By Peter

I have been reading “The Wikileaks Files-The world according to the US Empire”. It contains many dispatches and summaries of these, relatively recent dispatches from US embassies and diplomats, around the world of varying degrees of secrecy.   The interesting thing about these are that we get to see the straight dope, not the usual watered down pap that tends to be fed to the public. We get to see motives and the actions on those motives, whether good or bad. One of the more noticeable aspects of this book, is the degree of criminality and immorality that is freely admitted to, encouraged, and acted on as though it is a normal state of affairs. Which indeed it probably is, and I am reminded of what LRH had to say about the SP, in that he can freely admit to heinous crimes and not feel any remorse for them. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know why there seems to be so much conflict in the world.

But one of my main reasons for reading it is to see what if anything in it relates to Scientology, especially US government attacks over the years and the modus operandi of them, and there are a couple of points some may find interesting.

Regarding torture from the chapter “Dictators and Human Rights”-“This has been particularly useful for the US government since the CIA alighted on the advantages of psychological torture during its “mind-control” experiments between 1950 and 1962”.  I am reminded of LRHs book Science of Survival from 1952 where he is the first one to have found and report on the US government using the barbaric, “Pain-drugs and hypnosis” to brainwash an individual.

Further on in this chapter-“The historical origins of this practice can be traced to the CIAs post war development of torture techniques and apparatuses, as it sought to prop up a network of dictatorships and states aligned to the US. The surreal investment in “mind-control” research on the part of the Agency was initially justified as a legitimate defensive response to communist “brainwashing”, but quickly assumed an offensive purpose. This also drew in leading psychologists, such as the behaviourist Donald Hebb, in a series of human experiments.”

Further on in the book in the chapter on Iraq the author states, “Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch reported in 2010 that US military psychologists and psychiatrists were complicit in torture and other illegal procedures”.  This does have seeds of the Psychs and Priests HCOB. Personally, I am not a believer that every Psych or Priest is bad, but it’s obvious the percentage is comparatively high, and due to that, it does lead one to wonder about its basic philosophy! There is more that could be exposed and said on this, but that can be for another time.

From the chapter on “Syria”. “Another theme that recurred in the 2006 cable focusing on Syria’s “vulnerabilities” and how the US should try to exploit them was that the US should take actions to try to destabilize the Syrian government by provoking it to “overreact”, both internally and externally.”   The author goes on to list the actions taken, but I thought this was interesting, I have never heard of this form of Intelligence strategy before, and as a calculated guess, this could apply to some actions the GO took in response to attacks in the early days.

This cable is from William Roebuck, charge d affaires at the US embassy in Damascus   “Possible Action: ENCOURAGE RUMORS AND SIGNALS OF EXTERNAL PLOTTING………..This again touches on this insular regime’s paranoia and increases the possibility of a self-defeating over-reaction.”

The author goes on to say “It is revealing that Roebuck described the regime as “paranoid” for having fears that appear to have been quite rational—fears based in significant measure on the actions of the United States and its allies.” “Paranoid” is a term the US govt has tried to pin on LRH over the years, and some have bought into it, but here it is in black and white, and in their own words, that it is a tactic used by the US government to sway public opinion against the target they disapprove of.

One thing to remember is that these are not just words in a book, they represent hundreds of thousands maybe millions of lives, the quality of them and their very existence. Again, LRH paved the way in exposing the major criminals of this planet, and that knowledge is becoming more mainstream with every passing day. The new movie, “The Big Short” is the most recent proof of that, add into that ex President Jimmy Carter explaining how the US has become an oligarchy, and then start to explore how much money a war and weaponry can generate for arms manufacturers and these constant wars that are required to keep us “safe”, start to make more sense.

In summary I believe there is much to factually find out regarding LRH, his actions and those of the Church since 1950 and if we had competent management, this would have been done and dusted many years ago. Instead we have a management which has managed to do what all the government agencies before it couldn’t, near destroy it, and create anti Scns out of Scientologists.  I know on this site, I don’t have to expound LRHs virtues, we have duplicated his tech and by seeing our and others lives enriched and the potential of the tech, when done correctly, LRHs motives are very clear to us. A new era for Scientology, is just around the corner, and has already started.


38 thoughts on “The plot thickens

  1. Peter: Nice to see you open up some of the more social-political aspects of Scientology.

    If I were a betting man I would bet my $100 bill that the national and global alliance of SPs, their Intelligence arms and DMs Church are now cosy bedfellows. OT abilities HAD TO GO. No question about it, and US Intelligence was the team to make it happen.

    This may not be the popular observation. But it sure answers some very sad questions.


    • True Ren! What interested me most, was the use of this term “paranoid”, and activity designed to “bring it about” as a tool of the US intelligence community. It is the first time I have seen this admission!

    • Ren:


      As soon as DMSMH was published in 1950, attempts were made to sabotage the movement, and they never let up. They succeeded in some places, not in others. But they only succeeded where internal forces aided them. This could be by infiltration, internal alliances with outside entities, etc.

      Then, in the early 50s, Ron discovered and publicized the extent and nature of OT abilities. If Dianetics and Scientology scared the government before, you know this threw our would-be saboteurs into a complete state of apoplexy. It restimulated the meat-body versus free-thetan conflicts which have been going on since meat bodies were invented waaay back when.

      You will notice, though, that beyond this time period, Ron said little about the native capabilities of the thetan. I’m certain that Ron reasoned that what he had already said could not be unsaid. But that further embellishment on the subject would be dangerous. So he remained more or less quiet about it from then on. It would then be up to individual OTs to rediscover their latent abilities as each reached some point (individual for each OT) on the OT levels which would allow them to see what was possible.

      I believe this is also the origin of the decision by DM and/or others to abandon the “original” OT levels of OT5, 6 and 7, as these were less concerned with the case of the OT and more concerned with his abilities. The DM types are, after all, still battling Martians and such.

      And if you ever had any doubts about any of this, it is only necessary to ask what could be expected of someone who wanted to destroy Scientology. You’d want to sabotage the making of Clears and OTs (done). You’d want to sabotage the Tech by invalidating existing Tech and introducing bad or wrong Tech (both done). You’d want to sully the reputation of the religion and the Church as an ethical activity and turn it into more or less a scam (done). Use your imagination. In virtually any way you can imagine, the effort has been successfully made to sabotage Scientology.

      There are those in the Field who like to make the point that Scientology carried the seeds of its own destruction from the beginning. This is a deliberate lie. Scientology did, however, contain the seeds of its own rehabilitation. And we are the engineers of that rehabilitation. And as they say in the Sea Org, Revenimus (We come back).


      • “There are those in the Field who like to make the point that Scientology carried the seeds of its own destruction from the beginning. This is a deliberate lie.”

        Well said, Paul.

        It is the nature of the bank to impede recovery of self, and it is the nature of the SP to maintain the status quo. LRH addressed both these points, making himself the primary target of the biggest SPs on the planet, whom are by nature, covert.

        By comparison, whistleblowers like the courageous and noble Snowden, Assange, Li Jianxin and Win Naing Kyaw are as leaves in the wind.

        LRH published his tech for immediate use and scorned the notion of an institutionalised, deferential Scientology.

        No siree; LRH’s message was, get out there and audit. His enemies might seem like a lot, but it’s only because they’re screaming blue murder that someone might regain their composure.

        You’re not supposed to have without the SPs permission: it is his right to veto your cognitions (“I didn’t have that cognition, therefore your Success Story is false”).

        Theirs is a game of diminishing returns, whereas Scientology restores your right to know without influence.

        • P13C:


          I need to make one point, though. I’m not sure how this plays on the rest of the planet, but here in the U.S., “courageous and noble” Snowden, Assange, et al are not universally heralded. There are many in the U.S. who consider them traitors (including our government). And there are many who consider them heroes.

          If you want to have a political debate about them, we can. But this is not the place for it.


          • Yes, Scatjappers, whistleblowing is a two-edged sword: in seeking transparency of government one risks jepordising national security.

            It’s not a million miles from the days of the 70’s and 80’s when, on staff, you noticed something that should be reported, but were prevented from doing so because it was ‘confidential,’ for instance, PC folders being passed around, or being denied access to one’s own ethics file. There are few things as infuriating as the hidden data line.

            You’re right, the ‘who is going to watch the watchers?’ debate probably doesn’t belong on this page.


              • Thanks for the link, MaBű.

                The way I see it is that the 4th Dynamic engram won’t get solved until more people get up to Clear and OTIII.

                Most people are decent and kind and honourable, and I’ll even say noble to the highest degree imaginable, considering the nature of the bank which besets them on all sides.

                It’s possible that Ron knew his organisations would fail right from the beginning, and it’s a tribute to him that he managed to get anything done at all. The odds were stacked against him before, during and after, and I’m pretty sure he knew that, hence his remarkable drive to get the tech down, written up and published.

                Fortunately, many, many of us have picked up the baton, and even if some of us are not running at the moment, a few bravehearts are sticking their neck out. These are the finest beings on the planet, the strongest, most wonderful people one would ever wish to meet. They are incomparably brilliant.

                The CoS may yet be restored. But for now, the auditing that you and I and our friends do is the only hope mankind has; and that hope rests entirely on the point that you can be right.

                The 4th Dynamic engram and every critic of Scientology is pushing the one point they cannot stand – that you can be right.

                Oh boy, was Ron our friend in this regard 🙂

      • Paul: I might only add: Massively invalidate any existing Clears and OTs so as to limit advances and throw them into a spin or back down to the bottom of the bridge. But you are absolutely correct. “…abandon the original levels, 5, 6 and 7.”

        These were true icing on the big cake. With some practice and good full results achieved they were any secretive, intelligence agency’s unconfrontable reality.

        Anyone who could draw a definitive, accurate representation of a military instilation 1000 mile away, with nothing more than the GPS coordinates (as an OT 7 did in a fully blind, documented scientific experiment) well, as they say, “It was all over but the crying.”


  2. Hi Peter,

    This is a very interesting post. I’m curious, did you come across any direct references to Scientology or LRH in this book?

    You mentioned the following: “From the chapter on “Syria”. “Another theme that recurred in the 2006 cable focusing on Syria’s “vulnerabilities” and how the US should try to exploit them was that the US should take actions to try to destabilize the Syrian government by provoking it to “overreact”, both internally and externally.” The author goes on to list the actions taken, but I thought this was interesting, I have never heard of this form of Intelligence strategy before, and as a calculated guess, this could apply to some actions the GO took in response to attacks in the early days.”

    …I can see the possibility that the GO may have used this tactic to destabilize attackers and get them to react.
    But have you also considered that OSA may be using this tactic AS WE SPEAK? There seems to have been quite a bit of conflict between Scientologists who have left the church during the past few years when in actual fact we have lots of agreement on many if not most major issues regarding the future of the subject. Sometimes there has seemed to be more attention on where we disagree than on where we agree.
    This is an outpoint.
    OSA or whatever – I think this outpoint is a string which should be pulled to find out who and what is at the end of it. Doing so and finding the correct WHO might possibly indicate a correct item, foment peace and remove a distraction to the expansion of the subject of Scientology.

    • Hi Espiritu, no I didnt come across any references to Scientology of LRH in the book, although I have not finished it.

      “I can see the possibility that the GO may have used this tactic to destabilize attackers and get them to react” I did not mean this as a GO tactic, more as an Intelligence tactic on the GO and Church, but this is just supposition on my part, but I would put money on it.

      “There seems to have been quite a bit of conflict between Scientologists who have left the church during the past few years”

      Good point, I know at one point a couple of years ago, I thought we were all heading in the same direction and bamm, what a train wreck. So in that respect it could have been a well run operation. It would be very informative to look into this more thoroughly and honestly, if everyone involved would be prepared to sit down and talk without reprehension.

  3. E:

    LRH, having been trained in the U.S. Navy for intelligence work, knew a great deal about how intelligence agencies conduct themselves. He remarked on this extensively in the Data Series. Such tactics were undoubtedly taken up (whether sanctioned by LRH or not) by the GO and later by OSA.

    One example I participated in (I was just a staff member in the Org with some time on my hands), I was instructed to make calls to each of the legislators in the Texas legislature. A “Siberia” type bill was up for a vote in the Texas legislature, and the GO did not want it to be passed. I was supposed to call the legislators’ offices and pretend to be a freelance reporter trying to get comment on the bill. I was to explain that I had been in touch with “a lot” of clergy who were not in favor of this bill. The idea was to use the datum of generalities creating ARCXs to sour the legislators on the bill. This is, obviously, Scientology in reverse; normally you would use that datum to repair ARCXs, not cause them. I believe we won that round. But you can see the type of tactic in use by the GO.

    Even if we manage to rehabilitate the Church, I don’t know that we’ll ever fully know where all the decisions on everything ultimately came from. And ultimately, I don’t believe it matters. Our job is and must be to keep the show on the road, and do what we can to rehabilitate the Church and the Field as it becomes feasible to do so. Insofar as we are able we can, along the way, document how things went South for future generations. And ensure such things don’t again happen on our watch.


    • I understand this, Paul. I too participated in GO activities as a GAS.
      (Guardian’s Office Scientologist) Our group succeeded in outing Paul Dickoff (I believe that is his real name) who was he head of Interpol as an ex Nazi SS officer.
      Anyway, what I mainly wanted to emphasize in my comment is a speculation that the modern day GO, a,k.a., OSA is probably using this same tactic to create discord among Scientologists who are speaking up about abuses of DM and the COS &/or practicing Scientology outside of the COS.

      • E:

        Mine was not an attempt to express disagreement, but to amplify.

        I’m sure you’re right. In fact, probably more right than you know. I don’t think I’d be surprised at anything OSA came up with (unless they actually did something humanitarian).


      • Esp,

        Worked on sorting files that had been uncovered by FOIA regarding Dickoff an inveterate Nazi and war criminal who escaped prosecution by the Nuremberg and at the time was the head of InterPol which is now a “mutual” FOD (Friend of Dave) along with his buddies in “Infernal Ravening”.

        Pretty much explains how such a fascist mentality has infected the organization.

        BTW OSA unlike the GO is totally at the beck and call of Sea Org management and instead of targeting outside enemies has become the Org’s Gestapo.

        At least the old GO acted as a check against the authoritarian tendencies of the SO which is probably the reason why certain members “overthrew” it which is an act of mutiny and thus a High Crime and “abolished” it another High Crime instead of rehabilitate it.

        Frankly with what has transpired. We probably would have better off with jail bird Jane and Mary Sue then with the fawning “management” who took over and accepted off line, illegal and cross “orders” from a bunch of lunatic nut balls in CMO.

        But that’s just my opinion.

          • Not to mention the fact that she signed off on GO 1361 and may have had connections to MI6 😉

            Minor flaws compared to Dastardly Dave 🙂

            As for poor Paulette. Thanx to the GO. She got her 15 minutes of fame and then some.

            If it wasn’t for them she’d still be some obscure Harvard College Professor.

  4. Thanx Peter.

    The Wikileaks Files-The world according to the US Empire

    Is another book I’ll have to add to my very lengthy reading list.

    Another great book I’d recommend is The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot which explains how the the CIA became the rogue elephant we’ve all come to know.

    Still two great books about the dastardly deeds done by the Government specifically to Scientology are the Hidden Story and Playing Dirty.

    Anyway I’ll definitely be checking out the book you’ve reviewed here.


    • Thanks for the recommendations RV! I have had an intense interest in what the intelligence community have been up to for the past 40 yrs or so and feel I have a good grasp of that now.

      There is much information on the net now backing up what LRH has said over the years that it amazes me how some people cannot see it. But because this sort of information has largely just been ignored by the majority, we are seeing blatant attacks on our way of life, such as the GFC, and we hardly bat an eyelid when the criminals responsible are not put through the justice system.

      My next study cycle is to review my Levels materials, get in a good intern cycle, and get in on the ground floor on the new actual application of Scientology that is happening. I am chaffing at the bit 🙂

  5. “Press Statement

    by Reverend Kenneth J. Whitman, President
    The Church of Scientology of California

    In 1957, the Central Intelligence Agency issued its first report on the Church of Scientology. Since that time, the members of our sister churches in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and Greece were subjected to an intelligence operation which had as its purpose the annihilation of an American-founded religious movement.

    We have been accused of almost everything from gun-running, drug trafficking, white slave trafficking, sex perversion, hypnotism, brainwashing, currency smuggling to Communist countries, to even killing. They are tired old lies we have long since been able to prove are false.

    In 1973, we discovered, by accident in Germany, evidence of the international circulation of false reports and immediately began utilization of the Freedom of Information Act. By 1978, more than 200,000 documents had been collected, cross indexed, filed, and analyzed. Hundreds of FOI requests were made and lawsuits filed against agencies withholding documents. Thousands of man hours were consumed in this massive project. We had to study intelligence tactics to understand what had happened.

    What we found was a systematic campaign of “well poisoning” which followed the expansion of Scientology abroad in more than 14 countries from Australia in the early l960ts to France in 1978. In every instance where our Church was attacked, we have documents which prove that malicious false reports, rumors, unproven allegations of crimes and other dirt were disseminated abroad by American agencies to foreign governments prior to any action taken against the Church.

    For a long 21 years, we have not only endured this deliberate and cold-blooded inquisition, we have continued to expand and prosper. We have been no threat to national security, we have no history of criminal activity, and there has been no evidence to support the outrageous lies spread by the CIA, FBI, IRS and others involved.

    After 16 years of black propaganda activities at home which we are currently analyzing in detail and ten years of known intelligence operations against us abroad, in 1966 we formed a Guardians 0ffice whose major purpose was to forward our social reform programs and, of course, protect our beliefs. We have survived the ordeal and continued to prosper in the teeth of this continuing professional intelligence operation.

    The current actions by Justice Department are but another step in a long battle. The prospect of a few individuals serving or not serving sentences is a no-issue since future history is the only judge of the impact of Scientology as the emergent socio-religious movement of the century.

    The government has spent more than 100 million dollars of taxpayer’s money trying to eliminate us while billions of dollars’ worth of heroin was being successfully shipped into the United States from France, over a twenty-year period, by an allied intelligence organization. We broke a story on this just prior to the July L977 FBI raid. -Just why IS this country infested with drugs?

    The FBI, IRS, and CIA attacks on those listed on Nixon’s “Enemy List” has forced those organizations to either collapse or to defend themselves. They can no longer peacefully exist. The failure of the Justice Department to clean its own house and the houses of the FBI, IRS, CIA, FDA, et al, has resulted in parts of society being alienated from the government. Investigations of a few congressmen who have done wrong, but will only be on post for four years, is laudable, but the failure of Justice Department to indict criminal FBI agents who will continue on for the duration of their careers is tragic.

    The FBI cast the first stone at us even as we were becoming a religion nearly three decades ago. Now at last we can prove their intentions and their methods, and we can prove that our difficulties were part of a campaign of bloodless genocide.

    There is no doubt that we will win the current battle and achieve overwhelming support. It is line agencies are reformed to stop growing crime and drug trafficking, not growing churches.”

    (Circa late 78/79)

    • Thanks for finding and disseminating this, Chris. New generations of Scientologists need to be aware of what was really going on back then. I remember this press release when it was issued. I have always thought that the GO actions which landed Mary Sue Hubbard and others in prison were small potatoes, if (perhaps) ill advised in retrospect. I always have thought that instead of plea bargaining, the COS might have mounted a strong, loud defense for them and in the process publicized further the nefarious and illegal actions that these government agencies had been taking against our church for decades.
      But, then again, wasn’t this about the time when DM was worming his way into finance lines and LRH’s comm lines?

      • Actually it’s a stretch to blame Dave for the GO’s poor legal defense which can be placed on the Government’s perfidy . Especially the so called Justice Department who promised them a favorable review of their appeal if they pled Nolo contendere to their Stipulation of “Evidence”.

        In hind sight. They would have been better off gray mailing the courts and threatening to expose all the highly classified intel they had collected on CIA’s Top Secret Remote Viewing program. Among other things which included NSA and CIA’s violation of their own charter. Not to mention the Constitution and possible exposure of FBI’s continuation of CoIntelPro despite the fact that they had told (as in lied to) the Church Committee that it had been discontinued.

        Yet it seems that neither the GO or the Government wanted an actual trial each for their own reasons.

  6. Thanks for a most relevant press release, Chris.
    In the line; “It is line agencies are reformed to stop growing crime and drug trafficking, not growing churches.’ , should the word “line” be replaced by more appropriate word “time” ?

  7. Fascinating discussion and I particularly liked the press release. The dramatization at the bottom of this is so deep-rooted that moving people up the OT levels is the only real solution while keeping the suppression somewhat in check.

  8. “…moving people up the OT levels is the only real solution while keeping the suppression somewhat in check.”

    Exactly, Tom. It’s really the only solution. LRH said pretty well the same thing in one of his policies or LRH EDs. Every day, one more step.

  9. Good find Chris. I am sometimes reminded that too many of the “Greats” never made it through. Tesla died broken and lost to the world. A host of similar stories of great gifts offered to Mankind yet sorely defeated could fill an encyclopedia.

    But the fact that this blog, these discussions, a person in Russia, a child in some desert, a woman in pain, and thousands of other have some line, ANY LINE to a piece of LRH Tech TODAY, is the Royal Flush that LRH left on the table, before he left.

    When he left, when, why and how are not make-break factors.(not to him, I am sure) The only make-break was he layed down 3 aces, and 2 Kings, all Spades. (The Tech) He won, period.

    Now all the Kings men, DM and all of his 3 lettered friends can’t put the game back together again. They are dead broke spiritually and reeling.

    I might only wish the final hand dealt was kinder to him and all who contributed to his accomplishment, Mary Sue particularily. But be that as it is.

    She was a General keeping the killers at bay while the cards were dealt and the game could advanced. She knew, better than anyone the stakes that were in play. And she played for blood, and she won, acknowledged to date or not.

    The naysayesrs think that a building, a group, a uniform and a midget are Scientology. They look, watching, debating, waiting for the next card to drop.

    But they miss this one obvious truth:
    Ain’t nothin’ beats a Royal Flush when it comes to “Blind-Man’s-Bluff” on planet Earth.


    “Blind Man’s Bluff is a version of poker that is unconventional in that each person sees the cards of all players except his own.”

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