“The general running of pleasure moments can accomplish a very great deal in a case. There is the case of an elderly woman who had no other kind of processing done on her for many weeks. She was at the beginning of this period, according to report, bedridden. An auditor with an experimental inclination spent two hours a day running pleasure moments with this person, petty triumphs, joyous meetings, moments of good health and well being, moments of pride in accomplishment or in loved ones. At the end of this period, the elderly woman was no longer bedridden and evidenced a considerable rise on the tone scale. Not a single lock, secondary, or engram was run on the case. This should give the auditor some idea of the value of pleasure as a target for processing.

“There is also the case of a person who could run no grief until pleasure moments were scanned intensively on his case. Such contact with the fact that pleasure actually existed in his life enabled him to support, because of the free theta returned to him through the attraction of his attention to pleasure moments, contact with the moments of mis-emotion necessary to free his case.

“Pleasure moments seem to say, first and foremost, that survival is possible. But below 2.0, “pleasure” moments give the encouragement that death is possible. In either case the tone is raised whether the pre-clear desires it or not.

“The running of pleasure moments is done exactly as one would run an engram or a secondary engram. One requires the preclear to return to the moment when the pleasure was actually taking place and to contact all the perceptics of the incident, seeing and hearing and feeling the experience as fully as possible over and over. The preclear can run the incident many times before tiring of it, since at each running he should discover new instants and perceptics that had been hidden before. Running pleasure in this way seems markedly to increase the amount of free theta in the case.

“On lower levels of the tone scale, actual pleasure in a person’s life, moments of survival, particularly those of triumph are not easily obtainable. However, the auditor, by having the preclear run possible pleasure moments as concepts and then, as they are contacted more closely, as actual incidents, can often demonstrate to the preclear that pleasure has existed and is available.

“In view of the fact that obtaining pleasure is one of the primary goals of life, the running of pleasure moments can do a  great deal for a case. There have been many cases which have had sonic and visio turn on merely by the running of pleasure moments.

“The case is more readily stabilized by the running of pleasure moments.”

LRH, an excerpt from Science of Survival – Book Two, Chapter 8, PLEASURE MOMENTS


34 thoughts on “Pleasure moments

      • Appreciate your stopping in to inquire, Robin. 🙂

        It’s a gut wrenching, lonely experience this. Something for which I was not really prepared, at all.

        General consensus is, that it seems to take on average, about two years, to move through the loss of a dearly loved one

        No, auditing not accessible to me around here at present. Lot’s of work to do in making the many changes required, in recovering from a train wreck of this kind.

        Thank you for your support, buddy. 🙂

        • Hello Calvin,

          I just happened to read a very entheta post on another blog denigrating LRH and Scn. It was posted , I think, in August of 2015 and I have found LRH that counters all entheta points propounded. I noted that you quit that blog and think that was a wise move as the following may show.

          “Here is the single point of difference between the humanities and what we are doing. We have found this to be the case, and if any auditor or Scientologist does not at some time achieve an understanding of this, then he has never understood the subject as a whole.
          And that is to say that the only way you can better man is to better him; you cannot better man by worsening him. The only way you can get an IQ gain on a person is to improve his ability to communicate, to live. The only way that you can make his personality change is for the better. So this is just a little worse than change.
          The reason the psychologist believes, at this very instant of my talking to you, that man cannot be changed, we have also discovered here in Scientology: We cannot push him down. That is very hard to do. It is rather easy to pick him up, because you have his assistance. But you don’t have his assistance when you try to push him down. So therefore, if you tried to reduce somebody’s IQ, you would have a hard time of it. I don’t say that it’s impossible, because in Scientology every now and then we can take the Auditor’s Code, read it backwards, have the auditor audit by standing on his head and have bricks dropped on the preclear every couple of seconds, and after the right process has been used and misused to this degree, we’ll find he’s lost his enthusiasm for answering an IQ test.
          Now, when it comes to personality changes, it is very difficult to worsen these things. Now, life itself, with all of its mechanisms, its duresses of all kinds, is able over a period of half a lifetime to suppress personality changes, characteristics, talents and abilities. About half a lifetime, something like that, it manages it.
          It takes some fellow who was an enthusiastic artist when he was twenty – well, he gets to be about forty, and he isn’t quite as enthusiastic as an artist and doesn’t respond, and his willingness to be an artist is not as great. You understand that. But it took twenty years to suppress this. In other words, the MEST universe can accomplish this on a sort of a gradient scale. So only by allying oneself with the particles in that wall, only by allying oneself with the mechanical laws of life – MEST-wise – only by turning and facing down anything alive and saying “kill it” can we at length suppress the ability of man. It is hard to do.
          Well, this is the awfullest condemnation that was ever handed out against any activity or era – that it is terribly easy to improve him. It doesn’t require anything at all to change him upward. You have his assistance. It takes some good communication, it takes some good reality, and it takes some affinity, and the fellow improves!
          Why do you suppose anybody can come into a PE Course, sit down and communicate with one’s fellows and wind up improved in IQ? Look, he’s only been there for ten hours at the absolute outside, and his IQ has improved? Well, let me show you that these students of the mind that are studying out of the animalistic philosophy developed in Leipzig tell you that man cannot be changed – his IQ cannot be changed; his personality cannot be altered. Which tells you what at once? That they’ve only tried to worsen him. Now, do I make my point?” – LRH


          • Well Lou, you have done a fine job there in bringing this raw data to view. 🙂 All points well appreciated, for they highlight just how easily a being CAN be thrown off purpose. And wind up playing a no win game against entheta. Keeping one’s trusty ol TR-O in, certainly makes it easier to spot the enturbulator for who they are.

            And most fortunately, the Ol’ man passed on an enormous tool-box, filled to overflowing with just about every gizmo one could need, to fix such trouble.

            Hear, hear! To LRH!! 😀

        • Sorry I can’t be out there in person for you bud.

          What may help is maybe a locational or just taking a walk occasionally.

          As you say keeping busy.

          Again all the best Calvin.

  1. An old timer I used to know was on staff in LA in the 70’s, He told me of an experiment done on raw public where they did nothing but run pleasure moments on them. They ended up producing clears in about two weeks with no other processing. The experiment was stopped shortly after it began because had the results become widely known, it would have cost the church way too much in lost income.

    * NOTE from MS2 Admin: Thanks Jeanne. Running pleasure moments was detailed in the early 50’s and there were many, many LRH developments and refinements that followed in the later 3 decades of research. The information you have been given is not accurate — but that does not negate the superb results that running pleasure moments can achieve.

  2. ‘But below 2.0, “pleasure” moments give the encouragement that death is possible” That is interesting, and would be a real test of the TRs, listening to someone getting pleasure from another dynamics pain.

    “. In either case the tone is raised whether the pre-clear desires it or not.” Also interesting, so persist with running the pleasure moments, despite personal revulsion, and the guy comes up tone.

    Good quote Lana I didn’t fully have that before, thanks!

    • It is a fascinating subject 4a – one which I had never really appreciated. I had read Book One of Science of Survival, but had been told, at some point in the past, that reading Book Two was unnecessary. I have found Book Two to be a wonderful collection of advice from LRH on how to apply Book One, and I am using it daily in my life as a consequence.

      I had well understood that a person below 2.0 was working towards death, but that had not been real to me as I have met many people below 2.0 who did not seem to be on a personal quest for death. This clarified it for me:

      “Because one deals here with eight dynamics, one should not believe that the individual below 2.0 works only toward his own death. At 2.0 he works rather mildly toward the death of a very wide periphery but does not much desire death for himself. At 1.5, he works toward the death of other beings or life forms or other dynamics. He will of course bring about death for self, but he does not give heed to this. One cannot reduce the other dynamics without reducing the first dynamic, of self, and bringing about one’s own death. At 1.1, we get only an occasional conscious awareness that the individual is tending toward his own suicide. Death is intended by devious means, for a lesser periphery.

      “Where the 1.5 will seek the death of many, the 1.1 will seek by covert means, the death of a few. The 0.5 seeks death in obverse ratio to the amount of attention he can give to his environ, and that intention is normally isolated to his first dynamic and may include only a few intimates in the environment.”

      When you take destruction of other dynamics into account, not just the first, I see so many examples of people dramatising their tone level with destructive acts. From pollution, destruction of natural habitats, cruelty to animals, denigration of MEST of varying sorts, denial of spirituality – even attacks on religion come under this heading.


      And the solution is the raising of the tone of those individuals, the raising of tone of communities, the raising of tone of countries.

      Running pleasure moments is one way to achieve this. 🙂

    • 4a: “ ’ In either case the tone is raised whether the pre-clear desires it or not.’ Also interesting, so persist with running the pleasure moments, despite personal revulsion, and the guy comes up tone.”

      LRH explicitly wrote not to do it.

      From SOS., Chapter Eight, Column AD, Pleasure Moments:

      “By true pleasure is meant acts which contain more good than evil.”

      “Even a low-toned individual can sometimes find some sphere of activity, if very isolated, which is constructive, and thus the auditor knows where to look for actual pleasure on the case and can use this particular incident or type of incident in order to free theta.”

      “The auditor […] should work continually to select the highest possible pleasure on the tone scale available to his preclear.”

        • Actually Mabu, I get your point, but LRH did not say ” not to do it.” in the references you gave. He did say “The auditor […] should work continually to select the highest possible pleasure on the tone scale available to his preclear.”

          He also did say ““. In either case the tone is raised whether the pre-clear desires it or not.”

          The way I read this is; say there is an instance of a guy who frees a trapped butterfly out of his house in his past and he has another instance of pulling wings off of flies. The auditor should run the incident of freeing the butterfly, but if all the auditor can get is pulling wings off of flies for pleasure, then he should run that, and according to the reference above the tone is raised,” whether the pre-clear desires it or not.”

          I would think if this is all this person could get as a pleasure moment, one would be dealing with a psychotic and maybe even a dangerous one, but these guys are going to have to be dealt with sooner or later anyway. I would say this is where an inversion occurs and terrible things are viewed as good.

          I knew a person in my past who found that any accident I had was hilarious, much to my confusion. I am sure if this were run as a pleasure moment this person would again smile, at least. This would be a personal example of the above datum.

          But I do agree with you in thoroughly searching for the highest possible pleasure incident available.

          This is the way I read the theory, and why dealing with this sort of person would be a test to ones TRs. But there are people like this around, Dave for instance, greatest memories, would more than likely be giving SRIs to some poor “smuck”.

          • 4a, Thank you for your elucidation.

            “Actually Mabu, I get your point, but LRH did not say ‘not to do it.’ “

            I meant that “so persist with running the pleasure moments, despite personal revulsion, and the guy comes up tone.” could be interpreted as the auditor just asking the pc for pleasure moments and run whatever it comes out. This is what I meant that LRH wrote not to do.

            I meant that LRH wrote to look for true/actual pleasure (if possible), and for the highest tone pleasure possible.

            On the other hand, SOS was published in 1951, and later LRH developed the O/W tech. So sadistic, etc. incidents are better handled with O/W tech. (Maybe a pro auditor could comment about this).

                • Hey guy’s

                  The running of pleasure moments is covered in the book.

                  It’s the age old question that the course supervisor has when the student has questions.

                  “What do your materials state?”

                  You’ll find reading the Chapter on Running PMs in the section on Processing will clarify this point.

                  By the way MaBu newer tech does not “cancel” “older” tech.

                  Besides running such incidents O/W would have no benefit for the case because they wouldn’t consider it an “overt”.

                  See C/S Series 93 New Grade Chart or any later revision where Ron says:

                  GRADE II

                  Some orgs specialize in Grade II, especially on org staff. The pc is always getting Integrity Processing or his O/Ws pulled on so and so.
                  If you look on the Grade Chart you will find Withholds and Overts are Grade TWO.

                  Below Grade TWO lies Grade I (Problems) and Grade Zero (Communications). And below that is Dianetics and at the bottom end of Dianetics is the Drug Handling.

                  Now how do you expect a fellow who has unhandled drugs (or omitted drug items because of “no interest”) to even know (no Grade 0) that other people are around or that (Grade I) he is caved in with problems he’s never cognited on?

                  And he’s supposed to have enough responsibility to answer up on Grade II? With real overts and withholds?

                  This does not mean you must never Sec Check. It does mean that Sec Checks are no substitute for auditing or guarantee of innocence.
                  Grades are Grades and the Grade Chart sequence is correct.

                  The running of PMs if you look at the Grade Chart is done at the level of ARC S/W.

                  To answer your question 4a. Running PMs or pretty much anything on psychotic cases is a true test of TRs and the ability to apply Auditors Code. Especially those points regarding the two “‘shuns” as Ron calls them on several BC lectures which are of course Eval and Inval and not getting angry with the PC.

                  In fact when I audited in the case cracking unit. I had to patch up many cases who’s “auditor” made the PC wrong for having such an incident.


                  Fortunately if you just *audit* which basically means listen the PC will eventually come up the tone scale.

                  • “In fact when I audited in the case cracking unit. I had to patch up many cases who’s “auditor” made the PC wrong for having such an incident.”

                    Thanks RV, I suspected as much.

                    One of the things I enjoy about being out of the church is getting the is getting answers to questions I have had, on a practical level, from experienced staff/SO such as yourself!!

                    • I’m sorry you had to leave the Church to actually get your questions answered 4a.

                      Can’t remember the exact PL but Ron says that one should answer people’s questions.

                      Funny how the so called “Church of Scientology” seems to duck, dodge and evade any question asked these days.

                      Probably why Scientology gets accused of being such a “secretive” religion.

                    • Im not sorry about it RV, its good to get out from under the suppression. Im just sorry it has become a squirrel organization.

                    • 4a,

                      I omitted to mention the no invalidation rule because I took it for granted.

                      This is the complete quote from SOS., Chapter Eight, Column AD, Pleasure Moments:
                      “The auditor should not be critical of the type of pleasure which his preclear selects but should work continually to select the highest possible pleasure on the tone scale available to his preclear”

  3. “. I had read Book One of Science of Survival, but had been told, at some point in the past, that reading Book Two was unnecessary.”

    Wow, Im dumbfluxed as to why anyone would say this 🙂 Its an amazing book, and is so important as regards spotting and handling PT situations. One of my favorite chapters is the one on the aesthetic mind, which explains a great deal about artists.

    “And the solution is the raising of the tone of those individuals, the raising of tone of communities, the raising of tone of countries.”

    Totally agree with you!! between raising tone and also raising responsibility, another thing Scn is good at doing, there is the solution to many of this planets problems.

  4. Pleasure moment processing is a great tool and an undercut to Dianetics. It keys people out. It keys out engrams. It keys out the bank. The book Self Analysis is a great tool to use to accomplish this. There is even a “creative processing” version of Self Analysis in the Tech Vols called “Self Analysis in Scientology”. It is a complete book. I think that this is one of the most under-utilized tools for dissemination and Bridge entry. We could have Pleasure Moment Processing weekend retreats! 🙂

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