The world is full of beautiful, caring, decent, remarkable and creative Beings like the lovely young lady in the video above. She would do well with the benefit of a great auditor, CS and Supervisor. This is true. In her own words she wants a New Civilization.

Yet, we can be assured she would not survive a week in a church, group or movement that sought to make her into “their image” – their viewpoint.

The big question is: Will she find a group of Scientologists where she is truly free to express herself both as a woman and as a creative soul.

It is a daring question to have to ask; but it’s too important a question not to ask at all.



4 thoughts on “Art & Sex Part II

  1. What a wonderful talk this perceptive young lady gave on the subject of Art. I honestly do not understand what it has to do with sex, but maybe I skipped that part, Ren.
    But she is truly a remarkable being. Why don’t you locate her and contact her about the Bridge!

    By the way I wanted you to know that my security software reported a “potential clickjacking / IU redressing attempt” from this site.

  2. Holy cats!!

    What a wonderful, brilliant, true and actual statement of life.

    Thanks for this one!

    Beautiful in every sense.

  3. Jim: Kinda thought this one might ring a bell. Thanks for noticing its relevence to life and living.

    I thought the act of recreating her very physical mock up (with paint) while speaking, yet not saying a single word about the paint, was sheer brilliance. Talk about a now, in the present communication.

    It’s what you drummers do, create the present moment with a sound in it and then the next – an in PT communication.

    We might be onto something with this, as to why people can so easily experience a live music (or any kind of creative) performance. In good hands the communication is NOW!

    Likewise with good auditors.

    Cool as cucumbers…


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