By Lana M.

I was reflecting this morning on the life and times of Milestone Two and our blog. As detailed in LRH’s Group Dianetics (see reference at bottom of this article), in the last 3 years we have had an interesting journey — with many highs and also a number of significant lows.

Our persistence has surprised many – and despite shellackings and counter-efforts, we just keep on communicating. Infuriating for some, I am sure.

It is always good to take an external look at what has occurred over time and to reassess and question what occurred — to get clarification and as-isness on what has befallen a group over time.

Decisions have been made over the last 3 years that have, on occasion, been done with no consultation with the group and have been arbitrary decisions and actions. It is important that the group has an opportunity to examine those decisions and learn about what occurred. There is a possibility that directions or actions taken by MS2 (or myself personally in overseeing and directing MS2) that were not in the best interests of the group and need to be sorted out, reversed, cancelled or changed. And there are group engrams that hinder a group, which we should hunt out and deal with so that 2016 is a prosperous and expanding year for MS2.

All of the above is the purpose of this article, and why I have named it “This is the session”.

Please do read everything below, and I welcome your comments, questions, information, clarifications and views. There are no right or wrong answers. And you are totally OK to point out if you feel things I have done were wrongly targeted, incorrect, or should have been done differently. I have no desire to be right — just want to bleed off any upset, confusions, questions, or mystery for the group.

Looking back, we initially launched in January 2013 with a blog called iScientology, hosted on WordPress. We got off to a good start and I was surprised at the interest and contributions that flowed in – with 22 articles published,  2,500 visitors and 8000 views over a period of just a few months. The purpose at that time was to create a platform where Scientologists could talk about using and applying LRH tech in life. Not a rah-rah, fluffy PR site — but where real people can talk about real application of Dianetics and Scientology in their lives and across their dynamics. Where people, from whatever walks of life and in whatever location, could tune in and be part of a theta conversation and maybe enlightened or encouraged to crack a book, take their next step on The Bridge, learn to audit (or get back in the chair), start a group, or just be more secure in knowing what they know. And most importantly, I wanted it to be a safe space, as the C of S has become more than a little dangerous to many – so I wanted it to be a space where you can ask questions and get answers, where you can speak your mind, and be heard, with a group of like-minded people who will support, help and assist.

With the interest and response to the new platform, I was asked by Steve Hall to move the blog to the iScientology website as a way of bringing more people to his site and building the “indi field”. So we moved and continued on that platform for a few more months. I rounded up a number of contributors and we had some great articles and conversations.

But then, with the launch of Milestone Two in mid 2013, we suffered our first major group engram. Attacked by a number of people who we had assumed were friends, we suddenly found MS2 was being torpedoed and our blog was on a platform where we were considered untrustworthy and where we lost all access to publish further. At the time, half a dozen people who had helped to form MS2, jumped ship and started pointing fingers and claiming they were not and never had been part of MS2. It was a strange time period. There was a lot of entheta, many lies and twisted “facts”, and the force of the attack surprised us. An MS2 board of more than 10 people, ended up with only 4 remaining.

It was without question a group engram — but we worked our way through it and created this new platform on WordPress called the Milestone Two blog – starting off with an article called Guilty as Charged, on 25 June 2013.

We started off with a basic membership model for MS2, so that people paid a small sum for membership. The blog was public and free, but we were working on other services and benefits for those that were members. The membership instantly became a problem as a number of people were under the radar and still in good standing with the C of S. A few signed up under their real names and then a handful of ex-Scnsts joined up and took the membership list and published it – causing real strife for those under-the-radar individuals. As a result people took pseudo names as members, but this was just weird, as essentially you were a member of a group where people could not just be themselves and communicate. MS2 was continually being made into a dangerous environment by persons hostile to Scientology.

So after deliberation we nixed the private membership model. It was only covering the cost of the website/blog and domain names, so those costs are now borne personally. This change opened up the forum while at the same time taking away the power of ex-Scnsts to enturbulate.

Milestone Two and the blog continued.  We had some posts that were highly controversial and lots of success stories from delivery in the field. We had ESMB and some other unpleasant types try several times to jump in and cause trouble — so our moderation got strict and our list of banned posters became the firewall so that we could keep our platform safe from persons who want to attack LRH, attack MS2, attack Scientology.  We put in a policy that if a person continually derails the conversation, or starts to get nasty, then we put them on moderation – and this caused (and still causes) some waves and protest. Though the individuals concerned thought it was a personal affront and attack on them, it never has been. It has simply been a gate policy for the group, to keep the Milestone Two blog unique and a conversation that is generally above 2.0 on the tone scale.  As a result of this gate policy there have been some individuals who have been moderated and then gone to other platforms to vent their frustration and upset. This has created locks for the group on that original engram when MS2 was first formed. My arbitrary moderation of individuals has not always been perfect — and I am the first to admit this.  Further, as I am in the Southern Hemisphere, a comment awaiting moderation from the Northern Hemisphere is sometimes not seen for 10 or more hours and this has caused mystery and confusion for some. Secondly, I have sometimes misjudged or misunderstood a comment, and this too has sometimes caused problems for those posting.

Our readership ebbed and flowed, and then in 2014 it became apparent that there was an ongoing Black PR campaign from Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder (and those that heavily support them).  We were labeled “Fundamentalist Nazi’s” and “KSW Kamakazes” plus many other names, and we kept running into evidence that there was nattering and underhanded activities ongoing regarding Milestone Two. As we are not in this to win a popularity contest, we reasserted our purpose and continued on. It has never been our game to try and attack or undermine Rathbun or Rinder, but many of our readers have been more than vocal about their views and this has generally created the idea that we do have some games condition. There have been some readers who got caught up in confusion or cross fire, which in some cases created more locks or secondaries.

We created a community newsletter and also a newsletter for the many auditors and tech trained people who exist in the field, and these went out regularly for over a year. Interestingly enough these services, even though they had a great sign up, had little feedback and it was hard to establish any kind of two-way comm with the individuals involved, so they have dropped out in the last year. I lacked the time to do them, and no one stepped forward and raised their hand to help or provide feedback. With readership spread out across the globe, it has been difficult to round up local information from different regions to communicate with. And with such a fragmented and largely separated group of people, it seemed these newsletters were just a little bit early in the evolution of the field from individual Scientologists to the formation of groups and field auditors and delivery facilities.  Many people are reading and watching and supporting from their location and sphere, but few seem ready to contribute directly (whether that is information, delivery, promotion), and this is for a range of very valid reasons. I thank all those who have assisted – and there are many, such as Richard Lloyd Roberts, and Bernie Wimbush, and Tom Martinano. Unfortunately for some, the disappearance of the newsletters was a secondary for them – adding to charge already existing.

We have not issued newsletters for a while now – but do not despair – they will re-appear at some point in the future, when resources exist, and when we have a better system for collecting regional/local information that is pertinent to those who are subscribing.

A year ago we launched a survey based on RJ 68 – which had the potential to really move and shake things up.  Plans to have a full time project running it did not occur due to lack of resources, so we put it to the wind and published it to see how far it would go. It chugged along for 6 months or more, and based on the answers from those who responded, it was bleeding off bypassed charge and getting the answers needed. But, as LRH states in HCO PL PROGRAMMING, an untended child will become a juvenile delinquent, and the survey, without being continually pushed by me, was dropped. It became a further incomplete project and to that degree, a further lock on the group.

We had two other incidents – which in my view have also been locks to the group.  One of them was a field auditor in the USA who had accepted money for services and not delivered the services or returned the money. I posted an article on the MS2 blog for a few hours, pointing out that this activity was not ethical, and then removed the post once I knew the message had been received. There was an uproar from a handful of people about this and I received several hostile communications telling me Milestone Two should never have gotten involved.  The button of justice is a big one in the field – and the idea that a person (myself) or a group (MS2), not involved in the delivery of a service, could publicly make a statement about that delivery (or non-delivery in this particular case) enraged some.  I had one person write to MS2 and ask that I remove their success stories from the platform (which I did). I had several emails over the next week and though there was a lot of steam vented, I found it interesting to note that 6 months later, when the dust had settled, the delivery to that preclear has still not occurred, and the money still not been returned.

So… what did we learn?  We certainly learnt that the confusion and noise from a missed withhold can bash into a group and cause upset and turmoil.  We also learnt that unless the person is right in front of you, with a meter in between, if you attempt to deal with ethics issues over a long distance comm line it goes nowhere.  I also learned that the righteous communications received in protest were loud but came with no responsibility to sort out the situation with the preclear, who has still not been returned her  $16,000. All in all, there was quite some enturbulation and confusion generated around the whole cycle and it just added to the chains that already existed. My effort to help on the situation did not result in resolution.

Another MS2 lock has been with the departure of a preclear here in Gundaroo.  An ethics handling blew up and they stormed out – never to return and they have since been nattering up a storm in Sydney with some others who are mutually out-ruds. The noise generated by this person since that time, coupled with those who are mutual out-ruds, is just more confusion and entheta. Our intention was, and still is, to help – in fact, we had considered this person a dear friend, and still do. It is amazing the force, upset and entheta that is generated by missed withholds – and it was our failing to get them sorted out for that person. We are not infallible – and we learn by our mistakes. This too was added to the chains that exist.

Additional information is that a few months ago, after MS2 had been operating as a not-for-profit charity for several years, we decided to voluntarily deregister MS2 as a legal entity in Australia. This was decided as maintaining MS2 as a legal entity involved costs, financial & corporate reports and regular director meetings. Whilst it was great to meet with the directors every month, the need for a legal entity seemed unnecessary and over-complicated for a group that has little to no income, and operates globally as a network of professional Scientologists. So we deregistered MS2 several months ago with no hitch or problem. This has no impact on the blog, website or the ongoing activities of MS2 but there were a few who constantly monitor MS2, and when they saw a change in our listing they immediately started sending the information around the field, with an implication that MS2 was shutting shop – which we were never doing.

Then at the end of 2015, for the first time in our history, I was very distracted on another project and got little time to write articles or collect up success stories. All went quiet at MS2 and a number of regular readers drifted off, thinking we were following the same path as BackInComm (which stopped posting in August 2015). The project has since been completed and MS2 has my attention again.

We are now approaching our 3rd anniversary. In terms of stats, we have published 474 articles, had 12,000 comments, and more than 300,000 views. We are very proud to be associated with some great field auditors, such as Chris Black, Ingrid Anderson, Tom Martiniano, and others. MS2’s reach is planet-wide, and though we have about 15 regular commenters, there are several hundred who check in regularly. We also routinely have new people who discover us and spend days on end going through every post we have published. Some days we have more than 300 individual articles viewed, showing that our articles are timeless and have appeal to those newly discovering the group.

From the view of helping the group into the future by resolving attention units from the past, I would appreciate it if you would let us know if you have attention on any of the above, or if there is more information, clarification of resolution needed for you. If you got caught up in noise, upset, enturbulation or confusion relating to MS2 in the past 3 years, would you let us know what it was, so that we can hopefully provide further information to resolve it?  If you feel that arbitrary decisions were incorrect and need to be changed, please let us know.

If you feel you have had your comm line cut with MS2, or with individuals who have posted articles on MS2, please write below (or if you are not comfortable with the open forum, then email admin@milestonetwo.org).

If you have questions, or want to get rumors clarified – here is your chance.

This is the session and as note to ALL commenting — the Auditor’s Code applies. Please keep this in on all responses. If someone needs to communicate what they are upset or confused or angry about, and it does not align with your reality — please don’t jump on them, defend me or MS2. Let’s make it a safe and open comm line so that we can apply the below.

LRH states in Dianetics Auditor Bulletin, No. 7, GROUP DIANETICS, issued on 7 January 1951:

“These tenets which are delineated here actually constitute a discovery about groups comparable to the discovery of the engrams in individuals. Each time instantaneous action is demanded of the group by situations and each time commands are given by the selected individual or individuals for those moments of emergency, an engram can be said to have been implanted in the group. These instantaneous orders and commands are indicators of an engram. The engram actually took place during a moment of shock when the ideals, ethics, rationale and general thought and energy of the group collided forcefully with MEST. AS in an engram in an individual, the MEST entering into the ideals and ethics of the group and the ideals and the ethics of the group entering into the MEST is a point of turbulence wherein physical force is mixed with theta. Groups customarily answer such emergency situations by instantaneous orders and commands which are given without consideration by the whole group but which are accepted by the whole group as necessary for the emergency.

“The running of such a moment of turbulence is done simply by exposing all facets of it to the general view of all the individuals who compose the group. Time itself suppresses the turbulent area-that is, lack of time in which events can be explained. There is actual pain here since the ideals and ethics of the group itself have been infiltrated by MEST. Should such moments of emergency remain unexplained, they are not analytically understood by other members of the group and so lie in the ideals and ethics of the group as engrams.

 “Processing the group should be the special trust and charge of selected members of the group itself. The processing is done by the examination of emergency situations and the complete detail of them by this selection of the group. Such examination and publication and discussion of these moments of emergency should not be colored in any slightest degree by any thought of protecting the public idea concerning the ethics of this particular group. Infor- mation cannot be masked, either from individuals of the group or to other groups examining this group, save as that information may apply to the emergency status of the situation which may still be existing, as in the case of disposition of troops by a general during a time of combat.

 “The people selected by the group to be auditors to the group, or an auditor to the group, discover the existence of engrams by the existence of arbitrary com- mands. They then proceed to discover the basic-basic on the chain of engrams and, after due examination not only of the arbitrary orders but of the entire status of the turmoil, publish for the discussion and information of all the mem- bers of the group everything which can be discovered about the situation with all evidences which can be collected. This is not done with a view to introducing punitive action; it is done with a view to acquainting the group members with the situations as they existed. It takes, you might say, a bunched-up time track- bunched up by a moment of emergency or a moment of fancied emergency-and straightens it out, arranging all the data upon it. This effort at processing will be utterly defeated should the auditor of the group pay any attention whatsoever to the consideration the public or other groups may have for the group, to the reputation of any individual involved in the moment of emergency, or to any idea that members of the group itself may be grossly upset by the discovery of certain facts about its members. The characteristic point of this turmoil or turbulence, the engram of the group, is that it contains suppressed or out-of-sight information. If at any moment the auditor to the group suppresses information or colors it in any way, some of that engram is going to remain, and actually a situation is entered here where the engram is left in a state of restimulation where it can do more damage than it could have done had it never been run.

“The auditors of the group must be individuals fully schooled in the ideals, rationale and ethic of the group, whose integrities are not questioned by the group. The whole keynote of the group auditor is honesty and truth-uncolored, unvarnished and unsuppressed data. In this way a good auditing job can be done. The auditor to the group is discovering what has been done to the group and is running it. There is no need of going over and over one of these engrams beyond exposing the information thoroughly and competently to the view of all and permitting all members of the group to discuss that information as they wish. The group itself may then decide upon certain actions but so long as the group itself is doing the deciding, not an individual or just a few individuals in the group, no engram is created.

“Punitive action, with the knowledge and consent of the whole group and dictated by that whole group, cannot be said to create engrams so long as that punitive action does not fall outside the rationale, ideals and ethics of the group itself. In other words, punitive action undertaken by all the individuals of a group and understood by all the individuals of a group does not create an engram. Action of a punitive character taken by one individual in the group without the understanding or consent of other members of the group will create a lock or an engram.

 “The toughness and resilience of the ideals, ethic and rationale of a group- that is to say, the group itself-is enormous and should not be underestimated in any degree. Any group can embark on the most arduous enterprises which would seem fraught with all possibilities of creating moments of pain; but so long as it is understood that whenever an emergency status occurs and a selected member of the group issues arbitrary orders to take care of emergency situations, and that this issuance of orders must be scouted down in an effort to find the engram and the engram run, the group can then under no circumstances suffer any enduring harm save only whatever harm may have been done in the actual conflict itself, and this harm would not be to ideals and ethics but would be to individuals and MEST in the group.

 “A group is composed of theta and MEST. It has an analytical mind and a reactive mind. The theta in the group consists of the ideals, rationale and ethic of the group. The MEST of the group consists, not of the minds, but of the bodies of the individuals of the group and the property and space and time owned by the group. The analytical mind consists of the adjudicated, fully comprehensive opinion of all the members of the group and their efforts and actions to activate and run this group. The reactive mind of the group could be considered to lie in the actions of those individuals set up for emergency status during emergency status, which is to say, the reactive mind is composed of the composite engrams of the group. The group will grow and prosper only insofar as it lacks engrams. It should not fear engrams; it should only fear the fact that the engrams may not be processed and run.

 “The principle of the introduction of an arbitrary should be thoroughly under- stood by a group. Because of an emergency or because of some past engram, there may exist within or around the group sources of continual arbitrary orders. An arbitrary is an order or command introduced into the group in an effort to lay aside certain harm which may befall the group or in an effort to get through a period of emergency and foreshortened time for a certain action. Subsequent arbitraries issued by any member of a group not during periods of emergency can be considered to be locks or dramatizations of the engrams of the group. Each time an arbitrary is introduced it has the effect of reducing the rationale and tone of the group as a whole and will lead to the necessity of introducing two or three more arbitraries, each one of which in turn will lead to the necessity for several more arbitraries, each one of which in turn will lead to the necessity for several more arbitraries until there is an entire network of arbitraries which have sought to correct some central evil. After a short time a complexity in the situation makes it very difficult to discover the central point of departure. Any arbitrary order not only can be considered to be a lock or a dramatization on a group engram, but IS a lock or a dramatization on a group engram. To make this more clear, any continuing stream of arbitraries are dramatizations of an engram in the group and the lock is that turbulence created by the arbitrary’s issuance. In other words, the engram dramatizes by causing an individual to issue an arbi- trary, and the issuance of this arbitrary then creates a lock on top of the original engram. Of course, such issuances supercharge this engram.

 “A true group is one which has ideals, ethics, rationale and a dynamic to carry forth its ideals and rationale on the ethics standard it has selected. Just as the analytical mind safeguards its individual cells in the body, so does a group safeguard the individuals within its membership. The individuals of the group support it just as the cells work to support the body and the analytical mind. The group analytical mind is the composite of analytical thought of the members of the group which it has developed into a culture. Individual aberrations of the members of the group do not composite into the aberrations of the group itself. In other words, it is not necessary to clear all members of the group to have a cleared group. The group, however, can be affected by the individual aberrations of members within it. The optimum group could then be obtained only when all individuals in it are cleared and the group itself is cleared, but a group could act as a very excellent Release and could be entirely effective and could be nearly Clear even though every individual in it were aberrated.

 “The first right of any true group is to survive. The goal of the group is to conquer and use MEST and to make MEST work against MEST.

“All groups must have goals. Only the deterioration of the goals of the group or the reaching of all the goals of the group can bring about the decline of the group or the individuals within it. It is therefore incumbent upon any group to have a postulated set of goals which are continuing goals; to have a major goal which cannot be reached all in a breath but also to have minor goals which go in progression toward major goals which go in progression towards super-major goals.

“The group has the perfect right to demand the help, life or, in a continuing sense, the energy and devotion of any member of the group. Any member of the group has the right to demand the most and highest level of the ideals, rationale and ethics of the group and to demand that these be maintained. A true group owes to its individual members their livelihood and a chance for their future generations. The members must not deny to the group its right to expand and perpetuate itself but must contribute fully and wholly to these.

 “An individual has the right to contribute to the group and the group has the right to expect every individual to contribute to it to his maximum ability and energy. The individual has the right to expect to be contributed to from the group and for the group to safeguard him insofar as is possible in the maintenance of the group and the reaching by the group of its goals.

 “A group will deteriorate in exact ratio to the number of engrams and locks it receives and will revive in ratio to the number of engrams and locks which are picked up out of it.”


58 thoughts on “This is the session

  1. When you enter order into an area there is going to be a lot of confusion blowing off. Every new group experiences that. APIS, when it first started experienced that from many quarters. The solution is to continue as you are doing and persist and hold the standard line. Ignore the naysayers and the entheta proponents. They are not contributing to the motion.

    We need more groups like Milestone Two. They are a light in the darkness for more people than you realise. For every person that fronts up and declares their support, there are ten others in the background doing the same. You may not see them and may wonder if it is worth the effort sometimes but, rest assured it is. Get your newsletter out on a regular basis, include articles by source as well as others, It is, source, after all, we are disseminating. The APIS Newsletter goes out each month regular as clock work. Sometimes I seem to get little response but I know people read it and appreciate that piece of theta that comes their way. Milestone is also a valuable source of theta and many people appreciate it. Thank you for being there and doing what you do regardless of the effort.

    • Thanks Michael. I know you have been very helpful in alerting us to odd-ball rumours in the field, and I appreciate that. Thank you also for your support over the last 3 years.

      I take your point on the newsletters. We were keen to have local/regional content and had trouble rounding that up. I should probably ask the subscribers to those lists what they are needing and wanting, newly, in terms of newsletters (how often, what content, etc.). We received a few classified type notices at times, and possibly that is also a needed and wanted.

    • I agree Michael.

      I get your newsletter every month and enjoy receiving it.

      Probably the only time you’d hear from people like me is when we stop getting it.

      Then it’s:


      This is sorta the way it works in an actual Scientology Org.

      I mean if there were such a thing to compare it to.

      But it used to be people would get Auditor, Advance or some other mag for years and then suddenly get in comm or even show up.

    • Well said Michael. Very truthful indeed! These theta pro LRH and Scn sites / blogs are vital are they are the beacons in the darkness of entheta and nothingness. I know it is a lot of job to do it but it is worthwhile.

  2. Very succinct, sagely and timely comments, Michael. I’m sure Lana will welcome your input, immensely.

    — racing. 😀

  3. Lana. take a break girl! That was one hecka’va mouthful there. And I really get that you had to wrestle with what and how to cram everything in! Sooooooooo. VWD! 😀

    As a guy who has mostly been in the background, (but believe me, just as capable, willing and vociferous, as the next )., I will not stand by and allow bullies the freedom to stomp on the rights of others, for the sake of venting their ego’s.

    You have done / are doing a marvelous, selfless job here and deserve all the support possible in KTSOTR (Keeping The Show On The Road! 😀 )

    Rather than make any negative comments, or making “meaningful” suggestions, I far prefer just stepping into your “shoeniverse”, since I feel it far more helpful thereby, to “experience”, feel, duplicate, and consequently — understand why and whereupon you say and do as you do.

    Hope you get, that I have definitely grown enormously, by being willing and prepared to examine, experience and share, in so many new and diverse viewpoints, that the resulting freedom, has been sufficient reward in/by itself!

    Love and success to you and all of goodwill, who post here!

    — Calvin (racing) 😀

    • Thanks Calvin — to clarify however, this article is not really about me. It is about the group we have here — which is a very real, tangible, contactable group of beings with a common purpose.

      LRH’s article entitled The True Group is what we should be working to emulate — and it is for that reason that I have been listing out group engrams, locks and secondaries that I know of – not as personal criticism of myself or anyone (or to generate praise for myself), but more as a way for us as a group to continue upscale towards survival, and not drift downwards as a result of built up “group bank”.

      We, as a group, can achieve incredible things, if we apply the reference above. Unfortunately many of us have worked in a 3D where Group Dianetics is not applied, and the C of S is a living example of a group that is heading on down the dwindling spiral as a result. Heck, more group engrams in Scn orgs than you can shake a stick at — and most people in the field have those past experiences and charge on the subject. That is one of the reasons why the field is so touchy on certain subjects. Just mention the term A – J and watch people blow their lids! Justice is another hot topic.

      So… whilst I appreciate your acknowledgement and compliments, please do tell me if there are questions, confusions, upsets or anything regarding MS2 in the last 3 years that you have never had the chance to ask.

      As a South African who has been on many different blogs (other than this one), I know you have seen and heard views and all manner of confusions/false information/black PR and more about this group. Did any of it stick or worry you? Anything you would like to get clarified?

      • You know Lana, at one time, (not long ago), I had a ton of resentment carried around. I had disagreements with all manner of people, over what turned out to be, my own hang ups, prejudices and intolerance.

        Through a seemingly fated interaction with three distinctly different people, a friend called Kevin, another called Geir Isene, and another called Adyashanti, I managed to wrap up sooooo much of that which had been bugging, me, through the simple, life-changing power of honest-to-goodness AS-ISNESS.

        I had seemingly gained the life philosophes of each, merely by being willing to duplicate, where, each had come from, with an all important cognition of HOW they they had gotten there.

        All this, coupled to realizations on the values of love & gratitude, has paralleled for me, what LRH famously described as the Clear

        This all boiled down to a simple, effective, personal philosophy:

        I am an Immortal being. I am responsible for all my acts. I can choose ANY thoughts. I can grant others the complete right to be as THEY choose, with the only proviso, that they may Not cause harm to others on my watch! 😀

        Today, I am comfortable with where I have arrived. At the same time, I am quite content for others to seek out the solutions, which yet remain a mystery for them, or not.

        The tools bequeathed to us all, by the Ol’ man, remain as potent and life changing as ever, as far as I am concerned. As I told you with sincerity, above. — I believe you are doing an incredible job, of KTSOTR

        Beyond all that, I am and can get just as excited/animated by new games/challenges, as ever. Am presently embarking upon some (for me), totally unexplored territory, with potentially huge payoffs.
        And yes, to answer any doubts you may yet have, I still continue to use the Scn toolbox, to fix things, as and where possible.

        — Calvin.

        • Calvin, thank you for explaining about your wins and gains over recent times. Wow, that is superb and I am really happy for you. You have fully clarified for me and I appreciate your frankness and openness.

          Thank you.

  4. I am trying hard to find something where I could be confused with or
    upset about but I can’t find anything. It’s a bit noisy on Internet and crossfires splashes all over the place. Better a little noise here and there or some dysharmony than too much silence and dull motions. Each article and its comments at Milestone are just great and I hope Milestone will continue this blog like in the past 3 years.

    • Thank you for your reply and feedback Mary.

      You are right about noise and crossfires from time to time, and yes, some noise and randomity is action and activity and sure to occur when a group is getting things done.

      Yes, Milestone Two won’t be disappearing and these first 3 years are just the beginning of a long future ahead – which is why I wanted to post this article to clear up anything – if there is anything — for the group, so that forward motion ahead is smooth.

      You live in Europe and have been receiving field auditing which is superb. It is incredible how different life can be when you have your rudiments flown and you can address bypassed charge from long since past. At some point, if you are comfortable with the idea, it would be great to hear of any wins/gains/successes you are comfortable to share. Not compulsory by any means, but it gives the group a better understanding of you as a group member.

      Again, thank you Mary for being with us and for your support of the group.

  5. “There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”
    John Lennon

    Thank you for doing what you are doing! Thank you all who participate and contribute!

    • Great quote Worsel! It is always lovely when you pop by. You have been contributing and part of this group since the very beginning. Thanks for your ongoing support. 🙂

  6. Dear Lana:


    You are special and thanks for being so.

    love to you and your brave few…


  7. Lana,


    Thanks for posting that quote which is so relevant to the current scene.

    Personally I think the group. By that I mean Scientology in general has been stuck in an engram since the early ’80’s.

    But hey the bright side is that people are still getting Standard Tech and are still winning. Despite anything else that is going on.

    There’s actually a lot of theta out there.

    Like your blog and Merrell’s Religious Liberty League.

    Despite the entheta.

  8. hello Lana and friends of MS 2 founders or readers. Happy New Year! For my part, MS2 groups, site and blog is a stable base from which can be built many theta activities for the future.

    Actually Scientology is king of a public service. One could say so. Whether auditing, training, dissemination of data, publication of know-how fitting with the ruins of society, providing books with successful tech and experiences, all these are things we can do as a group. But without a Base from which to communicate and provide reality, there is nothing much and efforts are dispersed. So I believe it is very important job you Lana and the founders did with MS 2. And frankly who gives a damn about entheta?

    As for myself, I found and independent group in France thanks to the site they built. And it took a while but since I received the CCRD attested Clear in 2015 with full certainty,did my OT Preps and I am auditing myself on Solo 2 with marvellous wins and viewpoint changes on life. I am now fully rehabilitated as an auditor and I am auditing my own wife on the Bridge. In addition, I build my own Scientology Library on the net (dianeticien.fr) and I wrote two books about Scientology applications. I am now working on another site for non scientology people; it will be oriented toward spirituality, ecology, education and subjects of society. (http://parolesdegorille.esy.es/) Plenty of work done and plenty to come.

    Could we define a Scientologist as a theta stable outflow center of communications, realities, affinity and understandings?

    • Josheph – your news is wonderful. Congratulations on Clear and now being on SOLO. You are just a breath away from OT 1 and are going to have such a blast. I am really happy for you. Send me a success story when you complete Solo 2 and are about to embark on your OT levels. I would love to publish it.

      Please send me the links to any French sites and blogs and I will place these on the MS2 website so that other French speaking people can find them easily.

      You are right. Scientology is king of a public service – and your work across the dynamics is superb.

      Is there any help that you are needing from this group at this time to help you with your ongoing activities?

  9. As far as you experiencing adversity regarding Milestone 2, I don’t think that this is anything out of the ordinary. All religions have encountered the same thing.

    Seek to audit out the group engram but don’t get caught up in the long running religious gpm on planet Earth. Scientologists have a recent group engram that has many earlier similar incidents.

    Keep it in line with what LRH said and I think you will do all right-which you have been doing.

    LRH certainly faced adversity and wrote in The Way To Happiness;

    “Tolerance is a good cornerstone on which to build human relationships. When one views the slaughter and suffering caused by religious intolerance down all the history of Man and into modern times, one can see that intolerance is a very non-survival activity.

    Religious tolerance does not mean one cannot express his on beliefs.
    It does mean that seeking to undermine or attack the religious faith and beliefs of another has always been a short road to trouble.

    If all the brightest minds since the fifth century B.C. or before have never been able to agree on the subject of religion or anti-religion, it is an arena of combat between people that one would do well to stay out of.

    In this sea of contention, one bright principle has emerged: the right to believe as one chooses.

    Any advice one might give another on this subject is safest when it simply asserts the right to believe as one chooses. One is at liberty to hold hold up his own beliefs for acceptance.

    One is at risks when he seeks to assault the beliefs of others, much more so when he attacks and seeks to harm them because of their religious convictions.”

    The c of s has done a great job of violating what LRH says here.

    • Thank you Dan and you bring up a good point about the overall button and contention on the subject of religion itself.

      It is sometimes a difficult task to get the balance point on a public forum as a person comes along who is beefed and gets onto a rant about something that another then takes as a personal attack or as an affront on their own beliefs. On one hand we have freedom of speech and on the other hand we have a small few that want to use that right to spew entheta about other individuals and groups. We are lucky we have had little of this on MS2 blog over time as those that enjoy this platform are high toned and take little joy in making a public attack on another person, group or religious belief. It happens all to often on other platforms unfortunately. When it has occurred on MS2, I moderate or block entirely – often writing to the person by email and explaining that they are free to say anything they want — but not on this platform. They rarely write back.

      Maybe having some articles that really talk about religious tolerance and give examples and LRH references would be good from time to time. Any takers to write an article (or two) on such a theme?

  10. Hi Richard Lloyd-Roberts here.

    Still an ardent supporter and still willing to help. I think my only beef was the lack of communication between group members. I really didn’t feel included in the group from anyone apart from Lana. Kind of disheartening really. I still love reading the articles and they have been helpful over the last couple of years with cycles with friends etc. I decided to really focus on my work more than anything. But in saying that I have a strong desire to participate at any needed level.

    • Richard – thank you for providing your input. I too was disheartened, and like you, just let it drop for months.

      I think the idea was just a little ahead of its time. We have a field of Scientologists that are no longer affiliated with or part of the C of S, and many of them more than disappointed in their church experience but still very keen to someone keep on being a Scientologist, using and applying tech in their lives, and ideally moving up The Bridge. We have to work out what they are needing in terms of a newsletter (if any) at this time, and then work on that. Classifieds was one idea — but if few want to post a classified, it fails. Successes are already posted on the blog. LRH references only may be another way to go, and something that Michael Moore has used as a basic pattern on the APIS newsletter — just finding and sending out a superb LRH article from one of the early journals.

      Thanks for being there and doing what you do. Your offer to help will be taken up and we will try again in 2016 — but with a different model that better fits what is needed and wanted the group (in terms of them wanting to read and contribute to it)

      • Well as soon as you are ready I am here to take it up again. I wanted to see if it would be possible to start an online course program. I have the software to do so and can create the website round it. Just need some admins and sups.

        • I requested an online course program in 2013 and was disappointed when my only option was to travel across the country. (I can afford the travel and course expenses, but I don’t have the freedom from other obligations to drop everything to spend weeks or more elsewhere.)

          Regardless of what I think, Milestone Two would boom if extension courses of one kind or another were available. It would result in an entire tier of active Scientologists studying per a standard checksheet and reporting in to a live course supervisor.

          • “Well as soon as you are ready I am here to take it up again. I wanted to see if it would be possible to start an online course program. I have the software to do so and can create the website round it. Just need some admins and sups.”
            “I requested an online course program in 2013 and was disappointed when my only option was to travel across the country. (I can afford the travel and course expenses, but I don’t have the freedom from other obligations to drop everything to spend weeks or more elsewhere.)
            “Regardless of what I think, Milestone Two would boom if extension courses of one kind or another were available. It would result in an entire tier of active Scientologists studying per a standard checksheet and reporting in to a live course supervisor.”

            I did not see the above comment published in the blog though I received it on my phone???

            It is a good point and is definitely something we should look into. Especially to work a program a bit like the “tutorials” on the net. How to do a Touch Assist or best a Nerve Assist, how to use the tech of going back to debut a pupil or student, How to clear a word, etc. Especially advices for the bogged pupil, for parents, helpers,etc.

              • oops! It is not me who has the program but a quote from Richard. I thought this was important so I mentionned it again. Here is the quote:
                Richard Lloyd-Roberts says:
                January 6, 2016 at 3:30 pm
                Well as soon as you are ready I am here to take it up again. I wanted to see if it would be possible to start an online course program. I have the software to do so and can create the website round it. Just need some admins and sups.

  11. Lana:

    I’ve expressed my opinion about this place often enough; you know what I think.

    I didn’t realize Marty and Mike were still whining about us. I believe Ron refers to such as “cur dogs”.

    It’s too bad that MS2 had to drop its original justice functions, even though they were originally intended only for members. But then, despite my massive mistreatment by the Church in terms of justice, I don’t have BPC on true Justice. Apparently, others can’t see past theirs. Likewise, it’s a shame that MS2 can’t be allowed to fill any Justice role at all in the Field, without backlash.

    Didn’t realize there was a local Gundaroo ethics particle which blew up. Some simply will not be helped.

    Re the newsletter, I signed up for it in the hopes that I would be notified if someone qualified to audit Nancy and me locally popped up. So start it up again when you think it would be worthwhile and have time for it. I don’t have the time, or I would volunteer.

    Also, regarding moderation, I believe that it has been applied with intelligence and in keeping with the ideals and standards of the blog. I’ve been in your exact position in the past, and I think you’re doing just fine.

    Virtual beers all around.

    Paul M. Foster (Paul)

    • Like you, I am clear on justice. The absence of barriers leaves a no-game. Too many does the same.

      In the interests of a better game, we look to a balance. The game after all is said and done, with Scientology, is one where everybody does in fact, win. They win the whole thing. Now that’s something new and worth the effort.

    • Cheers to that Paul. Yes, you have always made it clear what your views are, and as you are a great writer of words, your comments have always been fabulous contributions to the conversations over the last 3 years.

      I want to get you and Nancy moving on The Bridge. I know of a Class IX experienced auditor moving to Florida in 2016, and that may very well be the solution…

      Write me at admin@milestonetwo.org and I will give you details.

  12. Great article, Lana. The story of Milestone Two, and the work that you and others have done to create it, needed to be told. The amount of bypassed charge, and the consequent differences and firefights among some factions in the scientology diaspora may be hard for those “never in” to understand. In my opinion, it demonstrates the power of what we have been dealing with in the subject.
    The guys on ESMB and the guys at Hemet have at least one thing in common: they’re paranoically terrified of any open discussion about scientology. Secrecy, inhibited communication and PR are their whole stock-in-trade. The volume of their fear shows that the basic truths of the subject are not trivial or imaginary.

    • Good point David. The cutting of comm lines is never the solution, as you know. Interestingly enough, the most popular posts on this blog since we started, are those that are either a) taking up the subject of cut comm lines of various kinds and b) those that take up the very basic basics of Scn — such as the Scn Axioms.

      I always find that interesting. 🙂

    • Very true, David: “The volume of their fear shows that the basic truths of the subject are not trivial or imaginary.”

      May I also add that the volume of their anger and upset might indicate their disappointment in failing to get what they came for in Scientology. They worked so hard, came so close, had a glimpse – only for their hopes to be squashed. Betrayal of trust is a hard pill to swallow.

      If the Reactive Bank were not formidable, then there would be no need for Scientology and Dianetics, and the CoS would not have failed; this shows us the size of the task.

      • That’s a very fair comment about disappointment, Richard. I acknowledge that some of those who seem most negative now made the biggest investment of effort of effort and trust in the church decades ago.

  13. Lana, you have done a great job of monitoring this site.
    You have made sure that posters adhere to the auditor’s code and display good manners.
    You’ve also kept LRH and Tech bashers (overt and covert) from playing their destructive games here while still having a safe space for honest communication of opinions …even about LRH’s few possible foibles and questions regarding the Tech.
    Your monitoring has been a display of true artistry and wisdom. And it is amazing how justice kind of takes care of itself in a theta group where communication flows freely.

    As for the “engrams” experienced, I can’t say that I honestly understand completely why Mark Rathbun chose to veer in the direction he has. Ditto with Mike Rinder. The complete truth about why they ever found it necessary to disparage this site or allow their posters to do so exists in their universes. I think that they will all work that out for themselves eventually. Maybe they have to some degree. Meanwhile, I don’t see them spending a lot of time and attention on what goes on here lately. So, I don’t see this as “our” engram. I appreciate that Mike keeps exposing the malarkey being sent out in the name of Scientology from the COS, and Mark has a right to pursue his philosophical interests and use his considerable writing skills to create novels.
    Meanwhile, our thing is to promote, produce, and forward LRH’s Tech for the purpose of improving conditions for beings on this planet. We should just keep on doing this and assert our right to do so as necessary. Only good can come of it.
    And, to repeat, you are doing a great job keeping the show on the road and the ship seaworthy.

    • And in this last comment, Espiritu, I think you have summed it up really well.

      I agree with you that Marty and now Mike are heading off in their own directions, and there are no longer the concentrated efforts against MS2 that were occurring a couple of years ago. And I am certainly not one who wants to stir the pot and generate animosity on those platforms or with those communities.

      Thank you for the compliments on moderation of the blog. It has been a learning process.

      And thank you for perfectly wording for 2016:

      And forward LRH’s Tech for the purpose of improving conditions for beings on this planet.


  14. I have regrets about my introduction to Scientology…

    I started out by reading DMSMH. This was a great starting point because the emphasis was on helping others deal with their past.

    By the time I became involved with the church and Scientology, the emphasis seemed to shift over to the OT tech which is about being at cause and making things go right.

    When I read DMSMH, I was only 18 years old. I had very few traumatic experiences and had suffered relatively little in life. As a result, I couldn’t fully understand how or why auditing could help others. I couldn’t appreciate the skill and dedication of the auditor to listen to the PC and help. I had a very glib understanding in general, but the idea of someone ~needing~ help with emotional experiences or somatics was entirely lost to me. (That is, no personal reality.)

    Ironically, I experienced the first death in my family while I was in the Sea Org. My maternal grandmother died shortly before Christmas. She and I had been very close. She had been a second mother to me. She also hadn’t been happy with my joining the Sea Org. My ethics officer (MAA) asked if I’d like some auditing to address my loss. I told her I would. And I meant it. However, I never did receive any auditing to address my loss.

    If the church had helped me to confront my loss at the time, I would have appreciated it. I would have viewed it as a win and probably stayed in the church and the Sea Org. Instead, I blew from the Sea Org just two weeks after my grandmother died. I suppose I hadn’t been really able to deal with it on my own. Telling me “no case on post” didn’t handle it. Having me suffer in silence just left me feeling hopeless.

    I understand now how the PC plus the auditor are greater than the bank more than I did when I was younger. I thought I could confront anything at 18 years old, but really I had yet to confront very much in life. Sometimes we need help from someone else to deal with past and current suffering because it is so difficult to confront those things that are intensely emotional or painful.

    L. Ron Hubbard created a system where people could be there for each other. They don’t have to suffer alone in silence.

  15. Jonathon,

    Hi. We haven’t yet enjoyed any mutual comm. As a ‘veteran’ Scn from the early 70’s (in South Africa), I had enormous gains, from the outset of reading DMSMH. Most of my ((till then) pressing questions about the mind and life, were answered, within the inside and back cover of the book. The TR’s, Comm Course and Book Of Basics O-8 especially the Axioms of Duplication, virtually solved all remaining puzzles for me, with the rest of my Scn journey, merely filling in the gaps. 🙂

    I have always had a natural interest in others, and their life story. So yours is appreciated too. Thank you.

    Let me say here and now, at some 68 years on, that much of my gains, have in fact occurred in just the last 3 years. with many of the myths and realities of my Scn experience, now having been reviewed, re-evaluated and put into proper perspective (for me)

    Oddly enough, much of my sincere (no longer biased, or ‘believer’ based) appreciation, has come from examining a much, much wider expanse of views, than from just the ‘limiting’ experience of looking from inside the Scn ‘bubble’, as it were.

    The biggest, most surprising gains of all, have been those experienced by realizing the truths (explained in a moment) of what I discovered through “entering the shoeniverse of another” (Being willing to walk a mile in their shoes: seeing, feeling, experiencing, what they themselves do/did.)

    The freedom gained, as a result of this “interested” view, is fully summed up in the following

    THE FACTORS (no. 28).

    “The resolution of any problem posed hereby, is the establishment of viewpoints and dimension points, the betterment of condition and concourse amongst dimension points, and thereby viewpoints, and the remedy of abundance or scarcity in all things, pleasant or ugly, by the rehabilitation of the ability of the viewpoint to assume points of view and create and uncreate, neglect, start.change and stop dimension points of any kind at the determination of the viewpoint.
    Certainty in all three universes must be regained, for certainty, not data, is knowledge. — LRH April 23, 1953.”

    — racing 😀

    • When you say interested view, I include in this the ability and willingness to duplicate the other person’s communication in Present time. To be there in PT with the other person and to assist them to confront their case or life — that’s real help if I understand it correctly.

      When I received sessions in the church (mostly sec checks for staff and crew), I felt that I had to confront the auditor first and foremost while secondarily confronting my O/Ws or whatever. In other words, the auditor plus the bank were greater than the PC. And on out-gradient processes, I actually went completely anaten and/or exterior because I couldn’t confront both my case and the auditor at the same time.

      The auditor is there to help. I understand that now — 20+ years later!

      As for grief and loss, the intense feelings can cause some to avoid, repress and shut off their emotions because they don’t want to experience/confront them again. Likewise, some people will decide not to start new relationships or connections because of the losses experienced in the past.

      This applies as well to people who lost loved ones as much as Scientologists who lost the church. Some have decided not to return to the church or start any new relationships with other Scientology groups. Some here and elsewhere have described it as “betrayal” by current management — but I think it goes even deeper than that concept.

      • Thank you so much for sharing further, Jonathon.

        Perhaps the shortest cut to dealing with what I glean you are presenting here, would consist of processes which totally extrovert the attention. ie ” look at people” (at a bus/train station/food market,etc.) “take a walk”, works wonders, in this regard., too.

        Simple, engagement with “life”, gets one back into real communication with it. Helps one to reassume one’s viewpoint (of dimension points) and as as a result, a marvelous return to one’s natural state of BEINGNESS, where one can, indeed does, return fully to Present Time.)

        The only point I’m making directly to you, now, Jonathon, (in PT) is that this totally involves you, regaining REAL interest in the life going on AROUND you, as an “interested” being, (attention outward), rather than having one’s attention/interest pulled/fixed inwardly.

        Do you track with me on this, Jonathon?

        Btw, I do have a name – (Calvin) – Okay? 🙂

  16. Great article by Ron. As I was reading it, pictures kept flashing up of departures from the points he makes. Our problems with Scientology history are nothing compared to what’s been going on with governments and nations and races.

    Thanks for all your work and leadership, Lana. You may see the problems of the blog, but I see the best group on the planet.

  17. I want to thank everyone who has commented and contributed to this thread with views, opinions, advice and feedback.

    This has been very helpful for the group and certainly for me personally, as someone who has been intricately involved since MS2’s inception.

    I am honoured to have you as friends, comrads and fellow thetans to enjoy this adventure with.

    Thanks for being there, communicating and doing what you are doing. 🙂

  18. Lana (and Jim, et al);

    Thought you might like this. The whole issue is excellent, but I’ve always like this last part best (Ron always had a way of putting it so that you really got it):

    “It DOES matter what you do on post or in the field or in the world. This scene called Scientology is not going to end. Time after time the enemy, in our blackest hours, has told itself, “We’ve got them now! We’ve stopped them! They’re through!” They were just praying past their own graveyard. Each time, there we were again, stronger, expanding, working better. And at this very moment of writing, that’s where we are at right now. The last enemy attack is winding down.

    And there we still are all over the world, doing good, getting stronger, getting more numerous.

    And in the coming decades so it will be again.

    The guys in the white hats – with the S and Double Triangle – are winning. They are winning because they mean well. They do good. They know their business. And the enemy is losing and will lose because they mean bad. They do evil. They are incompetent.

    Remember the principle of Flourish and Prosper. It works!

    And the next time you see an attack, remember the old truth, “This too shall come to pass away.”

    But not Scientology. We’re here and will be here for all the decades and centuries that this civilization has left to it. And right now I am working on plans so that it will be here even when the madmen, in some possible last convulsion of evil, have blown this civilization away.

    We are saving beings, not men.

    And the evil die within their own generation.

    We don’t.

    So the next time you feel blue, read this.

    The enemy can’t even plan for tomorrow.

    We work in eternity.


    (From RJ 34, “The Future of Scientology”, March 13, 1982)

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