By Chris Black

Scientology Drug Rundown

Phil recently finished his Scn Drug Rundown. He is looking forward to his next step on the Bridge. (Phil is French, as you might find when you read his Success Story):

“Finally! End cycle! I finish as-sising the mass in the subject of drugs. 🙂

It was easy and fun to do it.

The tech was simple about that and work very well.

I blow all charge about drugs in this life time and a lot from the past’s lives.

I blow some somatic also.

My perceptions improve.

My understanding about drugs is very big now about how it can by hurtful.

Even if the my problem with drugs (taking it) was handle for years now, remove the charge about it, was very good and liberating.

Thank you Chris and Ron.

ARC, Phil”

New on the Bridge

The following is a success story from a young lady who began her first professional auditing recently. She is reading the basic books and wants to go up her Bridge.

“Today, I’ve realised that I am more in control of the environment. I like to be audited by Chris and Philippe. They are nice and do their job well. Since I’ve been audited, I do not hate people as much than before. I’m more understanding. I’m more in control of my future. I take more time to make decisions. I have more and more cognitions that pop randomly. One of them is that I was a Scientologist in my past life. I’m now able to exteriorise. It really makes a difference.

Take care,

Auditing wins

by Ingrid Smith

Here is a Success Story from my Chicago guy who has never been in the Church:

“My life was always very fun, healthy, productive and happy until one day . I got involved with a woman and had children. Things began to be hard , things began to be a struggle. I got involved with her family and her friends life got harder than I ever could be imagined. Our relationship exploded and I felt I couldn’t escape all the problems including bankruptcy. I always had more than enough money and never problems before. I saw Ingrid the first time in April 2011 things became clear to me my problems were a direct result of suppressive people that I was surrounded by. I dismissed all of those relationships and handled the one with the ex-wife due to children. I started making lots of money and back to improving my life.

“I saw Ingrid for the second time April 2015 for auditing. I totally had life under control. I played hockey 6 days per week and lifted weights 5 days per week. I motorcycled, snowboarded, Snowmobiled everything that was fun I did like a 20-year-old and I was 50 years old. I made tons of money and hardly worked at all. I take approximately 20 vacations per year with my girlfriend and some with my kids. Well now I thought I couldn’t have life any better! Then…

“I came to see Ingrid for the third time for auditing April 2016 and I wanted to come in the best condition ever thinking I could get the best results. Well my knee when out playing hockey… Then I blew out my neck weightlifting and got a horrible cold right before coming. I was distraught as I never got sick or injured and was in top physical and mental shape. I even had to take a wheelchair through the airport to the gate. One week with Ingrid was incredible and the results are probably unbelievable unless you experienced them yourself! Ingrid did a touch assist which brought me in touch with my body so I could get back on track. But here was the best… Well not sure how to describe this …but as I was going through my reactive mind catalog during the communication drill my catalog on the right side of my brain disappeared and then I saw The soft black material on the left side and could no longer get into my right side which was my current life reactive mind so I believe that I no longer have a current life reactive mind. Just as this happened my body tightened up hard as a rock and then it felt like a thick layer of ice shedded from my body and fell to the floor making my body feel weightless. Then as we continued I could only see on the left side of my brain unclear brown colored pictures from way way back. I could not recognize anything as it was very unclear. Again my body started to choke. Ingrid stopped me and asked what happened. I told her I saw an image of me in the water possibly drowning and then had a realization why I’ve had problems with breathing and swallowing at times. Then we continued. All of a sudden my body felt immensely bigger than life. I was looking all around but not through my eyes. My spirit had separated from my body and I felt like my body was a vehicle for my spirit. I felt like my spirit was the driver and my body was the vehicle. I now realize my body and mind is not in control- it is MY SPIRIT and I know I feel so powerful and I can do anything with little or no effort! I am now in total control of everything and want to do more auditing right away. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better… It DOES!

“Don Johanson”

4 thoughts on “More than just one!

  1. Great successes by Phil, Myriam & Don! Kudos to auditors Chris & Ingrid for helping them to achieve these! Well done all around!

  2. Dang! I LOVE this stuff!!

    Thanks Chris and Ingrid and every auditor and preclear for your courage and achievements.

  3. To all, their auditors and C/Ses, and of course, Ron for making all this possible, CONGRATULATIONS and CONTINUE!

    Special kudos to Myriam: WELCOME BACK!!

    (Every time I hear about wins like this, I stick my spiritual tongue out at all the SPs, naysayers, trolls and others who have something negative to say about Ron or Scientology. I know, it’s immature, but I don’t care.)


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