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Change of subject…

I have firmly had the view for many years that my capacity as a being, my abilities and my causation are directly reflected in my activities across the dynamics. LRH talks about OT being cause across the dynamics, which before being accomplished means that a being has to be operating across all 8 dynamics to then come to cause over them.

In the last couple of months I have been working on a few new projects that are on the 5th dynamic and extending my own sphere of influence.

In a household with young children we have had all manner of animals to keep us company. We had fish for 3 or 4 years, and then we got pet mice for the kids.  We have a wonderful Golden Lab X Retriever who is the guardian of this family for more than 10 years. We have 21 Galloway cattle, and then the multitude of birds, lizards and Australian wildlife that live on our farm.

But recently I became the custodian of 10 rather neglected and sickly chickens. I purchased a significant coop for them, installed a large electric fence so they can roam free-range (so there are no concerns about hungry foxes), and I have gotten them back into good health and laying eggs again. It has been really rewarding to see them sitting out in the orchard under the trees, happily watching the day progress and scratching for a worm or bug when the desire hits them.


And we have just extended our family numbers further with the addition of 7 goats — 2 mothers and 5 kids. They have brought a whole new dimension to the family, as they are people friendly, come when called and are wonderful weed eaters that are cleaning up the paddocks around my home. They skip about in an irresponsible and hilarious way, and they have already proven that they can get under a fence if they have the desire to (leading to all sorts of other adventures). It was a great decision on my part — and as I sit here on a very rainy day, I know they are warm and dry in the goat shelter I created for them last week, happily munching oats and lupins and satisfied that they have a good lot in life.

Looking at the KRC triangle and the simple premise that if you raise just one point of the KRC triangle (knowledge, responsibility and control) the others come up as well — I enjoy seeing my own competence and level of cause rise in an area that I had previously little to none. My ARC for the animals comes up — but also for the 5th dynamic in general. Learning how these creatures operate in their own individual, family and 3rd dynamics and watching their own interactions with the 5th dynamics and 6th dynamic is also fascinating.

We are all interconnected – theta-wise. And watching how we (both humans and animals), as theta – life, work with, manipulate and change MEST is really interesting.

Not everyone has the luxury of living on a farm where there is such a wealth of animals – and certainly many would have no desire for 10 chickens and 7 goats in their family –but I write this with a word of advice for my  many friends out there across the world…

My lesson has been to continually work to extend my reach, responsibility and control over the dynamics every day.

Just a little bit more and a little bit more on a continued basis.

It is such a simple, simple action — but so very very very rewarding.

Where ever your interest lies — extend that reach and enjoy as your own KRC and ARC comes up.

I would love to hear of other people’s experiences on this basic principle… and photos are even better. 🙂

“There could be said to be eight urges (drives, impulses) in life. These we call DYNAMICS. These are motives or motivations. We call them THE EIGHT DYNAMICS.

“There is no thought or statement here that any one of these eight dynamics is more important than the others. While they are categories (divisions) of the broad game of life they are not necessarily equal to each other. It will be found amongst individuals that each person stresses one of the dynamics more than the others, or may stress a combination of dynamics as more important-than other combinations.

“The purpose in setting forth this division is to increase an understanding of life by placing it in compartments. Having subdivided existence in this fashion, each compartment can be inspected as itself and by itself in its relationship to the other compartments of life.

“In working a puzzle it is necessary to first take pieces of similar color or character and place them in groups. In studying a subject it is necessary to proceed in an orderly fashion.

“To promote this orderliness it is necessary to assume for our purposes these eight arbitrary compartments of life.

“THE FIRST DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as one’s self. Here we have individuality expressed fully. This can be called the SELF DYNAMIC.

“THE SECOND DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as a sexual or bisexual activity. This dynamic actually has two divisions. Second Dynamic (a) is the sexual act itself and the Second Dynamic (b) is the family unit, including the rearing of children. This can be called the SEX DYNAMIC.

“THE THIRD DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence in groups of individuals. Any group or part of an entire class could be considered to be a part of the Third Dynamic. The school, the society, the town, the nation are each part of the Third Dynamic, and each one is a Third Dynamic. This can be called the GROUP DYNAMIC.

“THE FOURTH DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as mankind. Whereas the white race would be considered a Third Dynamic, all the races would be considered the Fourth Dynamic. This can be called the MANKIND DYNAMIC.

“THE FIFTH DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence of the animal kingdom. This includes all living things whether vegetable or animal. The fish in the sea, the beasts of the field, or of the forest, grass, trees, flowers or anything directly and intimately motivated by life. This can be called the ANIMAL DYNAMIC.

“THE SIXTH DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as the physical universe. The physical universe is composed of matter, energy, space and time. In Scientology we take the first letter of each of these words and coin a word, MESS. This can be called the UNIVERSE DYNAMIC.

“THE SEVENTH DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as or of spirits. Anything spiritual, with or without identity, would come under the heading of the Seventh Dynamic. This can be called the SPIRITUAL DYNAMIC.

“THE EIGHTH DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as Infinity. This is also identified as the Supreme Being.

“It is carefully observed here that the science of Scientology does not intrude into the Dynamic of the Supreme Being. This is called the Eighth Dynamic because the symbol of infinity stood upright makes the numeral “8”. This can be called the INFINITY or GOD DYNAMIC.

“Scientologists usually call these by number.

“The earlier science Dianetics included Dynamics One to Four. Scientology embraces Dynamics One through Seven as known territory, scientifically demonstrated and classified.

“The difficulty of stating the exact definitions of the dynamics is entirely verbal. Originally the dynamics read “the urge toward survival as—”. As the science developed it became apparent that survival was only an apparency and only one facet of existence.

“Both the cycle of action and the three conditions of existence belong in each dynamic.

“A further manifestation of these dynamics is that they could best be represented as a series of concentric circles wherein the First Dynamic would be the center and each new Dynamic would be successively a circle outside it. The idea of space adjoining enters into these Dynamics.

“The basic characteristic of the individual includes his ability to so expand into the other dynamics, but when the Seventh Dynamic is reached in its entirety one will only then discover the true First Dynamic.

“As an example of use of these Dynamics one discovers that a baby at birth is not perceptive beyond the First Dynamic, but as the child grows and interests extend can be seen to embrace other dynamics. As a further example of use, a person who is incapable of operating on the Third Dynamic is incapable at once of being a part of a team and so might be said to be incapable of a social existence.

“As a further comment upon the Eight Dynamics, no one of these Dynamics from One to Seven is more important than any other one of them in terms of orienting the individual. While the dynamics are not of equal importance, one to the next, the ability of an individual to assume the beingness, doingness and havingness of each dynamic is an index of his ability to live.” LRH book, Fundamentals of Thought

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    • Hmmm…. thanks for your comment. do you have an LRH reference on the 9th and 10th dynamics, Roberto? I should warn you that those that read, comment and lurk here will tend to insist on an LRH reference and generally come down pretty hard on anything that is an alter-is of his writings.

      • NINTH DYNAMIC, 1. “the buck.” (5203CM05A) 2 . aesthetics. (PDC 2)

        TENTH DYNAMIC, would probably be ethics. (PDC 2)

      • LM:

        Ninth and tenth are mentioned here and there by LRH as art/aesthetics and ethics, as I recall. But notice they are never added to the “official” eight dynamics, and are simply mentioned in passing.

        But yes, a reference would be good, particularly since Ron’s mentions of them are relatively obscure.


    • Right mate! Actually you helped me indirectly as they were not clear for me. I had to clear these 2 dynamiques with a friend and I find them actually very interesting. It is like getting a complety view. Interesting point indeed.

  1. LM:

    Well, congrats. I always liked the idea of sheep and goats. Much better than a lawn mower, and they can give milk (of sorts). Their poop is probably good for compost. And they’re generally friendly to humans. (I didn’t know they came when called!) I’d have to hope they’re not like roosters, waking up in the middle of the night and insisting everyone else adhere to their schedule.

    Anyway, you’re always pushing the envelope and thereby continuing to earn our admiration. Keep it up. You are an inspiration to the rest of us.



    • No admiration wanted Scat – just having lots of fun extending out anchor points and control points across the dynamics.

      We have one mother goat who has 3 kids (triplets) and one of those has been fed with a bottle to make sure it survived. It arrived here on my farm a week ago, still on one bottle a day (it is 3 months old now). Lambs that are brought up on the bottle are commonly called ‘poddy lambs’ so we essentially have a ‘poddy goat’.

      As I got 7 goats specifically to eat the weeds that we do battle with here (Silver wattle to be specific), I have been referring to them as my ‘goat squadron’, here to eat the wattle. This got my own children on a roll and naming all the goats with names of planes, jets or airlines. The ‘poddy goat’ is Delta – which is fitting as she has a very loud voice and calls out to have her bottle each morning — and Delta Goodrem is a very popular female singer here in Australia. 🙂

      As I work for the Flying Doctor, this has led to goat names that refer to their planes as well (Australia’s 3rd largest airline).

      Names are: Pilatus, Concord, Delta, Virgin, Jet, Raptor and Cessna. I did suggest Airbus and they thought that was just plain stupid. Hahaha.

            • On the subject of goats, one wouldn’t want to knock over a goat in the same way as one wouldn’t expect to be knocked over by a goat. They appreciate a higher order and expect the same from us. ARC-breaking a 5th dynamic creature is as much an overt as any other overt. And getting into ARC with 5D creatures is as appeciated by them as it is by humans amongst themselves. Children – who can talk to grass – are better at this than adults.

              • P13C:

                What I’ve found interesting (on a mildly related subject) is that cats appear to have no sense whatsoever of aesthetics. I find them to be incredibly aesthetic creatures. Their skeletons and musculatures are extremely aesthetic to me. I could just stare at them for hours, like works of art. In turn, though, they sort of slough this off and don’t really pay it any attention. They do enjoy being petted and spoken to softly. And if they’re in the mood, they love to play, and will do so on their own (with imaginary companions or opponents) when no one’s around.

                I also admire German shepherd dogs for the same aesthetic reasons. And I consider sharks to be the most starkly beautiful sea creatures I’ve ever seen. (Obviously my sense of aesthetics runs more to the architectural, rather than the purely ornamental.)


  2. I enjoyed your article and have had a life of animals since very young. I have had snakes, turtles, fish, cats, dogs, lizards, birds, goats, chickens, turkeys. I currently have a snake and chickens and fish, birds and dog. Down from 4 dogs.
    Nice sharing of the Dynamics again. Thank you. Olivia

    • Thanks Olivia. You are welcome.
      I don’t think a snake will ever be on my list as I have plenty of them in the wild, here on the farm, and best bet for both parties is that we just leave each other well alone.
      We have wonderful native turtles in our dams, but again, I would rather leave them in their natural habitat that bring them into the home. That is the same for birds. Loads of wild cockatoos, parrots and others birds surround my house daily, so I appreciate them and enjoy them there.
      I should take some more photos and post them some time. We had a large goanna walk across my front lawn last Autumn – more than 1 metre long. LOL

      • For those unfamiliar with Aussie slang, a “goanna” is what the rest of the world would call an iguana. It’s a largish land lizard, much smaller than the many-feet-long Komodo dragon, alligator or crocodile, but larger than the 3 to 6 inch geckos we have here in Florida, USA.


          • LM:

            I stand corrected. Normally, I would have taken your last statement as a joke and gone on believing what I said. However, I decided instead to look it up. In Wikipedia (oh shut up; it’s fine for this kind of research): “The name goanna might have been derived from iguana, as early European settlers likened goannas to the South American lizards. Over time, the initial vowel sound was dropped.” According to their biological classifications, iguanas and goannas belong to the same groups down to the “Order” (Squamata), at which point they diverge. Their Suborder, Family, Genus and Species are different.

            So apparently, European settlers, having seen iguanas in the Americas, thought that they were looking at the same thing when they saw something similar in Australia, probably calling them “iguanas”. Time passed, and Australians being Australians, they dropped the first syllable. Then the biologists moved in and found that, yes they are similar up to a point, but not that similar.

            So now you know waaaay more than you ever wanted to on that subject. See the kind of useless crap you can learn here if you just pay attention? 😉


      • A goanna is any of several Australian monitor lizards of the genus Varanus, as well as certain species from Southeast Asia.
        Around 30 species of goanna are known, 25 of which are found in Australia. […]
        The largest is the perentie (V. giganteus), which can grow over 2.5 m (8.2 ft) in length. […]
        The smallest of these, the short-tailed monitor (Varanus brevicuda) reaches only 20 cm in length. […]
        A recent study suggests monitor lizards (including goannas) are venomous and have oral toxin-producing glands. […]

  3. If vegetables didn’t scream out in terror when I am about to eat them, I would be a vegetarian 🙂

    Seriously though, I am reminded of the LRH quote about; (paraphrased), if you are in the physical universe, a being cannot help but commit overts, and I think of the very theta animals, and wonder at the seemingly needful cruelty for our bodies to survive.

    I was spearfishing once, and a very beautiful fish proceeded to parade itself before me, me with my speargun, while all the other fish were scampering away , and I thought to myself, “what are you doing, cant you see I am killing fish like you”. I was quite indignant at how bold he was in front of me, so I hit him, gingerly with my spear, the fish then thought at me “what did you do that for?” it was showing off in front of me, and swam off rather miffed.

    I know that may sound a little off the wall, but there have only been several times this life when others thoughts have come thru to me a clear as day, and that was one of them.

    I really do think, in the next universe, we agree to something that is a little less brutal in our quest to survive, but in the meantime, for us meat eaters, we respect and treat humanely those creatures we rely on to survive.

    • Yes 4a — looking at the way animals have to rely on other animals or plants for food, it is interesting to see how the whole system works. The movie Avatar really pushed home this point of beings living cooperatively with the theta plants and animals that existed on the planet — a mutual respect and ARC.

      • LM:

        Re Avatar, my wife gets cranky about movies like this (she’s marginally more political than I am) because, coming from Hollywood, they always cast the huge company in a harsh light, as in Avatar. In one sense, I thought the movie was a little silly. This whole thing about the mother tree and everyone’s devotion to this whole kumbaya harmony thing. But stepping back, I suppose one could have such a place, where the big thetan elected herself to take care of the place and all the meat bodies walk around wanting to be connected to her, etc. Overall good movie, if a bit too long. Tremendous animation.

        Interesting thing. There’s a myth in the US that the original inhabitants of this continent (let’s agree to call them “aborigines”) were all peaceful, and knew all about proper animal husbandry and crop rotation and all that stuff. All crap, all of it. They warred on each other here just like everywhere else on Earth. And if they knew anything about “ecology”, it’s because we, the invaders, taught them. Some of them had a clue, but most of them, once they had exhausted the resources of a place, just moved on. The Earth healed, as it always does.


    • 4a:

      There’s a guy who wrote a book not too long ago, which purports to be a reconstruction of interviews with an alien crash survivor (5th invader, I’m guessing). Doll body. The book is forwarded as non-fiction, but conveniently, all records and recordings of the actual interviews were burned after the book was written. After piecing a few things together about the book and the author, I’m convinced of at least two things. First, he’s a Scientologist. Second, he has done extensive research into LRH’s lectures and writings to come up with every reference to space opera he could, added some “chrome”* to make it work better, and then used it all to piece together a narrative. A third thing I’m not sure of but strongly suspect is, the space opera stuff in the book is likely all true, but the interviews from which it is supposedly gleaned never took place.

      With me so far? What’s cool about this book is that it provides a very plausible history for this planet and the life on it. Of course, it ain’t the history you’re gonna find in your textbooks.

      But as it pertains to what you’re saying, the idea goes that millions (billions?) of years ago, somebody started a company to furnish life forms on demand to clients for populating planets. This became a cottage industry, with several companies competing for large (planetary?) contracts. Originally, the life forms were asexual and did not require breeding. Nor, as I recall, did they require food. (Like doll bodies.) But at some point, someone got the bright idea that they could make more money from life forms which did require food and sex, and that became the order of the day, up until present time. And thus we have our little Earth and all its inhabitants. The alien dictating all this material had actually worked for one of these companies at one point, but was now a pilot, part of an advanced alien scouting force, with the main invasion force set to arrive in a few millenia. (Sound familiar?)

      To me, the above makes complete sense and probably represents exactly what happened here on Earth. It rather handily explains things like the platypus, giraffe, and kangaroos. You get bored after a while, or you’ve got a client with a sense of humor, and you end up with a life form that just can’t be, but is.

      I’ve got absolutely nothing on eating anything edible on this planet. The ecology of the planet was set up that way. And if you look at any area where humans have tampered with the ecology by favoring one or another species, you usually find a mess– too many of one species, not enough of another. Left to its own devices, and assuming humans act responsibly (yeah, I know), everything works just fine. Color me an omnivore (except for liver and cauliflower, yuck).

      I get tickled at places like NASA, where they spend billions to ensure we don’t contaminate the surfaces of the moon and Mars. They act like we’re guests in this solar system. But as far as I’m concerned, except for the odd invader force bases here and there, this place belongs to us. I’d happily be the first human to take the first morning pee on Mars, if such a thing was possible.

      *Chrome: a term in writing where writers add seemingly unnecessary details to a script or book, just to give it added “flavor” or tie other more essential details together better. The “chrome” is the added stuff. If one were telling a fishing story, for example, a description of the fishing gear to be used on board the ship might be considered “chrome”.


      • So what I think you are saying about this fiction book Paul is that a company for financial gain established the 5th dynamic on this planet.

        ” Of course, it ain’t the history you’re gonna find in your textbooks.”

        It is kind of happening again, with Monsanto and its GMOs, and we have been eating genetically modified foods for a while now, so this book may be more than a fiction story. Test tube sheep, these things have happened. It does sound like a good read!

        “I’ve got absolutely nothing on eating anything edible on this planet. The ecology of the planet was set up that way”

        I know what you mean and I sort of waver on this, and I blame YouTube/Facebook for all the cute animal stories :). I get all ready to hunt foxes because they are decimating the native animals and the buggers on YouTube/facebook show a cute domesticated fox, blows my game.

        Go diving sometime and you will see fish hanging around in small groups, its their dynamics. I have had trees communicate with me, its a real slow communication, like in Lord of the Rings, but much more slower and basic. If a tree is damaged in some way it will seal that part off from the rest of the tree, a Professor Alex Shigo discovered this. So there has got to be some form of thinking going on for this to happen.

        There is definitely some sort of life form in plants and animals, which makes it hard for me to destroy them without a good reason.

        Even bugs now interest me, I used to be scared of dragon flies when they would fly up to me, with their big tails. I had one for a while that would do that to me when I stepped outside my back door. It was curious as to what I was, it was the funniest thing, it would kind of fly up to me seemingly aggressive, but I learn’t that it didn’t know what the hell I was, being a big gangly looking creature, and wanted to find out. We got on real well 🙂

        There really is a very interesting universe there to find out about.

        • I stuck out my hand once to try to get a dragonfly to come to me. They have short lives but an incredibly steep learning curve. By the time they die (one day) they might know all there is to know regarding the 5D. It’s a smaller universe compared to the 6D, and definitely more complex, nevertheless, a comm back to source is much easier here than it is in the lower dynamics. Once you get to 1D, man, it feels so isolated.

        • 4a:

          Now that comm line you have with other life forms is very very cool. I love it! I’d love to have that ability. I often wonder exactly what my cats think when they’re running around chasing things that aren’t there.

          I also used to enjoy Jacques Cousteau documentaries when I was a kid. Life under the ocean is stark, amazing and so varied that it’s simply remarkable.

          One of the wins I had on Conditions and Exchange by Dynamics was to recognize that the cats and roommates I had at the time contributed to a theta environment I could sense every time I came in the door. Prior to that, I hadn’t realized that I sensed the theta. Afterward, my perception of it became causative. Delightful realization.


          • “Prior to that, I hadn’t realized that I sensed the theta. Afterward, my perception of it became causative. Delightful realization.”

            To recognize another dynamic and to get in comm with it, whereas before it was all barren, is one of the most fulfilling and beautiful things about going up the Bridge.

    • “others thoughts have come thru to me a clear as day.”

      4a, yes, rest assured, I’ve had that too, even from insects. It isn’t hard to follow a 5D line back to source. For sure, some of them feel very lonely, cast out, struggling and on their own. It’s been as much a shock to me as it has been to them that a comm line can exist!

      What has been a revelation to me is the comm lines they already have, for instance, blackbird and queen ant, seagull and pigeon, cat and dog and horse.

        • Yep, Dr Dolittle, or ‘whisperer’ in modern parlance, is a self we deny but can be regained through auditing. As LRH says, it’s all about how much responsibility we can take, how big and strong we think we are. The big ones amongst us have flat TRs.

  4. What a nice topic.

    We had lot’s of life when I was living in Glendale, CA, we were close to Griffith Park, and lived in the equestrian area of Glendale, and Burbank.
    In our back yard we had a rose jungle at one time, with over 100 different varieties of roses, and usually were about 10 to 12 feet tall. An area of 35 X 50 feet. Not the short little bushes you usually see. We talked with them all the time. They told us if they needed a change to their food or water, or weeding, fertilizer or whatever. We had another 100 or so rose plants around the rest of the house.

    We had horses at times, and lot’s of cats, dogs, squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, mountain lions, birds, and so forth. A large quantity of life.
    I had lot’s of discussions with our squirrels about not attacking the side of the house (it was a very hard stucco, didn’t really do them much good to try). I tried bribing them with nuts. They preferred to attack the house.

    I’ve lived on farms and ranches, when I was younger, and now in Montana, we are out in the country, and there is a huge abundance of life here. It is a much nicer environment with lots of life around one. We have incredibly happy cows out here.
    Saw the same thing on the coast of California along Big Sur, the Hearst Corporation runs lots of cows north of San Simeon , and they have lots of land, with grass to eat, lots of space, and the wonderful California, Big Sur Coast line to see. Some of happiest cows you have ever seen.

    I pick up the intentions of spiders, myself. They are always funny. I especially like the ones in the shower. They tend to be more philosophical.

    Helping others around us do better is part of the natural plus points you see as people move up the bridge. Others includes all life forms. Animals, insects, and trees, flowers, flora, and fauna.

    We all have an influence on our environment. The life forms who are around us.

    Thanks, Lana. I always feel a definite resonance with your posts.


    • Doc:

      Spiders in the shower are welcome to be as philosophical as they like, up to the point where I smush them. I don’t mind snakes, lizards, bees, wasps or most of the things that scare other people. And I don’t particularly have anything against spiders (though they are the creepiest creatures I know of), so long as I know they are of no threat to me. We have “daddy long legs” and “horned orb weaver” spiders here, neither of which can hurt humans, and I generally leave them alone. In fact, I have endless admiration for their webs. But I have an arrangement with nature. Questionable or actually dangerous spiders must stay outside. It’s a rule. We had a Huntsman spider loose in my office one time (it’s a huge honkin’ thing), and my primary emotion regarding him wasn’t fear. It was anger– he violated my agreement with nature. He suffered the consequences. No door cracked just a bit for that guy. He was the head on the pike.

      If you’d like to send me your address, I’ll be glad to ship you my philosophical shower spiders, so you guys can talk about Kant, Hegel, Sartre or whoever you like. They might be a bit worse for wear when you receive them. But, I mean, you know, if you get lonely… 😉


      • My my Paul… I get massive huge huntsmen spiders here in my home. I have a great trick of placing a large wide glass over the top of them and then sliding a piece of paper under so that they fall into the glass. Once then flipped, I carry the spider in the glass (with paper on top) outside and put them back where they belong.

        They seem to like my house as it has tall ceilings and they can move about fairly easily until they get to a height that I can reach. I agree with Doc about philosophical — but I would call it a wistful attitude or comm.

        When cutting firewood I find they live in and under the bark on the large eucalyptus trees here. Sometimes I will come across a mother and hundreds (literally) of babies and they are all scrambling to get out of the way. I do my best to push them away so they don’t get squashed. I do the same with the large wood cockroaches that live under the bark too.

        I am flat on spiders. They don’t creep me out – they are just another creature making their way to survival.

        Jim used to be freaked by the bugs we have here. He would be sitting on the verandah, smoking a pipe in the evening, and a huge winged creature would emerge from the dark and consider his head a great landing place – which was a little off-putting for Jim.

        Some of these insects or moths are over 2 inches in size. Over time he learnt to just duck and the creature would land on the wall instead. Now Jim just laughs at the acrobatics and clumsy landings and both parties leave each other alone.

        At my home there seem to be ‘hatchings’ at various times, when the weather and season is right, and it is not uncommon for my house to be bombarded with about 1000 bogong moths — big large furry moths, or with praying mantis, or some other creatures.

        About a year ago I was driving down our dirt road where there was long grass on both sides of the road and it was a mild warm Spring morning with a slight breeze. There were tons of cobwebs on the right hand side of the road – strung between the tall blades of grass, and millions (literally) of tiny grass spiders where hatching and ‘gliding’ on tiny threads on the breeze. The air was positively filled with these tiny spiders, each on their own floating thread. The children and I were in the car and just sat in wonderment as the tiny baby spiders moved over and around us.

        I swear that my perception at the time, from the spiders, was “Wheeeeee!”, “Yeehaaaaaa”, and “Whoooooohooooo!”.

        They were having the time of their very short lives (they would have only been a day old).

  5. Paul,
    Thanks for the offer. I have plenty of spiders here.

    The question of philosophy they tend to pose is the old one between Socrates and Plato. Whether acts of goodness here and now effect here and now, or since, in Plato’s view everything was a shadow of an archetype, acts here only bettered you later , in whatever after this body state you might end up in.

    Socrates argued strongly for acting with arete (a basic greek idea – excellence in all things) (arete comes from the indo european root ar – or rightness , not fixed rigid rightness but balanced dynamic rightness) now to effect now.

    Plato made the teleological argument (teleology is the study of the end of things) that your works now only affected some distant future. That’s what the spiders tend to think on in the shower. I agree with Socrates. You act now to effect now.

    It’s generally the Daddy long leg spiders that think philosophically. ‘
    The little tiny spiders tend to be a bit more whimsical.

    Whimsy is a good thing. Unless you think everything should be serious. Seriously, it’s just so serious. Serious implies dull and boring, and trying to be fixed and dwindling. Whimsy implies excitement, and the sense you don’t know what the hell will happen next, but it will be fun, and moving up and expanding.

    I have a strong preference for one of the two, and it isn’t the dwindling one. We’ve done that one before. It’s just old hat now.

    We need to update our fashions of living to the new and exciting, expanding.

    It’s fairly hot here, and it’s bringing out my impish nature always lurking beneath the surface. I pretend to be one of the unwashed, grey, dark, dull , dead beings faking their way through life but at any moment some real fun, and magic come bursting through.

    I actually have some fun, now and again.

    Oops, I may have been detected.

    It’s all serious here, Licensed to survive sheriff, I’ll be a good boy now. I didn’t really mean any of that fun stuff. Please take me quietly.


    • Speaking of serious and spiders, the one Lana mentions here, the 4 inch long thing that I could hear in the dark from about 50 feet away. As I peered out their into the inky black trying to determine what that loud fluttery noise was, this gargantuan fluffy flying blob of moth with a huge wingspan literally emerged from the dark to land, of all places it could, on my head.

      As I hopped and danced around on the veranda to “get it off me”, I began to laugh at the big-bug ballet I was doing. This moth seemed to enjoy the antics and kept flying off a foot or so and then kept trying to light on my head again and again.

      Finally it managed to find a nice spot on the front of the house and I finished my chuckle and retired for the eveing.

      Now when I hear a flutter in the dark, I duck. We have those too 🙂

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