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By Tim Lobb

Dear friends and comrades in Purpose: I am now legitimately and fully complete on Grade 4!

This is a real “Wow” milestone for me!

After 33 yrs “in”, I left the church last year as I learned about the alterations, out-tech and abuse within the organization; old news to many of you.

At that stage I had no real thought one way or the other about my bridge and further auditing; just couldn’t condone the flagrant and well documented out-points.

Pretty soon after that flurry of excitement had simmered down the stuck attention which I’d had on some previous auditing at Flag once again flared up. I had been through the so-called “pilot” grades at Flag in 2011-12 where they had, supposedly, researched and “corrected” what had previously been non-standard aspects of the Grades delivery, and consequently, delivered them minus NED on Grade 4.

Then I was expected to attest to having achieved the full EP of Grade 4 even though it had not been fully delivered to me; was done without NED on ser-facs. I had a really good, 40 yr veteran SO auditor and I believe he was protesting the omission — which would explain why he was abruptly replaced… but that’s a whole different story.

At any rate, after returning home I soon knew something was “out” in my universe and I felt it had to do with the “new and improved” Grade 4 delivery — and I knew it needed fixing. Prior to my resignation org terminals had refused my requests to have my Grade 4 properly addressed asap even though by then the church had changed their tune about the Grade 4 NED thing and had announced NED was now being run on ser-facs as part of Grade 4 — as though it were some sort of recovery of lost tech sort of thing. I was told I first had to do yet another Purif plus the SRD, which I had actually resigned myself to doing. It was not long after all this that I started finding out about the aforementioned alterations within the church etc. — at which point I left purely on principle.

Fast forward to 2016 and arriving at Doug Davidson’s door a short while ago with a jumbled case and no pc folders…

Doug really knows his craft. His years of training and auditing along with his skill have become wonderfully obvious to me. I can’t even begin to tell you the wild stuff that’s been coming up — which Doug has been handling with total aplomb!

I can’t even begin to articulate here the bizarrely wild & wonderful details of incidents and where and how absurdly far back we’ve ventured with all this, suffice it to say that not only have I moved out of fixed conditions, I am now able to easily recognize the almost unimaginably pervasive ser-facs around me in life for what they are — in virtually every aspect of relationships, society and existence.

There’s been a subtle and tremendous upward shift in my perspective.

I feel and know I have become a saner, more compassionate, more responsible and higher toned being; all as a result of properly handling my ser-facs!

It has given me an entirely “New Slant on Life”! … and I feel much more optimistic about my future. I have now attained the EP of the grade I “attested” to four years ago at Flag!

In addition to that, I now have first hand, very subjective reality on the kind of squirrelling going on in the current CoS as well as the resultant turmoil.

Thanks for “listening” and being my graduation audience.

And MANY thanks to Doug and to the man to which we owe, ultimately, everything we have in and around true Scientology, L Ron Hubbard

Now, on to NED DRD!

Tim Lobb

7 thoughts on “Grade IV

  1. “Now, on to NED DRD!” šŸ™‚

    It amuses me that out of the church, there are people such as yourself Tim who are hanging out to do their next step. Thats the result of doing it right! In the church they are hanging out, to get out, or “must get it done” (when they are being recycled).

    Congratulations Tim, great work Doug, and as you so eloquently said Tim, many thanks to the big guy who figured it out!!

  2. So good to read your wins first thing this morning after opening my laptop as well as hearing the NOT’s repair win a couple of days ago.
    Wow ! Congratulation to PC, auditor and CS.

  3. Glad you and Dougie got together, Tim. Nice wins! You’re gonna have fun down there in southern BC as you take your next step to Clear. šŸ˜€

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