By Lana M

Gosh, there are some fascinating whisper (or not so quiet) campaigns ongoing.  It never ceases to amaze me how an isolated few individuals can righteously and indignantly natter about myself, about Jim Logan or about others we know or work with.

The accusations and mud that gets flung around is fascinating to me. And that people take the 3rd hand, false and twisted information and accept it, is also interesting.

To satisfy the rumours – here is the real scoop:

Yes, we practice LRH’s Scientology and we have no qualms about stating that we do not support Captain Bill, Excalibur or other squirrel practices. If we are asked to send PC folders or information to squirrels, we won’t do it. It should be obvious why not. We have no problems with providing folders to bonafide Scientology auditors and have, many times, provided all worksheets, pc folders and information to such auditors. We are always willing to receive a cram or an instruct – however to date no such crams or instructs have been received from auditors we have sent folders to.  If you want us to send your folders to a Captain Bill auditor, the answer is no.

Next — when persons we know and call friends turn out to be engaged in criminal and illegal financial activities, we don’t just close our eyes, but point out that in the face of out-ethics you cannot get case gain.  Just because others have known of or been engaged in similar irregularities and have turned a “blind eye” to the situation does not mean that we will. And no, we can’t be bought off to say nothing and do nothing. If there is an ethics situation ongoing that is not being dealt with and becomes our own responsibility to do something about — we do. If you are a friend then you can expect us to care enough about you to say something.  Heck — we would not be a friend or a real Scientologist if we let someone we cared for continue to engage in activity that is illegal and will see them get into trouble and a mess. And I would certainly expect that if I was engaged in some significant criminal activity (not that I am) then a friend would pull me aside and rub my face in it and get me to confront and deal with the situation before I did myself and my dynamics real damage. If you hear natter from anyone claiming that we engage in harsh or heavy ethics then you can know that behind the critical statements and motivating, is a situation that is still brewing and is not handled.  And I did get a chuckle out of being called a “churchie” because I said NO! to someone who had ripped off friends, family and others to the tune of over half a million dollars. A churchie?  Nope.  It has been over 10 years since I was part of the Church of Scientology. But I certainly am a Scientologist and you are welcome to call me that.

One of the natter lines is that Jim Logan is a bad influence on me, controls me, has me in his pocket, and adversely impacts on my friends and networks.  Jim and I have been in a bonafide defacto relationship now for 5 years. When my earlier marriage ended in 2010, I wanted to find a 2D with someone who is a dedicated Scientologist and wants to move up The Bridge and actually does.  I wanted to find someone with a common reality and purpose, and who takes the time to read and apply LRH materials. I wanted a 2D with a person who is not caught up in middle-class PTSness or pretentious crap, but instead would work to know and apply Scientology — and that is Jim to a T. If that does not align with your own 2D goals, your own aspirations or your own attitudes, that is OK, because he is my 2D, not yours.  But holy moly — to consider Jim an outpoint in my life is about as absurd as you can get. No, he is not a bad influence on me and no, I am not getting rid of him anytime soon (sorry to disappoint some). He keeps me entertained, is as funny as hell, does wonders with my two youngsters and he is sure handy around the place (not to mention he has my back and when someone starts to natter about me). He can be formidable and if you find him a bit scary in that regard, then that proves even further that I chose well.

I am not Jim and he is not me. Any one who knows me is aware that I am certainly able to stand on my own two feet, do not need to rely on someone as a crutch, and I am not effect of those around me.  I make my own decisions and create and complete projects that I choose to engage in. So — that’s that.

There are a number of people who are scheduled to receive auditing here over coming months – several of them dear friends who we are looking forward to seeing again. I am also assisting Merrell Vannier to form up a standard tech committee consisting of Class VIIIs, Class IXs and Class XIIs for the First Independent Church of Scientology. And no, I won’t be on such a committee, as I am not a Class VIII (yet).

So… there you go! That’s the real scoop. No need to rely on the rumours or natter. There is the real deal – straight from the horses mouth.

PS. sorry for it being so quiet on the blog recently. Our new short-stay accommodation project here in Gundaroo (called The Nest) is a screaming success and we have had to hire staff to deal with the large number of bookings we are receiving.

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  1. Glad to hear “The Nest” is doing so well. Wouldn’t have thought otherwise by the looks of it in the photos. A beautiful place to rest one’s head for a spell.

    Oh, and interesting reading on the rest.

    Say hi to Jim and tell him to keep you giggling. Does a person good! 🙂

    • Chris,
      Hi to yourself!

      You’ve pointed out numerous times that it is BPC that fuels this sort of situation; the rumblings and chatter agin’ this and that.

      This is true. Bypassed CHARGE is the issue, including the BPC that IS a Missed Withhold.

      Whether it’s BPC from Grades undone or unflat, from engrams touched and not handled or Earlier Similars tweaked but not found and handled or even “no auditing” such as occurs with DM Tech on his weird-ass version of either Confessionals or whatever it is that fella comes up with, it IS BPC that fuels the natter and chatter.

      Standard Tech, the USUAL, done in a usual manner, and done thoroughly and honestly, gaining each step of the actual Bridge, can alleviate this BPC.

      Until it is, those in the throes of it won’t know what it is that is tossing them about like rag dolls, and will swear it’s this, when in fact it’s that.

      P.S. I’ve learned how to make a standard bed, folding properly the corners, tucking, smoothing and having that crisp, clean style that is so poopaler (Jean Chretien accented “popular”) for the guesting trade. This family business thing is fun.

  2. Wow I did not know your story with Jim. Just great! Such a 2D is like being one. It is just magic. Warm congratulation to both of you. And we need magic in our world.

  3. Good to hear from you Lana. Greetings to Jim. We are happy you don’t let sparkling universes get ripped off and apart by whispering attacks from over here and there. We all missed you both last week and before. The Nest must definitely be a nice place to settle down for a a couple of days.

    • Thanks Mary. Not much settling at The Nest but lots of bed making and hosting and lots of guests. Really lovely people too! Locals having a special night out as well.as traveller’s from around the country and overseas. Lots of fun to watch this small business take off and the manager, my mother, is having an absolute blast. She turns 75 this year but I swear she looks and acts only 60. Nothing like challenges and new things to do and learn to give you a new zest for life.

  4. There ya go Lana. Proving what Ron says in the PR Series is true.

    Especially the part about filling the vacuum.

    Personally I think aside from the usual whispering campaign of some. Are others who pretend they know something that they don’t and accept rumors without inspection.

    Bob Dylan memorialized it in a song called Idiot Wind:



    Good to hear from ya.


  5. LM:

    Very glad to hear The Nest is doing well. I’d noticed the lack of postings here and was working on one or two to help you out.

    I’ve personally not heard a whisper of entheta about you or Jim. I’ll let you know if I ever do. I’m a little surprised at the existence of that stuff, but I really shouldn’t be. Makes sense. Success breeds the efforts of SPs to destroy. And rumors and 3P are an easy way to start such efforts. This is one of the reasons LRH said: “Look, don’t listen”. Good advice.

    I had an interesting discussion with Ren some time back. I’ve never had a lot of money, and always sort of considered myself a failure on that score (the Surfer Dude, sort of). But the upshot of the discussion was that I began to take a broader look at what “success” is. Turns out that from my earliest years on, there were two things which were really important to me. The first was the search for “wisdom”, which I successfully found in Scientology. (One might say I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams). The other was the formation of a stable, sane 2D which satisfied all my needs and desires on that dynamic. It turns out I was wildly successful on that score as well. One thing that I was never particularly interested in was being rich or famous, etc.

    So it turns out I’m a lot more successful than I thought. Worth considering if you think of yourself as a failure in some way. It might turn out you have a lot more “wealth” than you imagined.



    • “So it turns out I’m a lot more successful than I thought. Worth considering if you think of yourself as a failure in some way. It might turn out you have a lot more “wealth” than you imagined.”

      Absolutely Paul, what a fantastic cog!

      Unfortunately the church tends to think of wealth as upstats, one of its outpoints, and it is one of the reasons it is losing. At Flag,at events, only those who have donated the most get to have the privilege of siting in the front and bask in daves presence . I was offered a seat there once, (friend of a friend sort of thing) but it gave me the willies.

      I have always found people who presented their money as their beingness to be as boring as batshit but those with purpose, any good purpose, were just fascinating!!

      • 4a:

        Indeed. The Church is very solidly “PTS to the Middle Class”.

        I disliked and disagreed with this whole IAS ranking thing from the beginning, because we have enough people in the Church already who have huge buttons on self-importance, sad to say. The IAS contributes to it heavily, and I really have no room in my life for people like that. In fact, when I meet someone like that, I prove to them they are not important to me at all. And I don’t have to be rude or mean. I simply ignore them. Unfortunately, it gives me powerful enemies, but I don’t care. It tickles me to exert almost no effort and yet drive them nuts.


    • Always love chatting with you Paul. My first husband considered that the only drive or measure of life was financial security. He still does. I have never measured my life that way and thus was quite happy in the meager Sea Org style living for 17 years. My havingness is high in many ways however, and just like you I feel very wealthy. Particularly in the friends department. LOL.

      • LM:

        When the histories are finally written, I suspect you will be a much beloved figure by many the world over. But be that as it may, I suspect your “friends” list increases every day just from new readers of this blog.


    • Paul:

      Fill your bowl to the brim; and it will spill.
      Keep sharpening your knife; and it will blunt.
      Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench.
      Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.
      Do your work, then step back
      The only path to serenity.

      – Lao Tzu

    • CBR’s material arises from Bill’s mis-understood words and his unflat case which provide the dictation from implants that comprise these false data. In other words, the BPC of Bill’s case, unhandled and fueled by his lack of comprehension (Second Phenomena of MU entailed) of the actual research line of Dianetics and Scientology are the melange that makes up this stuff.

      Ron’s Org runs a line to justify using Bill Robertson’s material that NOTs is nothing but a “repair program” that David Mayo came up with.

      Lacking the actual factual development of these NOTs materials, that Mayo compiled from LRH’s lectures and writings, ol’ Cap’n Bill made up some sort of shore story to justify his channelling of El Ron El Ray to invent “Excal”, which is a picture of Bill’s case, rather than any sort of truth on the road to OT.

          • Chris,
            Here’s a succinct statement of CBR’s material:

            From the lecture, Errors in Time, 18 July 1963.

            Now, why does the thetan look at the false incident? Why is he more likely to be on false incident than he is on true incident? Well, false incident is safe. There’s no bite to the stuff. There’s a hell of a bang – now, don’t think it isn’t aberrative to get one of these bangs, at the beginnings and ends and the somatics that went with it. But once you’ve got those somatics under control, it’s much easier to look at false track than it is… just like you’d rather – a lot of people would rather look at a movie of life than live, see? See, it’s safe, because one really never lived it.

            • Exactly, Jim. As Ron says in KSW, “When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree.”

              There’s another apt reference I can’t quite pinpoint at the moment (either on the VIII Course or on the SHSBC) where Ron says that a person who has a failed case will perpetuate their failed case on others until it is solved.

              And in one of the VIII tapes I was just reviewing (I think it was Tape 5, Standard Green Form and Rudiments), Ron talks about a case that is bypassed expressing BPC until it is resolved (in reference to your other comment).

              But there’s much more insidious departures from standard tech and LRH philosophy in CBR/RO upper grades and Excalibur; not to mention in some of the lower levels as well.

              All off-beat renditions are merely permutations of LRH tech, poor reflections in a cloudy mirror of what truly works when exactly and correctly done.

              But, preaching to the choir here. 😀

              • Preaching to the choir you are Chris.


                Met Cappy Bill many years ago when he was on tour with Arthur.

                I liked the guy.

                Too bad he took a dive off the deep end without any water in the pool.

                Aside from his case. There were also many environmental factors at the time which contributed to him straying from the path.

                What could said about Captain Bill Robertson can be summed up in the following from PAB 79 The Open Channel 10 April 1956:

                WHAT DO I THINK OF AUDITORS?

                Every now and again somebody tries to get me to say what I think of auditors. They want me to become hypercritical, I guess, so as to match the asker’s tone. Well, I better make a public utterance after all this time.

                I think of auditors in a rather intense way. As I know more auditors than anybody else and have a better basis for judgment, on this subject I can be for once an authority.

                My opinion of auditors in general is fairly well known to several people.

                I think of an auditor as a person with enough guts to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. This quality is rare and this quality is courageous in the extreme.

                It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession.

                I think of an auditor as having INITIATIVE. He is able to grasp or make a mock- up and put it into action.
                Auditors survive better than other people.

                If this world has any faintest chance of surviving it will be not because I write, but because auditors can and will think and do.
                I think our auditors came from beings lately arrived on Earth who, seeing where it was going, decided to band together to send it elsewhere.

                I consider all auditors my friends. I consider them that even when they squirrel. I believe they have a right to express themselves and their own opinions. I would not for a moment hamper their right to think. I think of auditors and Scientologists as the Free People.
                Just as they consider one another their people, so I consider them my people.

                I think their errors of the past, when they existed, came about because we are new and we are finding out and I don’t think any of their errors were intentional any more than mine were.

                I can understand their own reactions because I can understand the counter-effort given them by society, and thus I don’t hold auditors guilty even when they fold up but simply assume we’d better make a better effort into the society to overcome or bypass the counter-effort.

                I don’t expect auditors or Scientologists to instantly agree with or seize upon whatever I say. I would be offended if they did and would feel they weren’t a Free People. Since they are intelligent I expect them to think over what’s said, try it, and if it’s good for them, use it. That old auditors sooner or later come back to and use what I have discovered isn’t any testimony to our relationship at all, it’s only a testimony to my being right because I meant to be right in the first place.

                I sorrow when I see somebody accomplishing less than he should because he thinks I wouldn’t approve of it. In organizations and out I count upon initiative and good judgment.

                The most decent people I have ever known have been auditors. The best hearted people I know are auditors. They are so decent and good hearted I have to work and argue with them to make enough to keep mock-ups rolling well, a thing they are now beginning to do.

                I am very proud of Scientologists. I think they’re bright, shiny beautiful people and I’m glad every one of them decided to get born again this time.

                I think we’re a fine crew. I know we can make it. And I know that if it’s a better world in the future it will be because Scientologists are what they are, not what I made them.

                Now in case there are any further inquiries or doubts on the matter, I assure you I have spoken on the subject and that I have spoken from the bottom of a very experienced heart.

                Scientologists are the best people on each of the five continents and that’s all there is to it.

      • Jim, found the reference (one of the places Ron says this) I was looking for, about running one’s won case on pcs/pre-OTs:

        “The main trouble with C/Sing so far has been C/Sing from stuck opinions, and wishing off one’s own case on somebody else. “Well I think this PC must have a lot of trouble with train accidents.” You look back in the guy’s folder and he has trouble with train accidents, not the PC.” LRH (Class VIII Tape #12, More On Basics)

        • There’s an interesting parallel in that both Bill R and Dave Miscavige have interpreted NOTs and altered the materials to these skewed renditions.

          Taking the reference you’ve given here and doing a quick look-see at the renditions they each have, it is pretty apparent what in each one’s case they are foisting off as DM Tech and Bill Tech.

          That others follow this comes back to what they also don’t get in actual Dianetics and Scientology. So, off they go with DM Tech to a ‘splat’ and then still lacking the actual research and study and training to sort out the reasons for that failure, take up Bill Tech.

          If you want the best auditor there is for the Advanced Levels, then look in the mirror as YOU are that auditor and your auditing is as good as you know Dianetics and Scientology Tech and can apply it.

          Go to Source writings, Source tapes and the entire Bridge, the whole of it, including any and all Grades, all the material on Clear, and all the OT Levels are IN THOSE MATERIALS. They aren’t in Dave or Bill’s case.

          • Jim,

            I don’t know if you can compare the two.

            First of all Bill Robertson was a Class VIII while Miscavige is a failed Class IV.

            Also while Bill altered the tech on his own. Miscavige enlisted the help of RTRC to do it.

            A more apt comparison would be between Robertson and Mayo who by the way still influences the current structure of the Church of Scientology’s grade chart which has eliminated the Original OT Levels.

  6. My policy on backstabbers who peddle crap, and the idiots who listen and believe it, is to let them slop around in the same pen together. It is a good way to filter out who are your actual friends.

    Im just glad you all are still there, doing well, and posting again!

    • Had some great solo sessions on the weekend 4 a and they will foster some new posts over coming days. Your policy is a good one. I always tend to err in being too generous, too forgiving and too nice. I like people and I don’t like to think poorly of anyone, even if they are deserving of different treatment. I realised the other day that the handful of individuals who natter and spread entheta and lies are not the general populace or the majority of those I know and care about. They are a very small minority who make noise in excess of their influence and sphere – all to try and make an effect on me. It is low scale stuff and it can stay there, in the depths of the tone scale.
      In Scientology there is much to be said about purpose and the work we do. It gets to the core of a person and makes them even better at what they can do. It enables them to have an impact, in a positive way, on more people around them. It deals with the negativity and invalidation that can hold a person back. There is so much truth in the tech and it works, every single time, if you take the time to learn and understand and apply it correctly. I have no regrets about my actions. I don’t try to second guess things and I am not insecure in terms of my purpose and efforts. I love people and have no intention to hurt, upset or annoy anyone – but there are some who get upset that I just don’t stop, go away or at least shut up. Communicating is always the biggest crime and for that I am guilty.
      I am looking forward to hosting some dear friends in a couple of weeks. Lots of adventures, food, wine and laughter. See you there. 🙂

      • I too measure wealth in terms of how many good friends I have. Finding you and MS 2 has opened doors for me to nothing less than a new lease on life. Thanks to you and many good friends found here, I have recovered a level of certainty, knowingness, abilities, action and happiness that might well have otherwise abandoned me at effect of those less fortunate beings who have not yet walked up the route and come to know LRH’s standard tech and boundless wisdom.

        It is no small thing you have accomplished. A safe environment for all.

        I sincerely thank-you, Lana.

      • ” I always tend to err in being too generous, too forgiving and too nice” Very admirable philosophy Lana! some parts of the world outside of Scientology has the maxim, “innocent until proven guilty”. Something I wholeheartedly agree with.

        Please keep committing the crime of communicating, it may irk some people, but as an Arab person may say, they are just an ameba on a flea on a camels ass 🙂

  7. Lana & Jim.

    In the simplest of terms you both ROCK as beings, as friends and as those who have refused to compromise your reality and your integrity. You do and you will continue to enjoy the rewards of these accomplishments. Those are the facts, “opinions” to the contrary are the fiction.

    Do continue to shine, knowing well that there are those (myself included) who admire you both, get your communications, can play with you kindly in the sandbox of dreams we create and never question your beauty.

    As for these recent affairs I might only ask. “Do you hear the sound of yapping dogs, barking at the tires of your firetruck as you roll through town? Because I sure it sure sounds like dogs to me.

    Lots of love,


    • Thanks Ren. This is Lana’s posting and as she points out, she’s a different being than I am, so I won’t presume to speak for her, yet, there is a salient point to this article and what I have observed of her as a person. She sincerely cares for others and does amazing things for them, with their well-being foremost in her efforts.

      Even this posting is backed by the hope and postulate that the ones involved in this goofus nonsense will themselves rise up above it and rather than yap and dawdle about things, appreciate that she is still there for them.

      For me, sometimes I see that a person suffering from malaria could use a dose of quinine. May be bitter, but it’s actually good for what ails. Drink, you’ll feel like hell for a while, but you’ll get through that to other side where it’s much nicer 🙂

      • J:

        I hear you. You describe the attributes of a spiritually evolved and evolving Being. Around such Beings space and time are created in which truth can exist. It is also where it is sought with kind, yet uncompromising strength.

        You two are similar shades of blue in a vast, beauitifully clear sky.

        Splurge on it, Bud. Friends will celebrate the wonders you discover together and are caring enough to share with the rest of us.

        later gator,


  8. Well……..I am glad that whoever said whatever to whoever about Lana and Jim have been outed.
    Personally, I am on a need-to-know basis and have no need to know the details.
    Obviously, people intent upon malicious rumor mongering and third party activities do not dare to approach me. …..They must know that I would spot them in a New York minute and ruin the game.
    In any event, I am out of the loop on this, but glad that everything has been resolved.

  9. “When you start to introduce order into anything, disorder shows up and blows off. Therefore, efforts to bring order in the society or any part of it will be productive of disorder for a short while every time.

    The trick is to keep on bringing order and soon the disorder is gone and you have orderly activity remaining. But if you hate disorder and fight disorder only, don’t ever try to bring order to anything, for the resulting disorder will drive you half mad.

    Only if you can ignore disorder and can understand this principle can you have a working world.” — LRH

  10. The first time I heard of Captain Bill Robertson was in 1992. I was in a hallway in the HGB doing a practical drill for a course. (If I recall correctly, I was cleaning brass.)

    I was doing my practical drill, and this other guy was in the hallway, too. He started talking to me about Captain Bill Robertson. He was telling me about his Kha Khan award and the Galactic Patrol. (A bunch of MUs for me at the time.) I told him honestly that I didn’t know anything about CBR.

    A few years ago I signed up for more info from the Ron’s Orgs. Never received any. I’m not sure if they are still operational in PT. I think CBR has been dead since 1991.

  11. Great post Lana.
    It really keeps things simple and gets the firetruck going to where
    it needs to go rather than stop and trying to shut up the barking

  12. I am a trained class V auditor and “new OTVII’ with hundred of hours of solo not’s..
    I studied Excal, I couldn’t audit it, either I was not set up or this level was not really standard.
    You would laugh at what I say as you are are still in the idea that there can be only one source. This has never occured in the history. Any philosophy as disciple. Was Jung a squirrel of Freud?
    The point with scientology is that nobody could developpe it further when LRH died. For me he was as almost dead since 1982.
    All those Ron’s Journal from 35 are false, “from clear to eternity” was certainly not written by LRH. Was he a lying? No It was not his style. And he is announcing levels which are not existing, maybe on the imagination of Pat Broeker and david Miscavige, a couple of croooks, to make sure that the sheeple don’t go to David Mayo.
    Meanwhile, when you, good people, and me, we stayed for years with this little freaky SP of Miscavige.
    And in 1983, Robertson was the first to denounce the take over of this little monster in “open letter to all scientologist”.
    He felt to put the boots in the sky. Ok He felt the item were the Markabian and mr X ! He was too much of a scientologist! An adept of Hubbard to the deep (I dont know if you understand my english, I’m a fucking europeen).
    I’m not a Ron’s Orgist. I think from my observation (and not some prejudice) that they have lost some standard tech habits. But many of them are happy. Many class VIII and IX practice also Bill’s bridge.
    You cannot discount that this is an existing fact in scientology history. I have seen people who have been on solo not’s for years saying that Excal was far superior.
    And I have seen people leaving Bill’s bridge to be so happy to go back on Not’s.
    My take is that auditor with bad comm cycle who doesnt grant beingness fail. Excal or Not’s is not even the problem but basics of standard tech.
    But you guys sometime give me the feeling of KSW extremist. I mean not the tech but the cultish attitude. The “green on white attitude” !
    I’m very near from you, I didn’t turn hater nor “squirrel”. But since 1983, I have always been agaibst Miscavige. Never went on the valence of “good scientologist”. Lana, when you were in RTC, I was already a traitor!

    • FG, you are correct that without a proper communication cycle, auditing does not work, or does not get the same results.

      There is no such thing as a KSW extremist. Simply, a person can decide to use and apply KSW, or to ignore it.

      In KSW, if an auditor or preclear does not get the results of a level, action or course, the immediate response is what did you do? Inspection will find they did not do the reported level, action or course, but instead (due to MisUs, false data, lack of training/drill, out-ethics, prior confusions, etc.) did something else. If that is then addressed – the tech, when applied correctly, gets the results.

      One can follow this blindly – with faith alone – but over time and with experience and training, one gains a real certainty that what LRH states in KSW is correct – 100% accurate – every time.

      Excal is simply Captain Bill’s alter-is of NOTs. Go back and look into it, and you can see where he had MisUs and went off onto something of his own manufacture.

      My past work in RTC did not have me looking at anyone as a “traitor” and now, more than 20 years later, I still don’t have that view. The Bridge is there and the gains are available for those who want to walk it. But it takes time and effort and a concerted decision to do it “per the book” so that you get the results. That is KSW.

      If someone wants to come in, do a course and then happily drift off to do other things, that is fine by me. Scientology helps people to be more able – and often if a person’s problem is resolved, they feel no need to do more.

      If a person wants to go up The Bridge, I will do my best to see that they actually make it, and that is through the application of KSW.

      If that makes me a “good Scientologist” – then so be it. I am on Ron’s team, and won’t be changing sides any time soon.

  13. Hello,

    thank you for making your point

    In my opinion there is no such a thing as a “KSW extremist”. Either one is operating with KSW in or one is not. BTW – every musician I admire is/was going through the points covered in the KSW 1 when practicing his art. Practicing Scales, the rules of the Harmony, Rhythm, requires going through the 10 point over and over again. Every master in his field does apply those points in fact, even though instinctively.

    CS series 2 is the answer here. All the points expressed would apply, but the 15th seems the most relevant here, namely: “15. That a C/S is not being called upon to develop a new Chart for the case but only to get the case back on the basic Chart and get it done”.

  14. I duplicate you Lana, and I am of your viewpoint, KSW. I studied academy, HSDC, NED, class V grad. And interned. And I am a CS. (not trained in the freezone but in the church prior GAT.)
    And I know what is the correct tech. But sometimes your own judgement enter the scene… As a matter of Excal some idea of Bill were simply true for me.
    And it is for many people, in fact for more in the freezone, than “pure Ron”.
    I know people who have had huge wins with Excal.
    But I rather at this moment use not’s.
    Your choice is 100% LRH.
    But excuse this 1,1 remark, is Not’s 100% LRH?
    How do you know what is from Mayo and what is from LRH?
    My point is that Not’s works, and I can accept that some part are not from LRH.

What is your view?

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