having fun

By Ingrid Smith

Here is a great ARC Straightwire Success Story. It will come through in the Success Story, but I have to say she is really really HAPPY!!

“It’s funny how you go through session after session and go through life and then all of a sudden, you freeze for a second and then like a light bulb, you have the realization of ARC S/W. Thats exactly what has happened to me. I realized it when I was driving that ARC S/W boils down to understanding. At least it does for me. I understand life moreand the people around me and what things are going through. Especially what I have been through myself which has lead me to more understanding and compassion.


“Thank you LRH and thanks to my auditor Ingrid”

6 thoughts on “So much fun!

  1. Very well done to pc and auditor.

    When I read the part in the Success Story about understanding and compassion, it occurred to me that every Grade is like a revelation, or a partial “awakening,” using terms from Eastern traditions (in which Scientology philosophy is rooted, of course).

    Truly awesome! 🙂

    • Not to preach to the choir, but I should add the other important point, which is that achieving such revelations with Scn tech is incomparable in speed and precision. 😉

  2. Exactly what the Tech was meant to do when done right, when the organization itself didnt create present time problems, so good to see!!

  3. Wow, Ingrid! Sounds like a great product of Scientology to me! And a great demonstration of an Auditor-PC team dissolving the previously hidden barriers to simply being oneself!
    Great success!

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