by TA

This is my contribution to Milestone II — a very important project

It is now over two years I have been auditing on Solo NOTs.

My life has deeply changed. When I think back at two years ago I feel so distant from what I was and how I was operating.

The change I have experienced by auditing in a suppression free environment has been tremendous.

People around me keep asking what I am doing because they notice a big change: “Hey, you are always on top of stuff and enthusiastic about everything. Where do you get all that energy?”, “Somehow you have had a big spiritual change. What happened to you? What made you so inspiring?”.

I get asked those questions almost every other day.

The changes I have experienced fall into several areas: prosperity/financial; motivation/tone scale; love/relationships; spiritual/personal satisfaction.


Needless to say when you are key’d out most of the time and have a tremendous enthusiasm and energy, financially things can go only in a positive way. I have been able to generate money in all of my companies and endeavours in a remarkable way. New ideas, innovations, new companies, international expansion and even making money with real estate and stock and bonds. The principles of financial policy integrated with OT concepts make you literally a powerhouse in this prosperity/financial area.

I have more than enough and I could stop to work and live on all the passive income I have generated. Royalties, licenses, dividends, bonds coupons, rents, you name it.

By auditing on SOLO NOTs I understood that ARC = Love = Creation = Money.

Professionally I have had some of the biggest satisfactions of my life. And of course I keep creating.

Motivation/Tone Scale

When you audit daily (I normally do three sessions a day, unless I am travelling, in which case I audit less or I dont audit) your tone can only be high.

After a while you are on the level, you stop auditing rudiments and problems but you start to audit the universe and you see the universe changing around you. You become stronger, your confront raise and many of the things that caused a lot of worry in the past, they just don’t scare you anymore. You can handle them. You understand that everything at the end will be all right.

You start to experience the power of the tones above enthusiasm; aestethics, intuitions, postulate. You use theta and not effort. Your sheer presence is often enough to calm things for others.

By auditing on SOLO NOTs I understood that the emotional tones above enthusiasm are states of creation that do not require effort. By staying in that band, your thoughts have the power to slowly alter for the better what is around you.


Love literally explodes within you. That is easy to understand if you consider that philosophically theta is made of ARC and so a thetan in his purest state would be total ARC. I love others. I admire individuals. I am attracted to people. I have many, many friends and I have been able to help (not just with the tech) many other people. I have enough love to try to make a difference for society (I am involved in a lot of beneficial and improvement programs besides my professions) and all the love/support I give often comes back multiplied.

By auditing on Solo Nots I have understood that we are made of love. Whenever we don’t act that way, we are not being ourselves.

Spiritual/Personal Satisfaction

This is being an incredible journey through space, the origin of the universe, what we really are, understanding of ourselves. Amazing. And everyday I learn more.

My will is so strong to be almost pervasive. When I launch a new project, be it a new product or a new program, people want to be involved in my illusion, they support it, they help me create it, they expand it.

My own personal universe (= Me) is strong and influences the physical universe rather than viceversa. I am thus I can change things around me.

I honestly feel that when you audit on this level standardly and using common sense many of the LRH’s promises of spiritual abilities come true.

Sometimes people think that OT leves will bring you the abilities of poltergeist or moving objects, etc. These people in reality have not fully understood the materials or are still not really acquainted with the spiritual aspects of life. In a sense they lack mass on the thetan or on the spiritual side of life. They are/were looking for a shortcut to influence an unpleasant environment, they were looking for the umpteenth quick fix, and so they tried Scientology.

Scientology is not a quick fix where you pay money and you become happy/free.

Scientology is a study of the spirit, you have to apply yourself tremendously, understand materials, try to make the tech work in your life and if it doesn’t work challenge it, repel authoritarian teaching by the C.of S., go after self determinism.

If you apply yourself eventually it will pay off.

And the spirtual rewards you will get will be incredible in terms of personal satisfaction, love, energy and a philosophical understanding of life and livingness.

By auditing on SOLO NOTs I understood that You are the Creator of Life.

My personal message to you: if two years ago somebody would have told me that I had to pay 1 million dollars to get the results I have gotten now, I would have done all I could to come up with a financial solution.

In reality I had to pay nothing.

In fact if you are NOTS Completion, outside the C.of S. SOLO NOTs is free.

It just requires your study, time, application and a good C/S.

If you want you can make your dreams come true.

All my love.


9 thoughts on “SOLO NOTs

  1. Beautiful, TA, simply beautiful. Also being on Solo NOTs, I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing like it. It uncovers oneself, the YOU, and that is pure ARCU. It’s indescribable, and at times is something that is outside this universe. I truly appreciate what you wrote and thank you for writing it. Can’t say anything, except, carry on. Oh, and perhaps a little quote from the old man.

    “So anyway, Scientology is well named. It is the road to truth. It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies left in him he’s OT. And all the mechanics of OT work out too.” LRH (Class VIII Tape #4, Standard Tech Defined)


    It is very very nice to see this. I like the upper harmonic of joy you are projecting. I can feel you as this tower of theta.

    Ron did say that each level has a primary band connected to it. The band of affinity for everyone is a very nice.


    I especially liked the point at the beginning about the suppression free environment.

    People who had the misfortune to do it only in the C of S often run into problems later. There is too much arbitraries, inapplicable additions to the application, and often just incorrect C/Sing. I know, I’ve had to clean up people who only did NOTS and OT VIII in the C of S.

    I did my NOTS in the freezone, living 5 miles from the complex in LA. I attested to Solo NOTS in April 1984, before there were any C of S completions. It was a difficult time, people were attacked,
    my C/S was under heavy attack from the OSA. It was a chaotic time.

    Even then I attained miracles every day doing the level, my joy at work increased. I started displaying even more fun ‘paranormal’ abilities – that have remained stable.

    I trained on , and delivered audited NOTS in the freezone in the LA area for years after completing NOTS myself. I C/S’d people on Solo Nots. I trained with the person who supervised the first NOTS course at Flag, who was in the freezone. Every single person who does and completes the level fully and correctly gets similar wins.

    People who are correctly doing NOTS are in ethics, they do not need ethics checks, they don’t get into situations where they need their withholds pulled. If the tech is working, then nothing else is needed, but to continue to apply it. You do not clean cleans!!

    If they have a problem, then correct review, and assistance is given


    I increased my zone of responsibility to include the entire planet at my profession in the software business. I joined a startup software company that went from 0 money in , and no customers to 8 years later, leasing 6 billion dollars a quarter, with over 3000 customers.
    The 3000 customers in the world that use large IBM computers.

    Companies like ATT, Charles Schwab, Boeing, Lockheed, Visa, British Overseas Air, John Hancock, and all the other large world wide companies.

    I was the Qual div at first, and did level 4 technical support for that company. I crammed and corrected the code, and the developers.

    We had a product that was like the Starship Enterprise in complexity, and scope. I literally fixed over one quarter of the problems over the next eight years, and handled all of the most difficult technical and customer relations problems, very very effectively.

    My customers loved me, and knew If I got involved things would get fixed. We had a real product, and gave better service than was expected. Every single time when I was involved.

    I became friends over the phone with literally thousands of customers worldwide. I helped them become better at work and life.

    I gave talks at our user conference that was attended by several thousand people, all of whom I had actually talked to on the phone, all of whom I considered friends I was helping.

    Another Scientologist , who left the Church, joined our company, and I used to talk with him about problems we were seeing at work, with others in our company. I then would handle that situation that night in my Session, and we would enjoy the changes the next day together.


    Small children would come up to me after Solo Nots, they would see me and not my body, and I would get this telepathic comm from them – “what the … are you?” Still happens. After doing that level we are not like most thetans that are around. We are something more, something brighter and more powerful, we put out huge amounts of pure theta around us and into our environment. We are safer, more ethical, and people want to be with us, and talk to us.

    It is a magical , wonderful result of the level.


    When I started in Scn in 1972 I was shy, and introverted and could barely talk to anyone. My reach was very low, and my area of responsibility barely included me. I hated anything to do with communicating to others.

    At the point I finished Solo NOTS I had already moved well beyond reaching and attaining any initial goals and dreams I had when I first found the subject.

    I fell in love, married the girl of my dreams and we were together for over 33 wonderful years. All after doing NOTS. I have wonderful kids, grandkids, and even now a great grandkid.

    The wins just continue.


    Years ago I was visiting the Stevens Creek Mission , when they were at their peak and were doing over 200k a week in GI, as a mission. The environment was incredible.
    They were very much into proper validation. When someone finished the comm course there at the next graduation ceremony the several hundred people in the audience would stand, clap, yell, pound their feet, and chairs for at least 15 minutes. To express how significant that was.

    I’m not sure what is big enough for your win. Millions of beings, applauding and validating you for years probably.


    I can not begin to say how much I truly am enjoying your success.

    It goes beyond any words I could say.

    I wish such success for everyone.

    It just takes doing each next step, completely, with the best correct technology you can get.

    Thanks for the joyful reminder.



  3. Wow, TA, just wow! Man, what a win. Also I must include Doc in this as well! Thank you both for posting the effects auditing Solo Nots has on you and your environment. This is what it is all about.

    So the progression of the Bridge, as Ron designed it, becomes more and more real. The being gets literally cleaned up to the point where his attention can go back on what the factors talk about, and we start to get to the Original OT levels.

    And it becomes very clear, why those with suppressive characteristics would not want this Bridge to be broadly available, and the kind of people who come off of the line, around!

  4. Wow! Love hearing such wins and haven’t heard such wins in a while – keep them coming. (I intend to be writing some myself in the near future.)

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