By Randy Smith

Ian asked me for help with a particular subject, so we did some standard processes on it. He just completed it & had a very nice result:


“The subject of money is an incredibly charged subject for most people. I know it certainly was for me prior to completing The Money Rundown.

“Like most people first looking to handle their financial difficulties, I began by looking at the externals. I attended a number of seminars, listened to many programs and read practically every book on the subjects of money and finances. I got a large number of different and conflicting viewpoints which, though interesting, were often confusing, and had very little impact overall on my financial well being or peace of mind.

“You see, eventually I came to realize that my financial issues persisted because I never worked on step zero: handling my negative core beliefs around money that caused said difficulties.

“This led me to some 12 step programs (Debtors Anonymous & Underearners Anonymous) meant to help handle the stress, anxiety and difficulties I had around money, but ultimately turned out to be of little help – if anything it actually exacerbated the problems.

“In all, relatively little changed despite my knowledge and experiences, as I’d basically do OK financially for brief periods, but wouldn’t ever enjoy myself for fear of more problems down the road, then I would eventually fall back into my old ways, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that kept repeating. It was extremely frustrating to say the least, because while my overall financial habits were actually pretty good as I’m pretty conservative with money (partly out of necessity), I never could earn enough nor feel at peace with what I had or wanted which led me to know something was off mentally.

“I decided to handle this issue once and for all with my auditor Randy Smith. He heard and listened patiently to my concerns and worries as I discussed the subjects of money, work, career, jobs, income, finances, and other related words on the e-meter. (By the way, I also really like that he calls it “The Money Rundown” and not “The Prosperity Rundown” nor “The Havingness Rundown” to hide its true intention, as the Church now does due to its overwhelmingly bad PR; I mean, if you can’t talk about these subjects openly and call the underlying problem what it is, then how can you even begin to handle the problem?)

“So one by one we went through all of these terms, using a number of processes to handle and flatten the charge around these things. While I can’t speak for others, for me it took quite a while to complete as it was really mixed in quite deep for me with a lot of other things that I had confused with it like love, success, identity, health, purpose, ego and more. But that said, it was so worth every penny that I spent to complete it because now I feel peace.

“I can say that as a result of doing the work with Randy, I now have total acceptance of myself, my skills, my talents and my career, rather than fighting it and feeling insecure as I did so often. I actually also have no regrets about it either, as I noticed that I finally took responsibility for things that I hadn’t, and also let go of responsibility for things that were not mine to begin with, and learned from my past experiences which have proved to be extremely valuable.

“Near the end of the process I finally shelved a career book that I was rereading for the third time, as I now have finally handled this issue. I also noticed that as things started to get handled, unexpected but certainly welcome income would appear from nowhere and opportunities would appear, despite never having applied for or even heard of them before. It was like drawing chance cards in Monopoly, only in real life!

“I’m not going to kid myself that now this means I can sit back and relax while things somehow work out and that I will have never any outside issues with money in the future; I still have to do the basic work in order to find and earn income, create and build assets, and protect that wealth – but fortunately I know those good habits that I already developed will pay off both literally and figuratively as I no longer have any weird self-sabotaging beliefs about money anymore. With Step Zero done, the other steps are so much easier to handle, once and for all.

“Now I certainly feel peaceful when I think of my current career and finances, where I came from and what I am creating for the future of myself and my family. Thank you Randy and Kay for your help and patience with this trying process, as well as to L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology staff who piloted and assisted with the original program! What a great gift to myself and an awesome way to start 2016!


A Real-World Follow-up

Following on from the above success story from Ian on completing the Money Rundown, here is a follow-up report I just received from him today, showing a real-world result!

“Hi Randy,

“Hey so good news that I wanted to share with you: I booked another industry job right after session last night on my first (independent) feature film, and signed the start paperwork today.

tracking shot-stage

“Though a low rate, it’s more than they were initially offering as I was able to negotiate up and get really specific in my deal memo for how / when payment to be made by, guaranteed number of days, and minimum flat rate for under 8 hours. I’m also now learning that the production hadn’t even originally budgeted for my position, but the producers were so impressed with my work they freed up some funds to make it happen! Now I’m able to really begin building credits, a portfolio of work, and accumulate some serious days towards union entry.

“And I noticed as I’d discuss what I wanted and was worth that I wasn’t even nervous as it’s just business; if it didn’t work out, I’d just move onto the next opportunity which I can easily create – even when they aren’t posting for it. I felt so confident moving forward, and it is cool to see results that very same day in the real world, now I know it’s not all subjective or cliches and platitudes that some success stories can feel like. Anyway just thought you’d like to hear of some more success manifesting itself in the world outside of the auditing room.

“All the Best,


Thanks again!”

12 thoughts on “Money

  1. Wow……this is quite a success story. In fact this is the best success I have read with regard to this RD and its application.

    Thanks Ian and Randy for sharing this. It renewed my interest in the RD which I did at Flag back in the middle 90’s. Mine didn’t go at all like this however and in the end was a pretty forgettable experience.

    Flag was swamped with PC’c at that time ( 1st GAT evolution was in progress) and I am sure it lead to a glossed over application of this material.

    Sounds wonderful when its done standardly.

    • K, I’m probably preaching to the converted here, but you know that all the latent gains, all the missed gains, all the incomplete actions, can be rehabbed, fixed, and completed to full EPs. Find a good, standard auditor when you’re ready to get going again, do a full and thorough D of P, and with a good C/Sed program, you’ll be writing all these wins for us to read. 🙂

      I wish you all the best, and my postulates for all the success you want in your future.


      • Thanks Chris and speaking of sharing wins I am in Portland this week and doing Grade1 having recently finished Grade 0 with Ronit Charny my auditor.

        I should be in session right now but we had a FTA yesterday at session end and I am still too key-ed out to get back in! Damn ….what’s up with that?

        Ronit is awesome! With her it’s all about the person sitting across the table holding the cans-Can’t say enough good things about her technical accuracy and caring presence in session.

        • I’ve heard a lot about how good Ronit is, Kay. Glad you’re receiving your auditing from her. You’re in good hands. 🙂

          Grade 1 – I remember it well, being one of the Grades I had much change on. I’m sure you’re enjoying it, from the sounds of it! Take your win and enjoy it. I look forward to reading your wins as you move up the Bridge. 😀

  2. As always, Randy, a job very well done. What a result! That’s what it’s all about. Amazing, the tech is simply amazing!

    And as always, Lana, you seem to find just the right image to convey the piece. Kudos. 🙂

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