“Are you a friend of yours ?

“Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world must first become a friend to himself.

“In this society, where aberration flourishes in the crowded cities and marts of business, few are the men who have not been subjected, on every hand, to a campaign to convince them that they are much less than they think they are.

“You would fight anyone who said of your friends what is implied about you.

“It is time you fought for the best friend you will ever have—yourself.”

LRH, Excerpt from chapter 1, Self Analysis

9 thoughts on “The best friend you will ever have

  1. This reminds me of this quote attributed to Lao Tzu (although it may have been inserted in his works later, much like the Bible); still, it is a good quote, and is echoed in Scientology and elaborated on in Self Analysis, Creation of Human Ability, and HCO PL Open Letter To All Clears, amongst many such references. Thankfully, Ron developed a workable way to extricate ourselves from the endless cycle we find ourselves in.

    “If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself; if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

    • CB:

      This brings up an interesting point. There is a viewpoint in Scientology that getting yourself up the Bridge is a selfish act. It is a viewpoint not dictated by the Church, Ron, nor policy. It seems to originate from staff and Sea Org (full disclosure: I was staff). I always questioned it, since if what LRH said is true, then getting oneself up the Bridge would be an act which had more than a passing influence on the world at large. Naturally, the auditor in his daily work does more for Mankind. And there are indeed many PCs who are perpetually selfish and may never endeavor to train and audit. But there are two things I believe to be true: 1) each time an incident is cleared up and the bypassed charge released, one’s ability to act rationally and one’s perception improve. This makes life for those around us easier and better. 2) as one rises on the Bridge to the upper levels, the effect takes on a different, more direct character. Clearing up an incident for one participant also tends to clear it up for the other. I suspect this effect is also present at lower levels of the Bridge, but there is so much other case in the way that its magnitude simply isn’t perceived or realized. At upper levels, it is definite and acute. I believe this is one of the true gifts of NOTs, but I’m purely guessing.

      In any case (as has been often quoted elsewhere) it is an act of bravery to confront one’s own case and master it. I would call it anything but a selfish act.


  2. Very nice.

    I am reminded that these days, a group of friends, looking out for each other, and yourself, is a very effective strategy.

    We often, don’t assist and validate and take care, of, not only ourselves, but other key people we rely on. The nice thing about this site, is the way it allows us to help others, and get reminded of basic things like this, that we all need to look at once in a while.

    The thing that validates me the most is the state of my family, friends, and the people that I run across who do better because I interacted with them, and have their back.

    I’ve been fine for myself for years now.

    I usually look at ‘me’ as all of the extended dynamics and games I am playing. That large extended me is doing better, although there is still a lot of work to be done. All I have to do is reach and out feel everyone on this planet, at this moment, and I can see what the state is, of everyone, here.

    Which is a real cool ability to have.

    It wasn’t easy to get where I am today, and I appreciate that every day, but I did the work, and I made it, and it feels damn nice to be here, well beyond the wildest dreams I ever had before getting involved in this subject.

    I am a good friend to myself, and as Robert Frost would say “That made all the difference.”.

    Ships are safe in the harbor, but that isn’t what ships are made for.

    The real test, is out at sea, in the storm, and how you act when driven hard against, and continue no matter how difficult, because you just won’t give up on yourself.


  3. JDW:

    A single Sea Org member (or thetan, or fill in the blank), on his own, cannot make it. Ron proved this and made the point repeatedly. He also makes the point that “team” full of individual stars will not necessarily win, and is more likely to fail. Whereas, a group of middling players, acting as a team, can defeat a “team” of stars. He also made the point that our failure so long ago was one of insistence upon acting individually, and failure to organize. What is left of the Church right now is an object lesson in these principles. Our presence on this planet is an object lesson in these principles. Perhaps it’s best we learn this at last, instead of relying on the next disaster to teach it to us.


    • Kinda like this, Paul? 😉

      “The trouble with OTs in the past has only been lack of cooperation and commonly agreed upon objectives. Without these OTs eventually fall prey again to smaller beings with bigger organization skill. OT is an unstable state only when OTs are not cooperating with OTs but each one going his own way in the strong but fatuous belief he can single-handedly survive. The proof is, OTs have not survived as OTs whenever this super individuation collided with the super organization of weaker beings. The answer is to remain organized, mutual assistance and integrity and not lose touch with our responsibility for all levels of life forms and societies.”

      L. Ron Hubbard


      • CB:

        Actually, I think the quote I had in mind was from Ron’s Journal 67, though I don’t recall exactly. It was short and heart-felt, as he sat up there on that cliff, telling us about his struggles to discover the truth about the Wall of Fire.

        Your quote here is a magnificently detailed expansion of that same sentiment. It is material from before the development of OT III, and shows that Ron did considerable research into the rise and fall of free thetans long before he decided to tackle that level. And it was as true then as it is now.

        Great quote. Thanks. It goes on my list of special quotes I keep, separate from the volumes, lectures and books.

        By the way, folks. If you wanted to build a working team from a bunch of thetans (regardless of their expertise or whatever), what would you use? What would hold them together and make them a team? What would they have to know and follow before they could be or act as a team? One word only: POLICY. Known and followed.


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