From Perrot

Just sharing some wins/success stories written lately.

In order to provide some context – this person did receive some auditing years ago up to NOTs, including some version of the Ls in the 90’s, then was happily advancing on his Solo NOTs doing a very honest work with positive life change. Then he contacted me here in France.

As the Ls were received in the 90’s from an auditor who didn’t have the keys nor qualified CS to deliver those, the results didn’t produce more effect than having a glass of water while not being really thirsty. Even more serious – that untrained auditor didn’t know what to look for and went past and missed EPs the pc has actually achieved, despite out-tech, so powerful those rundowns are.

Well… sometimes one does meet people who received non-standard Ls the result being a life turned upside down on its head and into a nightmare.

So we did a program. I’d like to mention I wouldn’t audit these kind of processe without the precious aid of Pierre, Class XII CS, whose tips and insights lead to most amazing results, by the book.

As we started the person wasn’t expecting anything, wasn”t not looking for any specific result – “let’s see what happens” kind of attitude. Me neither – I just follow the instructions, then I’m amazed by the wins and achievements as the rundown unfolds, and by the genius of Hubbard in this field. Ah… exteriorisation … lol

enjoy, Perrot 🙂

Beginning of L10 :

“Two key things occurred in sessions today :

  1. I spotted and blew a whole bunch of vias that were in the way of directly perceiving the physical universe – such that they were causing slows in study and over-analysing topics or situations/activities, with a tendency to mock up masses. I’d long since stopped doing the latter following all the earlier bridge actions, but had forgotten all about the mental mechanism (still subtly in the way of direct perception) laid in during my school « education ».
  2. During subsequent L10 quesitons, I noticed that the various possible hang-ups on the different flows and purposes, were all consequent upon having adopted valences or fixed positions and compulsive resistance to things (can’t have).

One’s whole life in this culture, one has been surrounded with examples of people dramatising conditions based on this fixedness and so one learns to behave similarly – contagion of aberration. This is how it amasses around oneself, along with the « candyfloss » accumulation of NOTs case that would otherwise have nothing – no ridges – upon which to stick. Now I’m spotting this on question after question….


A couple of days later :

“On the current Rundown process of L10, I have regained exterior perception. Many times past I have experienced this fleetingly after key-outs and erasures of one kind or another, but I have the feeling this one is a permanent state in the making. The whole L10 rundown seems to be opening up this area by slicing and dicing those self-installed vias and complexities that cut one’s perception and reach. Everyone should have this.

Roll on the rest – thank you, Pierrot !”

L10 – continued

“An interesting win today. Something long-term and major left me (ie. Fell away completely) that had been impossible to shift since I was quite small. Since that point I was mocking-up a case and feeling withholdy about it (as part of it was an overt and ser fac on others, in effect and lowered my ARC with them).

I almost blew it on NOTs key-out years ago in session with an auditor and mistakenly thought I’d blown the NOTs Case. The auditor handled it well in terms of NOTs, but this aspect was completely missed, not least by myself. So this L10 session has not only blown the original mock-up, but acted as a rehab of the prior state of « no-case », before I started mocking up a time track.

Nice one !”

And later :

“(…) my viewpoint on responsibility and what exterior really means has changed totally. The key is in taking responsibility for one’s mock-ups, considerations and postulates, which is all the case one has left really, after taking the NOTs case out of the equation (I came to see that as what came after the aberration of responsibility, anyway).

Great stuff !”

A couple of days later :

“Another big piece of the case puzzle just resolved itself. I had been aware of being bright and perceptive for many years, yet not picking up new things well in formal study and in terms of memory retention. Years ago I put this down to ser facs and had assumed it would resolve during Grade IV. So I was a bit disappointed when the « stuckness » and « effortingness » with study remained.

So here I am some thirty odd years later and just spotted that it was considerations linked to valences and their respective time tracks that were holding such limitations artificially in place. I can also see that this also gets in the way of real character (but is confused for such) and stymies Operating, as one holds oneself back. I no longer feel cheated or withholding myself in this respect !

Great Win – thank you !”

More cognitions out of session :

“I also realise – out of session – that the first time I encountered this exterior viewpoint from all case aspects was the major exteriorisation I had by accident when I was 8 years old, simply by deciding to see what would happen if I « let go of everything ». Well, I certainly found out and although I had to « come back to Earth » and rejoin my Maths lesson, it kick-started my lifelong search to get back to this state and discover what the hell happened to me. It was as if I had pulled back the wizard’s curtain in the « Wizard of OZ » movie… no wonder I was always distracted in Maths classes and daydreaming in study and life after that ! Until now, I had always assumed it was just a case of going out of the body, but of course I had stumbled across much more than that. Subsequent attempts at rehabbing it produced body exteriorisation keyouts, but nothing close to this.

This is the real thing and quite unexpected !

Thanks again”

On a break , enjoying wins :

“I am currently on a break from L10. Earlier wins mentioned had included a growing realisation of what « Exterior » really means and it does non just entail going out of the body.

Pierre’s patient, unerring onslaught in the auditor’s chair is what inevitably led to me uncovering the truth behind a powerful, early exteriorisation experience I had, aged 8, when I just let go of everything (all anchor points, dimension point valences, et al) and found myself inexplicably suddenly splattered all over the universe and viewing everything from multiple viewpoints at once, rather than as a single human consciousness. After what seemed like ages, I decided I should go back (while I still knew the way !) and found that 5 or 10 minutes had elapsed in my Maths lesson at school. After that, I always had much of my attention elsewhere when in a classroom (especially with Maths !)

Fast forward over 30 years and I can now assume this « no specific viewpoint, no-valence » vantage non-point at will and it is now child’s play to see any lines attached or mis-owned charge and handle at will.

If this isn’t caselessness, then it is very close. Just walking down the street, one feels almost kind of « nude » spiritually, moving the body but not tied to a viewpoint in relation to it, nor perceiving through the filter of any valence.

Cheers !”

Completion :

“I write “L10 Completion” but it’s really the end of a long outstanding cycle on L10, L11 & L12 since I didn’t get the full wins to be had on these when I received a version on the 90’s.

Pierrot manages to be intelligently standard in his auditing, while also bringing his life experience and jazz playfullness into the endeavour. This is something I could really work with and achieve results I just haven’t managed with anyone else !

I’m now ready for some unrestrained living and part 2 of my life is going to be fun !

Many thanks”

A month after completion :

“Post L’s & Earlier Auditing Review (NOTs, etc.)”

Following my earlier auditing review (NOTs-Style) and then the L Rundowns, I’ve had time to step back and really notice the difference, after coming fresh from the euphoria of L10 recently.

Walking down the high street in my local neighbourhood, it stuck me as obvious that I’m no longer viewing life through any valence or with vias – just me and the present-time environment and with no projections or mock-ups used to deal with others. Nor am I constricted to the viewpoint of a body, since I don’t have attention on it. Now, instead of it being me, the body is more like my symbol or avatar in a holographic, virtual reality universe, although I am experiencing it through bodily and other sensations. All without the encumbrance of fixed thoughts and considerations related to being, doing or having. I feel utterly unconcerned about the problems of work or life and stably exterior to the inner conflicts and struggles that I can see in others – there is no enturbulance or contamination of case, because I no longer have the kind of self-created and self-perpetuating hooks upon which it could hang.

I’m not sure how all this relates to progress on NOTs/Solo NOTs as such, but I have no attention on it, or urgency to get back on it. Any “Wants Handled” items seem to have melted away somewhere between the NOTs Review and mid-way on L10 – all gone .

It’s just me and the physical universe now.

Outstanding – thank you !”

7 thoughts on “Wow – thank you

  1. Wonderful! And this says it all, what it really is all about:

    “Walking down the high street in my local neighbourhood, it stuck me as obvious that I’m no longer viewing life through any valence or with vias – just me and the present-time environment and with no projections or mock-ups used….”

    Well done, Pierrot. Kudos to you and your pre-OT. (And a tip of the hat to Lana for an exquisite picture, once again.)

  2. Fantastic wins!! Thanks for posting!

    “It’s just me and the physical universe now.”

    This is very real to me, and I find it fascinating how the Bridge works to help a being achieve this.

  3. Nice Win. I had some similar experiences for myself receiving L10 11 and 12 back in 1984. Permanently handled some areas and turned on some abilities stably.

    Part of what L10 11 12 get you past is terminals as in GPM terminals, and why a being uses gpms, and Valences and why a person uses valences. It also cleans up some of the theta bric a brac (LRH term) old created things you need to put away now that you are done with them.

    And as this win points out there are a lot of mechanisms flying around beings use to try to get others to play a present time aberrated game with them, and when you can easily simply spot it and not play, life becomes a lot more fun.

    You can directly communicate with the other thetan by being in their viewpoint exactly, and while being there getting exactly what they are seeing and creating. If you aren’t being anything it works quite well, I use it all the time.

    It’s a wonderful win, and fully attainable by anyone who keeps on going up the correctly delivered bridge piece by piece.

    I don’t know personally that it requires the L’s, since I did the L’s as part of how I got where I am, but having having seen the OT levels where the L’s come from, I suspect you could get there without them.

    You still have to handle the right areas though.

    LRH pointed out that there is an enormous amount of possible case gain. More than can be believed, almost.

    This was a huge win, and fits exactly as I would suspect from my own experience and training.

    More please!!!


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