By Lana

The state of Operating Thetan is not easily achieved.

Getting through each Grade as fast as you can, or skipping parts of the Bridge, will not get you there.

Donating vast sums of monies to the C of S will not result in achieving the state (though they would lead you to believe that is the case).

Propitiation to Ethics Officers, RTC Representatives (or  Dave), is a sure-fire way to end up compromising your integrity and spinning in an endless circle of arbitaries and wrong indications.

The truth is there is no fast route to OT. It can only be reached with clean hands and heart and by doing two things:

  1. Get in session with a standard and trained auditor. Follow LRH’s Grade chart under the guidance of a qualified C/S, doing each and every process as thoroughly and completely as you can. Be interested in your own case and willing to talk to the auditor.
  2. Work to be an excellent student, and study on a continual basis. Train as an auditor so you understand how the mind works and can tackle the reactive mind of others, and also be cause over your own. Study LRH’s technology, thoroughly and completely – till you have our own certainly on the body of work and of its applicability. Practice and drill and apply and see the results for yourself.

And then you go OT!

There is no magic pill to go OT.

It takes hard work and study, confront, a meticulous desire to know and understand and apply, and maintaining your own integrity with no compromise.

“See how it’s done? Without programing, you can do nothing,

“That’s the “pill system“: no programming. That’s the dream of every army in the world. This fellow walks up, puts out his hand, they put a pill in it, fellow takes pill—brilliant, trained fighter. Dream of every army in the world.

“Dream of every civilization that has ever existed.

“Let me point something gruesome out to you: Those armies have all lost and those civilizations are no longer here.” LRH  SHSBC-298 PROGRAMING CASES, PART 1

16 thoughts on “Magic pill to OT

    • “Purpose only becomes real when it gets to the blood, sweat and tears, stage, you know? You have to suffer a little bit. If there’s no suffering involved at all, nobody knows he’s experiencing anything.

      Another thing that’s quite interesting about such an activity, it always requires a certain amount of sacrifice – always requires a certain amount of sacrifice – whether of time or of personal interest or even personal possessions, some slight degree.

      A big game always requires some sacrifice.” LRH (“Today’s Battle of Britain, 8 October 1956)

      • Reminds of the ‘Need of Change’ awareness level. Many ‘wanna’ change alas few reach Nietzsche’s ‘rock bottom’ (which is north for most as LRH often states) where the true necessity for change manifests itself. Soon after the bliss of knowing of will never fall back shows it’s head and you’re all set from there. We were never supposed to leave the trap. Definitely the greatest strain on one’s Havingness is having true spiritual gain for keeps.

  1. It makes an incredible difference if you get auditing with someone who actually is very very interested in your case, curious about it, and who gets and keeps you in session, the more skilled the auditor the better the processes bite, and when you audit solo you need to become the very best skilled auditor you can be, if you want the best results.

    The difference between basic and skilled auditing is more than one order of magnitude in results.

    As you are recovering your knowingness and willing to grant beingness honesty and being to look at enough things deeply is important.

    Training is extremely valuable , as is being corrected by someone who really knows the subject.

    LRH really pounded in the value of skilled auditing as being much more important than any process or procedure. He said that it took years to become skilled. (For example in the 20th ACC).

    Beings break at their weakest area, skilled auditing takes those weak areas and makes them strengths. Until they become strengths beyond your wildest dreams.

    Remember when you put in order confusion blows off, so to expect this long and difficult journey will be easy, or without wild swings of emotion is to expect the impossible.

    The bridge is over an Abyss and at times the Abyss fights back.

    It is hard, and it requires hard consistent work.

    But the results are definitely worth it.

  2. Spot on, Lana. And in case anyone is daunted by, ahem, hard work and meticulous study, it is that the rewards along the way more than make up for it. The cognitions, the relief, the gradual recovery of self are just out of this world. Nothing else compares.

  3. Well said to all. But let’s tell the whole truth: When one is giving or receiving 100% standard services in the auditing chair, on a study action, even with an Ethics Officer, Reg or Chaplain it is fascinating, revealing, fun, exciting, endlessly interesting, revealing, daring, courageous, life-changing, extremely aesthetic, satisfying, fun, magical, immeasurably rewarding, uplifting, mind blowing, fun, joyful and very exteriorizing.

    I would even say “Cool” – major, serously COOL.
    And fun!

    Lots and lots of fun.


    • Nope, this time it’s going to take some sweat, some blood, and probably a few tears. No “magic pill” here. 😉

  4. Well, just as an aside, I consider being able to go OT in one lifetime a “magic pill”. After hearing an intro lecture in 1970 I recall telling the reg that I was prepared to spend as many lifetimes as I needed to achieve spiritual freedom. She brushed that off and said you can get that within year in Scn. Inside I thought to myself “she has no idea what I’m talking about”. Little did I know!

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