ART & SEX – Part One

I recently made a statement that is bound to be unpopular in some circles. It involved two subjects that are ripping hot potatoes in almost every culture on Earth.

In a heated debate I blurted out that: “Artistic and Sexual expressions are two leaves blooming on branches of the same tree: as the tree goes, so goes each branch and the fruit it bears.” In simpler terms, harm one and you harm the other, help one and you aid the other. 

My position was that art and sex are as intimately related as water and steam, thread and cloth. They are both acts of CREATION. And any attempt to eliminate, regulate, legislate or suppress either and the ultimate-end result is obvious (to creative people) – no game, no hope, no civilization.

The foundations of this incendiary claim were not arbitrary. On the contrary, I reasoned that if any individual or group is going to be party to creating a better world, a “New Civilization” within the framework of an Earth society, then these two subjects will play deeply dynamic roles in that civilization. They sit as fundamental cornerstones of every human culture.

An individual or organization says we want a new future, culture, society, and civilization – ess pain, less suffering, less insanity, less criminality, more joy, more moral and just playing fields in which to create life.

Yet what may not be immediately obvious to the dreamers and makers of such a reality, is that restricting the free flow of one (art or sex) inherently stifles and obstructs the other; for again, both are acts of CREATION.

Be it bold suppression of artistic or sexual expressions in one forceful act, or in minute increments of subtle manipulations, the hopes and dreams of Man slip, ever so painfully into oblivion.

LRH understood this very clearly when in a 1967 policy letter, he declared: “Second Dynamic Rules, HCOPL of 11 August 1967”. “It has never been any part of my plans to regulate or to attempt to regulate the private lives of individuals. Whenever this has occurred, it has not resulted in any improved condition. Therefore all former rules, regulations and polices relating to the sexual activities of Scientologists are cancelled.”

In a single paragraph he not only warns the wise; he spells out “why” rules & regulations on the subject serve no constructive purpose. Whenever this has occurred, it has not resulted in any improved condition.”  And in that “improving conditions” is the heartbeat of any workable Technology this one statement alone is as conclusive as any observation can be. Regulating / suppressing sexual expression DOES NOT WORK. 

To fully destroy an individual, group or spiritual movement it is only necessary to start suppressing the 2nd Dynamic (sex, family and CREATION generally) with rules, regulations, punishment, ridicule, self-serving abortions, heavy ethics actions, the negation of children and family, forced security checks, criminalizing sexual thoughts and impulses. Then make the unsuspecting victims pay for redemption on The Alter of the Almighty Dollar.

Likewise with art, suppress the free flow of artistic expression and creativity by turning a groups artists into walking PR & Propaganda Officers or Evangelical mouth pieces and any hope for a bright, able, kind and uplifting “New Civilization” is doomed. One might as well plan on buying gas masks and bulletproof vests. Because with every new restriction and/or covert control mechanizm on the artist’s creative freedom comes the sounds of Nazi-like rule approaching.

One should note that Nazi rule never won any fashion, culinary, artistic design, Human Rights or creative dance awards in the minds of free Beings. And as personal preferences go, I don’t find female SS Officers with big guns (where her breasts should be) with a German Sheppard at the end of a violent leash particularly “sexy.”

As freedom to express beauty in art is made to decline, so falls the simple beauty of two lovers embracing. As a women’s freedom to express her intimate self as a sensual female entity is obstructed, so goes the joy inherent in the nude Picasso. Once again, “Like two leaves blooming on branches of the same tree, as the tree goes, so goes the fruits it bears.”

In SOS 2007, LRH makes reference to the highest points on the Tone Scale, wherein the subjects of art and sex intersect: “…but one also finds the sexual urge acting to create more than children and so comes about a sublimation of sex into creative thought.”

His reference to “sublimation” is very telling. The verb sublimation is from the Latin word sublimare, meaning, “raised to a higher status.”

Wikipedia informs us that: “Sexual sublimation is the act, especially among some religious traditions, to transform sexual impulses or “sexual energy” into creative energy. In this context, sublimation is the transference of sexual energy into a physical act or a higher emotion in order to create a spiritual nature which in turn can create more sensual works, instead of one’s sexuality being unleashed “raw.”

In this respect free flowing sexual energy can be transformed by the artistically inspired into a dynamic creative energy (Art) and free flowing artistic expression can as adeptly ignite the flames of a healthy sexual energy in turn. (Sex & Family)  

And thus the riddle of how and why some artists, like Rock Stars for example, seem to have the unenviable ability to find themselves having to step over an array of adoring fans under garments and hotel room keys.

The act of creation begets the “desire to create” in the viewer. Herein, a thriving, living, dynamic, flourishing and prospering culture is born. 

This is also solves yet another perplexing riddle as to why I am willing to pay $150 to get a 3rd row center seat, with my high powered binoculars at the next Shania Twain concert. (And here I thought that watching her sing “I Feel Like I Woman” was only about “art.”)  Hmmmmmmmmm. 

Equally so, I would paint a black cross on the door of any woman, young or old, who does not ‘Feel Like A Woman” when she sits (her heart beaing rhythmically) in front of a young Michael Buble singing, “Feeling Good.” My God Woman! tap your toes a little… 

As the tree of creation goes so goes its fruits…

So any “New Civilization,” group, church, movement for social change or dead-in-their-head neighbors who believe the suppression of art or sex or Shania in cowboy boots and blue jeans is how it “should be,” well, that’s not a civilization I plan on visiting or being party to creating any time soon. I don’t do Nazi, Corporate churches or sing “Standing Tall” in the middle of suppression intended to produce no game, no culture – NO CIVILIZATION, new or old.

How about you?





40 thoughts on “Poetry Candles Art and Sex

  1. Interesting article Ren.

    To add my 2 cents worth, in my limited experience, many Scientology women I have come across, really do express the female persona,( dare I say artistically,) to a high degree of perfection. Many of them are a credit to their sex!

    And as you say, any sort of suppression of that, In an ideal world, (not org) should be a comm evable offence 🙂 so the artistic juices can flow!

    Except the ones with the riding crops who like to shout, they just scare me!

  2. I think the parallels between sex and art here are drawn too closely.

    A civilization with art but no sex is entirely possible, but not the other way around. There are intelligent species of life in the universe which have no sex but do have art. Art and sex are both creative impulses, and so thetans react in much the same way when these impulses are tampered with or distorted in some way. And a civilization without art is really not a civilization at all. A civilization where art is being suppressed is on its death bed or has already passed away. A civilization without sex is perfectly normal under certain circumstances (for example, doll bodies). This immediately tells you that while thetans may react in similar ways to interference with either impulse, the drive toward art is the senior.

    It should also be noted that while sex may be a driver toward art, so can many other things, most particularly in Earth civilizations, religion (a 7th and 8th dynamic activity instead of a 2nd dynamic one). In fact it might be worthwhile to remember that perhaps the most enduring and ageless expressions of art on this planet have their direct inspiration from religion.

    Early on, when there were only 4 dynamics in play (according to LRH), sex played a much more active role in Ron’s calculations. When four more dynamics were uncovered, sex became one of eight instead of one of four, and thus a less important part of the whole. And at that point, it became what it is known as today, a rather downscale pursuit, by comparison to the myriad other things in play. Sex, for example, exists as a rather downscale point on the Know to Mystery scale. It is, as stipulated, a creative impulse necessary on Earth to forward the species, and so the thetan pursues it and reacts with regard to it in ways similar to any other creative (artistic) impulse.

    As regards the “2D Rules” PL and Ron’s Journal 1968, prior to this, there were rules in place regarding sexual activities between students, PCs and the like. These rules were originated by LRH for a very good reason: organizations and activities where the second dynamic was mishandled by its members disintegrated, imploded from within. This could not be allowed to happen in Orgs. However, when popular surveys showed this was a point of severe disagreement among participants, Ron abolished the blanket rules, but left the door open to handle situations where Orgs were being damaged by abandoned sexual morality.

    (It’s interesting to note that while an Org may be torn apart by sex, Ron never felt the need to make the same type of rules regarding art. Likely because it’s hard to envision an Org being torn apart by art.)

    As for the inspiration for art, sex will do, just as religion, motorcycle maintenance, or any of a number of other human activities. Art may similarly “inspire” sex, but we usually refer to that kind of art as “pornography”. The more clothes Shania takes off the more her performance approaches pornography. And artists have been known to abuse sex in order to promote their so-called “art”. I’m not sure how one would abuse art to promote sex. That sounds like another definition of “pornography”.

    There is no Art-Sex-Something-Else triangle, as with the ARC and KRC triangles, where treatment of one component directly affects the condition of the others. It is, however, true that progression up the Tone Scale will have a similar effect on both sex and art. But again, that is only because they are both creative pursuits. And it’s also peculiarly true that agendas and regimes which seek to suppress the one will inevitably suppress the other. This is in the nature of suppression, not because sex and art have any other close association with each other. They are simply both creative pursuits. And both play a part in the future of our particular civilizations here on Earth.


    • “A civilization with art but no sex is entirely possible, but not the other way around. There are intelligent species of life in the universe which have no sex but do have art.”

      I entirely agree, Paul. This is my reality also. Sex is creation, but not the highest form of creation. It has its uses and its place in the life of a meat-body culture, but there are other art forms.
      For instance –
      Listening to J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor has been reported to result in an orgasm for some…..
      however, this is not a requirement. 🙂

      Here is a performance that claims to be the best version ever:

      Although some prefer this one:

      Each being is encouraged to enjoy these artistic presentations in your own unique way.

      • E:


        Toccata and Fugue, while a beautiful piece, doesn’t move me as much as Clair de Lune and Fur Elise. And as a point of interest, there’s a pianist named Van Cliburn who is supposed to be the world’s greatest. I’ve heard his performances of these pieces, which are probably technically brilliant. But for those of you who are older than I am (very few), there was a pianist named Jose Iturbi who also performed these works. And the difference is night and day. Iturbi played these pieces with so much more heart and soul that they’re almost not the same pieces. If you can get hold of both performances of each piece, listen to them and compare for yourself. I’ve had Iturbi’s Clair de Lune bring tears to my eyes.

        For a more modern piece of brilliant art, listen to Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven”. If there ever was a rock “masterpiece”, that’s it. It was designed to start out slow and quiet, rise to a crescendo (peak) and then exit quietly as it began. I recently watched an interview with Jimmy Page about this song.

        My opinions only. Yours may differ, and your mileage may vary. 😉


    • Paul:
      Thanks. Your in depth response is insightful. Part 2 in this Issue addresses a number of your good points more specifically.

      Meanwhile, this Issue is about art and sex (male and female) not sexual intercourse specifically. Every expression of one’s masculinity/femininity is a “sexual act.” When a woman puts on her makeup and a pretty blue dress for the party she is expressing herself sexually.

      This may also be helpful: PORNOGRAPHY: “Greek pornographos, adjective, writing about prostitutes, from pornē prostitute + graphein to write; akin to Greek pernanai to sell.”

      This would not describe a Shania dressed or undressed. Unless, of course, we choose to villify the female form in its natural state. More evolved cultures celebrate it.


      • Ren:

        A nude performance by Twain would most assuredly be debated as to its porn quotient, whether that adheres to the word’s Greek origins or not, and whether you and I agree it’s justified or not. Although I have to say your word origins here (“writing” and “prostitution”, akin to “selling”) all but make my point. A nude Shania performing her songs on stage would only be about one thing: selling her music with sex. Hence, pornographic.
        We can debate elsewhere if that’s justified. But you and I both know that in this society at this time, it would be labeled more or less as pornography. Even in Europe. Why? Because 99.9% of all other music is not performed in the nude and there’s little or no reason to do so. And if there’s little or no reason to do so, then chances are it was added for its pornographic or titillation value only. Madonna invited controversy with her bazooka breasts and such– not necessary to the performances, but strictly added to ensure she and her “art” got talked about (make no mistake, I liked Madonna’s music, but I thought her sexual antics were in poor taste).

        Shania in my bed, naked beneath me is one thing (which my wife wouldn’t tolerate!). Shania nude on stage performing her back catalog would be quite another, and would be stepping quite far over the line. If you want to paint a nude female in celebration of the female form, be my guest. If you want the lady next door nude to sell vacuum cleaners, you’ve gone over the edge.

        I’m not sure I agree that “more evolved” cultures celebrate the female form. I’d be more inclined to call them “more degraded”. Europeans laugh at the stuffiness of Americans when it comes to nudity and sex, and we do suffer somewhat from our Puritan heritage. But Europeans are far more inclined to ignore and dismiss the sexual peccadilloes and misdeeds of their leaders, indicating a lax attitude toward sex. This is not what I would call “evolved”.

        The point is, there’s a fine line between pornography and other art when it comes to sex and art. Showing nudity or sex where it isn’t needed to actually forward the art is, in my book, simply abuse. Back in the 30s, 40s and 50s, when the couple went upstairs and turned off the lights, you knew what was going on. Now you have to see it all in graphic detail to be sure. Same with a lot of violence. Hitchcock managed to imply a lot of violence without ever showing it. I used to draw naked women when I was a teenager. To celebrate the female form? No. I was horny, as you might expect any young man to be. Trust me, it was anything but art.

        And by the way, the male form belongs in there, too. Examine Michelangelo’s David as a reference point. I have no sexual interest in men, but one has to admit the sheer beauty of the David.

        In any case, the test of pornography is context more than anything else.


        • Paul:

          Again, thanks for the empassioned post.
          I think you bring the point of this subject to greater light when you say, “…the sheer beauty of the David.”

          Art & Sex freely expressed and that one single act of creativity is still admired and treasures yet today, centuries later. That’s culture, friend. And that is what this entire post is about.

          David, Shania or you cast in bronze in your see through pajamas. For as LRH reminds us, beauty and ugliness are alike an opinion.

          I choose Shania, you choose David and MaBu and 10 million others may choose you in your PJs. Who am I to judge 7 billion viewpoints. 🙂

  3. The relation between sex and art is just a partial view of the relation between dynamics. Suppressing any dynamic also affects the other dinamics. Sex belongs to the 2D, and art belongs to the 10D (aesthetics).

    Sex can be sublimated into aesthetics. Aesthetics is a huge range of theta enjoyment. In the 2D, this enjoyment seems to be restricted to a physical act. But the 2D also has a close sharing and love between family members. How it would manifest between beings without bodies? As the intimate exchange of aesthetic between them?

    By the way, my favorite artist used to be Ilona Staller aka Cicciolina.

    • MaBu: Interesting comment and questions. Let’s see who chimes in on this post and where it goes. Perhaps we’ll get some interesting views on the subject and your question more precisely.


    • MB:

      LRH talks about this exact issue somewhere on a tape or something, I forget where. Without bodies, thetans can still form more or less familial bonds. Such associations follow somewhat the same rules as family units in meat body societies. I don’t recall any art associated with this. That’s not to say there isn’t any; I just don’t recall it if there was. One might, perhaps, dream up an elaborate coat of arms as a symbol to represent such a unit. And perhaps construct pictures of deeds and activities involving the various members of the “family”. Perhaps even what we might describe as “films”.

      The whole concept of art without bodies is an interesting one.


  4. MaBu: Any act of creation egaged in by a Thetan can be taken to the level of art, and on any dynamic. Art is about “communication,” with a body or without this would hold true, I believe.


    • That’s why aesthetics is the 10D.

      From LRH’s book Fundamentals of Thought
      “A further manifestation of these dynamics is that they could best be represented as a series of concentric circles wherein the first dynamic would be the center and each new dynamic would be successively a circle outside it. The idea of space adjoining enters into these dynamics.
      The basic characteristic of the individual includes his ability to so expand into the other dynamics”

      • Yes, that representation is an excellent demo of the dynamics. At some time I noticed that each of the dynamics has a border line around it, except for the 8th, infinity, or God dynamic. That one apparently is infinite and limitless. Also, each dynamic includes the the dynamics that go before it sequentially. Great demo.

  5. I so agree !! Great post here … I paid for tickets to see Shinedown and other groups I love LIVE great Rock music !!! and ART as well my 2D is a great artist but NOT doing his craft only a few times in the last year !! We are very romantic but NOW I DO want that to sublimate into his Creations and Mine as well PEACE KRC

    • Nice post, thanks Carla. I hope you and your 2D will join in on the discussions with us here at Poetry & Candles. I would enjoy hearing more about his art, passions to create and lean more about his purposes and his work.

      He is also welcome to post any kind of art, music etc. right here. Readers would enjoy it, I’m sure.

  6. Can’t say I agree with much of this, Ren. Firast off, it reads heavily as a human male-oriented piece. And I think you’re assuming too much with your comments about art and sex and LRH’s policy on Second Dynamic Rules. The restriction or suppression of the free flow of art or sex is not what that policy is about, at least, that’s not what I get out of it.

    I think that if one looks at this from a truly theta perspective (i.e., not a “human” perspective), sex loses much of its importance and create is seen differently. (Btw, Ron mentions “create” and the area of the second dynamic in an early PAB or Journal as well, and this is where, I believe, DM took his cue to change the definition of the 2nd Dynamic.) I see CREATE as more an aesthetic function, high on the tone scale and an approximation of theta, one that winds up threading it’s way through many different dynamics, art and sex included. At least, that’s now I see it.

    So in this wise, I’m with Paul, Espiritu and MaBu on this subject.

    But as you mentioned, let’s see what comments this all brings. 😉

    Here’s a nice art and sex combo: 😀

    • Just to clarify, by “male-oriented piece”, I wasn’t trying to bash it or criticize it, just acknowledging it as a viewpoint. I actually meant to put that comment a bit later, as an add-on, but hey, my editor took a sick day today (blasted Super Bowl!). I mean, male and female beingesses have male and female points of view and opinions. Part of the assumption of beingness is the assumption of all that goes with it: valences, circuits, banks, opinions, etc. Anyways….

  7. Good commentary Chris.

    As regards 2D Rules please note I was validating LRH’s intent to remove any suppression and/or restrictions and unnecessary tampering with the 2D. If I failed to make that crystal clear, my flunk.

    This post was written from the viewpoint of creating a New Civilization on Earth. Not as Beings operating without bodies. And to an audience of beings who have all watched (some suffered) DM systematically destroy freedom of expression on both of these subjects, art and sex.

    The simple take-away – the observation is “beware of any efforts to restrict /suppress creativity. And for some reason art and sex just keep popping up as prime targets for SPs throughout history.

    Now I do admit I did play up the Shania bit a tad too enthusiastically. But be entirely honest and male for one moment here and answer this question for me:

    Who would you want A) Riding on the back of your Harley B) FSMing for you as an auditor?

    #1 Mother Porkchop, the 337 pound nun, whipmaster and guardian of all Sisters virgin honor.
    #2 Shania Twain and Michael Buble

    Which one would you like to build the New Civilization with.


    • “This post was written from the viewpoint of creating a New Civilization on Earth. Not as Beings operating without bodies.”

      Yes, but thetans can operate human bodies without all the banks and associated crap that goes with different valences and beingnesses. It’s just a different perspective, even WITH a body.

      “And to an audience of beings who have all watched (some suffered) DM systematically destroy freedom of expression on both of these subjects, art and sex.”

      Yup. But time to get over that. Time to take one’s life by the tail, whip it around some to get rid of the dirt and fleas, and get moving. It’s happened many, many times along the track; DM is late on the chain and is just a restimulator. It does no one much good to point to “over there” as the culprit. As Ron says:

      “True recovery of one’s beingness goes along with one’s realization that he has been the cause of any difficulty he has ever had.” 😉

      “And for some reason art and sex just keep popping up as prime targets for SPs throughout history.”

      Personally, I think the suppression comes more from us, our individual selves (well, actually, our individual banks on the subject) than it does from some outward “suppressor”. Man and woman get restimulated into degrading the subjects, they go into agreement with whatever (because they have that already in themselves) and they become degraded and so do the subjects. “Create” becomes a low-toned mockery of aesthetics, but far be it from true theta. It’s bank create, whether from an implant, an engram, an agreement or self-considered postulate or decision, or an “exterior” influence. IMO.

      “Which one would you like to build the New Civilization with.”

      The bigger – and better – being. Including within oneself. As Lau Tzu once said:

      “If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself; if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

      Wise – and true – words. And in other words, continue moving up the Bridge. It all works out.

      • Chris: Very theta and astute commentary. And a nice addition to this whole discussion. We could not hope to find a better quote to bring any / all of the subjects addressed in this discussion thread to a more wise and productive highlight: “If you want to awaken all of humanity…”

        Three gold stars – minus one for your “Titties & Beer” image. We’re trying to run a clean shop around here, Damn it. 🙂


      • These 3 gold stars are awarded to Chris Black on behalf of The Poet Ren aka Poet Laureate, and are presented to him by Tai, Banksy’s Barely Legal elephant.

  8. “And for some reason art and sex just keep popping up as prime targets for SPs throughout history.”

    This may be true, but perhaps more importantly, LRH points out in his HCOB entitled “Pain and Sex” that sex has also been used as a tool of suppression and degradation for millennia.

    Both are double-edged swords that can be used with good or evil intentions. I would not recommend worshiping or condemning either one.

    As for 300 pound nuns riding on the backs of Harley Davidsons, you never know. I am sure that you could find more that one guy on this crazy planet who would really dig that.

    Hell, people even have different tastes in motorcycles:

    • Espiritu: You probably have a basic noted right there with that HCOB.

      It’s probably one reason suppression on these lines kick in such heavy restimulations for the common man/woman.

      So gradients do apply and R (reality) is always key.

      The challenge a new spiritual movement faces is that of communicating to the man on the street in understandable terms and with levels of improvement deemed real and valuable, at that person’s reality. Earth societies value the 2D (family) and creative freedom with a passion.

      As for the the big boned nun I say get a trike or a truck and marry the poor woman. Expel Shania as out ethics on the 2D and disconect from her and all Country Music singers in short skirts. That’s what I’m going to do, starting as soon as Hell reopens it’s doors to bitter defrocked apostates.


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