I just completed a tailor-made NOTs repair program on the second dynamic.

I feel so much better on the subject. It feels like the noise on it has been lowered a lot.

I feel a lot more cause and more calm in the area. AND I feel clear and far more ethical on the 2D.

We handled many things that was hindering my ability to have a good 2D and to be completely ethical. More importantly I feel I can make sane decisions on the subject;

Thanks to Ingrid for her high ARC and compassion, the C/S for ensuring Standard C/Sing and of course LRH who made it all possible.

Thank you SIR!!!


5 thoughts on “NOTs Repair

  1. Lovely. Credit where it’s due. And to you too, FM. After all, you had to be there and participate for us to know these wins took place.

    I always consider it pretty kewl that even when the Tech seems to get a little sideways, we have the tools to correct it, thanks to Ron.


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