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By Peter

I have been keeping myself abreast of the financial situation in the world and the following is purely my interpretation of that information for people to agree/disagree or deal with as they wish. The relevance to LRHs works comes in shortly.

The Global Financial Crisis or GFC which manifested in 2008 was caused by the bubble of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco. Basically mortgages were given to people who couldn’t afford them, these were packaged up as investments, and given AAA ratings by rating agencies such as Moodys and on-sold to unsuspecting investors. This is all excellently covered in the recent movie “The Big Short”. The people who took out the mortgages started to default on their mortgages and the crash took off from there. And as LRH says, “money is just an idea backed by confidence” well, the confidence started to slip big time.

To ostensibly head off a global financial disaster, because the banks were “too big to fail”, a bail out occurred, tax payers money was used to prop up this corrupt activity without correcting the system that caused it.  In the US now the debt is in the many trillions and climbing. Only 1 minor banker in the US was ever charged with a criminal act in this whole mess despite the devastation caused on a global level.

Interestingly this bail out did kick the can down the road, and postpone any major crash, the stock market rose. But the actual economy of the West, has not returned to its heyday, but contracted, as LRH outlines when the correct Ethics Conditions are not followed.

Definition; “The GlassSteagall Act, also known as the Banking Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 162), was passed by Congress in 1933 and prohibits commercial banks from engaging in the investment business. It was enacted as an emergency response to the failure of nearly 5,000 banks during the Great Depression.” This act was repealed by President Clinton during his term as President.

With this Act in place, enacted as a result of the great depression of the 1930’s, it prevented banks from speculating with depositors money, once it was repealed the wolves just went to town and they were not stopped and is still occurring.

From what I have been reading, if another crash occurs, the new idea to save the banks will be a “bail-in”. This is the taking of depositors’ money to prop up the bank. A very good website that details this can be seen here; http://www.cecaust.com.au/ .

When I first heard this, I was sceptical. How could a government get away with this? But it has already happened, in PT, in Cyprus, and you can read about it here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012%E2%80%9313_Cypriot_financial_crisis.

What has this got to do with LRH?

I have been restudying my Levels materials and came across this from the SHSBC lecture of 6th July 1961 “Routine 1A Problems and Confront”.

“. And I know I, one time — very dear friend of mine, an old man when I was a kid; he was a dear friend of mine He was going along all right. He was a very sunny, cheerful sort of fellow. And I got back to this part of the world and dropped in on him one day and good heavens, he was a shattered wreck — an absolute wreck! He was a gone dog. And actually, within a few years, had gradually gone downhill to a point where he was totally paralyzed and a couple of years after that died; and it was all because of one problem.

He had been working in a bank and he was a shareholder in the bank, but he also had a job in the bank. And when Frankie the Limper took over, he made sure that all the little banks went crash, see? And all the banks went boom! See? And so he gave it all to the big banks because he thought things ought to be in chains or something. That’s right. This is the actual history of it, although I’m speaking about it rather sarcastically. And this poor guy watched one of these chain banks come in and pull the routine modus operandi.

And because there was a bank moratorium, then the bank wasn’t permitted, you see, to pay out any of the accounts. If you had a checking account or a savings account, that was seized. But if you had a mortgage and the bank had a mortgage on you, you had to pay it —every penny of the mortgage, see? They got all the cash. It was the biggest raid known in financial history. I don’t know, in a few decades somebody will wake up to the fact of what that was all about — “the great friend of the people.” But it was just that. They then were given the opportunity to seize all the cash in the bank, and then make everybody make good their paper too.

Well, of course, they pronounced all the little banks insolvent by government order and then they, of course, were grabbed by all the bank chains. So little guys such as this, with a little job and some shares in the bank, and so forth, were just wiped out. Bang!”

 “… in a few decades somebody will wake up to the fact of what that was all about”.

Well, that seems to happen in history, some mistakes, intentional or otherwise, are just left out and we end up blithely repeating them.

No one can tell me there is no such thing as a 4th dynamic engram and a society dramatizing it as outlined by LRH.

This scenario also goes along with the predominance larger companies are exerting over smaller ones, something I have experienced first hand, and the oligarchy President Carter was talking about that now runs the US.

Incidentally, this sort of thing is not new, it has happened in the 1800s in the US with the railroad bubble, even in the 1600s with a Tulip bubble (of all things) in Holland,


It seems that where there is a scam artist who can think big, there will be an economic downfall. It would be nice if someone could catch and audit the evil purposes out of this guy to prevent this from happening again in another 100 years.

I am not writing this to alarm anyone. I hope it is wrong, and I hope I am wrong — as that would be a small price to pay. Maybe that can will be kicked down the road again.

Also it would be beneficial to remember that money is just the result of a printing press, and that a clued-in politician could just take a walk down to the Federal Reserve to see the private banker that owns it and pay for the paper, ink and time of the printer and he has essentially paid for that money, and at the same time handle the 3rd dynamic engram for the public at large and a crises could be averted.

I wrote this up as I feel I should disclose what I know and suspect, for my friends here, to look into this yourself, if you so wish, and come up with your own conclusions and act on those for your own and your families benefit.

21 thoughts on “Global money mess

  1. I think Ron discusses this in the policy called “Exchange” but what is happening would be called a speculative bubble. That is prices being driven up purely by speculation by speculators like T Boone Pickens, Paul Singer and various “investment” houses who drive up the price of a given commodity such as in the case of the housing bubble on the price of housing in general.

    They drive the price up and then they sucker a bunch of people who want to partake of the so called “American Dream” of “owning” a home.

    (They don’t really “own” it the bank really does… but this seems to evade the attention of most home “buyers” who unlike renters also have the liabilities of faux “ownership” such as maintenance costs and property taxes and above all a mortgage which like rent they have to pay every month.

    If fact they are not better off then people who rent with the exception they are told that now they have “equity” in the home that they didn’t really buy and don’t fully own which they use for home improvements. Making it easier for the bank or investor to sell the house when they eventually foreclose. Anyhoo….)

    Of course as anyone can see who has been paying attention the over inflated housing costs eventually gets to the average home buyer. That and the fact that the home that they bought based on the agitprop that home prices never decline end up with a “home” that was 500 k dropping to 250 k or even lower.

    Yet despite the drop in price the bank now has ’em on the hook for a 500 k mortgage when the house is now only worth half that price and in most cases despite HARRP and other home owner incentives usually will not renegotiate the mortgage….

    And so it goes….

    So it is not just the home buyers who were at fault as the media would like to have us believe but also the unscrupulous “lenders” who enticed people to buy homes without warning them that the cost of their mortgage would “balloon” at some point and “investors” bought a bunch of derivatives based on nothing but speculation and hot air.

    However instead of telling the so called vulture investors funded by some of the biggest banks to go take a hike. The government covered their bets with TARP and threw the struggling home owners under the bus.

    I mean this is like going to Vegas pouring all your money into a slot machine and demanding that the house cover your loses.

    How long would some moron like that last in Caesar’s Palace?

    However in this case the unwise “investor” or more accurately parasite has a friend or more accurately crony in the Government who is willing to cover this idiot’s tab because they financed their campaign which is why a bunch of sleazy banksters are bailed out while the average Jack and Jill and their family of two kid is being thrown into the streets.

  2. LRH more or less alludes to this situation obliquely in Ron’s Journal 67. In sum, there are a dozen or so guys who own, among other things, the big banks, which are engaged in a long term plot to get all the governments of the Earth to owe them fantastic sums of money.

    The Internet, and Youtube in particular, have lots of videos which back up what Ron alluded to, more or less, and what you (Peter) have said outright. In the years before Ron made his 1967 espionage-based discoveries, there were books written which detailed much of what Ron discovered independently. (Their research line was different than his, but they ended up in the same general area, coming to more or less the same conclusion.) These books sold pretty well, but were championed mostly by those considered on the political fringes.

    I’ll go ahead and alarm people. The whole system on this planet is rigged against you. It is designed to ensure that you fail, in part or in full. It’s considerably harder to “make it” today than it was in the 1950s. And it will be harder still in the 2020s, 2030s, 2040s and going forward.

    You have two things going for you. The first is obvious: Scientology. It makes the able more able, and scares the daylights out of the folks who run this planet. You may or may not consider Miscavige part of their efforts to shut Scientology down. It doesn’t matter. Aside from him, there were plenty of efforts, starting in 1950, to sabotage, infiltrate and destroy Scientology. But it’s still around, and it still, properly applied, allows you to win, even in a system designed to make you fail. One great example of this is Lana and her family. You’re welcome to repeat her example in your life and your area.

    The second factor in your favor is the Internet. It is the greatest single tool for disseminating knowledge, organizing and calling people to action, since the beginning of recorded history. Its freedom is diametrically opposed to the de facto goals of every government and the dozen or so guys who run this planet. Like Scientology, it scares the folks in charge, who have already started trying to eat away at the edges of the Internet to depower and control it.

    So continue to practice Scientology toward the success of yours and others’ dynamics. And defend the Internet against any threat or effort against it. Don’t take these things lightly. (That doesn’t mean being super-serious about the whole thing. Be as serious or as light-hearted as you like, but be effective.)

    Eventually, we can change the system we find ourselves in. It may take longer than we might like. But working together (not alone) it can be done. Changing a civilization is a team sport. And you’re on the team. Don’t let your team mates down.


    • Wow, Paul!
      I am impressed with this insightful comment and your zeal for the internet. I fully agree with you on the value of the internet as a marvelous means of getting in comm with another regardless of where they are on Earth. And it gives one the capability to respond as I am to you now. Anyone from anywhere on the planet with a computer and access to internet can communicate nearly instantly to anyone else thus equipped. Pretty impressive. And, its in written form to boot.
      Your comment brings to mind the countless LRH theta references on communication and its perhaps not fully understood but infinite value. Communication is the universal solvent and the internet has made it possible for MS 2, RLL and various groups of Scientologists to re-unite with Scientologists.
      Aye, you’re a smart lad, Paul. And please sign me up right away for your, “Changing a civilization is a team sport.” team, ASAP! I’m in it for the long haul and wannabe on your team too.
      Thanks for your inspirational comment, Paul.


      • Lou:

        Thanks for the kind remarks. We “with-LRH” types (including the MS2 folks) are all on the “civilization rehab” team. But unlike when we were in the Church (and times before), this time we must be vigilant, sense threats before or as they happen, and not allow them to jeopardize our efforts.


  3. Paul,

    In regards LRH and RJ 67, the internet has also given us sites such as Benjamin Fulford, Alex Jones and many, many others which have served to bring to me an awareness of fundamental changes occurring in the environment of “the folks who run this planet.” Whether it was because of the authors you mentioned or because of Scientology, LRH and RJ 67, which is what I am inclined to believe, life on Earth is dramatically different today. Those “folks” are being systematically but inexorably removed and unmocked. The guys in the white hats have joined forces and are in fact getting Ethics in on the fourth dynamic. They are bringing an end to the suppressive reign of unsavory characters LRH mentioned in RJ 67. A sane, new group evolving is taking over and has begun, “running the planet”. Whether aware of it or not, you and other thetans and upstat Scientologists are definitely a key part of the winning team that is actually doing this job.

    Again, thank-you and may life never be the same.


    • Lou:

      Really? Changes like that take a long time, and I’m not exactly at the crossroads, so I’m not aware of any such activity. I’m skeptical, but I’m certainly willing to investigate. I’ll google the names you listed. It would be great if you could inform us once in a while about these activities. It would probably help morale. If you’d like to discuss this privately (I would), Lana has my permission to give you my email.

      Let me make a suggestion. Ron made the point that revolutions often result in similar guys taking over from the old guys. That’s a point I’d keep in mind. We should remain skeptical of anyone who takes over from our current pals in the driver’s seat. Call it the price of freedom: eternal vigilance.


      • Paul,
        I am sincerely and deeply honored with your offer and look forward to a long, happy discourse as, Lana has my permission to give you my email too.


  4. You are analysis is very late on the chain. What made it ALL possible was when the Progressives (now called Liberals in the USA) gained power at the beginning of the 20th century they violated the US Constitution by turning over control of the money supply to PRIVATE banking. (The Fed Reserve Bank laws). Without the Progs doing that, (plus screwing again with the constitution and enacting Income tax) ALL of those problems would NOT be possible.

    Think about it next time you vote for candidates that are insane on the subject of control & econ (non libertarian candidates in the main).

    If you want an instant hat on econ and The Law read Bastiat’s works.

    • CC:

      Agreed that things have gone downhill since the early 20th century for the reasons you cite. But they were already on the way down, starting even earlier. Almost before the ink was dry on the Constitution, the Supreme Court in the U.S. began to eat away at it. Marbury vs Madison 1803 was a case in point. There was also an act which passed through Congress in 1789 or so (don’t recall the name) which outlawed conspiring against the Federal government (in other words, it’s illegal to do to us what we did to England 13 years ago). In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the wheels were in motion even earlier.

      It’s also worth noting that governments are more or less control mechanisms anyway. The U.S. Founding Fathers were unique in attempting to form a government which attempted to control its populace less rather than more. However, that lasted all of about a week.

      Caution, though. You mostly stated indisputable facts here. But you’ve also injected political opinion as well. While I personally would agree with you, many others may not, even here.


      • Marbury vs Madison, oh God! Yes, remember what Jefferson wrote about that insanity? The main problem with the Constitution is that it did NOT allow (create an effective mechanism) for individual citizens to legally take on gov officials who violated it.

        Regarding “political discussion” I call ’em as I see ’em. What I wrote is 100% documented and correct. If others have a problem with truth, well there are probably methods to bring an individual up to snuff on that. The Law is an excellent read and encapsulates what the natural limits of government are.

  5. CC, you are correct, however the US Constitution was there to protect Individual and State rights from Federal incursion. The American Civil War was Southern States Confederating to protect themselves from “Northern Aggression”. They failed. The result was primarily a Federal take over of State and Individual rights. The Federal takeover of rights started in the 1700’s, and steadily progressed ever since. BTW, re the civil war, Civil Rights (slavery) was the PR excuse after the fact (it was not the major issue of the war).

    • Yes, of course I know that. Amendment 10 – Reserved Powers, gave power of succession to the STATES long before the “civil war”. Lincoln started an illegal war. However, I’m referring to changes in ECON only right now.

    • 1984’s assertions about the causes of the American Civil War are NOT what is taught in history books and are NOT popular. I happen to agree with him, but we didn’t write the history books. The northern states (the winners) wrote them, which more or less explains why they say what they do. There was a lot more going on in the U.S. at the time, which fractured the unity of the South and the North.


    • “There is one factor that can encourage any decent person: that the awareness of hidden programs and suppression is coming up on a planet-wide level”

      I have noticed that too Worsel. The other thing that is ironic, is that the internet is instrumental in exposing how out KSW the church has become. Without the whistle blowers, I, personally would never have suspected how bad the situation is, but while the internet may be the downfall of the current church, it may be the saviour of the Tech. I hope that is the case!

    • W:

      Your comment gave me a cognition (thanks). This is the mechanism of the engram all over again. What gives an engram (or any other cause of aberration) its ability to aberrate is precisely its hidden-ness. As long as it is hidden it has the power to aberrate. Once it is brought into the open, it has far less (or no) ability to further aberrate. So theoretically, if you had all this hidden effort to control and subjugate the planet, and you flushed it into the open (again, thanks Internet), you would, to some extent, de-power it.

      To some extent, I’m sure the bad guys think that no one would believe the “loonies” who decry their efforts. But there are a growing number of people who, dissatisfied with the world as it is, are coming to believe that something(s) is going on in the background of which they are not aware. The current U.S. political climate, where the majority of the population thinks poorly of our government and its leaders, is an example of a populace ripe for believing that other non-obvious factors are involved in why they can’t make a decent living, etc. They’d like answers, and neither our politicians nor their parties have been forthcoming. So they’re probably ripe for hearing about global conspiracy theories.


      • 4a and Paul,
        I was looking with the data of the lecture “Awareness Levels” from 27 April 1965. LRH explains here the awareness levels one finds below the Bridge (in the middle column). It looks to me like more and more people become aware of ongoing criminality, secrecy, disaster or some such level. Below awareness is effect (overwhelm really) and below that is the dramatization of the level. It really compares to an engram.
        A rise on this gradient scale of becoming more and more aware is the improvement. Get people up to the next levels above. This scale was Ron’s answer to the question how do you communicate to a person who is below communication.
        The internet is a tool, a place, a chance – the awareness is in individual people. This is where it’s at. I talk to neighbours, when I do shopping, whenever I have a chance. Observation of the awareness level does make it very easy.

  6. a small point. I really do hate political discussion. But if you read the actual statements of the southern succeeding states prior to the war of insurrection (The US civil war), you will see that slavery was very much an issue. The southern states economy relied heavily on slavery. Read the actual statements for yourself.

    There is a known historical movement of revisionism on this subject that ignores the facts from actual source documents.

    I don’t have an axe to grind here. Just be sure you are working from the actual original source data.

    Ron discussed effective banking in the finance series.


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