more here and now

M finished up The Purif at 77 years old!

“If I feel this way after every step- then I can’t even imagine how incredible this Journey will be!

I feel so oriented.

I feel smarter.

More here, more now. More everywhere and focused.

It was a tough process for me at my age but nothing I couldn’t handle.

I feel 40 years old again!

Maybe even 30!

I have more energy and stamina; I didn’t realize how dirty I was. All those years of simple things like cleaning products and sun exposure.

I didn’t realize how awful those things made me feel.

Thanks again
[M] “

4 thoughts on “More here, more now

  1. Oh yes, me too, I had incredible wins on the Purif. It was tough
    to start with and get some time off, but certainly worth it. From there
    on I wasn’t the same again or let’s say it like this : I have become a little more myself. Could think more clearly, could see colours brightening up, see them sparkling and my body lighter. Great to read your wins !

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