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By Bruce C.

I’ve recently been studying up on some LRH essays, those written around 1969. These mostly concern our society, governments, economies, and personal freedoms — and still very much apply to all of us…, this some 45 years later.

If interested, I’ve compiled these LRH essays here at: https://goo.gl/Ca5Uvh

One of Ron’s paragraphs struck me hard in how it now relates to the current church:

A nation which permits these [false reports] to be acted upon will eventually find itself deserted by its populace and supporting groups, attacked by its decent people and eventually will be overthrown.

A nation” can of course be very correctly substituted with, “A group.” And while I don’t know the experience of every ex-Scientologist (“ex” meaning those who have left the formal church), I do know my own mishaps and the general scene enough to surmise that false reports in all areas of Ethics, Tech, and Admin have run rampant, and no doubt continue to do so.

“… and eventually will be overthrown.” (see above)

“Where do we go from here?” is already a topic much discussed in blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and I suspect, in actual face-to-face conversation. Oh my!

Let’s be very clear here. The conversation is not “if” corporate Scientology folds. It will. Maybe “when” can importantly enter into it. But the essential question for all of us who hold that Ron’s tech is the best, if not the only, hope for mankind, have inherited a huge responsibility. Like it or not. Evidently there is no one else. It is up to you and me or it will never be done.

It’s my opinion that Milestone Two (and associates) currently have the best of the best of well-intended Scientologists; not that there aren’t other well-intentioned Scientologists out there. I am sure they are there and will eventually come forward if they already haven’t done so and I just haven’t seen their work.

But it’s also my opinion (arguable, of course) that someone or some group, Milestone Two, or other, will need to coalesce and strengthen its form in order to sustain long-term viability. It’s a brave new world out there right now, with unleashed subversive factions using modern electronic communications and political powers to eat away our freedoms.

Ron notably considered a military-esque team (SO) would survive best given the then current cultural subversions. Very moot at this point. But let’s not get distracted from the job ahead. What is long-term durable in this current western society? Maybe eastern cultures (since their societies in many way precedes) can also provide clues.

As Ron mentioned rather more politely in KSW, group suggestions suck. But….

So okay, let’s have our group (us) submit to our way forward with source-supported ideas, goals, strategies, plans, targets, urges, pleas, caveats, and what-not. Ron’s tech, and more importantly, its applications, must survive.


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  1. Deliver!

    Whatever you know in Scientology, you can help your fellow man. Start a group. Read what Ron wrote in the early days about the field. That applies to you.

  2. Per my understanding of the Target Series one of the biggest, if not THE biggest hurdle to programming out a future for Scientology is the necessity of embracing complex Conditional Targets:

    WHEN and IF corporate will implode.

    And the even bigger unknown, HOW?

    In my craziest “conspiracy theory” mind, I can see a path where they will not actually fold up. I can fairly easily envision a marry-up of Black Dianetics, Psychiatry, and the oligarchy which currently rules my country, the USA. In fact I can already see progression in that direction.

    Doesn’t have to go that way, but that would be my proposal for Conditional Target #1

    Even if most Conditional Targets are wrong, it’s better than the current program with is mostly, “Wait and See.” (And keep up what auditing and training that can be done.)

    • PZ:

      Wait… there’s an oligarchy running the US? OMG! 😉

      But you haven’t really provided any conditional targets. The closest you’ve come to a target is “… keep up what auditing and training can be done”. Which is really production target #1 in any program going forward.


  3. I’m not sure what you’re asking. It sounds like you’re asking how we proceed from here.

    First, the Sea Org was overall a failure. I’m not attacking individual SO members, nor saying that the SO did nothing. But they were supposed to protect the upper levels from being abused. Fail. They were supposed to properly manage Scientology. You see the results today. Fail. They were supposed to maintain KSW. Fail. We can and have speculated about why this happened, but it is more or less moot going forward. We’re not at a point where re-thinking the management of the upper levels and Scientology in general are realistic topics for discussion. There just aren’t enough of us and we’re too spread out. The “us” I’m speaking about here are the active with-Ron Scientologists.

    As a group, we need to, as LRH put it, “grow up”. Some of us are working for Scientology already. Now the lurkers on the sidelines must step up. Many probably signed on to get themselves better. Hopefully they did that, or we can help them do that. Now their third dynamic is calling on them to return the favor. In fact, at this juncture, if you are an auditor who gets a PC through a good win, you should probably ask them to do something for Scientology in return. You might have to get them up to realizing they have a third dynamic first. They don’t have to save the world. They don’t have to do much at all. Just something. How about teaching them how to do some common assists? That’s quick. And now they’re armed with a skill they can use. They can help Scientology along, and give themselves some wins on the way. You are now an FSM supervisor. You may not have signed on for that duty. Sorry.

    The more Scientologists we “activate”, the more we will accumulate in any given geographic area. At some point, the people in those areas can come together to form an Org (or “Mission”, whatever you want to call it). These groups, functioning as a team, can magnify their individual influences. These “Orgs” can serve as stable terminals for the rest of us.

    The very first lesson which must be taught/learned by our Orgs is the lesson of vigilance and willingness to step up in the face of threats, regardless of the consequences. The second will be that we must must must operate as a team. And why we must. We need to be able to do that without having to have a “Founder” or “Wise Leader” present. Our loyalty must not be to a person, but to the subject, the philosophy.

    If/when the good guys manage to take the Church back over, we can have the discussion at the time on what to do and work out a truce with them and re-unify, if possible.

    Milestone Two will never be more than a side group to which we fondly belong. It may serve as an outlet for discussion. It may serve as an online pub. It may serve as a registry and/or a source for our online connection. But that’s all. And that is not, by any means, a bad or unneeded thing.

    The above is the only way I can imagine to proceed.

    Incidentally, Oriental societies are really no different in any significant ways from Occidental societies. They’ve got monasteries with holy men in them sometimes. But that doesn’t appear to have helped them much. Witness Tibet. The folks in Asia have cities and towns. They have farms, they have rural areas. Because of their cultures, they view the world a little differently. But their societies are full of squalor, desperation and filth, compared to ours. Where “civilization” has managed to intrude, they often live as virtual slaves to whatever corporation pays them (and houses, clothes and feeds them). They are dominated by more or less fascist regimes. I doubt there is much they can teach us which hasn’t been more or less lifted from them already to assist in the philosophical underpinnings of Scientology. Translation: Scientology already contains all the tools necessary to ensure the growth and expansion of Scientology. LRH made sure of that. It only remains for us to learn and use them.


    • Paul I agree to a large degree with your comments here.

      From my perspective, ANY Scientology group will fail unless it is composed majorly of trained OTs. As it grows, it takes on more people, more reactive bank, more confusion, and then steadily puts in order again and continues to expand.

      The Sea Org failed, as have Scientology staff in orgs, as they are NOT composed majorly of trained OTs. The groups as they have been, are in a war on the reactive mind — and not being trained or OT, they have become what they were fighting = BANK. The number of people who have been and worked in Scientology for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and as much as 30 or 35 years and then left having progressed no further than Objectives case level and no auditor training, is shocking. These people then leave Scientology or become “anti” Scientologists, and have absolutely no clue of what the body of work actually is – thus they spread lies, falsehoods and mis-information. Yes — their experiences were shit, but if you actually study the body of work you will find there is nothing there to institute such, and routinely LRH warns that this will occur unless people actually get trained and move up The Bridge.

      It is a sad reflection that the group itself has prevented people moving up The Bridge and being trained to help others do the same – yet that is the very reason why they were formed.

      They act irrationally, they act insanely, they destroy what we are trying to do while at the same time holding up a banner and yelling slogans about freedom.

      In my view the targets are simple:

      1. Get trained and get yourself audited and up to OT. If you are OT, get trained and get onto and through NOTs, SOLO NOTs and then LRH’s original OT 4, OT 5, 6 and 7 (not the Church of Scientology Grade Chart). Use a trusted and standard tech auditor, and make sure there is a C/S who is well trained and worth his/her salt.
      2. Support Merryl’s ongoing efforts to get a second (legal) church established. He needs assistance. Help him where you can.
      3. Deliver, deliver, deliver. If you can word clear — then do. If you can do assists – then do them. If you can do Book 1, then deliver it. If you can audit (or used to), get a brush up and clean up and start delivering to your family, friends and neighbours. If you are a Supervisor then open a courseroom (even if it is part time on weekends or during holiday periods). If you have a job where you can incorporate Scn tech to help others – then do so. If you do work where you can bring others to a point of cause (or at least stop restimulation) then do so.

      Scientology is alive and will always be alive. It will continue to grow to the degree that the above is done.

      There will not be a new “leader” ever instituted or accepted while there are so many people with bypassed charge, out-rudiments, injustice and failed purpose. It takes a group of trained OTs to deal with this — and that can start right now by doing the above steps.

      And I have no plan to put my hand up to be a new leader elect. Forget it. Not on my horizon any time soon – but the steps above are.

      That’s my two cents and is as simple as my plan at this time. 🙂

      • LM:

        “And I have no plan to put my hand up to be a new leader elect.” Fail. You put your hand up a few years ago. Whether you realized it or not, or agree or not, people here have accepted you on one level or another as our leader. In your and our case, I’m not sure how far it goes or what it entails. But it’s there. As for being the photo on the wall we all pass by on the way to morning muster, no. But I can say that your steady guidance and theta communication will not be forgotten when the histories get written. I’m not qualified to award a Kha Khan, but if I was, you would be. I don’t know if you ever stop and consider what’s really going on here, but you might want to ponder just how wide spread your influence really is.

        I disagree with your assessment of trained OTs being the necessary bulk of our groups. It’s a good idea, but it wasn’t LRH’s. That check box was marked, “Eventually” or “Would be nice”. Now, had policy been properly followed, it would have been a reality, though not a requirement. And I agree with you, Orgs would have done vastly better had that been the case. Assuming those trained OTs also learned, followed and enforced Policy. Policy would have welded them into a real team.

        And I concur with your assessment of Scientology hangers-on. I have known hundreds of people who did a comm course, or a purif, got some intro auditing or whatever, and thereby became Scientologists. They stopped doing drugs, and considered themselves Scientologists. And stopped right there. They may have become staff or SO and served in that capacity for many years. They got their Staff Statuses, and/or their Products and never progressed any further. They may even have made up the bulk of our staffs and SO; you’d know that better than I. From my perspective, it certainly seems like it was that way. But at the steady prodding of Miscavige and his ilk, they may well have become the bulk of the (anti-Scientology) Field today. I have no way of measuring this.

        Your recommendations add detail to my more general steps.


  4. The road we are travelling seems to be one of confront. We can sit and wait and see what happens. It reminds me of the three personality types in an age old joke. There are those who make things happen, There are those who watch things happen, and there are those who wonder what happened.
    I believe Scientology fell into a trap, if not the trap when it started to use force to handle situations. Even dear old KSW is riddled with suggestions that force is needed to keep the ship on the straight and narrow. But I suggest one reads the axioms. an isness cannot be entirely vanquished by the use of force. read further and you see the maladies that result from the use of force.
    We are in a battle over crazy ideas. We don’t need a new oriental model, we need to audit out the crazy illogics. We don’t need a meter or a formal session to do that, we simply need a communication line and let them talk. Even DM is trying to do the best he can for Scientology. He hasn’t figured out why it is going wrong for him.
    If we let those who have been harmed by present policies get the charge off those incidents, they will be more willing to lend a hand.
    And that is what I believe Milestone Two is designed to do.

    • “Even DM is trying to do the best he can for Scientology” – I would beg to differ.

      If this were true, then why is he deleting chunks out of the books and the tapes (such as the PDC), and rewriting them? Why did he destroy the mission network? Why did he oust others like Broekers and put so many into the Hole? He is not only harming the subject, but INTENTIONALLY doing so.

      This statement seems a bit subversive to me when I review it.

    • Bernard,
      The utopic vision is lacking the R-factor of an is-ness of the universe, so it isn’t “as-ising”, despite sounding quite reasonable.

      There are times when a swift kick in the arse is exactly what the correct estimation of effort demands. KSW is riddled with what actually can and does work when approached with the results as foremost in intention.

      INTENTION behind force is the operative factor and tempers the act.

      Lack of confront of what it actually takes to deal with life as it factually exists and the force necessary to handle certain situations led to DM’s Church of Arbitraries. That isn’t rational.

      (Buzzer sound). Nah, this view you’ve presented is mushy and ineffective as it doesn’t encompass the Existing Scene in its method of approach to the Ideal.

  5. Hi. There are lots of references that point the way.

    It requires adding ethics and admin to the application of tech.

    Ethics and admin got a bad name for while in the C of S and people who left it, but as someone who is admin trained and and auditor and C/S I know you have to use ethics and admin to grow.

    The problem with that is that you need ethics to keep the line in, light correct ethics or justice, and you need admin if you ever want to move past a one or two man show. Policy is the agreements that allow the group to flow products, and achieve targets towards goals. Without admin you get a limited amount of production, and a small group of individuals. Large groups are made of groups. That requires admin.

    There are two aspects.

    handling ARC broken people who did something in the C of S and didn’t get what they were promised.
    handling new people.

    Oddly enough, new people are easy. The SCN brand name has been damaged by the actions of the C of S. But people getting what they need and want always overcomes that.

    Fixing ARC broken former members needs a little more adroit use of ethics, tech and admin.

    But bottom line, it’s helping other people have wins, find and attain their goals, and create a better set of dynamics for all of us.

    This exactly aligns with LRH references:

    You help people find and attain their purposes, and they help others find and attain theirs, and it grows over time.

    From Fundamentals of thought –

    “The goal of Scientology is making the individual capable of
    living a better life in his own estimation and with his fellows and
    the playing of a better game.”


    “But it’s simply: Living is having and following a purpose. That’s all of it. That’s the formula of life—have and follow a purpose. That’s it. If you do it, you’re living, and if you don’t do it, you’re not living. And that’s all there is to it. I’ve now given you the basic fundamental of
    existence and that really is it.”

    “Now, this has a negative proof, this thing.

    At the lower levels, we examined the reactive bank very carefully, and we find that the reactive bank has nothing under God’s green earth in it but booby—trapped purposes, and that’s all it’s got in it. It’s booby—trapped purposes and their locks. See, it—really, it’s the booby—trapped purpose fixed up so it won’t work, or it’s a backwards purpose so the guy can’t have a good purpose, see, which is then—caused a jam—up of subpurposes (locks, you see), which has caused a mess—up of his courses or policies or decisions in life, which has then recorded the catastrophes which have ensued for having done so, and those are the engrams, of course. That’s really all there is in the entirety of the reactive mind.

    But it’s negative proof because you get on down, plumbing to the very bottom of the reactive mind and you find out there is nothing there but cockeyed and thwarted purposes. It’s so constructed as to do just one thing excellently well, and that’s thwart a purpose. See, it first gives a lousy purpose and then thwarts it. That’s the double
    switcheroo of R6.

    Well, there might have been lots of other ways one could have accumulated a reactive bank. There might have been a lot of other things that could have happened to the reactive bank, but
    if so, they never bit. See, there might have been a lot of other things that one might of had in his reactive bank but they’re not there. That’s because they weren’t effective in holding
    anybody down or aberrating him, and so it went out of style. It isn’t there; there isn’t even a ghost of it on the track. You wouldn’t even find them if you looked for them. Do you see?

    So actually, the successful way of not living is to have purposes boobytrapped and unfollowable. So if you wanted to fix up somebody so he wouldn’t live, why, you’d just give him crossed—up purposes and make it impossible for him to follow those and then, of
    course, barrier out any possibility of following a good purpose, and you would just have him in a trap. And if you want to know how is a living being trapped, that is the full description of the furthest reaches and ramifications of a trap. Whatever else the trap consists of, it has that as its elements.

    All of which is very fascinating. Because it tells us at once why you have an unhappy civilization. It tells you what—how many people are in the mental hospitals. It tells you why this has been a very unhappy universe ever since people started accumulating reactive banks
    of this particular character and answers an awful lot of questions in an awful hurry.”

    From SHSBC6608C23 Tape 440 ORGANIZATION

    “There was one law that they did not violate—one law—and that was that “any organization is better than no organization.” And that’s true. The individualistic efforts which have gone forward along the time track are very great and they’re very stellar and they have absolutely
    no endurance.
    Now you get a bunch of individuals operating together doing something, they will always fall apart when they collide with an organized group of individuals. ”

    From HCOPL 30 Jan 1959 Public Divisions Org Board

    Our org board up to this point has had a factor missing, which is that it did not reproduce itself. A cycle of action ends in a STOP.
    An organizational pattern must take this fact into account and be such that it produces other organizations of the same pattern. Thus you obtain persistence and expansion.
    This factor is as important as the discovery of the need for Correction in the org board, which resulted in the Qualifications Division.
    One whole division, the last division, is now devoted to this. This is called the Distribution Division.
    Distribution means “Put it elsewhere so that it will grow there too.”
    Another datum used, which has come out of OT VIII research, is that where we have trouble, WE ARE NOT RUNNING INTO COUNTER-INTENTION BUT FAILED INTENTION.”

    From HCOPL 24 January 1969 Issue II Target series 5 Purposes and Targets
    “Out of the data of OT VIII has come some material that cannot be relegated to that level. It is minor to that level but major to our operations.
    The reason we are fought where we are fought is contained in its major part in purposes.
    Purposes often fail and wind up in stop.
    Stopped purposes can then be dramatized.
    In Scientology we use (quite correctly) FREEDOM. While not the most basic purpose, TO BE FREE is a common purpose to all thetans.

    So give others what they need and want. To become more free, to have more fun, and to attain their dreams.


  6. JDW:

    Thank you so much for re-emphasizing this point on policy.

    Your quotes here on purposes go along with some observations I’ve made over the years. When Dianetics was reworking in 1978 to become “New Era Dianetics”, purpose was the main factor which was added. And I presume, since NOTs was “New Era Dianetics for OTs”, that purpose figures prominently there as well. We know (those trained and those of us who are untrained but have done some independent study) that GPMs, Service Facs and such (the inner core of the reactive mind, if you like) have purpose as a chief component. Later on, XDN was devised to handle evil purposes. And then FPRD came around, where you’re again handling purpose directly, but now false purposes.

    My point here is that, although purpose was always important as a factor in auditing, some of the major changes to the Bridge late 70s amounted to adding purposes liberally to the mix.


  7. Mostly maundering, but the comment by James Doc Whittaker set me in the direction of the clean-up of which is now not only a dirty field, but a dirty core church. I was struck by the enormity of the task.

    A call for general amnesty is an obvious need, but by what trusted source?

    And then I can see major efforts to be done with handling justice and false reports. I recently read this https://goo.gl/FmUs38 and it seems to apply.

  8. scatjappers,
    I know how to handle both GPM’s and Valences.

    I wrote up both for the research yahoo group Orders of Magnitude – a group for those of us researching above OT VIII, exactly what I used.

    Handling GPMS fully took twenty years, when they came up, and handling valences fully took about 4 years.

    Before any postulate which became the goal which kicks off the goal chain, which is the heart of a GPM, is a prior confusion, and an incorrect evaluation of what to do about it.

    To fully get these things handled you have to get off the prior evaluation – exactly as LRH said in Advanced Procedures and axioms.

    And you need to reevaluate it in PT to decide how you should handle that situation with the right ethics, tech and admin.

    A GPM is just complex way of saying that you really really have created an unfixable problem for yourself, “Gee, what a victim I am – I’ve created this big mess I can’t handle”. Relatively easy to handle if you can List and Null effectively, and are set up for it – NOTS/EXCALIBUR should be flat.

    In the same way Valences are just way of protecting others from you by putting something else there instead of you, to handle others.

    The GPM theory and handling is from the SHSBC – I built it off of R4M2.

    The Valence handling is from the 1st Melbourne ACC – “The rule of the weak valence” and the other lectures in the series.

    You locate them and run a series of Valence Splitters to get them off, and then handle the prior postulate, prior confusion and incorrect evaluation that led to the postulate.

    The 1st Melbourne ACC is where Ron turned from working on creating clears to again working on creating OT’s. It’s the next series you look at after the PDC for creating more powerful effective OT’s.

    There are many areas of theta bric a brac to handle after that to become more fully OT. The 6th ACC, the 7th ACC, and the 3rd ACC have the theory needed to handle those areas.

    There is an upper bridge there. You just have to walk it.


    • Excal isn’t an OT Level – it’s the altered reality stemming from Bill Robertson’s restimulated and unhandled R6 case.

      I’d like to see your research built from R4M2. Especially considering all the research done on R6 and the culmination of it as the Scientology Bridge.

      I agree completely, what lies past what has been termed OT VIII is amply discernible in the materials to hand and a bright handling of those data.

      However, I’m disabused of taking the suggestions, neither basic nor workable, from various sources. You included in an absence of this research line you are announcing.

  9. By the way – in 1984 I had the Clear OT cog, and have been stably exterior ever since, and I know I create time and space and put matter and energy in it, ever since, and create everything else by my own and co-created postulates.

    Since handling GPM’s and Valences –

    I can locate anyone anywhere, I can free anyone on anything, and I can see exactly through anyone else’s viewpoint, and see exactly what they are looking at and creating. I can talk directly to anyone about anything completely bypassing their bank. I can immediately create enormous ARC between myself and anyone I talk to.

    I fully grant them their beingness, and validate them for all their many rightnesses. Almost all beings have more rightness than wrongness, even the ones at the bottom of the dynamics – (3rd party) or the know to mystery scale (confusion) – even they are still very powerful and potentially effective sources. They just need help.

    There is a higher level to operate than Clear OT.

    It’s a pan determined level.

    I can bring more fun to any game I see and look at for myself and others.

    There is a pan determined co-created triangle – balance, validation, expansion equals fun than sits above the ARC/KRC triangles. It tells you how to stably put more fun in your creations, games and co-created games.

    You validate, you expand, and you dynamically balance your games versus non games conditions and you get more fun.

    Fun does not exist in this universe unless you create it. But you can create it.

    Life – It’s not just an engram, it’s an adventure and can be even fun.

    The point of all of this, is that there is a bridge beyond OT VIII , and it’s there and fully walkable. And doable in one lifetime, and the wins just continue from there.

    LRH’s answer to many C of S problems was to create higher level tech. Well it’s already there. So let’s recreate and redesign the C of S handling of the bridge, and take people beyond their wildest dreams.

    There is a bridge there for co-created groups, it involves ethics, tech and admin, and compromise, and co-operation.

    It involves Love – love is an outflow of admiration and backflow of respect (Ray Kemp).


  10. The reason why the Bridge was there was because it was created. It was created by LRH and every single person that was involved and contributed.
    The reason why the Bridge is there is because it is being created.
    Because creating starts from an individual the first gradients are of individual origin. Oneself is a resource to start with one always has. It is a pluspoint without which all other points become insignificant. A purpose can be filled with life.
    There are innumerable ways and gradients to create the Bridge. One can read a LRH-reference, understand it. One can give this understanding to another person. One can live it and set an example. One can invest some time for study.
    Training, auditing, organizing. Training others, getting them to audit and train are all activities to create the Bridge. One can create it by validating LRH and his work (including all imperfections). To introduce or validate other solutions instead of finding out what was omitted or done that went wrong seems to be a non-optimum strategy.
    One can start with looking at one’s resources. One has oneself. One has 24 hours of time each day. What use is one making of these resources? Materials are available. Maybe one has a friend or more than one.
    One looks at the pluspoints, the available resources and factors that contribute to the Bridge. And then one uses them and improves them on doable gradients. When one hits a factor one feels one cannot handle, one may have a wrong gradient or a wrong why.
    This all can get pretty involved. But basically it comes down to this: The reason why the Bridge is there is because it is being created.

  11. (Pulls up a chair, grabs a beer and snacks, and gets comfy.)

    Ahhhh, another good show on the telly tonight! 😀

    • Doc,
      I concluded that after reading his renditions/interpretations of the CC, OT I, II and III and his summary of NOTs, then the Excal materials.

      I could be wrong.

      Perhaps it’s some other GPM cycle run amok.

      • P.S. How about that stuff you did on R4M2? Also, you mentioned in an earlier blog you may have access to some of the Jan-June 64 R6 staff course lectures or notes. Any chance you have, you can reach me at jmlogan84@gmail.com.

          • It was a procedure developed in 1963 to audit GPMs described as “actual GPMs” as opposed to “implant GPMs”, at that time. It followed Routine 3M and was followed by Routine 6. (Routine 5 wasn’t used as a designation for more than a moment and there are no “R5” procedures. It went from 3, to 4 to 6.) There were all sorts of variations in categorized as “R3” and one such variation R3R, is still used today in R3RA Engram Running by Chains in the New Era Dianetics Course materials.

            This R4M2 was a routine, a procedure designated as a Routine 4 (handling of GPMs) with the “M” designating it dealt with “actual GPMs”. The 2 bit is a version of the R4M.

            These were all refined, developed and super-ceded by Routine 6 as a further note. Also, the actual steps of the procedures are described in a couple of bulletins and numerous tapes, albeit “sparingly” in most cases. Routine 6 for example had a series of tapes given in the first 6 months of 1964 that have not been publicly released in any course that I know about. There were bulletins issued to the students of the course of lectures in 1964 that haven’t seen the light of public day as well, so piecing together the procedures requires some very careful study. And even then, one is not actually putting together what was described or issued in bulletin form since the tapes and bulletins are not and haven’t been available to any but a few, back in mid 60s.

            What IS available, is the development line very specific in some parts and sparse in others but the end of that line is what actually “made the cut” and is contained in the Grades from Routine 6 End Words on up. Routine 6EW, R6EW is one procedure from all the various aspects of formal Routine 6 that LRH himself retained on the Bridge. Other parts of this entire research line (as opposed to a finalized set of procedures) in Routine 6 are covered in the materials of the OT Levels in their training.

            This R4M2 then WAS a procedure from 1963, refined, developed and super-ceded by R6, which itself was refined, developed and finalized in theory and procedures retained in R6EW and the materials of the Clearing Course, OT II and OT III.

            This is all very esoteric if you haven’t carefully studied the sequence of research and development. LRH was going fast as bunny during the couple of years of research for these things and procedures changed rapidly. Following it all down is tricky since some materials were released and are available and some never were and aren’t. In the end what made the Grades is there and available. What happened for a week or two in the research auditing, or even longer, is all part of the stuff that was looked at in figuring out the actual labyrinthine thinger that is the “actual GPM”.

What is your view?

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