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RR recently completed his CCRD and Sunshine Rundown, after having been arbitrarily denied it for over two decades. His perseverance finally paid off, although he had to find standard tech outside the Church. Here is his success story after having finally achieved his goal.


I am extremely grateful to have finally been delivered a standard, strictly by the book CCRD. Chris is one of the few terminals not under the yoke of Miscavige who’s qualified and experienced in both delivering and C/Sing the CCRD. This action had been denied me for 26 years.

In the Church of Miscavige, I had originated Clear multiple times and had read on going Clear on prepared lists several times. Yet, Miscavige’s group kept coming up with “auditing pre-requisites”. In essence, he introduced “preps” for the CCRD. Ron is as clear as can be regarding what’s supposed to happen: the person originates Clear, you send them to an org that delivers the CCRD, and then you deliver the CCRD. There are no prerequisites. What there have been, on the other hand, are arbitraries; arbitraries introduced by Miscavige, then done away with as if he’d miraculously (feigning no responsibility) discovered that arbitraries existed, only to introduce new ones.

First I was told I needed to do an FPRD list before AOLA would deliver the CCRD to me. I did that and returned to AOLA. I was then told I needed to do three more FPRD lists before they could be allowed to technically deliver the CCRD to me. Ron’s bulletin about delivering the CCRD when the State of Clear was originated was acknowledged, but the reg added: “…but you could fail on the OT levels without these three lists.” When I completed the three FPRD lists (this takes years – think about 18 intensives), I was told I needed to do 150 hours minimum of Objectives. When I said I was Clear last life and had already done Objectives, I was sent away. That requirement then disappeared and was replaced with the “now you need to do the all-new, amazing Survival Rundown”. I’m so done with these people.

Chris had a challenge on his hands. No folder was available, either this life or last. The preliminary information sheets he sent to me as C/S were the most thorough examination of current case state and auditing and training history I’d ever received. He meticulously recreated what would have been available had my folders been to hand.

I really enjoyed the date/locate action, as it rehabbed the moment I went Clear. The release was a great blow down, and I knew I’d made it back to where I should be. Back to standard Scientology – you know, the stuff Ron wrote delivered as he wrote it, unaltered. I was particularly thrilled with the Sunshine Rundown. Since I’m somewhere in the non-interference zone, there is a struggle with tone, sometimes thoughts, and definitely intentions. The Sunshine Rundown had the effect of pushing all that stuff off and away, so that once again it was “just me”. I was in the simplicity of I am here, not an amalgam or alloy of some kind, just me. And even better, the “just me” was here with the emphasis on here. Not somewhere else, not floating around in the maelstrom of suppressive connections, many (all?) of which I’m responsible for putting there anyway. It was great to be “unattached” to something else, someone else. I’ve been stably exterior this entire lifetime, but the Sunshine Rundown cleaned up all the “white noise” and random things my attention was on. I loved it.

Chris did such a thorough job of clearing words and concepts, and hatting me on bulletins and doing demos that the auditing itself went very quickly. As a result, I had an extra day at the end of the trip, and chose to spend it at a museum. While there, I realized what a spectacular result Chris produced on my CCRD. I was very happy. And, that’s par for the course.

A huge thank-you goes to Chris for keeping LRH’s tech available as he wrote it.

And thanks goes to LRH for all the great tech and auditing and deciding to help us get out of the muck we dug ourselves into.


29 thoughts on “Certainty on Clear

      • Yep, sumpin’ else bro! But no guessin’ necessary dat it takes da real deal ta do da job! Nuttin’ out of da Choich of da Mad Cabbage woiks!! Congrats on doin’ da job, bro! — PROPERLY!!! 😀

  1. When I was in the church, there were these passport books people could buy from the bookstore. The Examiner signed off on levels, rundowns and major training actions completed as the person went up the two sides of the Bridge.

    I read somewhere that these passport books were supposed to have been stored away after someone died to preserve some sort of past-life record for use upon coming back.

    My point is: Wouldn’t it be cool if the Church of Scientology actually did stuff like that?

  2. Another amazing Success Story!!

    “arbitraries introduced by Miscavige”

    I can sympathize with you RR, I had a similar thing happen to me. My opinion is that Dave thinks Clears should be clones of himself, it must be very frustrating for him 🙂 . If he kept his hands off the Tech and just kept pissing people off in other ways Scientology in the church might have a chance.

    Congratulations RR, and Chris, fantastic job, thankyou!

      • Well he keeps on changing, or chasing nebulous EPs for various steps of the Bridge, it makes me wonder what he is looking for, maybe heaps of mini me’s.

        • Lol! Either those, 4a, OR the other f-ng cs^$@“< ‘absolute” that is ‘unobtainable’ in his little universe (#$$$$ *@%&$%F& FUUFLCSOHB!!!)…. you know? … ‘Absolute’ control of everything that stands in his way! Like, duh, everything that breathes, hey? 😀

  3. Damn Chris, nice job. Actually just delivering the right tech, the right way. And as usual getting the right product.
    Yes – this stuff really works.
    One nice easy way to do it right, and bazillions of ways to screw it up.
    I’m happy to no longer be part of the screw up group.
    It’s much more fun to just do it the simple right way.
    And see the glow of the beings as and after it works on them.
    Outshines rainbows and sunsets.

  4. A little bird told me this story. 🙂

    It was a lovely day in a small Canadian town.
    The sun was shining, the wind was howling, the trees branches were scraping, the birds were singing.
    In the distance the cows were mooing, and the sheep were bleating.
    Sitting on muskoka chairs, Chris and a psychiatrist were talking.
    And the psychiatrist said, “What I don ‘t understand, is how you can get such good results with such low voltage”.

  5. RR. It’s a great life hey?? Now you’re set to really enjoy it!! Congrats on your perseverance, and finding a cordon – bleu of the likes of Chris. Once he gets cookin’ – he manages to serve up the goods every time, eh? 😀

  6. “Back to Standard Scientology” – and to the simplicity of it that gets the results and people winning. Makes one wonder why some guys don’t deliver that in the first place… 🙂

    Great stuff Chris!

  7. When I was in the Church of Scientology, I met many Clears who were very determined not to move up the Bridge from that point. I got the idea they were happy with the results with the lower levels but uncertain (afraid) of the upper levels.

    The ACC (Advanced Clinical Course) lectures cover virtually everything on the upper levels. Study these lectures and the upper levels will be obvious and familiar instead of new and foreign.

    For example, I was perplexed for decades by the auditing technique used on OT III (not WHAT is audited but HOW it is audited). I was annoyed by something I believed was an entirely new idea. However, during my recent study of the 8th and 9th American ACCs, I listened to L. Ron Hubbard himself discuss the technique at some length. I’m now ready to do OT III because I understand the technique and view it as obvious instead of unfamiliar.

    It turns out that the real Bridge to Total Freedom is completely consistent with L. Ron Hubbard’s publicly available research!

    • JB:

      It’s often been said among people I’ve known that there are no great mysteries about the OT levels. That almost all the material there is discussed in publicly available lectures and writings from earlier periods. I don’t have the ACCs, but I have been through the PDCs, and Ron does make clear what the capabilities of OT could be, and there were early attempts to get there on a much shorter runway than what we have now. The problem was that the results tended to be temporary, and not everyone could replicate them. This makes sense, in light of all the discoveries which came later. Stable gain requires gradual unburdening, rather than aiming at the goal immediately. Kudos to Ron for doing the Right Thing ™ and making sure everyone could get there.


      • Paul,

        PF wrote: “I don’t have the ACCs”

        The supreme test of a thetan is to make things go right.

        I never intended to post a “spoiler” for the OT levels. I was careful not to specify a lecture or to quote an excerpt. I’m recommending the complete 8th and 9th American ACCs to anyone preparing for OT III. The 7th American ACC would be recommended for someone preparing for the original OT IV.

        The PDC lectures are awesome. They are my personal favorite with only the Phoenix Lectures (taken from the 7th American ACC) as a close second. The PDC lectures are pre-requisite to studying the ACCs.

        The data on the ACCs is not “old” or “not used now.” The data on the ACCs is very much in use and as relevant as when L. Ron Hubbard gave the lectures.

        — Jonathon

        • JB:

          LRH himself made the point that most/all the material “regarding OT” was available early on (NOTs excepted). Citing specific caches of “OT data”, like PDC, COHA and the ACCs isn’t really spoiling anything. Things like that are just the individual “notes” of the “OT levels symphony”. The levels themselves (the “symphony”) are confidential (even though the material is now “at large”).


          • PF,

            All I can add to your symphony metaphor is the inclusion of NOTs data from the ACCs. The 9th American ACC contains chunks (chords, themes?) of Audited NOTs (New OT V). The 10th American ACC wasn’t released (4 to 6 lectures). The 11th through 14th American ACCs never existed…

            What do you think of this song? (I want to say it is higher on the Tone Scale than average for a pop hit…)

            — Jonathon

            • JB:

              I’ll have to take your word for the idea that parts of NOTs are contained in the 9th American ACC. I haven’t done the former and don’t have access to the latter.

              As for the song, I’ll say this. I’ll couch it with extreme diplomacy. I’m not a fan of rap music. And as for Kanye West, I’m even less of a fan. Sorry. I’ll answer with “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang, one of my favorite “uptone” songs.

              That kind of touches on something I always thought would be a lot of fun. Get together a bunch of “with-LRH” Scientologists (a conference or whatever, preferably on the beach) and round up a playlist of only uptone songs from my music library (early 60s to late 80s), and have that whole list played while people mix, dance, talk and play games. Wouldn’t matter if I DJed it or not, but just having nothing but uptone songs play would, I think, be very kewl. Bet it’s never been done before.

              (Disclaimer: If you [all readers] happen to be a fan of rap music and/or Kanye, you are welcome to enjoy them to your heart’s desire. The above are just my particular opinions.)


              • Paul,

                You have access to the 9th American ACC lectures. I don’t advocate content piracy (as a copyright holder), but I can provide you a link where you can order a set.

                I also enjoy music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The 20s, 30s and 40s were also good. I pretty much enjoy almost any music from the 20th century.

                Here’s a slightly more recent song of a celebratory nature:

                — Jonathon

                • JB:

                  I’m ambivalent on copyright. Disney and others have stretched copyright far beyond the bounds of sanity. And every link in the chain of artistic works production (except the artist) does its dead level best to screw the one person essential to the process of artistic creation and distribution, the artist. In other words, the game is rigged heavily against both the artist and the viewer. As such, while I’m more than happy to contribute a reasonable amount directly to the artists (and I have done so), I otherwise am “ethically flexible” when it comes content consumption. And I’m not above minor acts of civil disobedience where I believe they are warranted.

                  As for the Church (and ultimately Ron’s) copyright, we have a genuine problem. In the beginning, when the Church was a good citizen, Ron’s copyrights protected us from altered and tainted works (that and Ron’s wise decision to manufacture copies in house). However, now that the tables have turned, Ron’s copyrights theoretically prevent us from practicing our religion properly. Moreover, the Church has not only recklessly altered Ron’s works, but has for decades overcharged for its physical products. And most recently lied and swindled us into buying multiple works (I have a spare set of The Basics gathering dust in my hall). Perhaps worse, they have stopped producing certain essential works from Ron entirely. Thus I am completely unsympathetic to the Church’s claim of copyright. Moreover, if “wisdom” belongs to everyone, it’s rather illogical to insist on copyright where it comes to Ron’s works.

                  (For those who believe the above statements make me a content pirate, I shall again cite my library of over 500 videos on DVD and Blu-Ray, my library of over 500 music CDs, and hundreds of MP3s, all of which I have purchase receipts for. Not to mention over a hundred linear feet of paper books.)

                  As for the song you cited, it’s catchy. Amazing what they can do with auto-tuning these days.


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