of anything in this obsessive game.

          Such a shame, when the answers are sitting right there.

          • “save the world even if I have to wipe them out”

            Thats my take on it to Jim, with both sides. But in the meantime there are people who need, but cannot access, the benefits Scientology can offer, including people I care about, when in actual fact, according to policy, it should be very easy just to train and audit those people.

            • No doubt the current situation makes it harder to get some real Scientology for many.

              I have answered this myself with the bypass of these broken lines and getting on with my own study/training and using what I know as I increase my knowledge and skills.

              It’s not the Ideal Scene 4a, but we can still do something effective to help those that reach and let others know we’re here to be reached.

    • 4a:

      What a shame that someone would imagine the application of LRH tech standardly to be “squirrelling”. For the record, his group would not be a squirrel group, but a “splinter group”, an entirely different thing. And the exact application of Standard LRH Tech in the proper context is the most important activity of all, Church, no Church or otherwise. Let the “authorities” rumble and howl. We can do ten times the amount of good per unit time with Ron’s Tech than they can, jabbering about how out-ethics we are.


      • “What a shame that someone would imagine the application of LRH tech standardly to be “squirrelling”.

        Yeh Paul, thats what saddened me, until I realised it was a violation of KSW as Ron meant it to be, then I just got POd

  5. The data on GPMs definitely does apply to the current organizational scene.

    Another one is the data on the prior confusion as covered in the Problems Intensive and of course the 3rd D engram.

    Personally I think the Organization itself never recovered from the whole GO debacle back in the late 70’s and early 80’s which led to a trail of arbitraries and the eventual perversion of the Tech and alteration of Policy spearheaded by the new Junta ironically led by Rathbun and Rinder who flowed power to their current nemesis Miscavige.

    Better then his latter “awakening” when Rathbun gained the acclaim of being the “Martin Luther” of Scientology for the “Truth” Rundown series is a earlier piece by the same paper entitled “The Man Behind Scientology” where both Marty and Mike attempt to obsequiously cover up and white wash Miscavige’s incompetence as the undisputed “leader” of Scientology.

    In there anyone can plainly see how much they were both willing to compromise their integrity.

    Too bad I was unwilling to see it then but can plainly see it now in 20/20 hind sight.

    Fortunately now as Ron mentions in RJ 39 we now have the advantage of “wide angle rear mirrors”.

    As far as I’m concerned Rathbun and Rinder like Miscavige have always in someway either as witting or unwitting agents of influence have always been seeking to undermine Scientology in some way.

    They are just currently being more overt about it.

    Particularly Miscavige who would have long since would have been named as an interested party if the actual Ethics and Justice Codes still applied.

    Ah well.

    We still have the Technology the hard part as Ron says. Now it is up to us to apply it.

    Guys like Marty, Mike and Dave are just proverbial dogs Ron discusses in RJ 67.

    Where they are going to is someplace very bad. A place that would make the concept of Hell seem like paradise.

    • Robin,
      One of the interesting bits I came across on the Freedom Mag site was on Alex Gibney’s father, Frank. That leads to Operation Mockingbird, the CIA and disinformation/propaganda in the whole game of espionage/counter-espionage with its dizzying array of GPM phenomena and the background of what has been going on on earth that LRH and Scientology came up in the middle of and was in the cross-hairs of both sides of that GPM dramatized. (Whew, that was a long sentence!)

      • Thanx for that interesting skinny. Didn’t know that about Gibney’s filial connection but kinda suspected of being a Mocking Bird op after his hit piece on Wikileaks.

        Tony’s another interesting character who has left a wake of destruction of various Alternative news sources such as New Times, then Norman Mailer’s flag ship Alt Village Voice which hit rock bottom in credibility under Ortega followed by Raw Story which pretty much has become the National Inquirer of the Alternative Press before moving on to promote his fictional account of Paulette Cooper entitled “Miss Lovely”.

        Another player is Larry Wright who’s “book” the Looming Tower is pretty much a faithful plagiarization of the much discredited 911 Commission Report.

        Yet they call this hack a “investigative journalist”.

        Hard to figure out why Marty and Mike are enthralled by these cats unless it’s the low IQ and self importance Ron discusses in KSW.

        Then again if one reads Marty’s self published semi-autobiographical screed there seems to be some questionable connections relating to the death of his brother and his mother ending up in the tender hands of Psychiatrists.

        Of the two. It seems that Mike is the “weaker valance” (Ron discusses in various HCOBs on R2-10/12) with Miscavige playing the role of “detested terminal”.

        An interesting observation while I was on Marty’s and later Mike’s board is that they both became as didactic and dictatorial as they both claim Miscavige is.

        In fact if one doesn’t adhere to the party line over there of Miscavige being the who and why by dare saying conspiracy one is pretty much accused of being an OSA op and ejected from the group as I was.

        Anyway I consider being thrown off Marty’s blog to be a badge of honor 🙂

        Ironically it proved to me that they are not totally averse to conspiracy theories. As long as they endorse them.

        But yes as Ron has said many times in one way or another that we have walked in the middle of a raging GPM.

        Thus it seems that the only option for us is to get above the influence of what is called the R6 Bank.

        Aside from all the excellent information that you’ve posted here is also another issue that is very applicable as well and also explains the antagonism against Scientology and that is the Nature of the Formation of the GPM.

        • Because of the nature of the GPM, those hung in these things easily shift back and forth among the various terminals/opposition terminals and it is hard to tell who is who as they seem to mimic each the other.

          The Freedom Mag videos are narrated with a sneering sarcasm that is the stock in trade of the tone of Rinder’s blog for example.

          It’s hard to tell these tabby cats apart as they scream and wrestle in this fight and appear as a blob of striped orange.

          Another similarity is the ostracizing of those who don’t toady-the-line.

          They are caught up in this bank, viewing FROM, not AT these valences.

          You’ve got Saint Dave as a synthetic valence portrayed and vouched for by minions resident at the improbable “worker’s paradise” in some sort of Marxian dream land which makes no sense, unless you are looking at GPMs and the dramatization of terminals vs opp terminals.

          Then you’ve got guys who helped set him up on this throne in the Marxist Vatican now just as saintly in their crusade to save us from the “bubble” and return to the “real world”.

          Ensnaggled in a game they won’t escape lest some honest looking at, not from these valences.

          • Jimmy,

            I think you’ve nailed it there 😉

            “Marxist Vatican”.

            Now that’s purdy funny 🙂

            There was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on about M&M. I thought they were somewhat Jacobin but Marxist seems to fit much better like:

            Scientologists of the world unite!

            You have nothing to lose but your chains 🙂

            Of course after the revolution we’d have Commissar Mike or Marty instead of Dave.

            • Dialectical Materialism IS a GPM.

              I wouldn’t venture to say what the GPM items are in the current dramo with this game I’ve observed. It is plainly evident it is that dramo, but who knows what it has as its parts.

              My comment on “save the world even if I have to wipe them all out” is just a comment.

              None of these beings playing this tired old game are the valences they identify with.

              Sooner or later, they will discover that because there are other beings who have and will be there to help, if they can reach and accept that help.

              • Also you are dealing with the fact that the media likes to play the false dialectic (or as we call it GPM) known as “controversy”.

                Both Marty and Mike play right into this by being opposed to Miscavige.

                Also by acting as “whistle blowers” they tend to as they say “muddy the field”.

                Notice in the beginning about the time we were there they were saying that Miscavige was the cause of the Organizational decline.

                Now they are saying that Miscavige is only following in the Ol’man’s footsteps.

                Ironically this is the same line that OSA’s sock puppets are using when they infiltrate the various blogs and discussion boards.

                As far as becoming aware of their actions. I see them as both being as incorrigible as say Mayo, Robertson, Horner et al.

                Though I could be wrong.

    • Interesting comment. I agree that the Church never recovered fully from the GO debacle but I also think that since M&M have been thrown out we have seen more tech coming out. I am agnostic about DM, I only look at statistics as the old man said and on that count I see that the tech has become more and more available after M&M have gone.

      Isn’t that interesting that after M&M no longer suppressing the lines all the congresses, basics and ACCs got released? For those “old timers” like me, this has been a dream come true.

      Let’s face it, the GO was infiltrated. LRH disbanded it, the enemy “lost their agents”. New agents had to be put in place.

      Marty Rathbun has all the characteristics of an agent provocateur.

      Just read the latest articles Marty wrote using psych language and quoting psychiatrists.

      • Hi Bob,

        Interesting response.

        True the GO was infiltrated but so were other sectors of Scientology and by the way Ron never disbanded the GO.

        If he did the he would have cancelled HCOPL March 1 1966 The Guardian which he never did. Nor would he have included it as part of the Exec Strata.

        As far as “new tech”. Yes there has been quite a bit of that as far as post humous alterations such as the Life “Improvement” Course plus other BOTWO issues and various BTBs and BPLs magically transmuted to HCOBs and HCOPLs followed by the biggest alteration of all known as the “Golden Age of Tech”.

        Also I wouldn’t call various early lectures that did exist earlier as Reel to Reel and in some cases Cassette format that were basically repackaged under some catchy name as the “Golden Age of Knowledge” as “new tech”.

        Not to mention all deletions or redactions in this so called “new tech”.

        Anyway just because Rathbun and Rinder have left doesn’t mean the suppression has stopped. As far as I see it has continued unabated.

        • Robin,
          Your knowledge of what LRH did in response to the GO debacle is, let me say, with all due respect mind you, limited.

          He recognized the departures from the ideal scene relative to the operations of the GO and also was keenly aware of the need of a handling.

          The forward progress of the Technology in application outweighs the importance of any other consideration. Including the GO if it has flubbed the dub to the point of unsalvageable in the circumstances.

            • I’m saying you don’t have all the background data to the situation.

              LRH didn’t write bulletins, policies or EDs on every thing that occurred in the day to day operation of Scientology. He wrote dispatches, telexes, orders, Evals and just plain communication on things that aren’t and were never intended as Tech or Policy.

              These don’t constitute “hidden data lines” since they were never intended as part of the body of work that is described in issued Bulletins and Policy Letters, or LRH EDs (which as you know also have a “time limit” on them, by Policy).

              Don’t be affronted by the fact you have omitted data on what went on behind the scenes in the operation of the various areas. You don’t know what LRH said or did in terms of the resolution of the situation as regards the GO in terms of specifics.

              What is plainly obvious is that he was there when it was disbanded and that isn’t any sort of “hidden data”.

              • Robin, you said: “by the way Ron never disbanded the GO.
                If he did the he would have cancelled HCOPL March 1 1966 The Guardian…”

                This is your opinion. You don’t know what LRH said or did about the handling of the GO debacle as an “operational” fact. He didn’t cancel the policy but that doesn’t mean he didn’t take effective action to deal with the situation that arose by departures from that policy.

                You’ve concluded that because he didn’t cancel a PL specifically that this means he didn’t issue orders to handle the situation, including “disbanding” the GO at that time. This is your opinion and conclusion.

              • Jim,

                You know as well as I do that Policies are only canceled by Policy as per HCOPLs Policy; Source of, Seniority of Orders, Issues Types of etc.

                Thus it doesn’t matter what “dispatches, telexes, orders, Evals” were written. They can not cancel or for that matter alter anything established by policy.

                Also Ron may have “been there” but he was always actively on lines.

                In fact from what little I know about MAC. It seems that Broeker and Miscavige’s real mission was to keep the Ol’man off lines and out of the loop as much as possible on what was going on Organizationally.

                I personally doubt that Ron would have supported or approved of the heavy handed tactics in violation of his policy Ethics and Franchise used against the Mission Holders. Despite what Rinder or Rathbun say.

                Just as I don’t believe he would have abolished the GO without issuing a policy cancelling HCOPL March 1 1966.

                Nor would have he included it the Management Overhaul as per the following:


                Increased activity requires increased management.

                Positioned above existing Flag Management orgs, a new
                Executive Strata is being formed on Flag called the
                International Management Committee. These executives are
                individually responsible for each of the standard functions
                which make organizations really operate and expand.

                The Guardian Office has achieved the support of two new
                management committees: the Controller Committee and the
                Guardian Committee, formed to assist the Controller and

                None of this reorganization changes any existing terminals,
                lines or issues. It just makes certain the job gets done
                expertly and smoothly and that full management does occur.

                The Flag Operations Liaison Offices on every continent are
                getting full attention and back-up.

                At org level, the new post of Service Product Officer is
                going in smoothly to make sure that good and plentiful
                service occurs.

                From RJ 31.

                Ron was not the type of guy who would throw the baby out with the bath water.

                Especially since he praised the GO to the rafters in RJ 28.

                (If you don’t have a copy of the lecture I’ll be happy to send it to you.)

                So yes I don’t know what Ron personally had to say about the GO via various dispatches telexes and evals but I do know that if he wanted to abolish GO he would have applied Standard Policy.

                • By the way that is not just my “opinion” but stated in policy:

                  HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
                  HCO POLICY LETTER OF 9 AUGUST 1972
                  SENIORITY OF ORDERS
                  No Aides Order or Flag Bureaux Data Letter or Executive Directive, Direc- tive or Base Order of any type or kind, written or verbal, may alter or cancel any policy letter or HCOB. These remain senior.
                  HCO Policy Letters are senior in admin. HCO Bulletins are senior to all other orders in tech.
                  Only Policy Letters may revise or cancel Policy Letters. Only HCOBs may revise or cancel HCOBs.
                  No Aides Order or other directive or order may abolish a network or org or change the form of an org.
                  HCO PLs and HCOBs require passing by LRH or the full authority of Inter- national Board members as well as the Authority and Verification Unit.
                  Telexes which inform orgs or executives of modifications or cancellations of HCO PLs or HCOBs must quote the revision HCO PL or HCOB, and the revision must in fact exist and itself be issued and follow.
                  Any practice by which junior issues such as directives abolish networks or make off-policy changes can only result in the destruction of networks, orgs and tech.
                  This is therefore a HIGH CRIME policy letter and it is an offense both to follow or obey or issue any verbal or written order or directive which is contrary to or changes or “abolishes” anything set up in HCO Policy Letters or HCOBs, including the downgrade of “that’s out-of-date” or “that’s been cancelled” with- out showing the HCO PL or HCOB which revises or cancels.
                  HCO PLs and HCOBs are proven by time and are the senior data on which we operate.
                  L. RON HUBBARD Founder

                  • It is your opinion. You have a right to it of course and it is based on the data you personally have and compute with. If your computation is missing data, then it’s possible you have a mistaken conclusion.

                    That LRH didn’t cancel the The Guardian PL doesn’t then mean he didn’t order the Guardian’s Office at that time, disbanded. One doesn’t follow the other.

                    Your opinion is he didn’t participate in the decisions as to how to handle the debacle that was the circumstance. OK. That is your opinion.

                    • Jim,

                      If Ron had personally ordered the destruction of the GO.

                      Don’t you think that at least one order or directive would have leaked on to the Internet?

                      So far all I’ve seen in writing are various artifacts written by former execs that I give very little credence to. Such as the ones currently under discussion in your post.

                      To quote Ron from the HCOPL Hidden Data Line:

                      In Scientology we say “If it isn’t written it isn’t true”. That applies to orders. Somebody says “Ron said to . . .” and on a veteran staff you hear the rejoinder “Let’s see it”. I’ve had raw meat walk into an org and say “Ron said I was to have 25 hours of auditing”. And in the raw meat days of orgs, they sometimes were given it. So we have learned the hard way-“If it isn’t written it wasn’t said”.
                      And that applies to anybody’s orders, not just mine.
                      And on tech and policy, it’s equally true. If it isn’t in an HCOB or an HCO Pol Ltr or recorded on a tape in my voice, it isn’t tech or policy.

                    • RV,
                      This article was about GPMs being dramatized. It was about Jim’s observations in this regard.
                      Your comments are now entering in conjecture that LRH did not know about the disbanding of the GO until after the fact, along with a bunch of opinion and misinformation that is not adding to this conversation, or enhancing it.
                      Why on earth is a debate being started about supposed hidden data lines and more, which has nothing to do with this post?
                      Nope — please stop derailing the conversation. You are on notice from the moderator.

                • “he would have applied Standard Policy.”

                  That’s exactly what happened. With the exception that the full running of the 3D engram as per the policy on full disclosure to the group following Urgent Directives wasn’t carried out to EP.

                  That is something I hope to see happen some day to complete this cycle.

                  As to Ron’s willingness to toss out any policy if it got int the road of service with good Tech, you know that he would and did do just that and said so in “Standard Policy” as you have termed it.

                  From the get go and at any time and throughout the importance is delivery of the Technology. The GO, the Sea Org, RTC, CSI, any Office, and Department any post, any policy is subservient to that purpose.

                  None of these organizations, including the GO, are “co-terminal” with Scientology. Policy exists to provide a means to deliver Tech and forms an agreement among individuals as to how to carry out the Senior Policy of deliver the Tech.

                  • That is not what happened. According to the existing records.

                    If you read Miscavige’s 2/17/ 94 affidavit or his comments in St. Petersburg Times NKA Tampa Bay Times article The Man Behind Scientology.

                    As far as I can see it was presented as a fait accompli to Ron six months after the fact.

                    I’m sure if Ron had been directly responsible for abolishing the GO he would have followed all the steps given in HCOPL 31 October 1966 AKH 11 as follows:

                    There are three steps necessary on the part of a senior executive who discovers a situation which may be disastrous to the org.

                    The Executive’s actions are as follows:
                    I . 2. 3.

                    Issue orders of a remedying or preventive nature instantly by directive, to remain in effect until all data is in. This is called an Urgent Directive.

                    Appoint a Board of Investigation to investigate the matter, with orders to investigate fully and couch findings in terms of a directive or policy for issue.

                    Pass or modify the Board’s findings as orders to supplant the Urgent Directive issued as I above. This is called the Final Directive or Policy.

                    And yeah sure we both know that Ron would have tossed out any Policy if it got in the way of service by doing it the way he’d always done in the past by canceling it per policy.

                    To say that he’d do it otherwise only promotes the idea that violating policy and tech is okay as long as it serves a greater purpose or that the ends justify the means which is exactly what the GO were accused of doing.

                    And is why people like Miscavige get away with what they get away with and how squirrels justify altering tech IMHO.

                    • OK. I understand your viewpoint. I’m not continuing this side thread with you. I don’t want to play this old game, Robin.

        • I hear you but LRH talks about the GO being infiltrated in RJ 38 and the last time I checked the new OEC volumes don’t have
          any Guardian Order.

          • Bob,
            If the new OEC’s don’t have the Guardian’s Office policies and they don’t have another LRH authored policy cancelling them, or they don’t follow the LRH authored policy regarding issues changed, then that doesn’t fly either.

            The Guardian is a valid reference until L. Ron Hubbard cancels or changes it.

            I surely don’t consider that policy as any “reason why” others went off the farm and broke laws in a mistaken identity with the other side of that particular game. That too is a manifestation of the topic at hand and simply burying it or in the case you suggest, omit the policy in the OEC doesn’t as-is squat.

            You are a Scientologist – if you’ve been on staff at some point then maybe you had the chance to study the materials on policy changes including HCOPL 4 Mar 65RA, Issue II, Technical and Policy Distribution:

            “The thing to guard against in releasing teaching and admin policy letters is the change factor. Teaching and admin evolved with our formative years. Thus, patterns and policies, like our tech, grew better. Growing better, some of it became obsolete.

            “When rereleasing an old policy letter, always blue pencil out everything gone old and contradicted by later policy letters. You can still salvage a lot that still applies-a surprising amount. But try to cut out the contradictions with our modern policy where they exist. After all, we were children when we first tackled teaching and admin. As we grew, we became wiser. But even our admin childhood has wisdom in it and in some places even more fire and interest.”

            See what I mean? I hope so and if not maybe we can continue the dialog. That would be a good thing.

        • RV, I was talking about the lectures made available, when M&M were there it wasn’t, immediately after they got out the tech was out. To me the date coincidence is uncanny. What is happening now in the Church I don’t know and as I said I am agnostic on it, I only judge based on statistics and not rumors. The bulk of the
          ACC were not repackaged, only a few were available, more than 90% was released for the first time. We are talking almost a thousands lectures that had never seen the light of day.

          • Bob,
            Releasing the materials is without question a huge thing and there is also no question the DM got it done.

            That isn’t the whole story of the real, no puffing up, statistics of the Church and there are other facts to consider, not rumors.

            Truth is the exact time, place, form, event. Not colored by valences and wistful thinking.

            • I should add to this comment that there were and are many others that worked incredibly hard to see those tapes released. All of these people have accomplished something vital for all of our futures.

              It was LRH’s postulate and intention to have available the entire work. That intention carried through and I am grateful to all of those who saw it to a completed fact.

      • Bob,
        I couldn’t agree more that the release of the full list of tapes has been one of the most important cycles to occur in the progress of Dianetics and Scientology. I personally took advantage of this benefit and have studied these lectures fully, in chronological order up to now, 1962. These tapes are the full line of research and development of this subject and if studied with some experience under one’s belt, lay the entire thing out and really do constitute the “other half” of the full Bridge. The accomplishment of this very real man, L. Ron Hubbard with this work is what it purports to be, and more.

        I also agree that seeing how things have turned with various individuals, the penny has dropped as to the difficulty of working with these people previously at the Int Base and subsequently “out here”.

        I have also experienced working with the other fellas, in particular, Dave Miscavige and have witnessed for myself some of his propensities and blind spots, both at the Int Base and subsequently “out here”.

        Having now studied the OEC/FEBC, albeit a while back, and at this point trained and audited on the Academy Levels previous to the full BC as a complete chrono study of the materials, as well as honestly attained the gains up to Solo NOTs, and with the above experience with both sides of the current game I’m describing in this article, I have come to a clearer view of things.

        This currently dramatized GPM can be resolved. David Miscavige is in the best position to resolve it and can unbalance the problem. But he’ll have to have some help gaining a Pan Determined look and gain the view AT these valences locked in this dispute, not FROM one side of an ongoing battle.

        Personally, and sincerely, for the aims of Scientology all of us have agreed to, I think it would be a good idea for Dave to take the initiative in beginning the healing process, the dissolution and as-ising of the problem.

        I am not stuck in this game/GPM. I’m not looking from a valence with a vested interest in carrying on this dramatization. Maybe Dave will recognize that and let down his guard and accept some help at this time.

        • Exactly. It isn’t the lectures’ fault that Miscavige and Rathbun are attempting to ruin Scientology for everyone.

          I’ve only studied half as many lectures as Jim Logan, but I can say they are worth their weight in gold. I’m actually surprised the church doesn’t sell them for more.

          Anyone can purchase lecture sets directly from Bridge Publications. They have a web site now so even us dead-filed and declared SPs can purchased lecture sets without affecting the poor, fragile beings in the church. (Sorry, but they do act like victims sometimes.)

          The technology is neutral. It can be used to help or to harm. Some have sought to profit from harming others with the technology. I don’t believe it is necessary to harm anyone to win, but some players are so desperate to win that they will do ~anything~ to reach their goal.

          • Ugh. Upon further reflection, I must admit that both Miscavige and Rathbun are other-determined “useful idiots” who are being manipulated by others.

            They have become lightning rods for the hate of both Scientologists and disaffected Scientologists, but they aren’t really the ones who are pulling the strings. (If they were the source of the problem, we would have as-ised them by now.)

            In RJ-67, LRH said it was the dozen baking families. I think he was right. Either way, people like David Rockefeller are more relevant (evaluation of importances) than peons like Miscavige or Rathbun.

            tl;dr I’m not anti-Dave or anti-Marty.

            • Jonathon,
              This is short, easily read: when a being is caught up in the GPM, manipulation is part and parcel of the thing. It’s an obsessive games condition. It is highly restimulative and with A=A=A as its mantra.

              LRH pointed out the planetary dramo of GPMs. DM vs M&M is more of the same type of thing, a GPM dramo.

              I’m not “anti” any of these either, since I’m not IN the games condition of these various GPMs.

              I am PRO as-ising the Bank. Then we’ll have a better scene for all of these thetans.

      • Bob,
        One other important fact that needs to be remarked regarding the Rathbun cycle: Monique Rathbun was actually getting auditing on the Bridge, with results. She wanted to train as an auditor and had embarked on that course.

        So then what happens? The “Squirrel Busters”!?

        What in the name of any sort of sanity was that?

        24/7 surveillance of “squirrels” by PIs? There is NO such LRH policy on handling “squirrels” with what occurred with this cycle. LRH’s policy is ignore them. So…wtf was Dave thinking?

        Push Marty’s buttons? And, what did that accomplish? Now you’ve got a court case and bitter feuding. This isn’t a gain in anybody’s book.

        It is obvious that Mark Rathbun is as a being, not any valence, a student of life and he is still on the road to truth. So what if he reads psychiatric books? So what if he studies other materials? LRH certainly did and his library had all sorts of texts on various topics.

        Mark’s father in law is a psychologist. Did you expect him to willy nilly make him an enemy? Why would he do that, without any sort of PT comm with that person to see if there was any “problem” that needed a pan-determined look to deal with?

        Nah, this is just more of the same GPM dramo, this whole game and the playing out of the “Squirrel Busters” et al. It’s done nothing but add to the mass and Bank, in complete contradiction to the actual aim and intention of the Technology of Scientology.

      • In the text, definitions, that you printed above: “Other-Determinism = No responsibility for other side of game.” (Is there a typo here?)
        Is this not “self determinism”?
        I always thought that “other determinism” was no personal responsibility for either side.

        • Thanks. There is no typo. Chase up where the idea you always thought comes from and see if that is what it states. Compare that to this, if it doesn’t sort out, make sure you understand all the words, especially just prior. If those are clear and it still doesn’t add up, then there’s several other steps we can take to get you to the point you are satisfied you understand and the material is real to you, or not.

  6. Jim: Wonderful article, it sure hit the current scene on the nail. It also hit a bit of a different chord for me as well. So I’ll share that.

    My favorite part was that you looked, saw what was there and then simply decided to side-step it all and enjoy getting on with your Bridge. To me that resonated as more important than just a personal comment, but more as A GUIDING PRINCIPLE everyone operating out side of Corp. SCN would do well to observe.

    I offer this example to demonstrate your valuable insight. Person A spends 10 years in the SO and somehow only manages to get 5 Bridge steps done. The DM fiasco is in full swing, let’s say. So person A is off church lines.

    5 years, 10 years later he/she does a few Bridge steps in the Indy Field, so now 7 or 8 steps total are complete.

    OBSERVATION #1: All the Corp. Church, DM and/or the Indy Field, are is one more distraction

    OBSERVATION #2: In the church, out of the church Person A did not – is not moving on his/her spiritual freedom intensively enough to win much of anything

    My point and I hope it helps someone, anyone who wants Clear and OT is this: If we really want it and put full intention behind getting it and add intense, unrestrained enthusiasm to the mix, then NOTHING can possibly stop you. Not money, time, DM, Indies or the wrath of the gods themselves.

    I propose this novel proposition amid all of the current Scn. confusion and madness and distractions.

    PROPOSITION: There has never been a single stop imposed on any being achieving Clear and OT from they day LRH put that Tech there to be had. Not then and not to this very day, November, 10, 2016. ZERO – ZIP not one stop imposed. DM, their GPM manifestations, these have ZERO power to stop The Tech. our wins, our Freedom from happening right here, right now.

    The only possible stop is the one we impose on Self, here, now in this precise present moment. The courage to dream it, pure intention, intense enthusiasm behind that postulate and a few friends to dust us off occasionally is all we require.

    The rest is pure spiritual magic, the kind DM and Marty and etc. have not only forfeited, but may never see again for a very, very long time.

    Bottom line: there is no stop, LRH blew them all one by one, and any last ones before he left. DM and the Marty’s of the world keep trying to suggest them, impose them, create them, big ones, expensive ones, scary ones. Every last one of them a lie.

    The original Tech – available – The auditors – available – C/S – available – friends – available – money – available – time – available, unless we must convince ourselves they are not.

    But then, that’s only my 2 cents worth on the matter. I was wrong once before.

    Oh! wait. I wasn’t really wrong after all, that one time turned out to be a mistake.



    • Thats funny Ren 🙂

      I like it:

      I was wrong once but then it turned out to be a mistake.

      It’s like one of those philosophical conundrums like if a tree falls in an isolated forest does it really make a sound or is there such a thing as one hand clapping or can anyone really listen to a Danny Sherman written speech without going mentally numb?

      Talk about mind control. Give me Dr. Ewen Campbell’s de-parterning and psychic driving over another long event speech written by Sherman!

      At least those of us who have left the CoS do not have to suffer another one of those! 🙂

      Seriously though. Ya nailed it.

      The why ain’t god or Dave or Marty or Mike or even the CIA or maybe the IRS or the ghost of Mead Emory or whoever or whatever but just lack of intention.

      I mean we got the Tech. Even the forbidden tech of Original OT IV to VII.

      We’ve got auditors who can deliver it and PCs and Pre OTs who want it.

      I mean what more do ya need?

      BTW I was going to make a comment on your Poetry by Candlelight blog but then I realized I have absolutely no expertise in the area under discussion so I thought it was better to remain silent and seem like a fool then to comment and remove all doubt 🙂

      (My apologies to Mark Twain.)

      Anyway I was also engrossed in a great book.

      If any of you out there are modern history buffs (seems like an oxymoron) I recommend The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot.

    • Ren,
      Thank you for pointing this stuff out. You’ve encapsulated something that I wanted to express; rather than Q&A with all this dramatization, getting distracted off onto dead ends that aren’t going to get anywhere but further stuck into Bank, it would be better to pick up the boot straps and carry forward to some sort of better game.

      Q&A as used originally by LRH was a mimicry/duplication of another thing presented. Somebody going off a line of action into something somebody else put up.

      In this case, it’s going off into the barriers and blocks to getting the real gains to be had with the subject and in many cases Q&Aing into becoming the blocks and barriers.

      The amount of useful truth in any of the sensationalism of either side of this is lost in the histrionics and now the feeding frenzy of the “press”.

      Better to keep an eye on the mountain, not lost in the fog.

  7. Some months or years ago, I wrote a piece on my blog likening the situation with Miscavige and Rathbun to the relationship between Moby Dick‘s Ahab and the whale. This is a sort of non-technical literary analogy to what’s going on with them. The GPM material describes their struggles in a far more technical (and technically correct) way. I find their struggle mildly humorous at this point, and at the time posited that some lifetime up the road, they’d end up married to each other (wouldn’t that be just a choice bit of irony?).

    While we pause on occasion to relfect on M&R (as we’re doing here), the best advice I know of is to simply keep an eye on their idiocy but get on with the show, as Lana, Jim, Chris, Ingrid and others are doing.


    • Paul,
      The best chance we all have in this is to see that the materials are widely disseminated so they are available for study and use. The work should remain free of any particular “side”.

      DM is mistaken in his solution to his generated problems in trying to lock it down and have him the only game in town. He’s now got emeters that he can shut off at whim for example. This is a losing tactic and is a manifestation of the games condition of the GPM – he’s running a can’t have on his obsessive opponents.

      The work was free – let’s keep it so.

      • Please correct me if I’m missing data, or misconstruing data. But it sure seems that LRH, likely in an effort to maintain a purity of subject, went the way of proprietary “scriptures” rather than depend on open source material that would survive due to an abundance of resources and timeline. He was born and raised in an analog society in a time where it worked well. Over and over he warned and made mention of the corruption of that society.

        I could use some new perspective here.

            • I’ll take a stab at answering though I may be off the mark. Let me know if I am.

              The materials are supposed to be copyrighted and trademarked. RTC’s main function is safeguarding the integrity of the copyrights and marks.

              I’m referring to the idea that Scientology had no particular slant or vested interests over it in its development and ain’t beholden to nobody but the truth and workability of the subject.

              There have been significant departures from L. Ron Hubbard’s materials under RTC in the past decades. Is the work still free of slant and vested interest?

              If it’s widely available in an original form that is the best guarantee I can think of to see that it remains as it was written and spoken by Ron. Of course, honest study and application has to occur to grasp the subject fully as covered in KSW.

            • Pazooter,
              I came across this too:
              “Scientology was selflessly created and composed. It would have been easy to have made millions or even billions from its creation. It would be easy for an auditor, by narrowing his processing to the rich, to maintain himself in affluence and luxury. Scientology could only have been conceived if one had no desire for personal gain or aggrandizement. The authorship of Scientology is publicly known solely because that was the only way Scientology could be protected in its formative years. It would best have been conceived from a complete obscurity, but the controls necessary for its proper practice and dissemination would not then have been possible. For every time it has been “turned loose” it has become enturbulated.

              “The endless ages and a higher authority have continuously operated in the formulation and the purposes of Scientology.” March 1955, A Manual on the Dissemination of Material, in OEC Vol VII.

        • You’re correct Pazooter.

          He covers this in the following PL:


          The most important function of HCO in any organization is that which justifies its existence.

          Being the purveyor of ethics, technology and awards, HCO must then first and foremost of all its duties, be the keeper of every seal, copyright, trademark, registered mark, master tape, master book copy, and master bulletin file in the organization.

          HCO Secretaries should act at once to take unto themselves and keep locked secure and not available to anyone else, the seals of the organization in the area. HCO seals for certificate validation or sealing are HCO’s by right. Organization seals are held by HCO for the “Secretarial of the Executive Director” of HASI. If HCO sees or hears of any new seals being made up for whatever purpose, the order is “seize and ask for instructions later”.

          None are permitted to use such seals or any seals except HCO.
          All this applies now and later. And it will become more important as time goes on. Seals, regulation of, permits only legal certificates, documents and minutes to be sealed.

          Similarly, any book on Dianetics and Scientology must be copyrighted in the name of L. Ron Hubbard and the copyright becomes the property of HCO. No copyright of anything must ever be permitted to escape. In the case of its having been done (a book on the subject copyrighted in the name of someone or something else) HCO Secretary in the area must request an assignment of copyright to L. Ron Hubbard from its present owner and must be tireless and remorseless in getting the copyright, using any available means at whatever cost.

          Similarly any trademark, registered mark, or patent for any sign, symbol, shield, device or design for Dianetics or Scientology or their organizations must be secured fox HCO. All these are registered to L. Ron,Hubbard and by blanket transfer are the property of HCO only. The name in which it is done is L. Ron Hubbard; the owner is then HCO.

          In the case of a new symbol, design, shield, device, or name, HCO registers the mark first and argues afterwards. Don’t worry ever about cost of this. They’re priceless to HCO and other people like to tell HCO it’s too much trouble or too expensive, leaving the matter susceptible to piracy.

          Master Tapes, Master Book Copies, Master Bulletin Files are all the property of HCO. Seize, hold, reissue only when you are sure you have your master copy and that the inferior copies can be issued without hurting your file.

          HCO Secretaries have in this their first order of action, their first and continuingly most important duty. The items mentioned here are even ahead of pay cheque since they are the source of pay cheques for all.

          Register anything, copyright anything, seize anything like this in the country of the HCO area, entirely independent of any other or the main HCO office.

          Only when you have all these do you have an HCO.

          Don’t let one seal, one copyright, one design, one device, or even the names Dianetics and Scientology escape you on this. All the money you need to hire experts, lawyers, artists and pay fees is yours for the asking from the main office of HCO. Just ask.

          What is the first duty of a new HCO Secretary? Seals, copyrights, marks, tapes, bulletins and books.

          What is her chief continuing duty? Seals, copyrights, marks, tapes, bulletins and books, keeping them registered, registering any new ones, and using those we have.

          What is her substance of office? Seals, copyrights, marks, tapes, bulletins and books.

          What is her authority for being in office? My orders, the seals, copyrights, marks, tapes, bulletins and books.

          She does not copy tapes from tapes or sell books or bulletins. She is the source of the copy people use to copy or print and use and sell. She is source in her area.

          Given no part of this we have no HCO, no Dianetics, no Scientology, no clear Earth. All is confusion everywhere. Given it we have indeed brought order.

          Concentrate on doing this. All else that we do then falls into line. Bring order first to our substance-seals, ethics, technology and awards. If we don’t own it we can’t tell anyone anything. And we do own it. Only we have to collect it.

          Our possessions must not be permitted to lie in the rain.

          L. RON HUBBARD
          LRH:rs.rd Copyright @ 19 5 8 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

      • Jim, I’m liking your comments about DM.

        Am I understanding correctly that you do not consider him to be a true SP/psychopath?

        • Marildi,
          I would give this man the benefit of an application of the materials of Scientology. For example, one would need to review all the traits of BOTH the anti-social and the social personality with a complete and honest appraisal of his actions relative to those points, as a start.

          One key element in evaluating this case condition is the factor of Tone Arm Action. I’ve spoken with one of his auditors, a very good friend of mine as well as an extremely capable Tech terminal and queried that exact point. As far as I can determine at this time, DM made TAA under that auditor. That’s a positive sign.

          In the policy on SP acts it is very clearly stated that even if a person has committed suppressive acts, the good they have accomplished can outweigh the acts, even if they were committed, and the person is to be absolved.

          Very few real, down to the clinker, SPs exist. By their actions one can know. An honest look, without bias, and with an eye to this point of positive acts is the sane approach to this question.

          In this situation with DM, I would certainly like him to apply the policy on SP acts to my cycle for a start. I DID A-E, fully and with a completion of the steps IN WRITING from the IJC and yet I was refused re-instatement because of arbitraries. One of them was saying I would request a Board of Review.

          I only began posting on the internet following that refusal to apply LRH’s policy by the IJC, at the direction of RTC. It left me with a broken line and I’m sure not going to be stopped by somebody else’s issues, on my own pursuit of the truth and finishing this Bridge.

          If DM were to open a line of “parley”, like it says in PR Series policy and the Manual of Justice…

          • On the request for a BofR, it was stated by the IJC that since I had the intention to request this standard action, that was a “bad indicator” and so I hadn’t done the steps of A-E (!?)

            I went back and forth with this nonsense until I couldn’t get anywhere with this man, Mike Ellis.

            His understanding of Scientology justice was on display at the Garcia court and I don’t know about you, but it was severely limited and frankly he made no sense in his goofus logic about “Comm Evs” refunds et al.

            • True. The IJC was not very impressive. I suppose he is being micro-managed by DM, and his body ailments indicate that he is PTS. DM may not be a 2-1/2 percenter, but he is definitely suppressing people, based on many accounts.

              At this point, you would have an almost impossible situation to contend with if you were to be re-instated. Your idea of parley has to be the answer. Wow, maybe there’s a tiny little bit of hope for DM and everybody else. What a postulate. 🙂

              • No question this is a tough one.

                With DM and myself, I’ve got as much “motivator” as any considering what has transpired. Annie is gone.

                I’m not motivating. I haven’t lost site of the agreed upon pro-survival tenets and aims of Scientology. If I can do this, well, so can DM.

                Yeah, it’s a quite a postulate Marildi. One of the luxuries of the gains of Scientology 🙂

            • I dealt with Mike Ellis back in 2000 after my Review Comm Ev (which took 3 1/2 years to grant and hold). I found that if I used LRH policy and basic logic from the Data Series, I had no problem with him. So I kept anything off the lines that didn’t need to be on the lines. And things went A-B. Just my take on it. But this was years before others’ interaction with him and that long under the DM aberration can severely PTS a person! LOL

          • Thanks so much for this reply.

            A while back, a friend of mine who is still on staff (Class V org) asked me to come in and see the DVD of the GAT 2 event. Well before then, I had had come to notice that posters on blogs and certain blog hosts seem to be making exaggerated claims about the church – as much as the church does about them. (As you put it, both sides are acting out their roles in the mutual GPM.) So I decided to go into the org to watch the event DVD, partly because she insisted (she doesn’t know that I post on the internet) but also because I was curious.

            A lot of what DM described in that DVD, which was essentially about finding lost tech, seemed to make sense. And he was absolutely beaming, like a man who was both proud and happy about the (apparent) improvements. And my staff member friend, who is a long-time tech terminal, assured me that people were really winning on these “new” rundowns – and that every single change that was made has an LRH reference to back it up. I know this person very well and she would not have said that if it weren’t true. Also, I’ve done a moderate amount of training and asked some straightforward questions, which she answered to my satisfaction.

            Not too long after that, I posted a comment on the South African blog to the effect that I wasn’t so sure DM was an SP, and that he might simply be making stupid (tech ignorant) mistakes (such as the 3-swing F/N), the kind of mistakes that stem from ego. I said that he probably is convinced he’s doing the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, even though he’s actually operating on “the means justify the ends.” Well, as you can imagine, I got pounced on!

            Your comments have been a breath of fresh air. Good on you!

            • Marildi,
              One of the biggest mistakes Dave made was to unmock LRH’s Estate Planning with the checks and balances afforded by the full corporate structure. Those checks and balances included oversight by competent terminals in CST whose senior requirement was to study the full body of work, every day, including completing full Internships on Technical materials. That would have given them the knowledge and experience needed to fulfil their roles in CST.

              DM tried to go it alone. Annie and I talked about this and how Dave had gone off LRH’s actual intention and the planning he put in place for the future. Of course, DM took this discussion as some sort of covert attack, but factually, all she and I were looking at was how to help the man. He never did understand what we talked about or what we wanted to do to help.

              There have been too many “corrections” over the years by DM et al to materials that didn’t need fixing. It has been a series of wrong whys, introduction of arbitraries under the guise of “removing” them and a number of points including this “3 swing FN” nonsense that arose simply from not duplicating the actual LRH data and the facts of real, standard auditing and training in the first place. I have run several course rooms that went to several hundred students. GAT I was a disaster. I’ve not seen enough of GAT II, but it is obviously a solution to a problem created by the earlier solution. The cure is the new malady.

              NOTS is another area that has been subject to incredible alteration and the original Tech mistaken and mis-understood resulting in all sorts of yuck.

              On the other hand, there have been gains made by application of good old LRH Scientology despite it all, and within the CofS.

              Dave isn’t a “Techie”. Never was. He has made serious, catastrophic errors on Tech lines. And now there’s nobody left there to take responsibility for sorting these out in fact and cleaning him up for what he’d done on these lines. He makes it hard to help him, that’s one of the manifestations of O/W – individuation and refusal to be helped.

              For F’s sake, LRH certainly got auditing and his O/Ws pulled, regularly. Nobody’s perfect. Not LRH, not DM, not me.

              I think you’re right Marildi, there are some positive changes afoot.

              There are more to be made (including this IAS reg bullshit and all that nonsense about crush regging donations and “status” and so on).

              Neither side of this ongoing battle between DM vs M&M are absolutely “wrong”. The rightnesses are lost in the fray.

              • Well said again. Very much appreciated.

                One question. You said “LRH certainly got auditing and his O/Ws pulled, regularly.” According to Otto Roos, LRH did not get auditing regularly, and Otto was supposedly working very close to LRH for many years. Are you familiar with his story?

                Btw, in my previous post, I meant “the ends justify the means,” not the other way around! I guess you knew that. 🙂

                • Yes, I’m familiar with Otto’s story and what he wrote about. You’ll note that Otto was convinced by his own observation of the workability of Scientology, and says so.

                  As to his description of the events with LRH’s folders and what Otto says transpired, that doesn’t comport with LRH’s own statements of his own self on numerous occasions (check out the opening tape of the Clean Hands Congress for example).

                  Why I’ve even seen LRH commenting on his case in the data on the Prior Confusion and the Problems Intensive lectures and he doesn’t pull any punches or avert any O/W he’d confessed.

                  I have spoken with at least one of LRH’s auditors, many years ago. He’s still a Scientologist and he certainly was qualified to say about things. He is a Class XII, not one to ignore meter reads and if there were O/Ws or MWH’s, he pulled them.

                  I also know Ron Hubbard continued to audit daily while at Creston. Knowing what you know of the Tech, do you think he’d skimp on Ruds or waste his time in session if he needed to get off O/Ws?

                  Nah, it ain’t true Marilidi. LRH wasn’t an “R/Ser” and he didn’t avoid truth in his own auditing. Makes ZERO sense.

      • JL:


        And DM’s behavior is as textbook as I can imagine for someone of his ilk. Very little that he has done and is doing is any surprise. What’s startling is the extent to which Scientologists will and have compromised their integrity to go along with him.


  8. Good point: Turn-off, lock down meters. GPM on steroids. And while we’re at it perhaps it is time to point out something. And we can ll say you read it here on Milestone Two FIRST:

    Anyone who does not believe that Marty is not using 100% of the skills he developed working with DM to milk every opportunity to walk out of a court room somewhere with 6 – 12 million dollars of Scientology parishioner’s money, and then disappear into retirement and the vastness of the Toa Te Ching, well, just watch.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. For after all, we are talking about a 7th degree Master of Seek & destroy. The art of war is both Bible and Hat Pack, drilled, demonstrated and restudied, until it dripped into the mortal fabric of the DNA.

    There is no concern for LRH, any piece of tech that works, helps or aids a being, no compassion for any Scientologist, any veteran staff or SO member, or the suffering and confused. But there are a host of seasoned, exemplary skills, forged in fires at DM’s side for 20 years. And he was the best of the best, the Samurai that could be depended upon to defend, crush, ruin, demolish and destroy anyone or anything that dared rise up against his Lord and provider. (DM)

    6 – 12 million, that’s my call and it is the low end. We may never know the real figure if, when he finally plays his final cards, in court or out. The documents, secret agreements and pacts, the cashier checks will be confidential and sealed.

    The long term stats and the evidence tells all, the future written by the past.

    DM’s #1 Lieutenant, Inspector General, Dragon Slayer and disaffected friend will prevail and walk with his share of castle gold, or by his own code he will go down in the fury of his own sword.

    We are not talking Scientology here. We are talking the oldest story in human history. “Spurned Generals always get paid. Be it in gold, or beware, it will be in blood.”


    • Maybe your right Ren. I’m not making any bets on either side winning much of anything when it’s all said and done, other than the Rathbuns aren’t being 24/7ed outside their door any longer.

      Thank Bhag, that bullshit is over.

  9. I agree with what Jim says regarding getting too involved in terminal-opposition terminal games. I stopped posting on Mike’s blog a while ago after I pointed out to him that the original mission statement of his blog was to provide a safe forum for people who appreciate Scientology and that he had strayed somewhat from that. Unfortunately, his response was to amend his mission statement. He invited me to post on Milestone II instead which I was already doing anyway. There seems to be a littel bit less of that stuff over there recently, but it is still, unfortunately, there.

    I do feel that there is still a need to continually and relentlessly shine the light of Truth on Miscavige and his suppressive group. This is very important because doing so de-PTSes people who are connected to him.

    But it is also just as important to continually and relentlessly point out that there is a difference between the Church of Scientology (an organization) and the subject of Scientology (an applied religious philosophy). This also de-PTSes people and de-fuses the false A = A computation regarding the church and the religion, both of which use the name “Scientology”.

    Ron was never shy about exposing the activities of specific SPs and SP groups (e.g., Psychiatry), or identifying differences and similarities between things to clarify areas of confusion and/or misrepresentations.

    Both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder fulfulled these functions early at one time but then abandoned those purposes. I think that this is still an important service which is needed and wanted to help Scientologists who are still connected to Miscavige’s church organization to be free to practice only pure, unadulterated Scientology as developed by LRH and promoted and celebrated on Milestone II.
    And of course this last is the most important activity we can do to keep the Tech alive and available.

  10. “Dave’s Church of Scientology VERSUS Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, ”


    I do not know how you can say this as Rathburn, is a raving lunatic and Mr Rinder runs a blog (or rather is paid to run one) that does nothing really except try to steer people away from Scientology and posts endless comments from imbeciles and psychotics running down LRH and his Technology.
    There are v ery few people who actually use Standard Technology these days other than the Class XII whos posts here from time to time and maybe one C/S in Belgium.
    There are people claiming to be class VIII and OTVIII in Europe who are nothing more than failed D of P’s who have never even had audited NOTS from aTrained NOTS Auditor (due to depraved Witholds) but run it only SOLO. Squirrel doesn’t even describe some people.
    This is a nice blog and although in need of correction from time to time, I intend to keep reading it.

    good day

    • Thank you for posting on this blog.

      It is good to know that both you and Bob are visiting. Yes, I worked under Marty personally so I am well familiar with him and with Mike.

      We need to talk – both parties.

      How about someone at your end contacts us and we actually talk, instead of this old game being perpetuated on this platform too?

    • Class IX,
      Thanks for writing.

      As to lunacy, raving or otherwise, if you’ve studied the BC and the Tech Vols as part of that full study, then you must have read the materials on GPMs. Valences aren’t the being. So “lunacy” is an understood thing. It has mechanisms that LRH worked hard to unlock.

      Part of the work includes the materials I’m writing about in this article and it also includes a Pan Determined view of the game afoot as covered in the issues mentioned in the article.

      I think it behooves us to take a clearer look at the circumstances that have taken us as Scientologists to the this situation I’m describing – this obsessive game/GPM dramo being played out.

      We are the only ones with enough savvy to pull this apart and AS-IS the GPM.

      David Miscavige is in the best position to take the initiative, to step forward with a Pan Determinism that can end this ongoing, escalating war. He could win this one too. But not dug in and fighting from a Self Determined position.

      It isn’t going to be easy for Dave. He’ll need real help. Perhaps he’ll accept it.

      • “David Miscavige is in the best position to take the initiative, to step forward with a Pan Determinism that can end this ongoing, escalating war. He could win this one too. But not dug in and fighting from a Self Determined position.
        It isn’t going to be easy for Dave. He’ll need real help. Perhaps he’ll accept it.”

        I don’t know about that, Jim…..
        To do this, DM would have to be capable of some degree of introspection. He would need to be capable of considering the possibility that he he has ever been wrong and could benefit from help and could trust anyone. Do you think that he is capable of these things in present time? If so, then he could right the ship if he had the intention to do so.
        If not, do you know of a technique that might bring him into a condition where he might be capable of this and perhaps be interested in doing so?
        If so, please share.

        • You are right Espiritu, DM would need to look at his actions. That is going to require the basic ethos/character that is the being stepping up and taking responsibility for all of his acts, bad, good and nothing more or less than as-it-is.

          I don’t know if he’s up to it at this time.

          Do I know of a technique? Yes, emphatically. I even have one of his auditors that is fully trained, at Flag when LRH was on the line, and who has worked with LRH technically, that is completely capable of applying the USUAL.

          Is DM willing to “pick up the cans”? Sooner or later, he must or there’s no way out for him.

    • So….what if if all participants in the game (e.g., DM) do not value each unit of cake equally?
      And what if he only appears to be in control of his actions but is actually a dog being wagged by a tail.

      “In game theory and economic theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant’s gain (or loss) of utility is exactly balanced by the losses (or gains) of the utility of the other participant(s). If the total gains of the participants are added up and the total losses are subtracted, they will sum to zero. Thus cutting a cake, where taking a larger piece reduces the amount of cake available for others, is a zero-sum game if all participants value each unit of cake equally (see marginal utility).

      In contrast, non-zero-sum describes a situation in which the interacting parties’ aggregate gains and losses can be less than or more than zero.

  11. One more quote which I throw into the ring to help explain happenings and games:

    “Now, the fixed character of goals and the fixed character of items in the GPM give us an enormous number of games which an individual obsessively plays, which don’t any longer exist. He has no reason to be playing these games. They aren’t any fun and they make him feel awful and nobody else is playing these games. And he rather tends to draw out of contact with all of existence. Well, what’s this, what am I talking about here, basically?

    Well, I’m talking about the fact that he doesn’t need this GPM. Which I think is rather plain.

    But getting rid of it is a highly uncomfortable activity and very confusing to the pc extremely confusing to the pc. He’s in the middle of all sorts of items which give him all sorts of weird values. He’s susceptible to ARC breaks that he himself doesn’t understand what they are. He’s going up against ideas and postulates that in a large part were quite germane in some other age and time, but no longer apply now. He understands them. He can understand them still and he knows what they do to him. But they don’t look to him much like games. That’s because the game is no longer extant. And he’s a prisoner of his own postulates. And life, accordingly, is quite unnecessarily unhappy and miserable.

    Life, life’s bad enough without having some false misery and false nonsense added up onto it. You could probably cope with life all right if you didn’t have all your old tin cans and chains and so forth that you were dragging along with you. You don’t even have to be up to OT to cope with life, once you begin to see what it is all about and stop misemoting on certain subjects that have nothing to do with your life.” LRH (SHSBC-284, Anatomy of the GPM)

  12. Hi Robert,

    My opinion on Marty is divided. But I also think that what Jim was doing was not so much expounding upon these guys as he was using their dramatization to illustrate, a real-world example if you will, of the technical points referenced on valences, O/W, games etc. They are perfect examples and make what LRH has to say all the more real. That’s how I read it anyway.

  13. Oh, and the daytime on GPMs? So vital and real. Republicans vs. Democrats? GPM. Conservative vs. Liberal? GPM. Miscavage vs. Marty? These guys are traumatizing some GPM. The GPM dramatization was part of what the Buddha was trying to unstuck people from by describing the middle path. Anyway, that’s enough ranting for now 🙂

    • “The GPM dramatization was part of what the Buddha was trying to unstuck people from….”

      Totally! This has been the major underlying cause of insanity on this planet, and its vanquishment the holy grail of many a philosophy, religion, and psychotherapy.

  14. Very interesting and poignant. A good article. Perhaps I can have permission to put it into the FREE THETA Journal.

    Without going into too much detail as the various viewpoints are well covered in the comments thread, perhaps I could mention that, being a subject close to our hearts, it is easy to get attention stuck on anything relating to Scientology, even these low toned games by the two proponents. It becomes almost a tennis match with heads swivelling first one way, then the other, and then back again watching the ball to see who will drop it. It is like many games, around the world. We know they are occurring but we do not have to get pulled into them.

    The more this GPM is discussed the more attention it is given the more it is validated. Although it is interesting (and therein lies the trap – the box that fascinates a thetan) it is not particularly production to the expansion of the technology around the planet.

    Ralph Hilton recently pointed out the importance of promoting Scientology to individuals as the real only way to elevate the tone level of the planet and he has a point. One gets what one focuses on so I, for one, am not inclined to focus on the desperation of Miscaviage or Rathbun or even Rinder. The game they are playing is not even Scientology. It is something else. It is the old make wrong game dressed up. I prefer to focus on actual Scientology. THAT is what will be the saving grace of the beings on earth.

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