By Jess

I did it!!

Woo woo! I completed the Purif  🙂

I loved it, it was an awesome experience and I feel absolutely great!

Within the first few days I noticed my energy increased, and not in a bouncy running all over kind of way, but by noticing times when I’d usually feel tired I just wasn’t. I woke up feeling ready to go even after a long day at work.

I also noticed I became more talkative with strangers. Less restricted, I think the fact I used to smoke pot was inhibiting me, and the fact I’d done my fair share of experimenting with other drugs in my past, kind of like remnants of a bad time in my life weren’t attached to me, it was freeing. It’s funny because I never noticed it bothering me before, I didn’t think it had any connection to my not really wanting to talk with people, but while doing the purif I realized it had. It was almost as though I had this trace of evidence left inside that could be used against me, and now it’s gone. I feel like my body is clean. I’m not so shy or uncomfortable around strangers anymore.

I noticed that I didn’t get disoriented or lost feeling in the fog. Maybe that sounds weird, but prior to I’d more often than not get a lost feeling in the fog and lose my sense of direction, the same on a very cloudy day with no sun. I was very dependant on recognizing landmarks on my way to work if there was limited visibility, but during the purif I found I never felt that. Driving back to work late one evening I was asked how far away I was, without hesitation I said 3 miles, seconds later I crossed a range road and I was exactly 3 miles from my turn. And realizing I was right felt awesome.

At work I have to make judgement calls on what to leave pump speeds at and so forth prior to leaving, during one of my 8 day shifts the only times it didn’t work out (2/8 times) were the times I second guessed my first thought! And this made me laugh because I knew had I went with that initial knowing I wouldn’t have had to return back to work at night.

Towards the end of my purif my confidence had grown. My confidence in myself, my decisions, my abilities, my determination.

Overall it’s been awesome for me. I feel great inside and out.

I completely underestimated what the results could be from this. I feel like this one step on the bridge is a huge step towards what’s to come.

All I can say is thank you Doug and Annette and Nora and Dave for believing in me, because now I do to 🙂

Maybe you don’t know it, or maybe you do, but your presence in my life has completely changed me for the better and there’s no turning back now.

Thank you so so so much.

7 thoughts on “Feel great inside and out

  1. Great win Jess, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am very happy for you and the wonderful thetans who helped you thru!! What a Xmas present 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Jess. The miracles of the proper USE of the tech, plus YOUR willingness to experience and articulate the wins, are key! Much more awaits you, for sure! 😀

  3. Congrats, that’s awesome to read. I love detailed success stories. They give so much more insights and items I can or could relate to.

    Have much fun on the bridge. I guess you’re on the right way.

  4. Jess:

    The Purif, while vital to your progress on the Bridge, is but one small preliminary step on it. The great wins you’ve had on it should give you some idea of what is possible as you progress. Very Well Done (VWD) so far and by all means, continue!

    Have a great new year.


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