By Kevin

What a great time I had on Grade 4!

Right from the beginning the Rising Scale processing really surprised me. I didn’t see it coming how much this tech would lift me up and deliver the wins. I had to take breaks because the gains were so terrific auditing just couldn’t continue. While driving home I was so exterior and had time to consider the gains I had just attained. It felt wonderful to final get the gains that are available on each of the Grades.

A number of years ago I had one particularly strong win on the mechanism of the Service Facsimile. I was left exterior and the mechanism seemed so odd and funny to me at that time. I recall laughing for a good long time after session and felt free from this very destructive and odd method of handling others.

I am very glad I finally was able to do all of the Scientology Grades. I wish I had had them much earlier in my life. I have had so many wins over the last number of months that I think I may have forgotten some of them but their benefits are certainly with me.

Thanks so much Ronit Charny for helping me with the tech. You certainly have taken me for quite a theta ride! Your knowledge and application of the tech delivers miracles and I hope you know how grateful I am that you are there for guys like me who want to continue doing The Bridge.

I will always be a Scientologist and love what LRH has done for me and anyone who wants to walk the road.

9 thoughts on “Theta ride

  1. Fantastic win!!, congratulations to both Kevin and Ronit.

    “I am very glad I finally was able to do all of the Scientology Grades. I wish I had had them much earlier”

    Reminder to Church, this is your job too!!

  2. For those interested, “rising scale processing” is an example of what some bad people might have called, “Old, Not Used Anymore”. I don’t know when it was put into use to handle ser facs, but I do know that as a technology, it originated in the very early 50s, and at the time it was not used for service facs. It’s an example of older (working) technology which was put into use ten or more years later for handling service facs.

    Motto: never discount the usability of any part of the tech ever developed. It could easily pop up as the technique of choice on your next level.


  3. Ronit, you’re really shaking the rafters here. A fabulous result and what one would expect from standard auditing. VWD. And a hearty congratulations to Kevin and thanks for sharing your wild and theta ride!

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, champagne in one hand, strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming ‘WOOHOO – What a ride!'”

    • Hi everyone. Long time no chat. Had gotten way out of comm with most of my great friends in things Scientologese.”Not okay!” i clearly hear y’all say!! … And I wholly agree too!! Since the tragic death of my late wife, Dorothy, in January, 2016, i really fell apart. To continue on with the soul destroying loneliness, was literally destroying me — so I finally decided to do something about it — Internet dating!

      After an intensive, ALL consuming search for months, (I do mean ALL! ) — I finally came up with the “goods.” Yes, I have now found an attractive, bright, and compatible partner, who has also fulfilled my need of a great 2-D relationship to restore my sense of purpose, and excitement in life again. We actually did not meet on the ‘net, but in fact while out shopping, at the local square.. A brief chat in the isle, and the attraction was instant…. this led to an invite to a chat over hot chocolate, and we’ve been together ever since! lol.

      Anyways, with the loneliness now a thing of the past, here I yam! —- Catching up on this wonderful connection / dialogue space again.

      But now, just to comment on the current piece, great job there, Ronnit and Kevin!

      And Chris,— man, I really appreciate you being there, especially when my world had “come to an end”. The numbness, had continued to sit with me for months. The concept of ‘help via an auditor’ — was so seemingly remote for me at the time! But your simple advice ( C/S) was nevertheless parked squarely in the back of my mind — and offered that semblance of help that I barely even recognized back then, (in that meaningless, lost existence)
      — So Chris, thanks again, man — you extended HOPE — and that helped to keep me going,

      Yep folks, I’m back, and keen to catch up with all the goings on.
      Heads up especially to you, Lana & Jim. You are, I’m sure, both privy to what a great 2-D can do to resurrect one’s sense of fulfillment and purpose in life, hey?

      Cheers, — Calvin.

      • Great news Calvin, so glad to hear you are back in the saddle 🙂

        There is another article out so I don’t know how many will see this but great to have you back!!

        • Ah, 4a. So good to see/have comm again with one of the brightest stars around. 🙂 — Shine on, and thanks for the cue. And regarding the preference made, I felt that THIS o/p article was more suited to the kind of message that I needed to share — rather than the content of the later one. Stay sharp as ever, buddy!!

          — Cal.

      • Hey Calvin, glad to see you back around this neck of the woods. And happy to hear of your create on your 2nd dynamic and the rush of new love. As they say, “Ain’t love grand?”

        And you’re welcome. Glad what little I could offer over the distance helped. And you’re right about HOPE; it’s a beautiful thing. That and FAITH. 🙂


        • Ahhh again! … This time for my man! … Count Christo, Baron of the Auditing Elite. Keeper of The Original Case Cracking LRH Brand Of Miracles for Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper! Server of The most Delectable Dishes of Apple Pie and Ice Cream, and other wonderful Dessert Dishes that make up the Success Stories to Drool For!

          (Ps. That’s gonna cost ya a healthy deduction, for my auditing services when I / WE finally make it to YOUR neck of the woods, my bro! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) And thank you for the heads up too, Cordon – Bleu!

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