By Joseph Le Sanglier

At first, as regards my E-Meter, I found a new companion which I recommend. It is very precise, easy to use. I used it since a year, auditing my wife with it and now myself through Solo 2. It is the mindwalker 3A. You can see it on the Internet Site of http://mindwalker.weebly.com/ It does not look nice as presented. But you can put in the colors you want. It is a little box with a USB cord that you plug on your computer. Just make sure you remove any automatic program or internet connection before the session so that the computer doesn’t run something that would interfere with the reads. It would be part of the set up. I found it very pleasant, precise and comfortable to use. A friend is also using it on Solo NOTs. About 450 €.

About the Solo Course, you have to imagine that for the 1st time you take the cans and you see your needle. When you audit, you see the reads as you contact things. You think and you see the reactions. It is very, very fast and very, very rewarding. Do you remember, for the old timers, the Scientology of the 70’s? It was really cool! Well I found the same atmosphere. It is like a big huge validation of you as a being. I find it difficult to express what it feels but I touched another universe, exterior to the physical universe. It is an extremely fine feeling.

As an auditor, this course has been the best course I ever did. It is not actually a course but rather a full blown Internship as a Solo auditor. Now let me tell you a story.

Before I started this cycle CCRD – Solo II in 2015, I could say I was a Dianeticist but not anymore a Scientologist. No way I would touch a Meter anymore. I had restudied all of the materials of 50 and 51 and I could say for sure that I was a Dianeticist. I audited my wife on all the processes of 51 with great wins. I could not say, though, that I was a Scientologist. Still stuck somehow in invalidations, evaluations, and wrong indications. But I could move as a Dianeticist, observing life and writing beautiful and bright essays on how to use the Dianetics Logics and Axioms to straighten up society. Actually I did go deep into it and found it extremely interesting drill. Really lots of good stuff in these 51 materials. Actually the best definition of ARC is in the Professional Dianetics Course tapes of 1950 (the new HDA). So it was fun. Sure I felt as a Dianeticist.

I had been an experienced Class IV HGC auditor with a few thousand hours of professional auditing (Interned before GAT). Then the 3 beats robotical F/Ns of GAT just killed me as well as other stuff. Then I got out of Hell and found the Indies sites and I read about this arbitrary. It blew my mind. Then a friend musician helped me about the definition of rhythm. But still I was thoroughly bogged down like a cart in two feet of soft mud. I would not move as a Scientology auditor.

Then my wife (apparently non-scientologist) nailed me in a corner. She wanted me as her auditor to do her CCRD preps.

Gosh I was fighting back telling her I was a terrible auditor and could not use a fucking E-Meter. I was screaming. Complete invalidation, with out-list phenomena. But she was holding the harpoon and somehow, like a perfect LRH D of P or Qual Sec, she got me to buy a Meter and get me back in the chair to take her in session.

Somehow it worked.

I was back in the chair and she was winning like hell.

In the same time, we arranged an appointment with an indie French auditor. I was absolutely certain that I would not get out of the mess I was in casewise. Well, got a good interview with some fine indications of BPCs. Then CCRD preps and CCRD. It rehabilitated my state of Clear – finally – with complete, total certainty.

It was a shock. I was Clear. Gosh! Next lifetime I’ll be born Clear!

Then the OT Preps were fast, I knew it would. Then a review of Solo drills (I had done the Solo I before GAT, a marvellous course). Then to my great surprise, I found myself in session solo auditing.


And it continued and continued and continued, Solo C/S after Solo C/S. A total adventure, exactly like LRH says in Dianetics. The amount of wins I got, persistent F/Ns, and even floating TAs were just amazing. But I found myself getting in contact with something else which brought me out of something I am not sure what. But gosh it was good, rewarding and validating.


I am completely rehabilitated as a Class IV auditor! Since, I audit my wife on the meter with raving wins for both of us!

I am completely rehabilitated as a Professional Word Clearer!

As a being, I discovered a completely unknown universe. As a result my way to write and interpret life facts has become much more positive and theta. A radical change of vision of life. I surprise myself talking about love. Before I rather talked about combat and fight for freedom, kind of. My wife is kidding me and telling me “Oh you became a Christian Catholic Priest!” Well sure enough I can say I am a Scientologist a free Scientologist! Now I know what it is about.

My position and space as a thetan changed as regards the physical universe. Not sure what happened but something happened for sure.

And all that is not due to Ron. It is due to the auditor. Ron’s work is of course…. No words for it. But if there are no auditors to deliver, there are no wins, no Releases, no Clears, no OTs.

So thanks to Ron of course, and also thanks to MS 2 and followers, thanks to the French Indies, and thanks to the free auditors.


18 thoughts on “Solo 2

  1. What a great success story! Excellent, Jo, and good on rehabbing yourself as an auditor. Yes, auditors deserve much praise. 🙂

  2. Thanks guys! Actually it was rather 2 feet mud I was stuck in. So to all those who read that and think you are stuck in 2 feet mud, guess what, there is hope. Get a wife with a harpoon (or a husband) …! Just kidding. And thanks Jim for your thorough article about F/Ns. It really helped me at the time.

    • You are welcome on the materials for the FN.

      On the Pro Word Clearer training,I did the Pro W/Cer’s Course ages ago. Recently a student originated they were going slowly on study. I put them on the meter and with a little Two Way Comm found the area they had attention on chasing down a nice fat read. Got the word just prior to it, again with a nice fat read and cleared it up. Then went over the material from the earliest point where that word came up and voila – the slow study sped up.

      M4 Word Clearing was the very first thing I did as a Tech action on another in this life. It works like a bomb.

      • Beautiful. That’s how I was doing M4 before and gosh was it powerful. Then… a black hole. But thanks to Scientology, the real one, things turn out well finally.

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know. Merci Le Sanglier. Where can I find Jim’s article about FN’s ? I am a Cl 4 auditor not having finished the Internship. I was about to finish and then I didn’t. It’s some time ago now. Before GAT 1. May be, one day, I’ll take this cycle up again. I should. I remember I had some hard time to get the definition of FN and rythm and I got stuck on that. I mean a definition I could REALLY sense in my universe. I am still sort of stuck on it. But before I’d like to knock at the door of Dianetics and audit Book 1. This incredible Tech ! Just great stuff ! Thanks so much for your theta Sanglier.

    • Gosh I had a hard time too. Here is the page where you’ll find the article. http://milestonetwo.org/tech-corruption-on-fns/
      It should clear things up.
      As Dianetic auditor you can also use the tech of Science of Survival (straight memory and lock scanning) and also Self Analysis and Handbook for preclears. These last two worked very well on my pc.
      One thing I learned to watch like an eagle is the releases one gets and to let the pc have his win. That’s how the auditor wins too.

  4. “One thing I learned to watch like an eagle is the releases one gets and to let the pc have his win” Good point Jo, that is where I fell down too!

  5. Each single auditor that becomes active again or is trained gives a spark of hope to the creation of a more pleasant future.
    Thank you for becoming active again and congratulations to you your achievement.

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