By Shirley T

I am astonished. Right now I have a non-stop F/N, state of exterior, joy just “bubbling” out.

I had addressed an areas of charge, that when it lifted, that when it lifted, this win just keeps going and unfolding.

It’s like a lifetime (and more) of wins and happiness keeps happening that were backlogged.

All of a sudden wins on my dynamics, family, friends, interactions just keep occurring. I go out and people just keep coming up to me smiling.

I’ve in-flowed money – cycles miraculously complete – problems don’t even present themselves!

I’d like to go back in session by this TA just keeps on floating!

Yes, I absolutely would want others to have the same gains!

(*Milestone Two Admin – thanks to Randy Smith for providing this success story)


6 thoughts on “Like others to have the gains?

  1. Thank you everyone! The miracles of tech never cease to amaze me. It’s why I so love auditing others! Love Shirley

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