By Jess Deroulin

I just got back from doing the communications course at Observation Mountain Academy!

It was awesome.

My two teenage sons also got to go through it.

Some of my wins were being in the course room with my son’s. While some others were all my own.

On OT-TR0 through TR4 my big win was spacey!!

Let me clarify. After doing OT-TR0 I felt spacey. I wasn’t sure what that meant to me right away. Then I did TR0 and it all made sense. I realized that I could be in any space!

Or I could not be in any space.

I also realized I could be in any presence or I could be in the absence of any presence 🙂

And that despite any pain my body may feel I could be in any of those comfortably.

I don’t know how else to explain it. It feels awesome though.

Working on the Upper Indocs I realized more what intention actually meant. To me the best way I can say it is that intention is the action…mmm…or the dynamic..the momentum or energy that makes a postulate stick.

It’s not words it’s not just a thought, it’s the energy behind all of it.

And I learned intention has nothing to do with words!

While learning this I cognited on why I’ve done or not done many things in my life. And it boiled down to what LRH said about abilities, that the theta never loses abilities just the willingness to use them.

And I realized that I never lost control of my life I lost the willingness to take control of it. I never lost my power of intention or my ability to make postulates stick, I lost my willingness to be at cause in it all. I lost my willingness to take control and be in control…to be cause and/or be in control of effect.

Things are piecing themselves back together in my mind now.

I feel like all of the different parts of LRH’s tech are different puzzle pieces and the game is to put them all together to see the final result and that the final picture when put together is different for every unique theta out there that tries to put the puzzle together.

I feel awesome.

Thank you Dave Soroka and Nora Curiston for all you’ve done.

Thank you Annette Davidson and Doug Davidson for all your support.

Thank you LRH, your hard work is paying off.

10 thoughts on “I feel awesome

  1. Damn!!!

    That was some communication course.

    That’s a really good job for everyone involved.

    I like the way you put all the pieces together.

    WAY TO GO!!

    This is me yelling, and pounding things, and doing everything in my power to properly acknowledge what a truly great win that is.


  2. Great stuff, Jess. That’s what you get when you stick to Source and don’t alloy it with off-shoots or other out-tech derivatives. Well done!

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