By Myk Diaz


Well here I am. Clear! Finally! But I also now possess the greatest ability ever- the ability to Clear others! And I did! I got my Partner to Clear! And She got me to Clear!

Sitting in during the TRs I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to make it- but then I had a major cognition. It was bigger than myself. We were doing TR 0. And I was FULLY exterior- I knew that I wasn’t doing this for just myself. This wasn’t a selfish thing- I had to separate from MEST and take in to consideration that I was also doing this for my Partner [L.L] As soon as we finished auditing NED- I felt a huge burden lifted from me.

And when my partner got through NED- I SAW her transform right before my eyes.


Co-Auditing is the greatest of all gifts LRH gave. The abilities are 1) knowledge to audit 2) you are produced as a Clear 3) you produce a clear. I didn’t take the standard processing steps to Clear so I can’t speak for that- but I HIGHLY recommend Co-Auditing.

Thanks to HFO Academy.

8 thoughts on “Co-Auditing

  1. E.A. & L.L., very, very well done!!!

    I’ve only done one co-audit in my life (Method I), but it was one of the best actions I ever did.
    Co-auditing is where it is at. It is not only a very economical way to go up the Bridge, but, more importantly and as you both know, co-audits allow one have ALL of the gains available from BOTH sides of the grade chart!

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