by Jim Logan

In late December 1961, Ron Hubbard delivered a lecture to a Congress (The Clean Hands Congress) in Washington D.C. entitled Havingness, Quality of Reach. In this lecture the final definition of havingness, a subject worked on for many years, was arrived at and was published additionally in an HCOB:

“Havingness is the concept of being able to reach. No-havingness is the concept of not being able to reach.

“A withhold makes one feel he or she cannot reach.” HCOB 11 Jan 62, Security Checking.

Lectures of the St. Hill Special Briefing Course immediately following this Congress address this concept of reach/havingness/withhold. A synopsis of this material is covered in HCOB 17 Jan 1962, Issue II, Responsibility Again.

“The way a being is hung with persistent masses is the mechanism of getting him to believe certain things are undesirable. These he cannot then have. He can only combat them or ignore them. Either way they are not as-ised. Thus, they persist.

“Only undesirable characteristics tend to persist. Therefore, the least desirable valences or traits of valences persist.

“The way not to have is to ignore or combat or withdraw from. These three, ignoring or combating or withdrawing, sum up to no having. They also sum up to no responsibility for such things.

“Thus, we can define responsibility as the concept of being able to care for, to reach or to be. To be responsible for something one does not actually have to care for it or reach it or be it. One only needs to believe or know that he has the ability to care for it, reach it or be it. “Care for it” is a broader concept than, but similar to, start, change or stop it. It includes guard it, help it, like it, be interested in it, etc.

“When one has done these things and then had failures through overts and withholds, one cycles down through compulsive and obsessive care, reach and be, and inverts to withdraw from, combat or ignore.

“Along with ignore goes forgetting or occlusion. Thus, a person has occlusion on past valences, and past lives go out of sight. These return to memory only when one has regained the concept that they can be reached or that one dares be them again or that one can care for them.

“Herein is the cause and remedy of whole track occlusion.

“There are many uses of these principles.

“Sec Checking gets off the overts and withholds and opens the gates.

“All chronic somatics and behavior patterns are contained in valences and are not traceable to the current lifetime since one can reach present life, is caring for present life and is being present life, so present life is an area of responsibility.

“All real difficulty stems from no responsibility.

“However, one can use these principles even on present life with considerable gain.”

The tapes of early January 1962 such as Sec Checks, Withholds and Nature of Withholds, describe in clear detail the actual mechanisms in play as DM’s Church of Scientology fights with M&M et al.

The above quote from the issue Responsibility Again is the route out for both sides of this GPM. Unfortunately for these beings, they are occluded and this answer is occluded with each day a continuous present time overt against their Dynamics as they sink deeper and deeper back into the mud.

Truly, the way out for these people exists. Thanks to Scientology and Scientologists the world over, learning and applying the incredible tools we have.

Those of us at MS2 have been sort of caught up in the crossfire as both sides lob shots at us, each one accusing us of being on the one hand “SP squirrels that are just in cahoots with M&M” and on the other hand “They are fundamentalist KSW Nazis in cahoots with DM”.

We are Scientologists, plying our trade, successfully, not hung in a GPM mistaking Scientology as something else than it actually is – freedom from this dramo.

The havingness and ability and willingness to reach as a result of learning and applying Scientology is just about as good as it gets.

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  1. There must be a lot of drama going on in the background involving MS2 that I’m not aware of. This is the second recent posting that seems to deal with MS2 and its relationship to the broader field, and the DM/MR circus.

    “KSW Nazis?” I dunno, but it seems to me that I’d be glad to be called such a thing. There are few causes I can imagine more worth fighting for than KSW. And few subjects more worth being unreasonable about.


    • “There are few causes I can imagine more worth fighting for than KSW. And few subjects more worth being unreasonable about.”

      Amen, Paul, amen.

    • Paul,
      The illustration I gave is of the issue I’m referring to and the deterioration of responsibility in a game which is a GPM.

      In terms of the tape, Havingness, Quality of Reach, from 31 Dec 61, for example, you can see the Tone level of the reach back and forth of the two sides enmeshed in the GPM/game are pretty much the same – nasty, sarcastic, bitter renunciations of one by the other.

      You’d be hard pressed to sort out who is who in all this as the valences are collapsed and the overts and motivators fly in abandon of no responsibility for either side of the situation.

      The ‘background’ to MS2 is the state of life as it’s lived. It’s more funner to know what’s going on with things and all I’m trying to communicate in this article is that actual Scientology learned and applied can enable one to reach and have any this, that or the other and perhaps more significantly, not suffer a “must/can’t” in having this, that or the other.

  2. Learning and applying Scientology is is the absolute tops. There are fewer moments as fine as the moment you walk out into the fresh air having come clean with the auditor and oneself.

    Thank you Jim, for an excellent post.

  3. The whole subject of havingness and a person’s reach is just fascinating to me.

    I see in my own own life areas where I was reaching and having, and then committed overts and had withholds, and then withdrew from that area in a minor or major way. I can spot it in my own behaviour on a day to day basis at work, and at home, and can then remedy the situation. And I see it in my kids.

    A classic example — I was driving a second hand car that I had inherited from my folks. I was to pay for it and a sum was agreed, but over a 3 year period I had done nothing to repay the debt (and yet was driving the car). I also did not make sure that regular maintenance was kept up and so the car started to cause trouble. And of cause, with two children under 5 yrs old (at the time) the car started to really show the stress it was under. I would apologise every time I gave someone a ride as it was always dirty both inside and out.

    Then at the beginning of this year I decided to handle the dangerous situation and I started paying a sizeable sum to my folks every month to repay the debt. I washed the car and made sure it got serviced and got the needed maintenance. Now, as I reflect on the situation, I have been able to obtain a brand new 2015 car at a great price and with lots of bells and whistles, and I am selling the old car (which has been cleaned within an inch of its life and is shining and happy to be moving on to someone who is a little kinder to cars).

    My own havingness on cars came up once I got my act together in regards to my actions regarding it. I really could not have had a new car when I was continuing to treat the earlier car the way I was, and with an unpaid debt hanging over my head (and unspoken or discussed with those I owed to). I just would not have been able to personally have it. I had cut my own reach.

    This basic principle is so easy to use and apply.

    Has anyone else experienced similar things?

    • Great example Lana, thank you. It could also be regarding the opposite sex, one’s work and employment, one’s home and environment, or any dynamic, including the 4th. Like no other practice, Scientology affords one the opportunity to home in on the exact point of stress in one’s life and blow it.

      Obviously, it’s not just about O/Ws, and that’s where the learning comes in. Ron covered lots of bases, and it’s to his credit that he underlines you are right, and you were right all along. Where one errs, as Jim points out, is where one isn’t looking. Ron doesn’t say where that is, the meter does, the person holding the cans does.

      The greatest courage there is is not in dying for one’s comrades, it is confronting one’s own errors.

      The CoS’s great betrayal of LRH, during and after his lifetime, is in denying the rightness of the being: the value of O/W tech, and Scientology, is nothing without that.

      Deny your rightness at your peril – it’s the only thing we’ve got, and in my opinion, the only hope there is. Let no man tell they’re right above you. No-one can tell you you’ve erred but you.

      We don’t have to wait for God to make a judgement: we’re perfectly capable of making that exact same judgement for ourselves.

      • Poet13c,
        I agree with you on the betrayal that has resulted in the mangling of the materials on confessionals.

        I’m restudying the tapes of Level II and the FPRD as I go through the BC in sequence and understanding the actual truths of the area. They are succinctly covered in the first quote of this article regarding havingness and the return of the being’s ability to reach. O/Ws on the track in the carrying out of the games of life have snapped the actual being into valences he can’t seem to shed and he’s stuck in a persistence he doesn’t like.

        So along comes DM, lacking the actual training that is the full Monty and he does all sorts of goofus things to the body of work, honing in on Sec Checks, the exact area of what has snapped a being into a valence and the obsession of a game in such a way as to further snap in the thetan – with making them guilty. He has made all of this technology an “HCO investigation” type thing and KRs are written on a host of made-up “crimes” against a PT invented set of mores.

        I’ve heard DM personally opine that he’s not interested in a person’s track O/Ws, and he’s only looking for enforcing a present time moral code derived from – well derived from DM’s bank. In other words, a TRACK code of some sort of “you’re guilty no matter what” and “I, Dave know you still beat your wife, not that I’ve ever done anything like that, since I’m without sin”.

        For example, on the NOTs “6 month” checks, these are done “HCO style” when that’s completely added and inapplicable. They don’t address what a person at that level actually should be coming up to, that is, an increase in awareness and responsibility for the long track of existence and their reach to all areas of life (it is after all to do with LIFE and a return to cause over). They stick to some sort of PT thing, denying the value of any “overt” that isn’t to do with some code that has zip to do with an OT and leave that OT case with all of the track that does have to do with how he came down in the first place. Bypassing all THAT charge. In addition to disallowing a being to blow by inspection any overts they did realize and take responsibility for. Oh no, you gotta have a dragged out, knocked down brawl calling it a “session” over whether or not you thought you’d rather get in some auditing than check 72 buttons on “have you ever tinkled on your shoe?”

        Taking a truth and exaggerating it to insane levels with this chanting “you’ve got overts, you’ve got overts, you’ve got overts” as done by DM’s crew over these many decades, making others as guilty as he can, has made the topic anathema and it’s no wonder there’s so much natter about it. He’s missed the withholds, all the while trying to “find them”.

        In a technology intended to increase reach, it’s been twisted to collapse it.

        Yeah, that’s a betrayal.

        • Yep, betrayal is the proper word, Jim. Sorry to all the CoS folk I’ve left behind, but LRH never intended to make anyone wrong – that is the complete opposite of Scientology, a total reverse of everything he taught. When someone sits in authority over you, whether it’s LRH, Miscavige, the CoS, science, God or MEST, then you’ll always be a pawn. LRH’s break with this tradition of obedience marks him out as a liberator, and at once, an enemy of the ‘authorities.’

  4. For me following KSW is simply applying the tech to the point where the guy, in front of you, dynamics are improving. Doing better personally, improved 2d, etc etc. His ARC with the group and society improve, whether Scns or not. A consequence of this is his income improves. If this is not happening, then KSW is not being followed, period.

    Luckily I have seen and experienced that this does happen when KSW is applied, hence my agreement to support the group who most closely adheres to it.

    When someone came to me and said, “clear the planet”, but “to hell with your dynamics”, as if I am not a part of this planet too, then warning bells would come up, that to me was fanaticism, unless it was a genuine emergency.

    I dont like the term “KSW Nazies”, it is a redefinition and perversion of the term KSW and the following of it, and the following of it leads to a person who is more himself, and a result of this is a better place to live in for all of us.

    Sorry to hear you are caught in the crossfire Jim. I hope you and Lana are good at ducking. I have great admiration for you both putting yourselves up like you have in a very difficult situation.

    But for me the biggest enemy is Dave. I have seen good Scns almost snear at the word now because of the mess that guy has made, and so long as M&M, or whoever, lay off the Tech, but are attacking that deadbeat and the monster he has created, I cant help but feel some empathy for them.

    • 4a,
      The illustration I gave is just my own view of a situation where this data I’ve quoted applies. I’m not suffering from any of this stuff but enjoying the clarity of view that comes from real gains with and in Scientology.

      I can see the way out for those embroiled. I know it exists. I’ve gone out.

    • The havingness dictated by the valence has as a basic the O/Ws of the valence. Reach is curtailed by O/W. Havingness is the concept of being able to reach. A withhold makes one feel they are unable to reach.

      Confessionals relieve and unstick the being enough to blow the valence. Confessionals are a key aspect of GPM handling.

      • A foot soldier with an opposing terminal of a horse cavalryman has done and withheld things to that item. These stick him to that opposing item. He’ll resist committing overts, withhold hard and heavy and eventually that flow of resisting collapses and he snaps into the horse cavalryman. He’ll do the same from that side of the GPM and eventually snap back. Back and forth, solving the problems of survival with overts and withholding and ending up in the black ball of the whole mess.

        • J,
          I would recommend a study of the tapes and bulletins starting at 3 Oct 61 with the lecture The Prior Confusion and continue in chrono order up through to the tape of 25 Jan 62, The Whole Track. These are all in the BC tapes. Include the Clean Hands Congress, an interlude from 31 Dec 61 to 1 Jan 62 in this.

          You’ll see how all these pieces fit into this puzzle, including the FPRD.

  5. Very good point, Jonathon. Likewise, assuming the identity of a body will limit one’s scope for action.

    For example, you wouldn’t play a game of Monopoly with others and expect to pull a trick card which exempted you from the rules, no matter how much Monopoly money and Monopoly effort you put into it. There aren’t any such trick cards.

    If one elects to play by MEST rules, then no matter how much auditing and training in Scientology one does, or even how many witholds one gets off, you’ll still be playing MEST with the piece you have. It may be a nice and shiny piece, but it’s still you being a piece, a given beingness and identity and a place on the board.

    That’s a lot of havingness, one is led to believe. For sure, it seems solid enough, and garmented with aesthetics and sensation a-plenty. And it’s no use arguing with scientists who have hard-won credentials to improve their status (and earnings) on the board.

    I’m reminded of the adage, one can’t have one’s cake and eat it.

    Scientology isn’t a trick card which allows you to circumvent the rules. For all his genius, LRH won’t lift you off the board if you’re determined to play, if that’s all the responsibility you want.

    Similarly, ‘Scientologist,’ and even worse, a CoS ‘Scientologist,’ is a breakable piece by virtue of its place on the board. An army of better beings is less than laughable.

    Making life more comfortable is one thing, but breaking out altogether is another, and few match LRH in this regard.


    Great article Jim and a spot on view if the DM – M&M game.

    So I want to raise a voice on this subject for the PCs – those who want Clear and OT and Training.

    First, I fully acknowledge the value of LRH’s discoveries as noted in this article.

    I also want to acknowledge my personal observations on the subject, (Integrity) and clearly state that of all LRH Tech I am aware of, this subject of OWs/WHs has been used (by those less than knowledgeable or kind) to blast more people OFF the bridge than I could possibly count.

    It is amazingly powerful, life-improving Tech; It’s also one very vicious weapon when in the wrong hands. (DM a prime example)

    I have witnessed some of the most wonderful, dynamic, beautiful beings one could ever desire to meet reduced to weeping willows, introverted beyond recognition, straining, grinding over the most trivial acts.

    “I invalidated poor Mary in grade 7 – my arriving late for muster was a crime against Mankind’s freedom.” Good people, honest people devastated and eventually overwhelmed by wanna-be Ethics Officers, FSMs, and Captain America Sea Org Members on missions from on high.

    Your! OWs. Your crimes! Your! responsibility. And “in” the being goes (Introverted) until at last they cave, quit and snarl another lifetime away in the shadows.

    Do they have OWs – Well, let me rephrase that. Show me one being on this planet who does not, has not left a few villages burning in their rearview mirror and I’ll show you Buddha’s uncle George. He’s an OSA Agent working for DM.

    In other words, OWs/WHs are part of every case and the ONLY way to ever be truly free of them and every other aspect of one’s case is GET IN SESSION, DO IT NOW AND STAY THERE UNTIL YOU ARE SO FREE OF THEM YOU LAUGH WHEN A CLASS 12 ASKS YOU THE QUESTION.

    If it’s there so what! Your next session, next EP, next win, next level, next grade or OT level will pick it up and it can/will be handled faster than you can say, “Oh I’m such a bad, out ethics being.”

    That’s what all the Tech, all the auditors, all the gradient grades and levels are there for, so you get through and ARE NOT CAVED IN BY YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE.

    I am passionate on this subject because I lived it, both sides of the fence. I have shot up through levels so smoothly, intensively, everything – ANYTHING that was there was handled so expertly I could see the whites of angels wings at times. And I also bought the “You have OWs and WH” lines from a few terminals. (shame on me) It can reduce a good being to tears.

    So I can share this observation, with honesty and experience with anyone wanting Clear and OT: Extrovert – you win – Introvert – you loose.

    I cant refer you to an LRH Policy on it, but I can share it as a personal policy that got me through some levels that once looked almost unattainable to me. My personal policy was if I wasn’t IN session routinely on my next level, or doing every last thing in my power, no matter what to get on my next level, well THAT WAS AN OVERT. (to me)

    That I pulled Mary’s hair in class, blew up a few planets Hey! That can all be handled, right time, right CS, auditor, level, etc. But NOT BEING THERE, not confronting my next step, well now…

    I had to lear that the LRH discoveries on OWs was written up FOR AUDITORS, so they could help other to be FREE. They were not written for me or anyone else to introvert on, or to be waived in anyones face by Nazi-like freaks.

    So if ever you find yourself being told (by anyone else or thinking it yourself) how incapable, terrible, suppressive and destructive you are give it all a THANK YOU. And simple get that next 1-2-3 hours in session, any way, any how you can. And you just watch and see.

    The real, unaltered LRH Tech never was about how bad you are or might have been. It always was and always will be about how ethical, talented, beautiful and caring you really are.

    Take it from the brand new, raw PC that actually told his auditor once, “Hey I like telling you about all this OW stuff, can we do more of that next time.”

    Yup, that was me and now I am looking forward to L10 to do it some more. And from what I have heard, you really get to do it in style on L10.


    • Ren: “as a personal policy that got me through some levels that once looked almost unattainable to me. My personal policy was if I wasn’t IN session routinely on my next level, or doing every last thing in my power, no matter what to get on my next level, well THAT WAS AN OVERT. (to me)”

  7. Jim,

    Contacted Lana on the back channel regarding this but I’ll say this here and now that I think the reason that we are getting caught in any “cross fire”(and I must say that my love letters from OSA has increased during this discussion) here is that we are caught in the middle of a conflict that is being promoted by a Third Party and that this is the tech that would apply.

    Sure they are dramatizing R6 and yeah they’ve got OWs and no doubt there are SPs and PTSes thrown in the mix but the 3D tech that should be applied here is the HCOB The Third Party Law which is as follows:

    HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    (Note: This data is turned out as an HCO B and a Pol Ltr [issued as each one] as may apply very broadly in both the OEC and Level IV or above Courses.)
    I have for a very long time studied the causes of violence and conflict amongst individuals and nations.
    If Chaldea could vanish, if Babylon turn to dust, if Egypt could become a badlands, if Sicily could have 160 prosperous cities and be a looted ruin before the year zero and a near desert ever since—and all this in SPITE of all the work and wisdom and good wishes and intent of human beings, then it must follow as the dark follows sunset that something must be unknown to Man concerning all his works and ways. And that this something must be so deadly and so pervasive as to destroy all his ambitions and his chances long before their time.
    Such a thing would have to be some natural law unguessed at by himself.
    And there is such a law, apparently, that answers these conditions of being deadly, unknown and embracing all activities.
    The law would seem to be:
    It is very easy to see that two in conflict are fighting. They are very visible. What is harder to see or suspect is that a third party existed and actively promoted the quarrel.
    The usually unsuspected and “reasonable” third party, the bystander who denies any part of it is the one that brought the conflict into existence in the first place.
    The hidden third party, seeming at times to be a supporter of only one side, is to be found as the instigator.
    This is a useful law on many dynamics. It is the cause of war.
    One sees two fellows shouting bad names at each other, sees them come to blows. No one else is around. So they, of course, “caused the fight”. But there was a third party.
    Tracing these down, one comes upon incredible data. That is the trouble. The incredible is too easily rejected. One way to hide things is to make them incredible.
    Clerk A and Messenger B have been arguing. They blaze into direct conflict. Each blames the other. NEITHER ONE IS CORRECT AND SO THE QUARREL DOES NOT RESOLVE SINCE ITS TRUE CAUSE IS NOT ESTABLISHED.
    One looks into such a case THOROUGHLY. He finds the incredible. The wife of Clerk A has been sleeping with Messenger B and complaining alike to both about the other.
    Farmer J and Rancher K have been tearing each other to pieces for years in continual conflict. There are obvious, logical reasons for the fight. Yet it continues and does not resolve. A close search finds Banker L who, due to their losses in the fighting, is able to loan each side money, while keeping the quarrel going, and who will get their lands completely if both lose.
    It goes larger. The revolutionary forces and the Russian government were in conflict in 1917. The reasons are so many the attention easily sticks on them. But only when Germany’s official state papers were captured in World War II was it revealed that Germany had promoted the revolt and financed LENIN to spark it off, even sending him into Russia in a blacked out train!
    One looks over “personal” quarrels, group conflicts, national battles and one finds, if he searches, the third party, unsuspected by both combatants or if suspected at all, brushed off as “fantastic”. Yet careful documentation finally affirms it.
    ———— This datum is fabulously useful.
    In marital quarrels the correct approach of anyone counseling, is to get both parties to carefully search out the third party. They may come to many reasons at first. These reasons are not beings. One is looking for a third party, an actual being. When both find the third party and establish proof, that will be the end of the quarrel.
    Sometimes two parties, quarreling, suddenly decide to elect a being to blame. This stops the quarrel. Sometimes it is not the right being and more quarrels thereafter occur.
    Two nations at each other’s throats should each seek conference with the other to sift out and locate the actual third party. They will always find one if they look, and they can find the right one. As it will be found to exist in fact.
    There are probably many technical approaches one could develop and outline in this matter.
    There are many odd phenomena connected with it. An accurately spotted third party is usually not fought at all by either party but only shunned.
    Marital conflicts are common. Marriages can be saved by both parties really sorting out who caused the conflicts. There may have been, in the whole history of the marriage, several, but only one at a time.
    Quarrels between an individual and an organization are nearly always caused by an individual third party or a third group. The organization and the individual should

    get together and isolate the third party by displaying to each other all the data they each have been fed.
    Rioters and governments alike could be brought back to agreement could one get representatives of both to give each other what they have been told by whom.
    This theory might be thought to assert also that there are no bad conditions that cause conflict. There are. But these are usually REMEDIAL BY CONFERENCE UNLESS A THIRD PARTY IS PROMOTING CONFLICT.
    In history we have a very foul opinion of the past because it is related by recriminations of two opponents and has not spotted the third party.
    “Underlying causes” of war should read “hidden promoters”.
    There are no conflicts which cannot be resolved unless the true promoters of them remain hidden.
    This is the natural law the ancients and moderns alike did not know.
    And not knowing it, being led off into “reasons”, whole civilizations have died. It is worth knowing.
    It is worth working with in any situation where one is trying to bring peace.
    Copyright © 1968
    by L. Ron Hubbard


    Because call it a feeling but I think feel are “hidden promoters” out there who’d love to see the Scientology community kick the shit out of each other because it makes good copy or for other darker reasons.

    Just a thought.

  8. For sure, OSA is supplying its supposed enemies with the very ammunition they need to fire back, yet these junk emails are notable not for their content, but for their apathetic tone.

    The Scientology critics can’t laugh either when their efforts are hardly better at around 1.4 to 1.1. They may feel as though they are winning, but it’s all quite minor on the so-what? scale.

    This little war exists only because the tech works, and those of us who have experienced cogs and wins are dismayed at the way things have gone with the CoS. It’s on the back of Scientology’s easy-to-achieve and very tangible results that anybody’s even talking about this subject.

    It’s this meat that OSA and the critics are fighting over, but at their tone levels, any meat will do, and I daresay that they’ve been at each other’s throats for a lot longer than Scientology has existed.

    O/W’s, the Third Party Law, GPM’s, Ethics and Justice are indeed, significant pieces of the jig-saw, but one can’t play MEST and not expect to get one’s fingers burned – or maybe that’s the attraction?

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